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Hannah shook her head but smiled. "You don't have to smile if you don't want to...i'm just kidding around with you." she said. She once again wrapped her arm round his then started to walk. "So have you met any of the others, apart from that Elson guy? Any girls that deserve to be slapped by me?" she said shivering slightly from the cold.

"yeah... I mean! No!...well... I mean yes I met one of the others and it was a girl... but no she doesn't need slapped... she was a physcic and well... she didn't really seem to want anything particular from me other then to get me alone. Not for any reason you might think!! but to kill me... I think.." Devlin says blushing making him frown again.

Vala opened her eyes, a smirk on her lips. She had heard the whole conversation between Devlin and Hannah. So he is Death.
Selena walked chance into the bedroom as he was undressing. She shut the door behind her and got ready herself for bed in the bathroom.

"Sounds like she needs slapped to me..." said Hannah looking at Devlin. "I'll put that on my personal to do one messes with my friends..." she said smiling. She stared up at the old houses they were passing and shuddered. "It's slightly scarey round here, the houses just appear out of the darkness like their haunted or something..." she said clinging to Devlin's arm for comfort more than anything now. "I'm glad you came for this walk now...I don't like being alone..." she said looking at him then looking away quickly embarassed. " house is quite close..we can get my car from there and i'll drive us back."

"We can turn around and walk. no need to waste gas. It's only scary because youdon't know the houses.half the houses on this street have an eighty's feel to them. inside are probably two to three bedrooms two on the second floor one bathroom on the first floor a nice sized kitchen and a living room a nice big dining hall with closets upstairs and perhaps the office." Devlin says shrugging. He puts his arm around her back a little to comfort her. though he didn't want to get in trouble or anything so he kept the touch light and tentative. Almost afraid to touch her.

Chance finished undressing and crashed into bed. He was so tired his eyes felt like they could crush his eyes and sleep overtook him quickly.

"I wanna get my car...I love my car as much as my motorcycle.." Hannah said smiling. "Wait til you see it, she is amazing!"

"I don't think we should be drawing attention to our... house by bringing fancy expensive car's and leaving them parked there..." Devlin says frownign softly. He personally didn't like cars.

"Fine..." Hannah said. "But at least let me go home and grab a few more clothes, my bike wouldn't let me bring as much stuff as I'd hoped." she said looking at Devlin.

"sure." Devlin says happy enough now that he didn't need to speak much more. he wasn't usually that talkative to anyone much less women so he was a little bothered by it. but he saw no problem with her grabbing more clothes.

"You don't have to worry about my parents being home, I think they're in the carribean or somewhere like that...don't really listen to them anymore when they say their going away..." Hannah said walking on. "Shouldn't be much's the big house all by itself, with the big wall and iron gate...I hate it..." she said smiling at Devlin.

"sounds... fascinating?" Devlin says not exactly sure what to say or if she was trying to hint at something or a specific sentance. He knew girls were tricky that way. But he simply didn't know anything about the dating game.

Hannah laughed. "It would have been nice I guess if there had been someone there to keep me company...but there wasn't...being stuck in a big house by yourself is so boring..." she said tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear. She turned a corner and pointed. "There..." She was pointing at a massive house set at the top of a winding path behind a huge wall and wrought iron gates.

"very...nice."Devlin nods looking up at it. starting to frown softly once more.

Hannah smiled. "You can be truthful and say it looks like a prison, thats what I think..." she pushed open the gate and walked up to the front door pulling a set of keys from her pocket and unlocking the door. "You can wait in the living room if you want, or if your thirsty, the kitchens through there..." she said pointing through a doorway. "I'll be right back.." she said then disappeared up the stairs.

DEvlin leans against the wall in the living room.

Hannah softly sang to herself as she rummaged round her room finding things that she needed and putting them in a bag. She walked to her bedroom door. "Hey Devlin, i'm just gonna get changed, make yourself at home, don't stand down there like a statue! Theres a games room through a door in the living room, knock yourself out!" she shouting whilst smiling. She closed the door then switched her cd player on full.

Devlin stays standing, leaning against the wall eyes closed. hands in his pockets.

