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Rick walked up on the landing and walked through the door without a knock. He looked around and saw Tank "Hey, so this will be my new place for the next coupla days?" He said taking a couple more steps into the house.

Tank spun on him once again with a glare from hell. "What do you think you're doing?! Get out of my house!" she snapped, advancing on him, ready to push him out of the house.

Vala sprinted back to her room. She grabbed her keys, jacket, and backpack, not before putting her boots on. She headed out of the compound. Once in her truck she headed back towards town, to a payphone.

Selena finished her food and took her plate to the sink. She washed it and went to check on Chance.

Naedan stood by the fence for a while and took in deep breaths. 'Ok, now finish it...' Continueing she picked up the pace of was now standing in front of her house. 'Darvis! I need your help." Her brother came running out of the house and helped her inside. Gently he layed her onto the couch and ran to get a wet wash cloth. 'So...I saw Rick today..." Darvis glanced at her as he came back in. Shaking his head he layed the cloth on her forhead and sat beside her. 'And...Naedan? What is going on with him?' Naedan giggled and flinched. "Well he hasn't change much that's for sure...but he was pretty much stalking this stay with her or something. I dont even know." Darvis smiled down at her and shook his head. 'Remember he's not your problem....he never was....' Naedan closed her eyes and turned away from her brother slowly drifting off to sleep.

Rick pulled out his shotgun quickly "Nuh uh. Im staying. Here this is about right." He said pulling out a $100 note from his pocked and walked into the house. He flopped down on the couch and put his feet up on the table. The gun sitting in his lap. "Tell ya what, 3 days. Thats all i ask. Three days."

"Put that gun away," Tank snapped at him, not intimidated at all and refused the money. She followed him to the living room and stood glaring at him as if her dying wish was he would spontaniously combust. "I never said you could stay, and this isn't how you ask. Ask right, dirt bag, or get out of my house." Her voice was dangerous and promising. She did not want some egotistical boy in her house, especially with her parents gone.

Vala stopped at the nearest store and threw the engine into park. Taking change out of the ashtray, she got out and headed for the payphone. She took a deep breath before dialing the number. It connected, another deep breath, it rang, deep breath, and kept ringing. Please pick up And someone did. "Hello?" It was her Da. "Hello Da." A sigh came from him, "Vala, my mouse. I knew you would call." An actual smile crossed her lips, "Of course Da, I had to. I saw your picture and read your eyes." Her father gave a laugh, her heart broke. "Yes I did that just for you, mouse." Vala didn't know what to say after that, so silence followed until a voice said "You have one minute left". Panicked, Vala said "I'm sorry Da, I love you." "I know mouse. I need to tell you...this is hard...He moved on..."*click* The phone went dead. Vala stood there, phone to her ear, in disbelief. No.

Rick laughed again, "You are the funniest. Alright ill ask. Can i stay at your house for the next couple a days. If need be ill pay ya money." He said watching her with an amused face and not getting up.

Tank was looking at him dubiously, but she nodded. "On a few conditions. You do not touch me, you touch nothing but what is necessary in this house like the toilet or soap, and you will sleep on the couch. You have to clean up after yourself and buy your own food and things because my parents did not leave anything more than for one person." She was glaring at him critically.

She walked back to her truck in numbness. No. Starting the engine, Vala drove out of the parking lot. Her hands gripped the steering wheel as she made her way through traffic. She looked at the ring on her finger. No. Without a second thought, she focused and the ring disappeared. More concentration, the item in the pouch around her neck vanished as well. So fast. She didn't realize that she had somehow connected to everyone. The pain she felt in her heart was in them now.

Rick stood up and smiled an evil smile. He pulled a cigarete out of his pocket then another one. "Wanna smoke?" He said advancing on her.

Tank gave him and the cigarrette a disgusted look. "No, thank you, I don't smoke, and neither does my family. Take it outside." She was taking steps back from him, but not in an afraid way, more like he was something disgusting that she wished to avoid.

Rick laughed and one of the cigarettes dissapeared in his pocked. He put the other one in his mouth. "Got a light?" He asked still advancing slowly.

"No," Tank said, glaring harder at him as she kept retreating, pointing to the door. "Take it outside if you're going to smoke it."

He sniggered and put the smoke away "Without a light i cant smoke. But still" He continued to advance. This time a different type of light in his eye.

Tank took another step back, giving him the same disgusted 'I hate you' look. "What do you think you're doing?" she hissed angrily.

Rick thumped his chest trying to dislodge the heartburn or what he thought to be heartburn. When that did not work he hit it harder. "Mrrr Damn...Get us some water eh?" He said grunting.

"I'm not getting you anyth-!" Tank almost yelled, but was cut off in surprise as she felt something familiar. Heartache. But it was so much worse than when she had felt it last. Who's... is this....?.. She struggled to think as she felt the overwhelming urge to cry. She hadn't done that in years, even though she was a girl. It hurt deep inside and she felt to her knees, hugging herself. What is this black magic... Her eyes watered and unwelcome tears fell down her cheeks. This isn't mine... Get out... GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick grunted and lent against the side bench "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT." He rubbed his chest and landed on his knees heavily in front of Tank. He held his breath which is what is usually done to get rid of heartburn. "Shit...." He grunted.

Vala heard the voices but didn't respond. All her hate burned inside. She had driven out of town, her eyes had become glazed over. How could he? He said he loved me! She found that she was in the middle of nowhere. Vala slammed it into park and got out. Never had she showed any sort of emotion, but poured out.

Tank thought hard, trying to empty her mind. She painfully raised her eyes and they met the sight of Rick. And he was awfully close. Suddenly, her mind went blank in shock and she cried out, quickly moving back to the nearest wall, and feeling it as her back slid up and she stood, staring at Rick. Her heartache, as with most girls, easily fueled her anger. "STAY AWAY FROM ME! DON'T YOU EVER GET THAT CLOSE TO ME YOU FILTHY MUTT!" she yelled as the emotions in her that were not hers waxed and waned quickly, like the tides of the ocean. GET OUT OF MY HEEEEEEEEEEEEEADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! her mind yelled at the being that sent her the feelings.

