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2007-01-07 11:30:59
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Road Of Life

You walk down a road
Its quiet, lonesome and dark
Birds rustle leaves in nearby hedges
The air is fresh

As you walk down this road
Your eyes see wisdom
Your heart feels lust
Your body feels pain
And your mind learns from these

For the further you travel
The wiser you become
You soon grow to be your own person

You now make your way in the world

You start to feel lonely
You feel tired from walking
And think that no rest will come
You feel dizzy
And begin to fall back

A pair of hands rest upon your back
They stop you from falling
Another pair of hands lift you off your feet
You look around you

People begin to appear
These people are surrounding you
Supporting you
Look closer
These are your friends and family
People who respect you
People who you have had an effect on

You turn behind you
And there,
A marathon of people march
Each and everyone
You know, and Love

The road is no longer lonesome
No longer quiet
And no longer dark
For each person brings with them,
Their own light

This lights your path ahead
For this Road
Is your journey of life

By Matthew Worth

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2006-09-29 [Rizo *]: love it babe!

2006-10-24 [islandgurl*]: wow hahahaha this is cool
for me
i look at it like i was in hell(well not really hell but u know my lifes like hell) and suddenly God's hands came and lift me up plus all my other friendsss who looks afta me ^_^

when i'm gonna grow and kinda fall fr my friends or God i'm gonna come here and read this ^_^

2008-07-22 [LinkTurrner]: sweet

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