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Religions of Nyan

In Nyan, there are 6 main religions:

The Númenr’en: Those who worship the sun as God. The Sun God has no name but is referred to as “He”, “Lord of Light”, and “Life Giver”. These people refer to the Sun as Númien’Val which in the old tongue means “Golden Angel”. These people believe that the Sun is the giver of all life and controls the fate of all people from His heavenly resting place. The most common believers of this faith are the Human race, the Dwarves (though they have their own separate beliefs about the gods of the earth and metals) and can be found among some select Elven cultures.

Sylvènast’en: Those who worship the moon as God. The Moon Goddess once had a name, a name from which has come the word for moon in the Old Tongue of this world. Her name was Sylvàine, but is now known only by the most powerful and fervent of her followers. She is also revered as “the Lady”, “She”, “Mistress of Light”, and is commonly referred to as “she who gives light in the darkness, hope to the lost” or something similar. She is also called Sylvièn’Val, meaning Silver Angel in the Old Tongue. The Lady is worshiped most oft by the Elves, some Drow, few Vampires and many a Dragon.

Fàhlenv’en:Those who worship the stars as Gods. They believe that each person has a Star that watches over them and guides their fates. These Gods are known as a whole as “Eyes of the Night”, “Great Souls of Light”, “Watchers”, and “They”. Each star has their own name but it takes many years and hours of service to the Faith to learn them all. Each of this faith know their own star. They believe in horoscopes, etc. The Eyes of the Night are revered most oft by the Elves, the Rei’Lâmys, some Humans and a spare few Vampires.

Tòndi’en: Those who believe that the Worlds is the creation of many Gods (all those above along with the Dwarven Gods). They believe in all of the Gods but might give offerings to only select ones for better crops, a healthy birthing etc. The Tòndi’en can be of any race, but most Dragons are of this Faith as well as most Rei’Lâmys.

Fànth’on:Those who believe in the One God. He is known as “Lord”, “Father”, “He” and “God”. This is a new religion in the Realm of Nyan and is mostly found in the Human race.

Lōrketh’en: Those who worship the God of the Night, known as “Dark One”, “Dark Lordship”, “Lord over Life”, “Death” and “He” though they can get pretty gory and creative in the wording of His “holy” name. They believe that He is the very essence of Darkness. They say that He is in every shadow, every deception, and every death. He does not believe in mercy. He is strong and he is vengeful. He is the Lord of the Underdark. The darker peoples of the Realms of Nyan worship His Dark Lordship; the Vampires, Goblins, Drow and some misguided Humans and Dragons.

There are always those who don’t believe in any religion or ‘God’, but they are few in this Realm.


Know this, before I start, that I am all for the equality of sexes! Neither is better than the other and each is different!

Depending on their religion, groups of people may believe that male is the stronger sex or vice versa. To state it simply, people who worship a God as their deity believe that male is the stronger gender, while those who worship a Goddess believe that female is the stronger sex. Those who worship many gods are usually nearest to sentiments of equality. It all comes down to the people’s image of Perfection. Their deity would give them that.
These of course are general terms, but to add more general terms to those already laid before you, I would say that humans are usually more for the male gender, while the drow are usually leaning more towards feminism (females as the higher sex).
I will state now and clearly so, that these are not Forgotten Realms Drow!! They are not feminists to that extreme!!!
I might also add that Elves believe, most oft, in equality of genders.

BTW: Feel free to add some things on the Dwarven Beliefs. I have yet to wander into their mines and great caverns. (I realize there is a password, you just have to message [Mira Ravenheart])


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