Hannah changed quickly into a black vest and short denim skirt. She brushed her hair back into a french braid then pulled on flat knee length boots. Grabbing her bag of clothes she switched her music off then ran down the stairs, jokingly twirling round to show Devlin her new outfit. "I'm gorgeous right?" she said smiling and walking into the living room and opening a small box, lifting out a roll of money and stuffing it in her pocket.

"Certainly not bad looking." Devlin says holding open the door for ehr to go through. He had pulled his hair back and braided it. in a short braid close to his head.

"Such a gentlman..."Hannah said as she started walking out the door but before she left she kissed Devlin on the cheek ans smiled. "Thank you, your not half bad looking yourself..."

Devlin looked softly shocked before smiling then frowning and following closing the door. He shakes his head a little then catches up.

"Back to the base then I guess..." said Hannah looking at Devlin. "Before we get into trouble!" she smiled cheekily as she said this.

Devlin nod's. "yeah Vala might already know though... she's our house... physcic, telepathic actually." Devlin frowns a bit thinking about it. She probably knew his 'power'.

Hannah turned to look at him smiling. "So what! We can do what we want, and it's not as if anything happened, we were perfectly safe...just a harmless walk..they couldn't punish anyway, could they?"

"I'd rather work with them rather then against... somehow I never figured dying yet in my grand plans." devlin says straight faced.

"Thats the thought that scares me the most...knowing that any day soon I could die, killed because of something I didn't even choose to's wrong.." Hannah said looking at Devlin, a slight presence of fear in her eyes.

"come on let's go back." Devlin says taking her hand starting to walk. sort of comferting her but not really sure how.

Hannah squeezed his hand and smiled at him. "Do you think we will die, even if we are we to know that if we defeat these other people,that it won't kill us as well..." she said shivering slightly.

"All we can do is try not to die." Devlin says softly. slowing down some squeezing her hands softly for more comfort.

"Yeah I guess..." Hannah said looking at him. She took his hand and pulled his arm round her shoulders."I'm kinda cold..." she said quietly. "I hope this is ok..."

"No... I mean yeah it's okay. I don't mind." devlin says thankful for the darkness to hide his blush. He pulled her a little closer to the line of his body and his arm more snug around her shoulders. "Better?"

Hannah nodded. "Thanks, I should have brought a jacket...but I guess I uh... do we have a training room or anything, where I can practice with my trident..." she said unable to think of anything else to say.

"no not really... only the warehouse area on the fifth floor." Devlin says still blushing lightly.

"Oh....that should be ok, I can help me train, theres bound to be an old weapon lying round that place you what i'm really made of..." Hannah said smiling.

"I think... we should probably get to sleep it'll be close to dawn when we get in." Devlin says looking at the still dark sky.

Selena finished getting ready for bed and walked back into the room only to find Chance fast asleep. She rolled her eyes as she too sliped between the sheets and dozed off.

Vala kept a connection to them, just to make sure they were alright. Stretching her mind, she wanted to see if she could 'hear' Chance and Selena. When she found that they were asleep, she left them alone.

Hannah nodded then yawned. "Yeah i'm kinda tired now, but I don't regret coming out on this walk, it helped me get to know you better..." She slowly lowered her head and rested it on Devlin's shoulder and closed her eyes as tiredness started taking over.

Devlin blushes once more. keeping his arm around her.

"so do you think the others will attack us all at once or try and pick us off one at a time, you know try and find our weaknesses and go from there?" Hannah said softly to Devlin.

"I don't know... but I think we should discuss this when we get back and with the group." Devlin says thoughtfully.

"Just as long as i'm not alone when they come,which I guess means I should stop going on these little walks by myself's tempting fate too much...but going out on my bike alone is alright, isn't it? I don't think they'd bother me on my bike...." Hannah said lifting her head and looking at him hopeful that he would agree with her.

"I... don't think that would be the best idea..."Devlin says not really sure again.

"Well we could go out on our bikes could protect me!" Hannah joked.

"maybe." Devlin frowns once more. they had walked maybe halfway back.

"I'm sorry...when I get nervous I say stupid things, not that you make me nervous, it's just....." Hannah stopped speaking as she blushed slightly. "I wonder how long it'll be until we get back..." she said changing the subject.

"Shouldn't be more then ten more minutes." Devlin says looking around at where they were. His arm was still around her and they were walking close but he wasn't looking at her face so he missed the blush.

