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User Name: [Figgy]

Character name: René Chastain

Mutant Name: Hawk

Classification: X-Men (Team Leader), Staff

Abilities/powers: Superhuman enhanced senses with added agility and reflexes. His only restraint is his level of energy.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 23 / October 10th

General appearance: René stands at a decent six feet, two inches tall, towering above most of the students in the mansion. He is rather buff, though not overly so, in that it is obvious he works out and exercises daily, weighing in at around 190 pounds (mostly from sheer muscle). His skin is tanned to an attractive bronze, showing that he is most likely an outdoors man. René's chestnut brown hair is medium length, smoothly pushed back out of his eyes and falling around his skull to just below his chin. His narrow eyes are honey-colored, and when hit with direct sunlight, sparkle a bright, shimmery gold. The young man also generally sports a bit of scruff on his chin and face, giving him a more rough-around-the-edges look.

Additional Appearance: René's general attire is that of worn blue jeans, plaid button-up shirts, a worn down brown leather jacket, brown leather work boots interchangeable with cowboy boots, and when working outside, a black suede cowboy hat. René also speaks with a soothing Southern accent, laced with hints of Cajun.

Personality: René is all-around a charmer and he loves to flirt. He is outgoing on occasion, funny when he wants to be, and generally calm and carefree. His powers play a big part into his personality: he can usually see anything coming, and therefore he has no reason to be on edge, especially with his unnatural reflexes. René is a drinker and occasional smoker, though not abusive of his substances, and knows how to party (loving to do so with pretty ladies), having spent many of his days on the streets of Baton Rouge and New Orleans during Mardi Gras and other Cajun holidays.
Special Skills: He is, by far, one of the best sharp shooters around. Of course, his enhanced eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell all lend a part to this. René is also gifted with the knowledge of Cajun French and, having grown up in the South, is a pretty decent guitar player, though he can't sing worth a lick.

Place of birth: Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Weapon(s) of choice: L42 Enfield Sniper Rifle that he cherishes and treats like his own child.
Medical information: Although it is not particularly a medical condition, it could lead to long term health problems: René is a drinker and a smoker, though he doesn't do either too heavily, preferring to drink mostly at parties or with girls, and smoking only when he finds himself stressed or needing to relax. Occasionally, he is still sensitive to loud sounds and bright lights, though he has developed a decent amount of control over that.
Brief History: All his life, René grew up spending time in the outdoors of the country, of course in and around the bayou. His parents were loving and caring and raised him to be a proper southern gentleman, although he turned out to be a little on the wild side, what with all his partying growing up and promiscuity after he moved out. When he had just hit his teens somewhere between the ages of 13 and 14, René began to have troubles with his senses. Lights were blindingly bright to him and some sounds could send him into a pounding headache for days. Occasionally, the spices in the foods his family cooked were too strong and burnt his tongue, leaving him without taste for up to a week. He took several trips to the doctor to determine if he had cancer or some other form of disease that was causing these problems, and he was put on several medications to help the symptoms, but they only made things worse. Finally, René took the initiative to figure things out on his own, searching random keywords via internet over the span of a few months, and he finally came across the subject of mutants. After researching into it further, he found an obscure forum where Xavier's school was mentioned, and behind his parents' backs, he called Xavier to see if he could determine if he was, in fact, a mutant. Xavier confirmed this and invited him to the school, but being his cocky self, René refused the offer, though when he mentioned his discovery to his parents, they were ecstatic about him attending the school for gifted youngsters, and promptly shipped him off after his 15th birthday.

René stayed at the school for almost exactly 3 years, learning to control and utilize his powers, until a few days after his 18th birthday. At that point, he decided he had enough training, and dearly missing his home, he also decided to go back, now that he was of age to make his own decisions. And so, after some goodbyes, René packed up and headed home, where he spent 4 years refining his powers, using them to take up some expertly skilled hunting (even winning a few competitions and some money along with the trophies) and other activities. Finally, when René received a call from Danger, having been put on the contact list, most likely, by Xavier before he disappeared, René felt it was his duty to help out at the mansion, and with the promise of a paycheck, he loaded up his bag and headed back to New York.
Relatives: His Ma and Pa, whom he sometimes refers to as Mère and Père in their correct French terms when he is being facetiously proper, named Martine and Jean Marc, respectively. He also has a younger sister, aged 16, Angéle Chastain, who he dotes on continuously and of whom he is always overprotective.

