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[Sins to Virtues]-elf

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[The Crazy Chicken From Family Guy]/[That One Fat Bastard]

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Hello fellow Roleplayers if u wanna join tell me!
[Sins to Virtues]

1.No 1hit K.O.s
2.No intense cusing
3.Get along.

The Groups-

4.All of the others

And ask all your friends if they like roleplaying and if they wanna join my wiki have them message me ^.^

Group 1
Group leader
[Dwarf Ronin]-Halfling-G
1.[Elven archer person]-elf-G
2.[someelf]- elf-princess -G
7.[Zach Attack]-dwarf-G
9.[Freak A leak]-Elf-G
10.[Araglas]-an elf with dark black wings-G
12.[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]-Elf-G
13.[Sins to Virtues]-Half elf Half Human-?

Group 2
Group leader
1.[evil demon chasing a cat]-demon-G
2.[monkeys r kool]-demon-G
6.[Prince of Amber]-Deamon - Cursed, Primal Evil, Abandoned by the hells creatures... alone in his own kingdom of fire and pain and sorrow...-G
7.[Black Adder]-Demonic blade master-G

Group 3
Group leader
5.[wolf-pack_NL]-Take a hint-G

Group 4
Group leader
1.[That One Fat Bastard]-A Heartless Angel-G
2.[DarkRedKrueger]-Dark Mage-G
3.[Lady Alexiel]-Fallen Angel-G
4.[The Crazy Chicken From Family Guy]


The Arena of Roleplayers Unite

Let the games begin...

Kingdom of Roleplayers Unite

Username (or number or email):


2006-07-19 [Sheena my girl]: hello? *looks around*

2006-07-21 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hello there.

2006-08-02 [wolf-pack_NL]: IM BACK

2006-08-09 [Sins to Virtues]: me 2 =)

2006-08-14 [wolf-pack_NL]: so wat have you bin doing

2006-10-02 [Fashionably Restrained]: *yawns* sleeping..

2008-08-12 [Black Adder]: Anyone still watching this?

2008-08-30 [Panda-monium]: me apparently

2008-09-01 [Black Adder]: Well hello =]
How are you?

2009-04-13 [wolf-pack_NL]: and a big snake

2009-04-20 [Black Adder]: Pardon?

2009-04-20 [wolf-pack_NL]: the other name before this wolf thing was metal gear solid snake eater that pursens code name was snake in that game

2009-04-20 [Black Adder]: Right ...

2009-04-21 [Sins to Virtues]: lol.. who knew this still existed hah!

2009-04-27 [wolf-pack_NL]: wel i did ore els i whuldent put a messages up here

2009-04-27 [Black Adder]: Yeah everything still exhists until someone deletes it all. So just about everything still exhists if it was a ET wiki.

2009-04-28 [wolf-pack_NL]: but this is still here

2009-04-29 [Black Adder]: But not very active

2009-04-30 [wolf-pack_NL]: wel thats a nother problem it will come back some time

2009-04-30 [Black Adder]: I'm not so sure

2009-05-01 [wolf-pack_NL]: wel maybe when some more ppl are having time of frome school the com back here

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