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Player – [Sunny Silverunicorn]
Name – Ri’hane Edreeah
Race – Half-breed (Dah'kin/Eolan Planterarii)
Sub-race – N/A
Class - Falconer/Wind Bearer
Allegiance – Too self-centered to care about any other allegiances than of herself.
Appearance – Ri’hane is about 6’ and slim built. Her looks, which she has from her mother, are of the Dah’kin’s. Pale skin and long white hair, which falls on her back and shoulders freely. She has dark eyes, straight nose, and full lips. Her long oval face and slightly sloped eyebrows makes her look like she’s always frowning. She has her mothers tattoos on her upper and forearms. Ri’hane wears black leather top and dark brown pants. She tucks her knife in the rubber bands on her right thigh. She wears knee high leather boots. Around her waist she wears a dark olive sash, and in its folds and the pouch hanging from it, she keeps her most important trinkets and belongings.
Age - 22
Personality – Her hard and cruel life has left her with a bitter taste. She warms up to others very slowly, and doesn’t really trust what others show or say. She respects the Dah’kin, but just because her mother was one of them, and would rather not communicate with the Eolans. She doesn’t engage in conversations that doesn’t interest her, and would rather stay quiet. She has learnt to care for herself more than anyone else, for no one does. But if she is safe and is feeling good, she might consider helping others. She would rather choose the hard and dark way to do things, and has an eager taste for destroying anyone or anything that might cause her or others trouble.
History – Ri’hane didn’t have the most blessed birth. Her mother was a Dah’kin priestess without a family to support her, and her father an Eolan Wind Bearer, whose family most despised the Dah’kin. But love is always blind, and isn’t limited to only one race. So they eloped and got married. After 9 months since their marriage was consummated, Ri’hane was born. But her parents were not as happy as they were in the beginning of their union. Her father wasn’t able to home them anywhere, as not many were willing to accept them into their cities. Her mother said over and over again that they could go back to Azelh, her hometown, but her father was afraid they’d be as uncomfortable there as they were anywhere else. So they had to live on the road, and live a very hard life. They went on for a year, ad didn’t get any better. Her father’s family had sent word that he could go back home, if he left them, and he didn’t accept at first, and looked like his love was still strong. But one day, when Ri’hane was turning two, she woke up by the sound of her mother crying. He had left them, with only a note left that he thought this was for the best, and they could go back to their home town too. That’s what her mother did, they went back to Azelh, and her mother asked the priestesses to train Ri’hane, but they didn’t accept, as she was a half-breed, and didn’t have the potential to become a priestess, but still they were willing to take her mother back into their circle. Seeing as she had no other choice, she did so. She only dedicated as much time to Ri’hane as to teach her what she knew, and she could learn. Ri’hane grew to hate her father, for leaving them, and for being such a coward. The feeling of not belonging anywhere in the world, haunted her day and night. She even wasn’t sure if her mother wanted her to stay at Azelh, for it affected her reputation. So when she was only 12 years old, she left home, to travel around, and find what she was made for. It was a year later that the knowledge came to her, and left her in a worst situation than before. She had met an Aeromancer by accident, and it was he who saw the hidden potential in her. She had, like her father, the ability to become a Wind Bearer. Although she hated her father, it was his part in her that was most strong in her. So she asked the Aeromancer to teach her what he could, and help her master her powers, since he was the only person he had met this past year and had been good to her. The old mage accepted and taught her what he could. That was until after 7 years, the old man left his cottage and belongings and joined the free winds. Having lost the warmth of yet another house, Ri’hane took what was dear to her, and left everything else behind, to yet again travel, and put what she had learnt to use.
Weapon of Choice – Crossbow
Others – one of the most treasured things that her not-so-loving father left her was a semi wild redclaw, called Zar, who stays with Ri’hane at times, and leaves her for weeks at other times, but he always comes back.