A smirk crossed her pale lips, her eyes now blood red. I'll show you how it feels. She focused on Him, made the connection. What she saw fueled her hate even more. He was in bed with another girl. Her fists clenched. She could feel his climax begin to rise. Defend yourself against this. With a thought, He stopped, threw his head back. "Baby what's wrong? Did you cum?" the girl asked. He gave no answer for he was now hers. This is how you love me? No sound came from him, the girl was still bucking against him, trying to get hers. I gave you everything. Asked only that you would love me, care for me. She tightend her hold on him more, the other connections faltering. Now I'm taking everything from you. May the demons have pity on you. She waited till the girl under him was screaming out that she was cumming, when it happened. She took his life. He fell on top of the girl, who didn't realize that her lover was gone. Blood spilled from his mouth onto her neck. "Baby get off." She tried to move him, but found nothing but dead weight."Baby?" She checked the pulse, and then started to scream. Back in the middle of nowhere, Vala let out a deep sinical laugh then blacked out.

Rick stood the pain gone now and he yelled at her "FUCKING MUTT AM I? WELL ILL SHOW YOU WHAT A DAMN GUTTER DOG CAN DO THEN HUH?" He picked her up bodily and kissed her deeply, when he broke it he stared into her eyes and held her off the ground "Congratulations. You kissed trash." He dropped her and stormed back to the couch and picked up his shotgun, he walked back and loaded it with one hand. "Anything to say before i blow your fuckin head off?" He said leviling the gun at her.

"...I think I'm gonna be sick," Tank rushed from her place on her hands and knees from the room to the bathroom where the door slammed shut and some nasty sounds came from inside.

Rick curled his lip angrily and walked from the room. His boots made thumping sounds on the floor. He booted down the door and stood there, a mask of rage on his face. "Fucking bitch!" He aimed at her again "Last words?" He grunted.

Tank, who had finished emptying her stomach, did something rather odd. She laughed. She had a tired smile and she staggered to her feet, giving him the smile then. "Sorry, but the idea of kissing trash is repulsive. I was fine until you said that," she said and moved to the sink, still ignoring the gun and brushed her teeth.

Rick walked in and held the gun to the bottom of her jaw he turned her so she was looking at him. "So you find me repulsive. Thats all you have to say, then fine, shall i shoot away?" He said with a malevolent glint in his eye.

Tank still smiled at him, even laughed a little but she didn't look at the gun. She was looking at his eyes. "I never called you trash.." she said softly.

Rick seemed on edge "Yeah and a damn dog is so much better." He snarled and jerked the gun so the butt of it slammed into her stomich. He gave a sarcastic 'im in pain look' and laughed.

Tank cringed as the pain hit her and she looked up at him with pained, glaring eyes. "I like dogs, you dimwit. I like taking them in and caring for them," she hissed through gritted teeth. She pushed him out of the way before stumbling to the stairs and grabbing the rail to help steady her as she ascended them.

Rick stood at the bottom of the stairs confused. He looked up and saw she had a nice ass "I gotta get me some o that." He muttered to himself and walked into the kitchen. He rumaged around and found a beer, he opened it and drank more than half in a gulp. "Great." He said snarling "Light...Erugh." He put it on the counter and tossed his gun on the lounge and headed upstairs after Tank. "Oi, Tanker where are ya you slut." he said looking through the rooms one by one

Tank glared hard at her open bedroom doorway but ignored him, turning her kinder gaze to her stomach as she lifted her shirt just enough to see where the gun had hit her to make sure it was nothing more than a bruise.

Rick walked in "There ya are!" He walked up to her and lifted her shirt to inspect the bruise. "Ouch that looks like it hurt." He lifted it higher "Nice tits." He grinned and dropped it.

Tank's face darkened like a storm cloud and the back of her hand colided hard with the side of his face. She stepped back and pointed at the door. "Get out," she said dangerously.

Rick rubbed his cheek "I like a girl that stands up to a man." He said nodding "Tell you what, lets start over. Names Rick." He held out his hand in a friendlyish manner.

Tank looked at him suspiciously but hesitantly took his hand and shook it. "Tanker," she greeted.

A slight smile came to his face. "Right, that werent so hard was it?" He said moving closer and still holding her hand in a shaking manner.

Tank jerked her hand free and took a step back, one arm wrapped around her torso subconciously. Her eyes were still locked unsurely on his. "Your breath smells like beer," she noted.

Rick nodded "Yeah thats usually what they call it. Does your dad allways buy light beer?" he said shuddering slightly.

"No, he usually buys wine," Tank answered and went to the door of her room, holding it open and waiting for him to leave first. "It helps with his kidney infections when he gets them."

Rick nodded and decided to do what she asked. He left the room giving her a curt not as he went past. "So whadda ya do fer fun?" He asked in the gutter talk.

Tank closed the door behind them and headed downstairs. "I go to the auto shop," she answered calmly before going to the fridge. She opened the door and bent over to look inside.

Rick stared at her ass agian, admiring it, he was tempted too much and reached over and caressed it gently for a moment. "You have a nice ass..." He stated generally.

Tank stiffened and spun on him again, glaring hard. "Don't touch me," she said again and closed the door to the fridge.

Rick pushed forward anyway, he pinned her against the fridge and kissed her soundly on the lips. He pressed his body against hers and his tongue darted around her lips pressing hard.

Tank froze, unsure of this. This was wrong, right? Right? No, wrong, right? Ooooooh, I'm so confused! Can't.. think... Her eyes slid closed and her hands rested on his biceps as she carefully kissed back.

Rick broke the kiss and looked at her smiling a half smile. "Not so bad eh?" He grunted and lifted her against the fridge and kissed her again. This time with less force and more need.

Tank panted a little with no response as her legs wrapped around his waist for support and she kissed back again, her hands now on his shoulders. She tried not to think about what she was doing.

Rick's hands massaged her ass as he kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her mouth. He broke it off and held her there. "Who would have known? Muggin you in the mornin makin out in the arvo."

Tank looked at him incredulously, and a little disgusted again. "All that, and then you had to go and say that? What's wrong with you?"

She dreamed again. This time there was more blood. It was everywhere. Her hair was matted, her clothes stuck to her like a second skin, it dripped from her fingertips. Lifting her eyes, horror was only seen. Her Da was slumped in a chair, his entrails strew across his lifeless body and spilled onto the floor. Ravens picked at them. Not Ravens. No She started to take a step forward, only to find herself immoblized. A Raven tilted its head her way, its eyes bright red, in its mouth a piece of her Da. There were no tears in her eyes. "See I told you." a deathly whisper caressed her ear. "See what you have done? Your Da paid the price of your curse. Now he is dead." The whisper moved across the back of her neck to her other ear. "Now what will you do...mouse?" Vala cringed at hearing her secret name being said by this man. "No." she croaked. "No I did not do this." A soft chuckle emitted from his lips. "Yes you will." Hands were now on her body, they were like ice. "Then you will be mine." Vala let out an involunteery moan as a hand slipped down her jeans. "You will enjoy what I have in store for you." Vala screamed. She woke up looking at the sky. What had she done?

