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Rika, the Oa

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User: [Aeolynn]

RP: the Omega Weapon

Character Name: Rikalei or 'Rika'

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Race: Oa

Appearance: Oa have silver diamond patches of skin on their backs where delicate filmy wings come out, along with feathery crests that protrude from behind their ears. Rikalei has short light brown hair that is spiked and slicked back and bright silver eyes. She is slim and wears brown pants that are raggedly cut-off at the knees and a white tank-top. Oa also have small thin tails that resemble griffin tails and their hands betray the fact that long claws come out when they go in for the kill.

Personality: Rika is a very aggressive fighter, and also a very cheap one. Being a galaxy pirate, you have to be tough. She speaks in slightly broken English, being her fourth language, her grammar can suck now and then. You had better be careful if you comment on it though, you might not wake up the next morning.

Though she may seem cruel, she does have feelings and understands that some of the things she asks cannot be done. However she doesn't expect more than she couldn't give herself.

Background: This Oa was born on a planet of swamps and deserts and the air was poison to the unaccustomed. This planet was home to some of the most dangerous beasts in the galaxy, the perfect hunting ground for an Oa. At age 19, she took control of a battle ship. In charge of the ship is a little battle bot named Theta.

Special Qualities: She can see in the dark, is nocturnal, and can usually bluff her way out of anything, though most of what she says is true. She can fly with those filmy wings of her, faster than you might think looking at them.

Weapon(s): Wields a goose quill-style type saber and her natural powers as a night stalker. Rika also prefers a large arsenal of guns and hand-held lasers.

Weakness(s): Light, large amounts of people, she is color blind to warm colors (red, yellow, orange).


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