"Oh good, i'm so tired...I didn't think we'd be out this long, sorry it's all my fault...I think I may just jump in the shower quickly then climb into bed, that sounds perfect...." Hannah said smiling.

"here." devlin says opening the door for her. Walking in after her and punching the button on the elevator when they both entered.

"Thanks..." Hannah said whilst stepping in to the elevator. She pulled Devlin in beside her then pressed the number three. She smiled at him then quickly looked away blushing.

"something wrong?" Devlin asks noticing.

Hannah looked at him startled. "Oh no..nothing's wrong..." she said smiling again as the lift stopped.

Devlin nods and walks into his room closing the door without another word. he changes quickly and moves under the covers falling asleep very quickly. almost as soon as his ehad hit the pillow.

Hannah watched him leave then slowly walked to her own room. "night..." she whispered as she passed by his door. She quietly shut her bedroom door behind her and smiled when she saw the small puppy still asleep on her bed. She showers quickly then changes into comfy pyjama's before crawling into her bed and quickly falls asleep.

Vala had 'shut off' their conversation, so to give them privacy. When she knew they were back in the compound, she sighed a breath of relief. Crawling back under the covers, Vala blew out the candle by her bed and laid her head back on the pillow.

Chance found himself outside. He wondered briefly how he got there but brushed it off. He thought he should be cold, but it was warm, so he didn't worry about that either. He looked around to take stock of his surroundings and found himself in a house. A man and woman sat at a table, drinking what looked like coffee and eating toast, talking quietly. For some reason he couldn't understand their words. No, he couldn't hear them. Suddenly he realized what was going on and then all hell broke loose. The outside wall of the kitchen buckled and then fell away, revealing a figure he couldn't identify standing amidst the rubble. Sensing motion behind him, Chance turned around and saw Tank. His first reaction was to grab the girl and move, but a wall of earth arose to block his escape. As he turned to confront the figure that was so obviously to blame for all this, everything went black and he was falling. He awoke on the floor of his room in a cold sweat with Selena sleeping soundly in the bed.
  It took him seconds to throw some clothes on and get to the elevator. As he stepped out he noticed the morning light and hoped he wasn't too late. His car was right where he left it, but not in the same condition. There were two windows out and a huge dent in the passenger side, but he figure it didn't really matter anymore. The car started and Chance was on his way.

Tank awoke to the sun streaming through her window onto the far wall. She looked at the forms her curtains created against the white background for a moment, pondering about yesterday. She had dreamed of the scales again, but hadn't bothered trying to bring them back. That is, if she had ever had them. Which of course, she didn't. She dreamed the whole thing. The hit-by-a-car, the people, the scales actually appearing, the fight, the.. the death..
 She closed her eyes a moment and sighed. It had to have been a dream.. But then.. Why did she feel so ill? Like something bad had happened? Like she knew none of her friends could ever smile again. The phone rang and she nearly jumped as she reach out and answered it.
"Mm? Yeah, Chain, it's me."
We need some help with the mustang. The fanbelt snapped and-
"Yeah, I'll be right there, ok?"
Thanks. See you soon.
"Mmm..." Click. She hung up the phone before dragging herself out of bed to get ready for the day that felt like it was already ruined.

Selena's cell phone rang. She reached over and picked it up. "hello?" she said sleepyly. "Yes mom... I know mom... Okay mom... Bye." She yawned and rolled over only to find Chance wasnt in bed anymore. She got dressed and took the elevator to the kitchen.

Hannah suddenly awoke as the puppy started jumping playfully around the bed. She rolled over looking at the clock and groaned when she realised it hadn't been long since she went to bed. Slowly standing up she put on her dressing gown and pushed her feet into her slippers. "Come on you..." she said sleepily picking the pup up and walking to the door. She took the elevator to the kitchen. "Oh morning..." Hannah said to Selena as she set the pup on the ground and it ran round wildly. She poured herself a mug of tea then raised her hand to her mouth to stifle a yawn. "I..ah..didn't sleep very well last night..."she said trying to explain her heavy tiredness.

Eva wondered through the streets peering at her watch every so often. "I'm so bored..." she groaned loudly then sat down on the kerb not sure what to do. "How am I supposed to find this girl?" she whispered softly.