Rick shrugged "I have no idea Tanker. I think its you." He said slowly. He lowered her back to the ground and looked at her carefully. "How old are you?" Rick asked looking up and down her body, focussing on her breasts then her face.

Slowly sitting up, Vala looked around her. At least this time she got out into open space. Not like last time. Bringing her hands to her face, she found deep nail imprints in her palms. They were dried now, but would reopen when she cleaned them. But they would never go away. Forcing her body to comply, she stood up. Her truck was still running, "Great" her throat was dusty dry. She brushed herself off and climbed back into the running truck. Her whole body shook as she slowly drove back into town.

Tank blushed, but more in anger than anything and she gave Rick a glare before quickly moving around him. She face him after she was some ways away. "I'm sixteen. That makes me a minor in case you didn't know," she said, and muttered, "Perverted street urchin..."

Rick spread his arms "Ahh, right...Peverted street urchin? Yes and you were fighting back so hard weren't you." He said and saw the stove. "Beautiful." He walked up and turned it on, he fished around his pockets for a smoke again. "So princess. You allways like this with people?"

"I can't fight where your eyes look with anything short of a kimono," Tank snapped, and without answering the second question, she went to the front door, closed it, then went to the living room where she turned on the TV on 'Monalisa's Smile' and sprawled into an arm chair, her legs over one arm and her back against the other.

Rick sauntered up to her and rubbed her legs, feeling there smoothness. "I dont get you Tanker. You say you don't want me, yet i can see you do." He smirked "You should know, I find myself attracted to you, dont care that your underage...cant help it..."

Tank gave him a disgusted look and pushed his hand away. "I care you street rat, and I don't want you. I don't like gutter trash, so leave me alone. You're advances aren't welcome," she said curtly. "You're lucky I'm letting you stay for the few days you asked. You're lucky I'm a generous person."

Rick chuckled "Whatever you say Tanker. whatever you say." He walked back to the kitchen and light his smoke on the stove. He turned it off and walked back to the living room with the smoke in his mouth. "Why aint you 'fraid o guns?"

Tank rolled her eyes as if losing her patience. This guy wouldn't quit! "It's not guns I'm not afraid of," she said and gave him a dark look. "And didn't I tell you if you're going to smoke to take it outside? Good greif..."

Rick took the smoke out of his mouth and breathed out a large cloud of smoke. "Yeah you told me. I didn't listen." He grinned and took another puff and started blowing rings.

"You're disgusting and rude," Tank insulted him and turned her attention back to the TV.

Pulling into the gas station, she turned the engine off and rolled the window down. The attendent gave a plastered on smile, "What I can I getcha?" She counted out the money she had in her packback, "I'll take 10, unleaded." The guy nodded and started to fill the tank. She took a deep shuttering breath. "10 dollars please." She handed the money over, "Thank you." Turning the engine again,she drove back to the base. She sent a silent prayer to the gods, Please, let no one be hurt this time.

Rick shook his head "Aww comeon, im not goin anywhere near ya couch and crap. Im over here by the wall. Smokin me smoke." He said and started to blow some more smoke, this time it comming out in squares. He chuckled "Squares. sweet."

Tank just rolled her eyes at him. "And immature," she added as if she was making a list about him. In fact, she was. It was a mental list of bad qualities and she was trying to convince herself that doing anything, anything with the boy was wrong and she would regret it.

Rick chuckled lightly "Right, so those are my bad traights. Did you happen to forget...Riff raff?" He said laughing. "Righto, how about this. Name me my good traits, if you can of course."

Dominant, persistant, determined, cute in a scruffy, rough kinda way, sexy, fuckable WOH! Tank, stop right there... "You don't have any," Tank replied evenly.

Hannah was getting off her bike as she heard the engine of the truck behind her. She turned and waved to Vala as she saw her in the driver's seat. She felt a lot happier now, the bike ride had cleared her head liked she'd hoped. She stood at the curb waiting for Vala.

Looking up, Vala saw Hannah. She waved politely back. Gods please don't let her hate me. She pulled out and parked again. "Hello Hannah" She schooled her face into blankness, not wanting to reveal anything. "Is everything alright?"

Hannah smiled. "Yeah...I think so, i've been out for a while but I don't think anythings happened. Are you ok?" she said looking at Vala.

"I will be." She gave her fake smile.

"You wanna get a cup of tea or coffee, I think we both could use someone to talk to..." Hannah said noticing the fakeness of the smile.

She was surprised at Hannah. Never had someone wanted to actually talk to her, except her father. A real smile crossed her lips this time, "I would love that." Thank you. She doesn't hate me."

Hannah smiled and nodded and led the way down to the kitchen where she filled the kettle up with water then set two mugs out. "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll take, ummm, Darjeeling tea, if its here." Vala looked in the cupboards for sugar.

Hannah nodded and got two mugs of the tea ready. She handed one to Vala then sat down at the table and took a sip of her own. "So what's on your mind..."

She found the sugar. Nothing like tea without sugar. She grabbed a spoon and put two spoonfuls into her tea. She was trying to advoid Hannah's question instead she answered her question with another question, "Did you feel any pain earlier?"

"Unless sore knuckles counts from punching Devlin, no...why do you ask?" Hannah said looking up at Vala.

Thank the gods. She looked down into her tea as she stirred in the sugar, "I..." Never had she voiced her situation. Only her parents knew what happened.

"What is it?"said Hannah looking concerned. "You can trust me..."

Vala looked up into Hannah's eyes. "I...I" She stuttered. How could she voice this? "I killed my ex...."

"Oh..if you don't mind me asking, why?" hannah said watching Vala.

She went to twist the ring on her finger, but remembered that she destroyed it. "He moved on. We were promised. I caught him with another girl.My Da told me."

"Was this when you were still together...or had you seperated?" Hannah said looking at Vala. She felt admiration towards Vala for being able to tell her what seemed one of her biggest secrets.

"Together." She could feel her anger heat up again. She quickly qualled it, she couldn't let that happen again.

"He cheated on can be real asshole's sometimes, did you get in trouble?" Hannah said sipping her tea again.

Vala almost laughed. Something she hadn't done in months. "I did it this morning....He's 5 states away..." Her mind still hadn't adapted yet.

"Really? How did you do it then?" Hannah said looking confused.

