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The Reviews Group make sure that all the Reviews written by Elftowners are in the right section. They can also answer any questions you might have about writing a review.


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2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: one of the bosses have been gone for 18 days, how do we know he is coming back

2011-07-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, since he's never not come back, I think we can trust him. He hasn't let us down yet. Besides, he's not going anywhere until the chess tournament is over.

2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: How do you know :)

2011-07-26 [Mortified Penguin]: He told me so?

2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: when

2011-07-26 [Mortified Penguin]: After I asked him.

2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: Well i think in future if a boss is going for a few days then some one else should be put in for part time work whilst that person is away. :)

2011-07-27 [SilverFire]: If a boss is gone for a longer period of time then one of the other bosses can easily cover for them. :)

2012-05-16 [Ravenclaw]: What about 50 days?

2012-05-16 [Ravenclaw]: Pixie knows where this is going lol.

2012-05-16 [Mortified Penguin]: 50 days is nothing. The limit is 4000 days.

2012-05-16 [Ravenclaw]: Being gone for that long when you've agreed to preform a service to an online community is irresponcible.

2012-05-16 [Mortified Penguin]: His preformance is lacking a bit, sure, but really though... is it all that irresponcible? What is there that desperately needs to be done around here? And also, there are plenty of others who can do it. Not to mention, he's volunteering his time, this isn't a job that he's getting paid for.

2012-05-16 [Ravenclaw]: No, he's not volnteering his time. Not if he's not preforming the task he was deligated. I was under the impression that council members understand that they have a responcibility to the users and it doesn't matter how small th task is. The fact remains that that user is neglecting their duties and that task should be reasigned. If 4,000 days is the limit, I'm sure no one wants to wait more than 10 for the task to be reassigned.

2012-05-16 [Ravenclaw]: You told me to bring it here in the first place Pixi. Make up your mind.

2012-05-16 [Lord Josmar]: Also the page hasn't been edited for almost a year, unless I read it wrong, not since the last time I edited it for his previous hiatus.

2012-05-17 [Ravenclaw]: Josmar informed me that he's brought the issue up on the reviews group forum. I don't forum. He'll be carrying my torch.

2012-05-17 [SilverFire]: Giving the benefit of the doubt is a really good idea sometimes all of the time. Please don't start throwing passive-aggressive "irresponsible" comments around until you know why someone was absent ('cause, you'll feel like a dick if you find out it's because a friend/relative died/war was declared/user's world otherwise fell apart). You could argue if you really wanted that even if that was the case, someone should let us know, but this isn't a paid job, as has been pointed out, and therefore keeping us informed just isn't the priority it would be if our mods were paid. If one of our users takes five weeks longer to recover from open heart surgery than they anticipated, we're not going to shout at them when they get back for not telling us that. All of our crew know that real life is more important. Sorry if that makes you feel that we're all entirely irresponsible and have our priorities backwards, but that's just how we roll. ;)

2012-05-17 [SilverFire]: Knowing this, the whole reason we have multiple bosses for stuff like this is so that there are people available to pick up slack if someone suddenly drops out. So I guess, if you want to call anyone irresponsible, it should be us, for not picking up the slack for so long. Criticism duly accepted.

2012-05-17 [Ravenclaw]: There was no cause for that Silverfire. The matter was over, being taken care of elsewhere and I'm happy with that. Now your response causes me to want to validate what I said, which I stand by. I'd be the first to apologize if something truly terrible happened in his/her life. There is no reason to call me passive aggressive for trying to follow the right channels in order to voice my opinion about one of the elftown features I greatly enjoy and utilize. ESPECIALLY when it was a crew member who advised me to do so in the first place.

2012-05-17 [iippo]: Sometimes it is a good idea to think of how you do things, and how it appears to people on the other side. I advised you to come to this page since the Reviews page is commented on a lot - new reviews appear there as automagical comments etc... And I reckoned "one of the people who take care of reviews needs to notice this point about PUNK being away so that they can fix it amongst themselves" since it really is no one else's business, not even mine. Crew are assigned their own stuff to do, so really telling you to comment on this page wasn't my place either and often "wanting to help" is the worst thing to do and this is where I was at fault. And heck, if I'd known how you would go about it, I would have kept my trap shut.

I imagined that you would comment here, saying "All_most PUNK has been gone a long time, is no one taking care of the movie section?" Instead, you said "how about 50 days" (reviving the conversation that was had last year) - which doesn't tell anyone who hasn't been keeping up with the chatter (kept up by Mort and Sammie among other people, part of the reason I was advising you to come over here instead so they wouldn't drown your comment off the page with their never-ending off-topic comments) on Reviews what the hell you are talking about, it just looks... random. Then cue in more chatter from Mort and Sammie and yourself, and the next thing that happens is that another Reviews boss comes in and sees all this chatter on this page that looks like people are taking stabs at someone over something. Never once was PUNK's username or the Movie section mentioned.

Basically, no communication happened here. At all.

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