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Religious Debate

Welcome. This wiki will hopefully become where people of all religions can come and talk about their religions peacefully. The two religions right now are Christianity and Paganism/Wicca. If you are part of another religion and wish to talk about it you are welcome to do so. Just remember that I [sequeena_rae] and [~Nyx~] will NOT tolerate any abuse to another religion. It is not your religion and you know nothing about it therefore you will NOT try and preach to people or call them evil or stupid because of their beliefs. If you do I will report to the guards. It may sound unfair but I won't take any crap off you.

If anyone would like to write a topic for any kind of religion you may, just write it on a wiki page and put the link up here. Thank you. [sequeena_rae]

Or if you are not interested in a whole section or topic, or your faith has been covered already, but you'd still like to contribute, please do so in forms of essays, columns or small wiki-rants where you note down your thoughts on any topic breaching religious matters. Make a separate wiki for it, and put the link here. It can be about anything at all, but remember to keep in mind Elftown rules (i.e. Don't be an asshole) as well as Uploading Art Rules if you put any images up. Take care, [iippo]

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Religious Debate Suggestions

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- To dispel the myths of Witchcraft.

The Christian Religion

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Topic; Do you believe in predestination?

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2006-01-07 [FeckErseDrink!]: eeek! Though in the grand scheme of it all I probably know verrrrrry little about Buddhism!

2006-01-07 [sequeena_rae]: Anything helps ;)

2006-01-07 [FeckErseDrink!]: okies I'll give it a go later, perhaps =)

2006-01-07 [sequeena_rae]: Yesh you will! :p

2006-01-07 [~Nyx~]: I have acctually written some stuff about christianity during my vacation, but the big problem is that is very general, and I`m struggeling with my english. It`s not easy to write about religion in a foreign language, so there`s big gaps where I have just written it out in norwegian.... and I can`t realy use examples from the bible because I don`t want to translate it by myself, incase I do something wrong....etc. but at least I have written something (finally), and I have a layout ready *yay* ^^

2006-01-07 [sequeena_rae]: ^_^ Go you!

2006-01-07 [~Nyx~]: yay! (I`m slow, but at least I`m going somewhere) I can`t put it up here yet though because, like I said it`s not finished and there`s lots more to write and translate...

2006-01-07 [sequeena_rae]: Ah okay, we can wait ^_^

2006-01-08 [iippo]: All religious texts are accessible online (found this out yesterday) in and I'm sure you can search the Bible by passages there. In English and usually original language as well (i.e. the vedas in sanskrit, Bible in several I assume)

2006-01-08 [nokaredes]: And there's a bajillion other places where you can look up Bible passages...

2006-01-08 [iippo]: And as for Christian predestination with free will... I don't think it can be explained without the faith. I find it so incredible that people would try to argue points of belief without the belief itself, rationally. That's like... telling a homeless person their shoes don't match their belt and therefore they should get rid of their shoes. Just as fashion doesn't mean anything to the homeless person, the same that rational thinking doesn't necessarely mean anything to those of faith. I for one do not see the point of spells or rituals (sorry if this is very generalising of wicca, I don't know much about it) because according to my faith such gestures mean nothing.

2006-01-08 [iippo]: "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."

2006-01-08 [sequeena_rae]: It's not about the rituals, it's about the symbolism and messages/thoughts/prayers you put across.

2006-03-15 [Death's Die-Ary]: hi,everyone.

2006-03-15 [~Nyx~]: hey! welcome ^^

2006-03-15 [sequeena_rae]: Hello ^_^

2006-05-14 [Bring The Synth]: I actually have a theory about what religun is..... Ok its like thisw... when ur little you get told many storys that try to make you not do stuff and follow rules right..... ex.) The Boy Who Cryed Wolf......... ok so what i think the religous books are are made up fairy tales that make you wanna believe that there is something ot o live for and that you need to follow rules to get to it....

2006-05-14 [sequeena_rae]: *nods* Why don't you write something about it? That would be good, and it would help get your point across easier ^^

2006-06-22 [TwiztidYoshi03]: What about Atheists? Would you consider that an religion? (Just asking)

2006-06-22 [Alfirin Lindlea]: Atheism is the rejection of religion. So it's not really *irrelevant contribution*

2006-08-27 [TendoKing]: By definition, Religion is following a belief that you accept as the truth. Atheists BELIEVE that there is no devine power, so in technical terms atheism is, in fact, a religion. We assume that in order for a religion to form a devine power must be present. This forces Atheism into a "stand alone complex."

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