This time a laugh did escape her past her lips, "I...killed him with my," she tapped her temple. "My mind." She took a sip of her tea so to clear her throat. "I'm telepathic. I took over his whole mind, he was in my control." She let out a shuttering breath, remembering how the pure pleasure coursed through her body. Goosebumps rose on her arms. "He was at the beginning of his climax." A sinister smirk crossed her pale lips.

Hannah laughed. "Lucky you getting to use your powers, i've been dying to kill something ever since I knew that's what i'm here for..." she said finishing her tea.

"Right." She wasn't going to indulge her in how she would use her powers in the future. The dream came back vividly, it sent chills down her spine. She asked, "Have you ever had a dream that felt so real?"

Hannah shook her head. "I don't think so, have you?"

She only nodded, remembering where his hands were.

Hannah stood up and took her empty mug to the sink then turned round to look at Vala. "Is it rude of me to ask what it was about?"

Her cheeks flushed, "No." She looked up and answered, "It was about a man who says I have a curse and tells me that I will kill my boyfriend and Father. I despise this man, but I can't seem to get away from him. And when he touches me....he lights a fire.It burns hotter than anything in this world."

"wow...if this guy is real maybe you should try and track him down, confront him, ya know. And if you want company, i'm always here for you...nothing better to do.." Hannah said watching Vala.

"Thank you Hannah. Asked my first question cause I have in the past been known to cause deep physical pain, when I'm in pain. I'm glad you are not hurt."

"I'm glad I finally have someone to talk to...i've been kinda lonely round here, and my mood swings haven't made anything easier." Hannah said smiling at Vala.

"Me too. I noticed." She again tapped her temple. She gulped down the rest of her cold tea and rinsed it out in the sink.

Hannah smiled. "Well if you ever need to talk you know i'm always here, or you just want to go for a walk or even out on my bike that's totally fine with me. You know how to reach me..." she said tapping her forehead whilst smiling.

Of course

Selena enterd the room and went over to Chance. "You alright? Want something to eat while I look at the x-rays?"

Rick shook his head "Come on, i got ta have some good traights, what about my bulging muscles?" He asked flexing his arm. "Or my flowing locks." He chuckled putting his hand through his dirty hair.

Tank gave him yet another digusted look. "I prefer brains to brawn, and personality to both, so you're really the bottom of the barrel to me- no, you're the dirt under the barrel. And as for you hair, that reminds me. If you're going to stay, you're going to have to be clean. Go take a shower, I'll wash your clothes..." she finished in a somewhat reluctant tone.

Rick took a step toward her "Excuse me, just who do you think you are princess? My mother?" He snarled slightly. "Dont tell me what to do."

Hannah laughed. "Where do you think everyone else is then, this place is very quiet..." she said looking at Vala.

Not answering her question right away, Vala 'searched' for the others. Selena and Chance were in the Infirmary, Devlin...... "I can't feel Devlin anymore." It was a statement more than emotion. Tank was home, with someone new. She searched again for Death, but did not find him. She only found emptiness. Looking back to Hannah, pain was again in her eyes.

"What do you mean you can't feel Devlin any more, where is he? Is he alright?" Hannah said looking panicked. "Anything could have happened, this is all my fault..." she said opening a cupboard and pulling out a thick phonebook. She searched through it then ripped out the page she had been looking for. "He's probably safe somewhere but will you please keep trying to reach him...i'm going to see Tank, this new person could be one of know how to reach me if you hear anything...thank you.." She gave Vala a quick hug then ran out the door taking the elevator to the first floor whilst dialing in the number she hoped was Tanks. "Please pick up..." she whispered as the phone rang.

Rick heard the phone and glanced at Tank. He grinned at her and picked it up. "Hello..." He said lightly,

"Is Tank's Hannah, a friend..." she said slightly alarmed at the strange voice.

Rick grinned "Yeh Tank's here Hannah. But uhh....she's watching T.V. at the moment, im not sure she would want to be disturbed." He chuckled lightly. "Can i help you instead?"

"Who is this?" Hannah said whilst climbing on her motorbike and starting the engine.

Rick smirked "This is......a Friend." He removed the phone from his ear and let it drop back onto its hook. He hung up on her.

"Shit..." whispered Hannah before tucking her phone inside her pocket. She pulled her helmet on before speeding off up the road. She hoped she could remember the way back to the street where the fight with chance and the girl had taken place and sighed with relief when she turned a corner and saw bits of rubble lying everywhere. She stopped the bike and jumped off leaving her helmet sitting on the seat. She went to the first door she came to and when they answered Hannah politely asked which house Tank lived in. She thanked them then ran to the right house hammering on the door.

Tank was in mid rant with Rick, some of her words or phrases not even in english, when she heard the door, she gave him a final glare before going to answer it. "Hel-Hannah?" she said, confused by the girl's presence and really not in the mood for usual greetings. "Can I... help you with something?" she offered politely but hesitantly.

"I just wanted to check that you were you know this guy thats with you?" Hannah said folding her arms.

Tank made a digusted face at the idea. "Know him? Hardly. He's my charity case for the next few days. Repulsive guy he is... filthy street- no, my problem, not yours. I'm fine," she assured Hannah, cutting herself off and bottling her anger up for Rick later.

Hannah looked at Tank then said,"I really don't think it's safe to have a guy you don't know in your house..." she lowered her voice, "especially the way things are at the moment, he could be one of them..."

"If he was one of them and knew it, he wouldn't be carrying the gun he keeps pointing at me," Tank replied rationally. "And I'm perfectly safe to the extent I want, I assure you." Considering I don't care to die right now... "So I'm fine Hannah."

"You wouldn't mind if I came in and seen this guy then...let me make the judgement on whether he's safe enough for you to be hanging around with, cause I promised to protect you even if you don't want me to, and i'm gonna keep that promise starting from now..." Hannah said to Tank.

Naedan awoke many hours later and looked around. Sighing she leaned against the back of the sofa and yawned. A few moments later Darvis came in and handed her a small glass of some blue liquid. 'Here, this will help.' Handing it to her he smiled and shook his head. "Always getting into trouble these days. Just be careful, if Joshua finds out about this you may get into some trouble, and remember I cant help you with that guy. He's has a high rank then me." With that Darvis left the room.

Vala was taken a back by Hannah's hug. Her ex wouldn't even touch her like that. Only her dad was brave enough. She only nodded after Hannah had left. Hannah, let me make a connection with you. I would like to see this guy as well.

Sure thought Hannah so vala could 'hear' her.

Rick walked around the corner with a new cigarette in his mouth but unlit "Aint I Mr popular today?" He jested and walked toward the door, his boots thumping on the floor. "Hey your the chick i talked to on the phone. Gotta light?"

