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The Elftown Reviews Group


The Reviews Group make sure that all the Reviews written by Elftowners are in the right section. They can also answer any questions you might have about writing a review.


The Reviews Group

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2011-06-21 [Alexi Ice]: Only a few of them are overly busy. If there was one you were more interested than another I'm sure we could find you something to do ^^

2011-06-22 [Lord Josmar]: Well it always seems like the books one is constantly getting reviews along with the manga/comics one so I could help there if you need it. I dont have all of them on watch though so I dont know definitely which is the busiest.

2011-06-27 [SilverFire]: We only really need one mod per section (of course, some mods are looking after more than one section at the moment, so there's room for more mods) but since Comics & Manga is Phoenix' only section... :P

2011-06-27 [Alexi Ice]: You can work on Computer games if you like. Believe me, Misc. keeps me verrryyyyy busy!

2011-06-28 [Lord Josmar]: I'll take Computer games if your wanting the help.

2011-06-28 [Mortified Penguin]: Y'know, I could always mod a section...

2011-06-28 [Lord Josmar]: Also, if you want to take one from the two people that have three so it will even out to each with two right now.

2011-06-28 [Alexi Ice]: I don't really need help, was just offering you a section that is kinda busy sometimes ^^

2011-06-28 [Lord Josmar]: Well, either way. I am willing to take on whatever section I am given.

2011-06-28 [Alexi Ice]: Let's see what Silvie says when she logs back on ~

2011-06-28 [Lord Josmar]: kk

*Waits patiently for Silvie*

2011-06-28 [SilverFire]: Music & Websites?

2011-06-28 [Mortified Penguin]: And for me? :D

2011-06-28 [Lord Josmar]: Works for me.

2011-07-02 [Thunder Cid]: Is the review feature messed up?

2011-07-02 [SilverFire]: Bit more specific?

2011-07-02 [Lord Josmar]: Review seems to be working for me. Just posted one, though I couldn't figure out how to put the photo in.

2011-07-02 [Thunder Cid]: I tried to do a review for music and when I submitted the page was blank. The wiki popped up in my diary and on the page (deleted now), but there was no content :/

2011-07-02 [Lord Josmar]: Hm...Did you copy and paste the review into the two text boxes?

2011-07-02 [Thunder Cid]: I tried to copy paste into the wiki, but again there was nothing :/

2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: one of the bosses have been gone for 18 days, how do we know he is coming back

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