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"We have to solve riddles now...and where exactly do we have to go?" Hannah asked.

"I know at least one is just a few miles from here, but another is in Asia..." Tank shrugged. "I don't know how we're supposed to get them all."

Chance hadn't seen Selena's face, as he had still been looking at the elevator. But when Selena swept past he looked back to the computer. After staring at the screen for a moment he closed his eyes, put his head in his hands, and sighed. When he opened his eyes he saw the teardrops on the floor. Suddenly, for no reason he could tell, he was extremely pissed and needed to go away. To where he didn't know, or to do what for that matter but he was going. Quickly he got up and called the elevator and waited for it to come back down. When it arrived he took it to the top floor and walked to his house. By the time he got there, he was slightly cooled off, but his mind wouldn't stop. That's when he remembered the jack in his cabinet, which he immediatly went to and promptly began to get shitfaced.

Selena was in her car when she saw Chance exit the house. Driving to her place she speed up after the first light. She sat in her room for quite a while, until finally falling asleep.

Selena awoke a few hours later to sirens passing her window. She instantly though about the others, grabed her keys and was in her car heading to Chance's house. After a few moments of driving in excess of the speed limit she was there. She waited out side the door after knocking. "Chance??" She bellowed through the door. "Chance are you in there? Are you okay? I heard the sirens. Just talk to me, please Chance are you okay?"

Chance turned down an alleyway, stumbling slightly, not caring who saw. Minutes later he arrived at the hideout. he typed in the numbers, having to do it two or three times before he finally got it right. Once inside, he went to the elevator and began searching floor by floor for Tank. He had some things to say."

Selena didnt waste anymore time. He doesnt want to talk to me then fine. I wont bother him. She quickly took off for the base intent on making sure Tank was okay.

"Have any ideas?" Tank asked Hannah but paused as the doors to the elevator opened. She looked and saw Chance, scowled, then relaxed a bit when she saw he was drunk out of his little male mind. Now she was aggravated he was drunk and not mad because he was a stupid guy.

Chance stumbled over to Tank, and started to talk, stopped, then started again. "I never ashked to be the leader... ya know. I'm not even a good candiddidate...." He laughed at his speach impairment, "For it..... Hannah-" He pointed to her, "Would probabibly-" Another short laugh "- Do better than me." Chance stopped talking and thought a moment, "And you could quit blowin up on me show mush and give me a damned break........." He seemed to lose track of his state of mind for a moment but continued moments later, his finger now pointing at Tank. "I think you need to looshen up a little bit." He grinned then laughed, "Get drunk! It makes everything better for a little bit."

"Everything?" Tank said. It was obvious she was annoyed. "How about a broken nose!" Her small fist made contact with his nose and there was a rather loud crack.

Being as he was drunk, the blood flowing from his nose was rather excessive. He held his hands to his nose then quickly pulled them back. Wincing in pain he stood, and noticed that his buzz was completely gone at the same time. "What the fuck?!?" He winced again. Even speaking made it hurt. "What the fuck was that for?!?"

"For being an idiot and for getting drunk!" Tank snapped. "What were you thinking? Like you could do any better with a mind made of molasses? I DON'T THINK SO!"

"Didn't mean you had to break my fucking nose!!" He pointed at it as if to emphasize that it was unnecesary. "And besides, don't you get it, I DON'T WANT THE POSITION! I'M NOT CUT OUT FOR IT!" Chance tried to remember where Selena was so she could fix his nose then remembered that for some reason he had made her cry and that he would probably have to go to the hospital to get his broken nose fixed.

Selena opened the door to the house saw the elevator was on the 5th floor. She hit the button rapidly. Inside she was ancy, when the doors finally opened she saw the blood and Chance holding his nose. "What the hell happened??!" She rushed to his side and placed her hand over his. The blood slowed until it stopped.