Tank rolled her eyes as she stepped back and leaned against a wall, moving her hand to the person as she introduced them. "Hannah, this is Rick. Rick, Hannah."

"No I don't have a light, Rick." Hannah said annoyed at being called chick. "And yes it was me who you spoke to on the phone, may I say you need to learn some manners..."

"You need to keep ya nose out of other peoples business" He shot back. He cursed and put the cigarette behind his ear. "Nobody's got a damn light..." He muttered angrily.

"Like i'm going to take advice from you..." Hannah said rolling her eyes.

Rick stopped his mutterings and advanced on her slowly. "You want a peice of advice?" He asked seriously. "I have but one good peice of advice." He stopped and leaned down so he whispered in her ear. "Get away from here. As far as you can. Its a dangerous world. You dont want to be caught on the...wrong side." He said and straightened up. Rick turned away and began to walk back across the kitchen.

"Am I supposed to get scared or something, cause I don't scare easily...I think boys who think they're tough and badass are laughable really..." Hannah said watching him with her hands on her hips. "They need to learn to grow up..."

Tank rubbed her forehead. She could feel a headache forming. "Stop argueing," she said. It wasn't a request.

"I wasn't arguing, I was just making sure this boy knows that it's better not to mess with me, i'm not in the mood for little boys who try to act tough..." Hannah said looking at Tank.

"I guess you're right," Tank said harshly. "You'll just yell at him, break his nose, and run off crying." Then she sighed through her nose. "I'm not in the mood for anyone to act tough, I was just trying to get him-" she pointed to Rick "-to take a shower. I know you noticed he needs it."

"Thank you for reminding me about Devlin, I feel bad enough without you reminding me...I just came to check on you, make sure this guy wasn't trying to take advantage of you but I guess doing something nice nowadays just isn't appreciated anymore. I don't know why I even bother any more, I think you's would prefer it if I became a cold heartless bitch right, then you wouldn't have to watch me as I ran off crying, it must be so painful for you to watch that, i'm sorry."Hannah said frowning at Tank. "I'll leave you alone, sorry for disturbing you and your...friend.." She walked to her bike getting on, not taking a second glance at Tank as she started it and took off up the road.

Rick walked back into the living room. He sat down on the couch and buried his head in his hands. He sighed and shook his head. Rick stood and grabbed his shotgun. He walked upstairs to the bathroom and looked around. "Why the hell am i doing this...." He asked himself. He began to get undressed with the door wide open for the world to see.

Tank sighed and closed the door after Hannah. She ran a hand through her hair before going upstairs to the bathroom Rick was in. She walked in unabashedly while he still had his pants on and over to the closet that was in there. It was a good sized bathroom so it wasn't crowded with the two of them. She took out a towel and put it on the rack for him then turned to face him, keeping her eyes locked on his face, not willing to look any lower. "I need your clothes so I can wash them while you shower," she said curtly.

Rick moved closer and let go of his belt that he was taking off. He moved inches away and ran his hand alongside her face looking into her eyes intently. He lent down and kissed her gently. After he finished the kiss he stood straight and removed his pants. He picked the stuff up and gave it to her. "There you go." He said.

Tank's cheeks barely tinged pink at the attention she had recieved before she shook her head to clear it, her eyelids fluttering. Her eyes darted to his, then away as she grabbed his clothes and left, half slamming the door behind her. Oh no.. ohnoohnoohno... I am not doing this... He's not even cute! Well.. maybe.. No! Stop it Tank! She muttered to herself as she went to the laundry room to put his clothes in the washing machine then went to the living room to read while her new guest got cleaned up.

Rick heard her muttering to herself and chuckled lightly. He looked at himself in the mirror and checked out his body for a bit before stepping into the shower and beginning to wash. When he finished he stepped out of the shower and admired his now clean body. "Aint so bad actually..." He said to himself and grabbed the towel. He walked downstairs with it around his waist. "Hey Tanker. Wheres me chlothes?" He asked stopping just infront of her.

Tank looked up from her book with a prepared digusted face but fell silent in shock and nearly fell out of her chair. "They're not.. not dry yet.." she stuttered out. "I-I'll go.. go- yeah.. Heh.." She smiled shyly and lowered her face to hide her blush as she got up and hurried out of the room to put his clean but wet clothes in the dryer. That's it Tank, just put yourself out on the hook as jail bait for him, there's a good girl, she thought sarcastically and set the timer on the dryer before turning to leave.

Rick was at the door. He looked at her with a kinder face than he had been for the past couple of hours. A small smile flickered across his features. "Thanks for that." He said shrugging.

Tank froze at the sight of him, her cheeks tinging pink again and her eyes staring at him wide eyed. "Y-you w-wel.. your welc-... No problem," she stuttered with a nervous smile. Ooooh, keep going Tank. You'll have him in the big house in no time. her mental voice continued patronizing her.

Rick walked up to her slowly and touched her face again before placing another kiss on her mouth. His tounge flicked over hers.

Tank's eyes slid half closed and she moaned softly. The sound seemed to bring her back to reality though and she moved her lips away from his. "Rick..." she said quietly, almost sadly near his ear. "I can't..."

Rick felt an anger rising. "Let me guess...Because im riff raff." He said darkly and moved away. He walked out of the room and started heading up to the bathroom again.

"... Because I'm too young..." Tank said quietly to herself after he had gone. She waited there until his clothes were done, folded them and hugged them as she went upstairs to the bathroom he was in, looking at the ground as she spoke to him. "I'm sorry.. But could you not.. blow up like that. Don't assume you know me," she said, not moving to hand him his clothes. It was almost as if it hadn't occured to her to do so.

Rick turned to yell at her but stopped in his tracks at her being delicate. He blinked not knowing what to do. He moved forwards so he was just in front of her. He lifted her chin with his finger "What is it then?" He asked her in one of the gentelist voices he had used with her.

"I'm too young," Tank said quietly and lowered her eyes as she handed over his clothes, as if as an apologenic offering.

Rick took the clothes. Before he turned away he said "I dont care about age..." He began to put on his shirt.

Tank averted her eyes. She didn't want to go, nor did she want to stare at him. Ok, so that was a lie, she wanted to stare but that would have been weird. "I care. I don't want you to go to prison-" She cut off. She knew that was going to lead to a question she didn't know how to answer.

Rick looked at her more than a little shocked. "I would only go to prison if i had sex with you....But you already knew that didn't you?" He asked suspiciously. He removed his towel, he had no shame and put on a pair of boxers before putting on his jeans.