Chance's beat up Miata cruised slowly by the corner Eva was sitting on. He had been watching houses and so he noticed the girl and had the notion that he should know her, but he didn't think on it long becuase he was busy trying to figure out how he would find Tank.

Eva watched the car drive by then stood up and started walking again. She was feeling angry because things weren't going her way, she had never expected it to take so long.

Hannah sipped her tea quietly then picked the pup up as it jumped about her feet. "I'll be right back..." She said to Selena as she walked from the kitchen clutching the dog and her tea. She pressed one on the elevator then walked inside when the doors opened. When the doors reopened on the first floor she trudged to the exit closing it behind her. "Now be quick..." Hannah told the pup as she set it down on some grass outside and wrapped her dressing gown tightly around herself as a chilled morning breeze blew past.

Devlin walks into the Kitchen hair a mess, face sleep clouded. Movement slugish. He started making eggs bacom and toast. before starting to cook got out a pony tail holder and pulled his messy hair back smoothing it all out and taking it under control as he could.

After the pup had finished Hannah retraced her steps back to the kitchen still sipping her tea. "It's kinda cold outside this morning..." she said to Selena not realising Devlin was there as well. she looked up as she walked to the sink and jumped slightly when she saw him. "Oh morning..." she said quickly running a hand through her messy blue hair.

"How do you two like eggs? and bacon?" Devlin asks before stopping and seeing Selena walk in. "three then." he fixes his sentance.

Hannah smiled. "That sounds need any help?" she stepped up beside him.

On the end of the street where Eva and Chance were, Tank opened the door to the house on the end, a homely two story, and was about to step out before she seemed to remember something. "Oh, my bag," she said quietly and hurried back in, leaving the door open. She'd only be a second and her parents were down stairs anyway.

Eva caught a glimpse of Tank and smiled. "Bingo..." She walked to the house and waited outside for her.

Chance saw Tank a split second before Eva and was in the middle of parking when he noticed her walk to the house. She's the one... Damn... I haven't even summoned the armor yet... The finished parking the car, deciding to sit in the car for a moment. He knew he was no match for her if his dreams were any indication and it scared him. He couldn't even summon the armor yet. "Fuck it... time to step up... or shut... maybe for good..." He slammed his fists down on the steering wheel and sat for another second before easing the door open as quietly as possible. Not bothering to shut it for fear of the noise it would make he eased across the street in an army type crouch and sat behind a car waiting. He willed at least the sword to appear, but got nothing more than the hilt again. Shit...

Eva sat examining and filing her nails but suddenly looked up when she thought she saw movement, then shook her head banishing the thought of someone else being there. Who else would be here? she thought and smiled to herself as she went back to filing her nails.

"Yes mom, I'll be back in time for dinner. No, I'll get lunch with the guys-"
"Such a tomboy you are," came the amused response.
Tank stepped outside with a roll of her eyes. "See you this evening mom, I love you," she said and closed the door after a called 'I love you too' had made it to her. She turned, brown pack on her shoulder, to leave but froze when she saw Eva. "Umm..." she looked around, then back at Eva, a bad feeling in her stomach. "Can I help you?"

"Oh hi..." said Eva pocketed her nail file. "I'm Eva...mind if we talk?" she said trying to sound pleasant.

"I'm not really supposed to talk to strangers..." Tank said, and held her head down as she moved around the girl and started down the street. Usually, she didn't follow that rule. Mostly the reason she had the friends she had now. But something about this girl didn't seem right.

Eva started walking eventually catching up with Tank. "I'm not a stranger..., we're alike in some ways, and I want us to be friends..." she said smiling at Tank.

"O..k..." Tank said carefully, then raised an eyebrow at the girl, slowing her walk a little. "Do I know you?"

Eva shook her head. "But that doesn't matter does it...if you come with me, we can get to know each other better..I wanna take you somewhere understand?"

"I'm.. sorry," Tank said, now getting a little worried as she shook her head 'no'. "But I'm expected somewhere.." Her pace quickened a little.

Eva stopped. "Guess i'm gonna have to do this the hard way..." she said to Tank.She balled her hands into fists and smiled as a sudden chunk of tarmac from the road ripped up and created a blockade in front of Tank. "Changed your mind yet?"

Tank froze and turned, slightly shocked, to Eva. "You're.. you're one of them???? So.. so yesterday.. that really happened?!" She looked at the ground, the shock from yesterday returning.