How long your character has been in the mansion: For a period of about 3 years, from the time he was 15 until shortly after his 18th birthday. Now he is returning four years later, at age 22.


Relations Chart: 1(Bad)- 10(Good)

Adrianne Wagner - (3) René's first intent when he met Addy was to simply be friendly, even if her appearance scared the wits out of him, but her badly played joked and overdramatized offense at his response has left a rather bad taste in his mouth.

Elizabeth Charms - (7) Ah, still the same feisty red-skinned woman he used to know. Even if, because of his admittedly shallow personality, René doesn't exactly want any kind of physical or intimate relationship with the woman, he still enjoys her company and the smart-ass banter and back-and-forth the two manage to come up with on a daily basis.

Isabelle Black - (6) Quite a beauty, but she seemed to have an attitude problem when they met. He's not sure he could deal with the possessiveness she displayed if he were to pursue her.

Kobayashi Hisoka - (5) The little Japanese fellow is a cute kid, but René can't shake that uneasy feeling after having his powers instantly drained just by touching the boy. If he found out he hurt his feelings, however, René would feel quite bad.

Light Blackburn - (5) René believes Light is quite the looker, but she seems pretty involved in her relationship and doesn't even pay him any mind.

Lirerial - (4/7) The bronze-skinned woman first struck him as quite the hottie and someone he'd enjoy pursuing, but her power and the way it was used against him, even if unintentionally, really creeped him out, and he's not sure if he wants too much to do with the girl. (After Lire lost her memory, she has been visiting René at his job at the Red Pineapple. They have struck up a friendship, and René has yet to recognize her as the girl who froze him at the mansion prior.)

Nadine Volkov - (6) Nadine is a cute girl, but definitely too young for René. He gets the feeling she attends his classes for more reasons that just to learn.

Sarah Criss - (7) This one is cute AND flirty and has all the makings of a perfect lay for René.

Sasaiya Moscoso - (6) After thinking he nearly got her killed on their mission, René feels bad for the girl and tries to constantly keep an eye on her to ensure her safety. He even claims to consider her like a little sister.

Shana Grace Tilar - (6) Ah, what a beauty, even more so now that she's not the flat-chested brat she used to be. Of course, René hasn't spent enough time with her to assess her personality, but when it comes down to it, he'd tap that.

Shawn Adian Deveau - (6) Shawn is a good kid, but René thinks he probably still has some growing up to do.

Timothy Maxwell - (5) Tim's an alright guy, but he has a habit of popping up at the wrong times and consequently scaring people.

Valerie K. Sprouse - (7) Girl is definitely a cutie, but she's rather shy and doesn't seem like the type that would be willing to go to bed with him. Either way, René appreciates her and enjoys spending time around her.

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2013-03-20 [Ms. Steel]: HOW EMBAR-ASSING

2013-03-20 [Figgy]: like that time Shade accepted Light's piss

2013-03-20 [Ms. Steel]: These things just happen.

2013-03-20 [Flisky]: *falls over laughing*

2013-03-21 [Figgy]: I was totally expecting Dur to come be all embarrassed about this, but nooooo.

2013-03-21 [Duredhel]: I didn't catch this until just now XD.
You're never gonna let go of that are you?

2013-03-21 [Figgy]: Never.

2013-03-21 [Duredhel]: Ass XD.
I love it, tho.

2013-03-21 [Figgy]: I know you love my ass. ;3

2013-03-21 [ZeoOfFire]: That moment when I don't know if you were laughing about Rene ass, or just calling Figgy an ass.

2013-03-21 [Duredhel]: I could have been complimenting Figgy's ass.

2013-07-21 [XxTsomexX]: I still love me some Cajun :3 Remy was always my favorite in X-men, and I'm hoping Rene will become one of my faves here.

2014-04-30 [Figgy]: I'm not sure if René has talked to anyone else :O

2014-04-30 [CuteCommander]: Faro sucked his cock in sketch form

2014-04-30 [Figgy]: HAHAHAHA

Not yet, my friend.

Not yet.

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: Shawn and Rene probably know each other through hunting and teaching shooting - he's not a bad shot. Just need to know how well they get on :P

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: René could be teaching him the ways of his people :O

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: Teach him Creole cooking! And guitar too! And Shawn would think he's so cool with the ladies :P

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: XD Sure

2015-05-30 [The Black Goat]: Nadine is definitely in his classes for the wrong reasons XDXDXD

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