Tank nodded. "I did." She looked up once he was dressed, blushing slightly and looking at him apologenically still.

Rick finished doing up his belt and walked toward her. "I dont care..." He said and kissed her again with more force.

Tank nearly moaned into his mouth and broke the kiss breathlessly, resting her forehead against his. "I don't want you to be in trouble..." she said quietly, her sparkling eyes looking into his.

A slight smile cam to his face "I am allways in trouble." He said calmly and kissed her again his hands reaching down and grabbing her ass.

Tank had to smile at that, and she did against his lips as she kissed back. A bad boy, just what she needed.. her mind continued to discourage her. She ignored it as her hands came up to weave into his still slightly damp hair and she returned the kiss with a need to forget everything that had happened recently and just let the world fall away.

Rick kissed her deeply, something with this girl had driven him to this. He couldn't explain it. Who would have thought that a girl he was mugging he would end up like this with? He kneaded her ass with his hand. He kissed her and broke it, moving down to her neck which he nibbled and kissed. "Which one is your room?" He asked and kissed her neck again.

"Mm?" Tank was a bit too distracted to answer at first, then seemed to understand. "The one at the end of the hall.. furthest from the stairs..." she answered, somewhat breathlessly as she kisses his hair, her fingers stroking through it gently. "Why?.."

Rick wrapped his arms around her ass and lifted her. His mouth still kissing and nibbling her neck. He walked to the bedroom and deposited her on her bed. He lent over her and kissed her again. "This is why..." He said and kissed her, his tongue probing.

Tank just nodded and wrapped her arms around him, kissing back and breaking it only enough to wisper his name then continued to kiss him, the world temporarily forgotten.

Hearing everything that was said, Vala 'spoke' to Hannah, I think tis best if we leave off for a while. A soft laugh emitted from her lips, I can understand what she's feeling right now. It's the bad boy thing. She needs to learn.

Yeah, i'll leave her alone for a while, let her get over this second outburst of mine.I'm on my way back...oh any sign of Devlin yet? Hannah thought hopefully.

Vala had searched for any sign, any feeling from him, but came up empty. No Hannah I...can't feel him. I don't know what happened.

Oh...ok...thanks for trying anyway.. It surprised Hannah how much she actually missed Devlin and how much it scared her not knowing if he was safe or not.

Naedan rose from the couch and looked around. Darvis's words still ran through her mind. and remember I cant help you with that guy. He's has a higher rank then me. He was right, he couldn't help her. Sighing she pulled on her leather jacket and went outside. Darvis came to the door and hollared. "Hey! Take Exavier with you. He hasn't been out in a while." Naedan rolled her eyes and whistled. Smiling she watched as her beautiful black wolf came running from the house. 'Come on boy!' He jumped up into her arms and licked her before replacing himself to the ground. 'Be back later.'

Hannah raced through the streets, mind not properly on what she was doing.

Naedan looked both ways and began crossing the street. "Come on Exavier." The wolf trotted ahead of her just a few feet and pranced around.

Hannah turned the corner quickly and only looked up when she was metres away from Naedan. "Oh shit!" she yelled pressing her foot on the break causing the bike to skid and suddenly fall to the ground. Hannah fell off hitting the ground hard as the bike skidded quickly into a brick wall. Hannah groaned loudly as she lay on the ground.

Naedan reacted as she normally would. Flipping into the air she grabbed Exavier around the stomach and landed on the same brick wall the bike had hit. Looking around Naedan cursed. "Damnit..." Jumping from the wall she placed Exavier on the ground. Darvis came running from the house in a panic. "What the hell happened here?" Naedan looked up and rolled her eyes. Hurrying over to the strange girl, she nealt beside her. "You alright?"

Hannah nodded. "I think so..." She rubbed her head as she sat up then swore loudly when she saw the state of her bike. "My bike...what am I going to do?" She looked at the girl. "I'm sorry, are you ok?"

Naedan smiled and nodded. "Yeah, Im fine." Helping the stranger up she nodded towards the bike. "I can fix it. By the way my names Naedan Loaucart."

"I'm Hannah...don't worry about the bike, I can get it picked up and taken to my parents house. I'll just have to use my car." She looked over at the boy and waved.

Darvis raised an eyebrow and walked over to them. "Hi, Im Darvis." Looking down at them he smiled. He towered above them by almost a foot. Naedan giggled and shook her head. "This is my brother. Dont mind him."

"I'm Hannah." she said smiling at him. "Thats a beautiful animal you have..." she said looking at the wolf. "I have a puppy back where i'm staying at the moment." hopefully not for too much longer. she thought.

"Exavier, come here." Exavier sat beside Naedan and sniffed Hannah. Gently he backed away and hid behind Naedan. "He's not acustomed to strangers. But um, care to come inside? It's not much but its ours at least."

Hannah smiled. "Sure that would be nice."

You can leave any time you want Hannah. No one will make you stay.

Hannah smiled. I'm ok, i'm gonna have to use their phone to call someone to come and pick my bike up anyway...but you can stay with me incase they try to kill me... she laughed to herself as she thought this.


Naedan shoved her brother in the direction of the house shook her head. 'Dont even think about it.' Naedan looked over her shoulder at Hannah. 'You can use the phone if you need to. where are you staying right now?'

Hannah looked at her. "In a hotel.." saying the first thing that came into her head. She followed them into the house. "I don't really like it that much..."

"A hotel. Why are you waisting your money? Why dont you come and stay with us? Trust me we not dangerous." Shaking her head she looked at the girl again. A hotel....

"You would really let a stranger come and stay in your house?" Hannah said as she considered it.

Naedan smiled and nodded. 'Of course. I trust people until they give me reason not to. And so far, other then almost hitting me, I haven't been given I reason. Only kidding about the almost hitting me part.'

Hannah laughed. "I would love to come and stay here for a while, the a...hotel is a little bit claustrophobic at the minute..." She smiled happily.

Naedan raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "You know, lieing to me will get you nowhere." Opening the front door to her house she stepped in and reached for the cordless. "Here you go. We'll go and get your things when your done."

Hannah took the phone. "I can get my things myself..I'll get a taxi to my car...won't take me that long." She dialled a number for a truck to come and collect her bike then called a taxi company. After finishing her calls she sat down. "And who said I was lying?" she said smiling at Naedan.