"Ok..I don't know what happened yesterday...but yeah I guess you could say i'm one of you gonna come nicely or am I gonna have to kill you?" Eva said watching Tank.

Selena yawned a hello to Devlin and the young one with the puppy. She sat down at the table. "Anyone seen Chance this morning? He wasnt in the bedroom when I awoke."

Hannah turned to look at Selena. "Well there's a car missing...he must have gone somewhere...maybe he just went for a drive?" she said leaning against the counter and looking at Selena.

Devlin stays silent but the thought of Chance finding somethign out and rushing to be a hero popped into his head. he tried to smother the thought before Vala could pick up on it. he put all the bacon on a plate and turned the eggs.

"Maybe he went to get some of his things. Might have forgot that we had made plans to do that together. Oh well." Selena sat her head up. "Smells good Devlin. You are a great cook."

Upon opening her green eyes, Vala knew where Chance was going. Sitting up, she slipped out of the bed and headed for the shower. Letting the hot water hit her back, she thought about their situation. Shutting off the water, she wrapped a towel around her slim body, Vala stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror. She wiped the condensation of the mirror and looked at herself. Devlin is Death, Selena can Heal, Chance is....Hannah is... She hadn't completely put the pieces together. She threw on jeans and and tank top over her undergarments, and ran her fingers through her hair. Devlin is making breakfast. She headed for the kitchen. Walking in, she had to somewhat smile. She instantly looked at Selena. "Chance went out to help someone named..." She stopped for a quick second, "Tank? She that's no the word. Freaked out." She nodded, "That's the word."

Hannah looked at Vala slightly amazed. "Morning..." she said smiling. She raised her hand as she yawned again then walked over to Devlin to see if she could help.

Chance had followed, keeping in his army crouch and concealing his movements with cars. He had just stopped behind another car and poked his head out for a look when he saw the "other" raise the blockade. Now or never... He tried one last time to get the sword, but got only a dagger. This'll have to do... He stood up and walked up to the girl, standing beside her. "What happened to the road?"

Eva turned and looked at Chance. "I'm a little busy here, so if you wouldn't mind, go away!"

Chance ignored her, "Can't you please tell me what happened to the road? It looks really cool!" His hand slipped to the dagger tucked into the back of his jeans."

Eva smiled. "Oh you like it...thats just a little bit of my handy-work, wanna see me do more?" she said as the ground below them started trembling and small cracks appeared on the pavement. "Your one of the others aren't you..."

SHIT! He snatched the dagger and attempted a stab aimed at her chest.

A solid piece of earth shot up in front of Eva and the sound of her laughter was heard behind it. The earth crumbled away and revealed Eva standing with her hand on her hip. "If thats the way you wanna play it...ok.." a chunk of tarmac ripped from the road and hovered above Chance. "Ready?" she said and then let the tarmac fall.

Chance kept his momentum moving forward, and slapped into the wall, stepping backwards as it crumbled. He looked up at the tarmac, diving sideways at the last second. The tarmac caught his jeans as it landed and ripped them halfway up his right side. "Damn..." He stood up and went for it again.

Eva didn't have time to create a shield so she dived out of the way but not fast enough as the blade caught her in the side. She screamed in pain then looked at Chance angrily. "You will pay for that!" She stood quickly and within seconds had managed to coat herself in a thick stone like armour. She ran at Chance bringing her elbow into contact with his stomach, knocking them both over.

Hannah stood up straight and grabbed the pup. "I'm just gonna go get dressed." She walked to the elevator and hit three. She changed quickly into a pair of baggy ripped hipster jeans and black vest belly top, so her midriff was completely bare and a small star tattoo on her lower back was now visible. She put two french braids into her blue hair then walked back to the kitchen leaving the pup in her room. "So whats the plan for today?"

"We go help our comrade... even if he left us." Devlin says turning off the stove and everything. "Hannah you and Selena take your bike and Vala and I the other in the lead. I'm sure she can figure out where Chance is. She seems the most familier with her talent. We'd better hurry." Devlin says in a slight bored kind of way. he was cleaning up though. "I have an extra helmet but you'll need a jacket." he says for Vala. "Unless you all disagree with my plan that is." he says turning around finished. his face was set determindly, with a little hint of anger.

