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Name: Rocco Faust

Age: 24

Affiliation: Nazi

Rank (Nazi only): Corporal Specialist

Gender: Male

Description (hair, body, clothes, etc.): Rocco is not the traditional Aryan form, at least he wasn’t; his brown hair was shaved off the moment he joined the Nazi’s. He keeps it shaved close to his skull now, more for comfort reasons than for the rules right now. His helmet is strapped down to his head, and has been extended down across his face for personal reasons; the helmet is in the shape of a tragic mask across his face, with smoked glass in the eyeholes to hide the fact his eyes are brown. He stands just above 6’5” tall, and can be a rather imposing figure with his large Kevlar mask and large body build. His armour is a collection of other uniforms, a British undershirt, a Russian jacket over that with French trousers and a pair of German boots. He also wears a large pair of rubber gloves that go up to his elbows.

Training: Pain resistance training, along with training in stealth and unarmed combat, picked for it due to his size.

Enhancement: A set of large pointed teeth, his lips seem to have melded into the bone around his jaw so his teeth are permanently exposed. His eyes are sensitive, which is why he wears his smoked glass in his helmet; it does allow him to see in the dark however. His fingertips are also pointed into claws, which are hidden beneath the rubber fingers of his gloves. His strength is also somewhat enhanced past the normal limits of his human, but not excessively so. He is also able to understand and speak many different languages, meaning he sometimes becomes the most unlikely translator.

Dark Arts: Not by choice, Rocco has become physically and spiritually linked with a demon of some kind. It is the main reason behind his enhancements, the physical form of the demon leaking through his own. He can hear the demon’s thoughts sometimes, and it disturbs him; he is sometimes known for his sadism and anger, though that is more than often the demon who comes through and causes him to do this.

Weapons: A Panzerbüchse 39, a single shot anti-tank rifle. He can hold it to his shoulder, but even then it leaves a bruise. Mostly it’s for show, he prefers using his hands, but it can take out a tank if needed to.

History: Rocco came from a small German village that was suffering in the dismal years after the first World War, when the Nazi party came forward promising a new reform his older brother joined the cause. He was considered too young to join by his mother, so he stayed at home for a few years. After some time his brother became a high ranking Officer in the Nazi party, and finally with someone who might protect him in the army his mother decided to allow him to leave to join the army. True to his word, Rocco’s brother looked after him; he got sent into training, and barely saw the front line at all. The most action he ever saw was when his barracks was swarmed with the attacks on Berlin in the last ditch attempt to kill Hitler and end the war. Little did he know that his barracks was one of the main channelling stations for Hitler’s dark arts transformation.
The entire barracks collapsed and everyone inside died, apart from him. He was caught somewhere between death and life, and something took pity on him; something he did not want pity from. The demon is in him now, part of him, and in the end he will probably belong to the demon in question. He is still a Corporal in the Nazi army, though his brother was eventually killed in the war and he has seen the front lines several times. His training and demonic possession has gotten him noticed by several people, but he has never taken any promotions and tends to try and hide the fact he was possessed at all. This world has gone crazy to him, he has seen so much suffering and pain that he has started to hate the party he once supported.

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