"Just because you think that doesn't mean it's true, dumb ass!" Tank yelled at him, ignoring Selena. She glared hard at Chance and pointed a finger at him. "You're right, you're not cut out for it, not now, but that's because you're being a ponce! Maybe you'd be good at it if you pulled your head out of the sand! You're playing like 'oh maybe I'll do this...' THIS ISN'T CHESS! Make your fucking move! You're hesitent and maybe if for just one bloody second you'd look at the situation and do what you KNOW is best, you'd be a good leader! For forces sakes, you can't have a nurse, or a mermaid, or a mediator lead! We need a knight!"

"Yeah, make up your damned mind." Chance sneered, "Not to be a prick, but I'll ask you the same thing you asked me earlier," He pointed to himself, "What good is a Knight without his sword and armor." He shook his head, "None, just another face."

"You ass hole!" Tank snapped. "Don't be so shallow. A knight is more than what he adorns! It's his need to do what is right and to protect people. You have that don't you?!"

He was beaten and he knew it. Looking at it from her view, it did seem inescapable. He would have to do it. Even though he understood this however, he had one more thing to say. "Fine, I get it. I'll do it. No more hesitation. But that means you have to lay off my case. I'm not going to be great, at least not right away, but that doesn't mean you can jump my shit for any little mistake I make." He looked her dead in the eyes. He would make mistakes, it was a given, but that didn't mean she had the right to jump all over him every time he did.

"I'll do my best to make sure you don't make so many then," Tank told him quietly, seriously. It was her way of promising not to yell at him so much from then on. She turned back to the heavy bag and returned to hitting it.

Not knowing how to take her reply, he assumed she wouldn't jump his case as often and turned to Selena, "Is it healed?"

With tears in her eyes Selena looked at him. "It stopped bleeding. I can't heal breaks.. or i dont think I can." She stood and hit the elevator button. I am done with this. I have to go home... I have to get away." When she entered the elevator she took out her keys and hit the button for the door.

Chance decided he would deal with her later, at the moment, he wanted sleep, and then to wake up and get to the riddles. So he gave Tank a last glance then when the elevator returned, went to his room.

Out side it was growing dark. Selena slowy drove to her house. She had not seen her mom in many days, and as she drove up her drive way she realized tonight she wouldnt either. She walked up the stairs and opened the front door. Tossing her keys on the end table she plopped herself down on the couch and turned on the televison. I cant believe he didnt even care to see how I was. Eveything has changed. Maybe I just need to move to Iowa with my Dad. That would be good to get away from it all.

Hours later, Chance awoke to find his head on fire and his face feeling like it had been hit by a Mack truck. Ignoring the pain for now he rolled to his side and climbed out of the bed. After he felt he could stand without dropping to his knees he went to the bathroom to examine his face and found his nose grossly swollen. A few minutes later with a wide cotton scrap stuck to his nose with some medical tape Chance stepped out of his room and made his way to the computer room, where he sat and began staring at the screen again.

Tank came in soon after him, padding around on barefeet. She wore a white t-shirt and tied-at-the-waist pink cotton pajama pants. She took a seat near him and hugged her knees. She had went home and gotten clothing and a house key and called contractors to fix the house. It had cost extra to get them there so soon, but she had to protect her home, as much as she hadn't wanted to stay at the base, she had no choice. She glanced at him, the screen, then back again. "Your nose looks aweful," she said quietly, but it was obvious she didn't think he hadn't noticed.

"Mmmhmmm, you hit pretty hard." Not looking from the screen he lifted the bandage and cotton swaps, "It's defenitly broke."

Tank looked at him and frowned. "I think Selena needs more practice with her abilities. You're duller," she told him, not really meaning to insult and definately not noticing it would be taken that way. She put a hand on his cheek and gently made him face her so she could see his nose better. "It's really darker..." Somehow she wasn't talking about his nose.

His brows raised in confusion, "What are you talking about? And I'm duller? You mean stupid or what?"

"I mean Selena should have been able to fix a break right? Well," Tank thought as she spoke and looked at his purple nose. "Like your nose, I'm not expecting femurs at this point..." She frowned deeper. "And no not dimmer, duller. Your.. color... Oh, how to explain this. You're not as bright- No, you're not.." She bit her lip trying to think and let her hand fall from his face. "You have a.. 'color' about you, and it's not as.. 'bright' as it was before you were drunk.. It got really bright when you got mad, but it was more.. askew, like modern art."

