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Resident Evil : Destiny Bond


The world changed, overnight... My friends, my family... all... gone... I have nothing left, except this group of strangers that are all I can trust now.
I don't know how long we will last... but one thing I am sure of... together, we will face this. And together... we will survive!!

This is an RPG based on the Resident Evil series of games (and NOT the movies because they were an act of atrocity towards the fantastic video games), well.. obviously!
The story begins in the first few hours after the outbreak of the Virus in Raccoon City where a small group of survivors is left to fend for themselves amongst the 'Walking Dead' in the city. The characters will have to stick together because, with the odds stacked against them, all they have is each other. Eventually, after the initial characters have gotten into the story, some Evil characters will be introduced to add a bit of dynamic to the overall plot. (Any ideas in this regard would be welcomed, and especially anyone who would like to Play an evil character -do let me know!)
Obviously, it helps to have a bit of knowledge about the games and the history behind them but it isn't completely necessary, just don't be offended if I ask you to edit a post because it doesnt fit in with the plot. Also, please read the prologue, especially if you havent playd RE before because it will explain a lot.

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward and it would make the RPG much more enjoyable if everyone follows them. They are as follows:

Absolutely no power playing! Basically this means that no character is able to force another character to do something without that character's permission. For example, if you want to go some place, you cannot automatically bring another person with you without their consent. And you can't kill another character. Say, if you wanted to shoot them in the RPG, you would aim the gun and prepare to pull the trigger. This way, the opposing character could do something to prevent his/her death. If you were to pull the trigger immediately then there wouldn't be much that the other character could do to save his or her own life, meaning that you are forcing them to die, even if they don't want to, thus screwing up the entire RPG. Power playing totally pisses me off…. As you can tell!
Also, when you are adding to the page, please put your name in bold the first time that you say your name in each of your posts, this makes it much easier to tell who is posting what. You can do that by using the code, < b > < /b > , just replace the space between the HTML codes with your characters name.
Anyway, thanks for reading this and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions and of course applications!! Oh! And one quick thing, just for the record.. this RPG may not correspond exactly with the goings on in the game or movie (timeline, events etc) for the obvious reason that it will be a lot easier to manage without all those tiny little technical quirks!

Please send all applications to me; [particle boy] before you begin posting!

Here are the links to the other pages in this wiki:

The Beginning... This is where our survivors begin their long and perilous Journey to escape from Raccoon city. Welcome to the world of survival horror...

Destiny Bond: Chapter one

Survivors The 'lucky' few who managed to survive the initial outbreak of the virus. They thought they were safe.. but their nightmare was only beginning...

The Nightmare... This is basically the back story of the Resident Evil games, just for anyone who isn't familiar with the original plot. I posted the official synopsis' for Resident Evil 2 and 3 - which are the timeframe in which this RPG takes place. Of course - if you are familiar with the games then this won't really matter!

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2006-03-14 [particle boy]: Ok! Got this up and running! Send me applications asap people, so that we can get this show on the road!

2006-03-25 [particle boy]: Can anyone think of any other ways that we could advertise this and get a few more members so that we can get this started?

2006-03-25 [shadowic]: hmmm.....>>...i have a very very random idea...copy and paste the link like 50 times on our houses XD

2006-03-26 [particle boy]: Well... I guess you could all paste it once or twice even!! We don't want to seem insane, or desperate (even though we are)! ^_^

2006-03-26 [shadowic]: i dont have to "seem" sure ive got a few more screws loose than the norm...XD

2006-03-26 [particle boy]: Hahaha! Sure - that's what makes the world more interesting!

2006-03-26 [shadowic]: XD

2006-04-02 [The Naiad]: Lukey! I'll join if I can. What do I have to do?

2006-04-02 [particle boy]: Oh Chris!! Cool - Ok - just fill out the character template and send it to me then I will upload it and you can start posting! And if you don't really understand the story then read the synopisis that I wrote above. The Nightmare...

2006-04-02 [The Naiad]: Ok. I will do that asap (which may take a few days really. LOL). But ok. :)

2006-04-02 [shadowic]: hmm now i have to get back into the swing of RPing and get used to an ET RP X___x joy

2006-04-03 [The Naiad]: LOL. I'm out of touch too. I used to play wikis on ET all the time (as [particle boy] know). ;)

2006-04-03 [shadowic]: lol i was mostly in the chat when it was somewhat civilized...but its been nearly 2 years since i left im uber rusty e___e

2006-04-03 [The Naiad]: LOL. Yeah.

2006-05-29 [KnightAngel]: Hello I would like to join is that still possibel? Oh and is it okay if it could be a katana the character uses? Thought of making a asian character and could say it's been a weapon beeing in the family for a couple of generations and well taken care of... Is that okay? I can choose other but yeah would like to know first

2006-05-29 [shadowic]: hey there long time no see! hmm i dunno sounds good..just make a character profile thingy mabob and send it to the creator of this thing

2006-05-29 [shadowic]: is it just me or have the comments been deleted?

2006-05-29 [KnightAngel]: Okay I will send it then and yes it is... Haven't been able to go on chat for proberly a half year by now or so... Don't know, all I know it's long time since o.o

2006-05-29 [KnightAngel]: Same goes for elfy o.o

2006-05-29 [shadowic]: yea i havent been on one of the many who left

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Yeah and well for both me and elfy it isn't as much as willingly as chat won't allow us on o.o It keep on saying "trying to connect to server"

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: o.O hmm well maybe yall dont have java installed

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Oh but we do o.o

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: O.o...strange do yall connect through ET or through Spin?

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Well I have tried both... Neither work.. I can log on at spin but after that then it just write "trying to connect to server" or at least that it can't connect to server o.o

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: hmm..probably a connection error somewhere

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Well it has been going on for many many months now, and we have tried various computers o.o

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: o.O odd

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Yeah.... Oh well, I've just given up on trying by now... Of course if anyone have an answer or idea on how to fix it I would gladly try it ^^'

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Not that I actually would have much to do there or anything but still it could be kind of fun... Especially if there is some familiar faces ^^' (Or well names XD)

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: yea not missing much there anyways

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Nah proberly not but still... Some of the familiar ones I most normally met on chat and/or interacted with as in semi rp or simply just general talked to o.o

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: the people that i wish to talk to still i have contact with through messages on here, DA or msn so i can avoid all the morons

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Hehe yeah well that's a thing... I don't got DA and my msn is also fucking up... That happened some days ago o.o

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Then again... Not all is morons... I can agree to that last time I was on there was alot of them... But not all is ^_^

2006-05-30 [shadowic]: i know..but the few that arent i have contact with

2006-05-30 [KnightAngel]: Yeah ^^' Oh well

2006-07-07 [NamelessMerc]: Is this wiki still accepting members, then? Seeing as you've all started, thought I'd ask. I have a concept in mind who'd make a decent 'evil' character.

2006-07-07 [particle boy]: Yes! Yes it is! We are back in business guys! Just fill out the Character Template and send it to me before you start!

2006-07-07 [NamelessMerc]: <.<; >.>; *Ish working on character*

2006-10-01 [Company Awesome]: Still need peoples?

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