"Alright that sounds good." She nodded to Selena, "Chance...He's down...." Looking at Chance's love, her eyes clouded over. "We need to leave now!" She rushed out of the kitchen for her room. Rummaging through her bag, Vala dragged out a thick jacket, one she use to wear when her boyfriend had a motorcycle. The thought of her boyfriend made her freeze. A sharp intake of breath brought her back to reality. Vala slammed the door behind her and headed towards the elevator.

Selena began to cry not sure of what to do she just kinda sat there shocked.

Hannah nodded and ran to her room pulling on a pair of old black converse and a hooded black jumper. She conjured her trident thinking that there would be no time when they got there then grabbed her motorcycle helmet and headed back to the kitchen. She handed the helmet to Selena. "You wear this, I hate the thing anyway.." she smiled then looked at Devlin, gripping the trident in both hands. "We ready?"

Selena took the helmet and though of the bikes. She didnt like them but it was her love she had to save. She put the helmet on bravely and buckled it up. "Ready lead the way."

Devlin sat on the Motorcycle helmet on glove on engine roaring as he gave it some gas. He was holding out a helmet for Vala. As son as it was on and she was on the bike he would go.

Hannah walked outside and looked up at the bright sun. She was still carrying her trident in both hands. She managed to latch it on to the side of her bike before getting onto it and pulling on a pair of leather fingerless gloves. She started the engine and revved it a few times just to hear its gentle roar. "Let's hope the police don't catch me without a helmet." she said yawning and leaning over the front of the bike.

Selena had followed although she wasnt quite sure how to sit. It was very unusual to clamber abored the cycle.

Coming out of the door, Vala reached for the helmet, and pulled it on. Climbing on behind Devlin, she didn't speak.

Devlin grabs her arm and puts it around his waist telling her silently to hold on. thjen he grabs his handlebars and pretty much burns rubber leaving the parking lot.

Vala gave a silent nod. We need to go here. She projected an image into Devlin's head, showing him where Chance and the others were. To Selena and Hannah she said "Follow us."

Hannah grabbed Selena's arms and wrapped them round her waist. "Hold on!" she said loudly then quickly followed after Devlin and Vala catching up with them within seconds because of the speed she was doing.

Devlin nod's his head and speed's only a little faster. going maybe ten over. didn't really want to get picked up for speeding and leave his comrade to die.

Hannah follwed him weaving in and out of the morning traffic but managing to keep a high speed going. If they hadn't been doing something so serious, she would have enjoyed this fast paced ride through the city.She picked up speed so she was nearly level with Devlin's bike. "How much further?" She yelled hoping they would hear her over the roar of the engines.

Her weight was crushing him and he became desperate. Somehow he managed to squirm out from under the earth clad girl and stood. He knew his dagger would be useless, but he hoped to be able to keep the girl on her toes by attacking. Before the girl could get up he began attacking, sparks flying from his dagger when it connected with the girls stone armor.

Eva grabbed his wrist and twisted it away from her then shoved him backwards. She took a step backwards and shed the armour standing looking slightly exhausted. "Had enough yet?"

His wrist was sore from where she had grabbed it, but he kept the dagger in hand. Not bothering to answer the girl he pressed on again, attacking as well as he could.

Eva jumped out of the way landing on the ground. She stood up and quickly launched huge chunks of solid rock at Chance. "Admit it i'm too powerful for you!" she said panting slightly. She ripped off her jacket and threw it aside.

Chance hit the ground quickly, a chunk of rock catching the shoulder with the damaged wrist, knocking his whole arm numb. He stood again and, still keeping silent attacked, maybe for his last time.

Eva now coated her arms in the stone armour and ran forward grabbing the blade of the dagger in one hand and wrapping the other round Chance's neck. She smiled nastily at him but the smile vanished and within seconds was replaced by a look of extreme pain. Her arms had shed the armour out of her sheer exhaustion causing the blade to slice deep into her hand. She stepped away from Chance clutching her bleeding hand, a few tears rolling down her cheeks.

Chance saw the look, saw the hurt hand, knew she was weak and this was his chance. He rushed her, but it was a slow rush, hesitant. He had never killed before, and so he knew not how or where a killin gblow should land. He would have to be certain her death was quick and that she had no chance of living. He just didn't know causing a clumsy rush.