Chance, slightly aback answered, "You... mean... you can see my aura... or something? And it was stronger? Or something?"

Tank shrugged and moved her hand in front of him about an inch from touching him, as if moving smoke around. "It's darker today.. than usual.. Brighter than when you were drunk though." Her eyes were suddenly locked on his and she looked, not angry, but chastising.

"What?" He had a what'd I do tone.

"I think it's your ability, and the less able to fight you are, the duller your.. 'light'," Tank replied with a frown and she turned back to the computer screen. She opened a file of the riddles and started to scroll through them.

That would be helpful, if I could see my own damned "light". As she turned away Chance shook his head and returned to staring at riddles. Eventually something would click, he hoped.

Selena awoke a few hours later to a loud crash noise downstairs. She was quite for a few moments when she heard two mens voices. "Paul go see if you can find the master, it got jewerly in it im sure." "No problem." Quickly selena locked her bedroom door and grabed her cell she called the base.

Back at the base. RING..........RING..........RING.....

Tank raised an eyebrow before picking up the phone. "Hello?" she asked, not sure how to greet any callers.

As absorbed in the riddles as he was, Chance took little notice of the call.

In a little louder then a wisper Selena said. "Tank you got to help my house is being robbed two men I am alone in my bedroom door locked.." breathes heavily..."please get Chance to come... " She started crying, when she heard a voice just outside her door. "HURRY PLEASE!" and she hung up.

Tank held the phone from her ear as the dial tone came up again. "Dramatic much?" she thought and put the phone back and looked at Chance. "Selena is getting robbed. She's really scared and there are two men apparently. Come on." She stood and went to the elvator and held the door for him.

Once, Tank talked to him a second time he looked over and then watched her walk to the elevator. As he spoke he stood up and followed her, "What's going on?"

"Exactly what I said," Tank replied as they ascended. "Selena is getting robbed. The two robbers were at her bedroom door when she hung up. I don't have a clue." The elevator opened and she walked through the main room and outside. She stopped there, not sure how to get to Selena's house.

"Uh, Tank, I don't have my car. It's in the shop, remember?" Chance stood there, unsure if they should run, or if Tank had a vehicle they could use at the base.

Selena hung up in time to hear the door click and the knob turned. She ran to her walkin closet and hid beneath and behing some of ther clothes that were hung up. She could hear the man routing through her things and though about her great grandmothers airlooms. Selena was still crying when the man left her room. She crawled out of the closet to listen when he popped back in. She screamed as he grabed her from behind. "While helloooo pretty girl... JOE WE GOT A GIRL HERE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH HER?" There was a pause and footsteps up the stairs.

Tank groaned and rolled her eyes skyward. She hated driving others on her bike. She went around to where she had hid it in the bushes and pulled out a sport motorcycle. She handed Chance a helmet and put one on, then took the driving seat and started it up. "Hurry up," she called to him. "You'll have to drive." She scooted back for him.

Chance hadn't ridden a bike in a while, but he was sure he could still do it, so he quickly hopped onto the front of the bike, allowing time for Tank to get a hold of him, before turning the key, putting his helmet on, and snapping his wrist back, spouting smoke from the back tire before they finally took off.

"Oh she's a pretty one." Selena mumbled under his hand. Tears were now streaming down her face. "Oh pretty don't cry. What we plan to do wont hurt much." The man name Joe smiled at her and brushed her hair away from her face with his hand. Selena twitched in fear and struggled to get away. "I dont think so pretty girl." Paul said as he pushed her onto the bed.

Tank wasn't glad the ride was over when the bike finally stopped, but she got off nonetheless. Chance had let the bike coast the last ways to the house to avoid detection. Smart boy. She pulled a gun from god knows where in her jeans and started up to the house, not too worried about her bike. She was glad the door had been left open. Small miracles. Still holding her gun like an experienced shooter, she motioned for Chance to lead.