Naedan looked at her and winked. "Let's just say I know these things." A few moments later the doorbell rang. Hurrying to it she opened it and frowned. Stepping outside she closed the door and spoke to the man who had come to talk to her. It was Joshua. As they talked there voices grew a bit loud but only because Naedan had fainted and Joshua was worried. Naedan kissed Joshua's cheek and came back inside. Darvis eyed her carefully and shook his head. "He's just worried. He cares ok?" Naedan looked up at him and frowned. "Yeah, ok..." Looking over at Hannah she smiled and shrugged. "Sorry about that. In due time you'll find out."

Hannah smiled then looked at both Naedan and Darvis. "So you want me to get a pizza in or something, my treat..." she said pulling a wad of cash from her pocket.

Naedan looked at Darvis and shrugged. "Yeah sure. We're not picky put whatever you want on it. Except for like anchovies, because that's just nasty."

"I totally agree." Hannah said smiling. she walked to the phone and ordered a large pizza then waited by the door for it to be delivered. When it had she carried it in and opened the box. She grabbed a slice then passed the box round. "Nothing better than a good pizza."

Naedan took a slice and so did Darvis. But instead of eating with them he retreated to his room. Smiling Naedan shook her head. Moving around the room she opened a cuboard and got out a bag of dog food. Pouring some into a bowl she set it on the floor and laid a large piece of meat on top. "Dog food is healthier for him. But he needs him meat as well. So we mix it in."

Hannah nodded as she took another bite. "Your brother seems nice...pity he didn't want to stay and eat with us."

"My brother has a life of his own...It's hard to explain." Naedan finished her piece and went and grabbed another.

"I hope he doesn't mind me coming and staying he your older brother?" Hannah said lifting another slice.

"Twin, but yes he beat me out by 3 minutes...and never lets me forget it. But no, he doesn't care that you'll be living here. He probably thinks I need to spend more time with girls o you probably answered one of his prayers."

"Well i'm glad to help." Hannah said smiling.

Naedan looked up at her and frowned. "Yeah, helping him." Giggling she shook her head. "You will learn a lot of things in this house. Some things...not so good. But trust me you Will be safe."

Hannah smiled. Finally somewhere I feel I can trust people and have stupid powers she thought. "I really am grateful to you for letting me stay here, I haven't really got any true friends, except one..." she thought of Vala. Devlin drifted into her thoughts but she decided not to think about him. "I think you and me are going to get along just fine, of course i'll pay into the house, for the bills and things, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't."

Naedan smiled and nodded. "Whatever you want. And yes, we probably will get along just fine."

Hannah smiled. "So tell me about yourself..." She said looking at Naedan.

See ya around Hannah. Be safe.

"Well when I was a kid my parents died in a fire or at least that's what my memory tells me. Um since we were kids Darvis and me have been each others strength. We lean on each other in a way. I was never really popular...people considered my an outcast. And while Im a huge peo..." In mid-sentance someone came running through her front door. "AH Naedan! Where's Darvis?" As he saw a strange girl sitting with her froze and muttered a curse word. "Shit..." Naedan stood and smiled softly. "Eh no worries Brandon, she's going to find out here shortly anyway. We're having company tonight. And he's in his room." The one called Brandon nodded and headed for the hallway. "Thanks, babe."

"You having a party?" Hannah said smiling.

So innocent. Naedan smiled and shook her head. "No, not exactly." Seconds later the doorbell rang. Naedan smacked her hand down on the table top and went to answer it. When she came back into the room she had about 23 guys trailing behind her. "Guys this is Hannah...Hannah...this is the guys."

Hannah smiled and waved. "Hi, it's nice to meet you's..."

All the guys waved then went down a hallway to a back room and began to talk. Naedan looked over at Hannah and frowned. "Care to sit in on it and find out what it's all about?"

"Sure." Hannah said standing.

Naedan rubbed the back of her neck before nodding. "Ok..." Turning she made her way down the hallway. Knocking on Darvis door she hollared. "Dont bother us for about 30 minutes." There was a muffled agreement. Smiling she went through the door at the very end of the hallway. "Alright quiet down...Geeze. Now Hannah is going to sit in on the meeting...whether you like it or not. Dont pester her and dont scare her." Heads bobbed up and down in understanding. "Hannah go ahead and have a seat."

Hannah smiled and took a seat, then looked at Naedan to see what was going to happen.

Naedan walked behind a desk and stood there. Looking around she bent over slightly and placed her hands on the top of the desk. "Ok, so who wants to go first?" A tall lean guy stood and frowned. "Naedan, it's not looking too good. I've found two...woman rapped in the past 4 days." Naedan hung her head and slammed her fist down on the desk. "This cannot be happening. Part of our promise was to keep the people in this community safe. That is not what's happening guys! Who is doing it? Another gang? Regular people of the streets? Lonely men? I need these kind of details. You need to question the woman. Ask them if they recognized the person who attacked them. Ask them small questions. Do not in any way make them feel threatened. We are a gang yes, but we are not out there to hurt people. Unless!...Unless if is in self-defence."

"You's are helping these women?" said Hannah looking at Naedan. "That is so good of you...I would love to help."

Everyone in the room turned towards her. Abruptly and man in the front row stood. "No! Naedan she cant!" Everyone in the room began to exchange there thoughts as well. "Shut up! All of you!" Naedan looked over at Hannah and frowned. "Im not sure about this Hannah...It's a little bit more then you think."

Hannah looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"It's very hard to get into a gang...and Im not to sure I want to put you through the type of thing."

"I can take care of me. I'm a pretty tough chick..." Hannah said smiling. "I'm very good at defending myself..."In ways you couldn't imagine... she thought.

"Your not allowed to defend yourself while being initiated. It's against all the rules. Joshua...would you please go get my brother." A man stood and left the room quickly. Coming back moments later with Darvis trailing behind. "Yeah..." Naedan looked up at Darvis and frowned. "I want you to show Hannah part of your initiation. Please, take off your shirt and turn around." Darvis did as he was asked and stood about 5 feet in front of Hannah. Scars of many shapes and sizes trailed along his back. In the middle there was a long one that trailed from the back of his neck from the hair line all the way down to past his pants. "See now Darvis is in a different gang, but in the past Dark Haven, us, has performed tasks such as that. Sometimes ones that were worse."

Chance shook his head, "No, I already told Vala I wasn't hungry and I'd eat whenever." He sat for a moment, "I guess it's time to see what's messed up."

"Alright but you will need to eat. I'll be back." Selena walked to the developer machine and slid out the x-rays. Looking at them as she walked back to him. "Looks as if your shoulder just got poped out of place, now as for your wrist its going to take at least two weeks. Its not snapped in two but it is broken. More fractured but still needs to heal." She showed him the x-rays of it. "See right here where there is that white line going across half your wrist?"