Level - 20/5

Experience/To next level - 88790/97150

Equipment -
Salvo (Unique Magical Cho Ko Nu, 4 Atk, 7 Rng, 5 Wgt, Can fire thrice per turn, one target. Searer - Salvo can fire energy bolts by consuming the wielder's MP, consuming 1 MP, the energy bolt will behave as a regular bolt. Salvo can be charged with up to 10 MP for more damage. Acid Bomb - One a day for every 8 levels, Salvo's wielder can shoot an acid bomb which releases an acid fog spell upon contact)
Homer x 20 (Magical Shuriken, 1 Atk, Infinite Rng, .5Wgt, Homing - When a homer is thrown, it'll lock on its target, following it from any range, they can be blocked, but not dodged.)
Rapier (3 Atk, 1 Def, 1 Spd, 3 Wgt)
Hunter Hat + 3 (5 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Icarus (Unique Black Cloak, 2 Car, 3 Dex, 3 Wgt Morph - Once a day for every 10 levels, Icarus can morph into a pair of black wings, the wings allow the wearer to fly for d20 minutes regardless of the weight he carries.)
Bullseye Pendant (Grants Marksmanship, 2 Wgt)
Soulless Earrings (+2 Against white elementals)
Bracers of Archery (+3 to ranged attacks, 2 Wgt)
Parrot Ring (+2 Diplomacy)
Winged Boots (3 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Diplomat's Sash (2 Int, 1 Wgt)
Bolts x 20
6 Healing Potions (6 Wgt)
5 Magic Potions (5 Wgt)
500 GP

HP - 12/52
MP - 37/42
Str - 10
Con - 5
Dex - 10
Int - 8
Mag - 10
Car - 8

CC - 41/45

Skills – Minor Lightning Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Handle Exotic Weapons, Handle Bows, Lv 1 Yellow Magic, Minor Enchantment, Two Weapon Fighting, Handle Swords, Camouflage, Lightning Strike, Marksmanship, Rapid Reload.
SP - 4

Spells - Wind Slash, Wind Wall

Special Skills
Dive - Once a day for every 5 levels, the Falconer can quickly dive, attack and rise again. The Dive allows an Falconer to attack without having to risk being attacked by land-based enemies.
Falcon Breeding - Once for every 5 levels, the Falconer can take one flying, animal companion by succeeding a Charisma roll against the creature. The levels of all animal companions added together can never be greater than the Falconer's level.
Favored Enemy - Once every 3 levels, the Falconer can choose a favoured enemy from the following types; Human, Catfolk, Dah'kin, Planetarii, Hauken, Lizardman, Kwall, Tharezian, Exhorian, Niphorean, Animal, Beast, Magical Beast, Monster, Undead, Plant or Construct. And will gain a +1 to all attack and damage roll against that particular kind of enemy, if the same favored enemy is taken again, he gains +2, +3, +4 and so on.
Undead + 1
Magical Beasts + 1
Lizardmen + 1
Exhorians + 1
Tharezians + 1
Monsters + 1
Kwall + 1
Beasts + 1



Level - 10

Equipment -
Beak (3 Atk, 2 Def)
Talons (5 Atk, 1 Def)
Tail (1 Atk, 2 Spd)
Natural Armor (3 Def)

HP - 60 
MP - 10
Str - 10
Con - 10
Int - 2
Mag - 5
Dex - 11
Car - 2

Skills – Air Strike, Lightning Speed, Knockback

Master Party
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2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Ah. well, that works I suppose. I'm always confused :)

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: But hey! That means Vineg can have the Rogue special skills, too!

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: He might, since the rogue is a new class, we might have overlooked it while working on vineg, let's just over to his page and check.

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Who? Whose?

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: Vineg.

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Then I suggest you try to use some correct pronouns for em/it -_-

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: No :D

2006-09-30 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Don't be too picky Vel! :P At least as long as you're commenting here... Ri'hane Territory! XD

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Excuse me while I complain how disrespectful it is to not use correct pronouns. Heck, it's only so damn sucky because you only ever use "he". I'd probably be able to take it longer it you used "she" every now and then. But still. Maybe you really do want to get yet another message from me asking why you're treating me and my creations so disrespectfully, eh? :P
I shall apologize to Sunny X)

2006-09-30 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: One thing with me is that I'm still not used to the pronouns, so I'd rather use Vineg everywhere! ;)

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: *whine whine, bitch, whine, bitch* :D

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: That's a solution too! I did that with two other character bios XD

2006-09-30 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Yeah, well, but if you came up with the pronouns yourself, you have done a great job! :)

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Unfortunately I didn't... I came up with another set that I stopped using when I found the "ey, em, eir" set. It's so ridiculously obvious so I thought it was a great set. XD (they, them, their)

2006-09-30 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: yeah well, it sounds great :D Obious or not, I confuse them all the time!

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Well, at least it's relatively easy to just imagine the "th" in front of them, right? :)

2006-09-30 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: True... I'll try to see that everytime I read your posts, so maybe I'll get the hang of it.

2008-01-16 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: I just noticed Ri'hane doesn't have experience points! O.o Is she godly or something?! XD

2008-01-16 [Grengo]: No element either :O She is VOID. <_>

2008-01-16 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: OMG!!! XD Mysterioussssss! That's what she is!! ;)

2008-01-21 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Dur, can Ri'hane get Lv 2 Yellow Magic with her 4 SPs?

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