Chance half jogged to the door, peeking in before stepping around the corner, avoiding some things on the floor. He was glad Tank had let him take the lead as he knew the house and knew how to navigate it without running into something and making noise. After a moment of listening he heard some commotion upstairs, turned, pointed up so Tank could see, then started his way towards the steps.

Tank followed his footsteps precisely. She didn't know what board would creek if she deviated. She'd have to teach Selena a thing or two about self defense after this. She couldn't call for a protector all the time.

"STOP YOUR HURTING ME!!" Selena screamed as the two men held her half naked against the bed. The man named Joe unzipped his pants and started to rub himself in preparation to rape Selena.

A minute or two later, Chance was at the top of the steps where he stopped a moment and waited for Tank. Once she caught up he pointed at Selena's door and gave a hush signal with his finger then gave her a stay put signal. As quietly as possible he creeped up to the door and looked around the corner and found two guys. Going back as quietly as he arrived he knelt down next to Tank and held up two fingers to signify the two men.

Selena closed her eyes and tried to struggle away from the man now advancing towards her. "HELP!!!" Paul held her arms down strongly in place, as Joe placed his hand over Selena's mouth. "Hush my pretty, someone might just hear you. This will all be over before you know it." With that he penatrated her. Selena screamed a mumble scream and began thrashing about trying to get loose. CHANCE HELP ME SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE ANYONE HELP!!!!

Tank nodded to Chance and left him, following his steps back to Selena's room. She looked in and smirked. Their light was so dim. Pushovers. Angry enough, and tired of the damsel in distress crap. She aimed her gun and shot 'Paul' in the knee. He cried out loudly and fell to the floor, holding his wounded leg. He looked up in time to see Tank calmly move her gun in one quick jerk to 'Joe' and shot him in the arm, effectively removing him from Selena as he, too, fell off the bed to the floor. Tank kept her gun out and aimed near the two men who lay in pain, waiting on Chance to take the lead from there.

Chance had followed closely behind Tank, and after she fired, and he heard the men thump to the floor, he rushed in behind Tank, kicking the first man in the side of the head as he went by, effectively knocking him out. Seconds later, he tossed Selena some clothes, then turned to the last man. "Get up." His voice was calm, but dangerous.

Selena quickly put on her clothing. Tears were still flowing down her face as she scrambled away from the attackers. "They broke in and .. and... There was nothing I could do. I dont know how to fight." she added to Tank.

Tank just looked at her for a moment before replying, "You should have learned. If you had so much to lose, you should have learned. Do you have some rope or something so we can tie them up?"

Chance allowed the man to stand up straight before landing a solid punch on the his left chin, causing him to crumble to the floor before, turning back to Tank while taking out his cell phone. "Do you have a carry permit for your gun?"

"I wasn't aware I needed one," Tank replied, her gun still trained on the two men, even though they were unconcious. Something in her voice said she was perfectly aware, but didn't want to. It was true. She didn't want to be registered. That caused too many problems with the police.

The phone dropped back into his pocket without ever opening, "Ok, police are out of the question." As he thought, Chance tapped his chin. "So we dump them somewhere and call in an anonymous tip?"

"Our finger prints will be all over them. Can't we just take them to the police?" Tank asked, looking at Chance but not moving her gun an inch. "We'll just say it's Selena's dad's gun. Surely a rich guy like him gets some leigh-way. We'll just say you incompacitated them. It's not like you shot to kill, and it was self defense." Her mind ran through a dozen different ways to delete all record of them from reports. Just in case they got mixed up with things again. Why did Selena have to be such a pansy?

"We could, I suppose." He thought a bit about it. "I guess that's really all we have to do."

Selena walked away with tears in her eyes. She didnt want any part of lying espically about her dad.

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Then kitchen and infirmary are on B2
Then gym on B3
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2008-02-27 [~Acidelf3~]: first of all it says in selena's god's bio that she cant heal breaks.. but can change the light of people... read it

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