Chance saw the line, defenit proof that his wrist was good and messed up. "Yah. It's done for a minute for sure..." He knew he shouldn't, but he had every intention of training, if only lightly at first starting the next day. After the fight with the girl he knew he didn't have time to sit around not doing anything.

"Well thats for sure, I don't want you to do anything to mess it up more." She said seeing the idea forming in his brain already. "This arm has to heal properly. Don't you add insult to injury. Do you understand me?" She looked at him boldly. Usually she never stood up to him this much.

Tank awoke a couple of hours later to darkness. She shifted slightly and, other than 'where are my clothes?' her first thought was 'what the **** is that?' in reference to the object in bed with her. She turned her head quietly to look and she saw Rick, asleep in her bed. Resisting the urge to sigh, she moved the blanket and slid out of the bed, got a pair of clean sleeping shorts and a tanktop (as well as other essentials) before slipping out of the room silently and into the bathroom to take her own shower, closing the door behind her.

Rick awoke suddenly with the shower being turned on. He looked around himself groggily remembering. He reached over to see if she was still there and realised she must be in the shower. He yawned. He stood slowly and walked over to the bathroom, still naked and opened the door, walking in. "Hey Tanker" He said yawning and proceeded through the bathroom to use the toilet.

There was a slight scream of indignation from behind the shower door. "Get out you jerk!" she yelled, not even peeking out to yell at him 1 because she was nude and 2 because she knew what he was doing. She did, however, back as from from the shower door as she could and tried to cover herself with her arms, though the door was frosted and one could see nothing but blurrs through it.

Rick frowned "Just a second." He finished peeing and grinned "Shall i flush?" He asked chuckling lightly.

"Just get it over with and get out!" Tank snapped at him.

Rick grinned nastily and pressed the flush button and scooted out slamming the door behind him. He listened at the door chuckling lightly.

Tank gritted her teeth to stay quiet as the water went cold for a moment and relaxed as it warmed again. She hated the guy... She finished with her shower quickly and turned off the water, got out and dressed. Looking at herself in the mirror she sighed. There was nothing wrong with the way she looked, only that it didn't match how she felt at all. She looked as young and energetic as ever. She bit her lip slightly, sighed again and picked up a comb to run it through her long dark hair, pinned it up with a clip, and left the bathroom.

Rick had retrieved most of his chlothes and was walking around in his jeans and boots again. When she came downstairs he grinned "Hey there, enjoy your shower?"

"Oh very much, except for when this jerk came in to pee like he owned the place and ran the water cold," Tank said acidly and went to the fridge to find something to nibble on.

Rick followed her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I bet he is an asshole huh."

"Ugh, you have no idea," she replied with disgust in her voice as she stood with a small bowl of grapes in hand. She closed the fridge and turned in his arms when she realized she couldn't walk away. "Let go.. please," she said, her eyes meeting his and the last word coming out a bit forced.

Rick grinned at her. "After a kiss." He said tightening his grip on her. His eyebrows raised slightly, giving him an innocent look. "Just one little smooch."

Tank gave him a disgusted look before seeming to give in. She moved to kiss him and gently opened his mouth with her tounge before spitting purposely in it and moving away quickly when it made him loosen his grip. She hummed an innocent tune as she stode to the living room in a girly fashion, a smile on her lips and a small bounce in her step.

Rick snarled and spat in the sink. A slight smile played to to his lips though. She obviously liked it dirty. So did Rick.

Tank laughed quietly to herself but only let a smirk show. Who did he think he was? He was in her house and she was letting him stay, he should be grateful and not ask for more. Visions of earlier entered her head and her smirk faltered but she shook them off and took a seat in the living room, bending her knees up and not really noticing how far up that made her sleeping shorts go. She ate her grapes while still humming happily to herself, though somewhat less assured.

Rick walked in, a grin came to his face when he saw her "You dont give up do you. Ya like makin a bloke want you dont ya."

Tank raised an eyebrow at him in an 'isn't it obvious?' fashion. "I don't like making things easy," she said, holding a grape. She looked at it as she spoke again. "It's not my fault you like girls who don't like you."

Rick grinned and laughed. He crossed the room and sat down on the couch "Yeah and i can totally tell you dont like me by the way you were screaming for me not to stop earlier." He spread out.

"I was hoping I would pass out from the pain and never wake up," Tank said bluntly.

Rick nodded "Thats cuz your a virgin, it'll feel better next time." He chuckled. "By the way, your good. That was the best fuck I've ever had." He said turning to the T.V.

"Then I guess it's all uphill for me from now on and downhill for you," Tank said.

Rick chuckled "We shall see huh. Well see." He yawned and scratched his balls through his jeans, doing a normal bloke thing.

Tank looked at him, repulsed. "You're disgusting," she said before going to the kitchen to wash her plate and put it away.

Rick watched her ass as she left. "Your ass looks good!" He called out to her grinning.

"You don't!" Tank called back and put the bowl away then went to the doorway. "I'm going to bed. There are blankets and pillows and things in the hall closet. Don't destroy or befoul anything," she ordered, locked the front door, then went up to her room, closing and locking the door.

Rick looked slightly disapointed and clicked his tongue. He thought for a minute then grinned. He pulled out a peice of paper from his pocked that Naedan had written down her address and phone number on. "Maybe she can keep me company for a while." He said frowning. He looked up towards Tank's room. For the first time he was unsure of what to do. He hesitated.

Naedan looked around the room and frowned. "Ok this meeting is over. Guys we'll pick it back up tomorrow. In the basements the drinks and shit have at it." Looking at Hannah she groaned. Another innocent wanting to become a gang memeber. Dark Haven wasn't as bad as most gangs but it was still a gang and there were still dangers. Shaking her head she rubbed her temples. "Hannah why dont you go get something to drink. We'll talk about this more once the guys leave."

Rick stood "Screw it." He walked over to the phone and dialed Naedan's mobile number. It rang, always a good sign.

Naedan could here her phone ringing. "Could someone answer that, please!" Joshua just happned to be the one standing next to it so he thought Sure, why not. Picking it up he flipped it open. "Hey this is Naedan's phone, Joshua speaking."

Rick spoke on the other side. "Yeah, uhh could i speak to Naedan?" He muttered.

Joshua thought for a moment then nodded. "Yeah...I think you can." Chuckling he made his way down the hallway and handed her the phone. "Here ya go babe." Naedan rolled her eyes at him and took the phone. "Yeah?"

Rick grinned "Yeah hey its Rick. I was wonderin if you could come down to this Tank girl's place. I wanna chat with ya. Think you could make it?"

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