Eva turned and ducked but not quickly enought, the blade stabbing into her shoulder. She fell forward onto her hands and knees crying out loudly in pain. The rock barricades around the street crumbled to dust. She slowly stood up and faced Chance her face tear stained and her vest top soaked in blood. "Please..."she whispered looking scared.

Chance dropped the dagger allowing it to disappear and ran to Tank, taking her by the arm. "Come on, we have to get out of here now, she may not be the only one here."

Eva watched him walk to the girl then quickly ran the other way disappearing round a corner.

"Talk to me here....and only three mintues." admonished the young woman.

Hannah gave a thumbs up and smiled to Vala. "Whats happening there? Is Chance alright?" she thought, feeling slightly strange at communicating like this.

DEvlin slows down and stops very quickly. the road and sidewalk was a bit torn. Chance and Tank were running on the other side of the broken street. Devlin takes off his helmet and shuts off the bike walking over the ground. Face impassive his right glove coming off his hand. Just in case someone was lurking.

Hannah skidded to a halt seeing the girl as well and jumped off her bike and grabbed her trident. But when she turned to look the girl was gone. "Where did she go Devlin?" she said walking towards the destruction zone.

"Away apparently." Devlin says squating and touching the ground.

"Well she certainly likes destroying things...." said Hannah looking round.

"Chance!" Devlin yells standing. He was pulling his glove back on. the 'others' didn't seem to ever travel in groups. "Go get Chance and tell him we have to leave. someone would have called 911 by now." Devlin says to Hannah. devlin then walks furhter away to look at other peices of the ground.

Hannah watched him then walked away folding her arms. i'm not a stupid messenger... she thought angrily as she approached Chance. "We have to leave...quickly..."she said not meaning to sound so angry then turned and walked to the curb and sat down.

Tank was sitting on the ground where the block had fallen. She was in shock, mute, unaware of anything going on around her. She had seen it... Bright and confusing, changing with a quality her brain decided to code with color. The girl, Eva, had been a shade of blueish purple, and Chance had a yellow that felt like red. He should have won, easily. It felt he was going to win. Destiny... her mind wispered, and she filed it away for later. She didn't move, or speak, only sat and stared at the ground, even when Chance tried to get her to move.

Vala was dumped off the bike ungracefully. She tugged the helmut off and took a look around. She 'probed' the minds in the surrounding area. In fact someone had call the police. She zeroed in on the young woman, Tank. Yes he is Destiny. I am Knowledge. She tried to sound reassuring. "Everything is going to be okay now. The other is gone."

Selena fear of what had happened taken over she slowly pulled off the helmet and got off the bike. She walked towards the girl Tank and her boyfriend Chance.

Hannah stood up and walked to her bike. "I'll see you guys later..." she said not caring if no one heard her. She got on it and started it up not bothering to retrieve her helmet form Selena and took off up the road. She stopped after about half an hour on her bike when she saw an empty run down park. Hannah jumped off her bike and walked to it sitting on a rusted looking park bench. She smiled softly as she looked around, the lonliness making her feel at ease.

Selena looked back and tried to give her helmet to Hannah however she had left. Selena then sat down next to Tank. "Are you hurt?" She layed the helmet down beside her.

Tank just shook her head. "No," she said and stood. "Leave me alone." She turned and picked up her pack, returning to her previous attempt at going to the garage. I want no part in that. Leave me alone. There was so much conviction in what she was saying and thinking, it was almost hostile.

Chance was relieved to see the rest of the group pull up. He let go of Tank's hand and sat on the curb himself. He had one of them right there... Basically already dead...

Devlin walks over the way towards Tank. "Hey Tank. Be careful... they'll probably come again. To kill you next time." He says then turns to Selena. "you should go make sure chance is alright. He looks beaten to me." He says then sits on the curb waiting for things to settle around him until they could leave.

Hannah sat on the bench staring up at the sky. She had so many thoughts running through her head many of them full of doubt and uncertainty. What use am I in all this, they were getting along fine without me...She sighed and closed her eyes. The others may be exactly like us...they may have been told that we are the bad ones in this...what if we are the bad ones!...I wonder what it would be like if I was in the other team? Devlin and the others probably wouldn't even notice if I left...

Vala cleared her throat, she was about to say something to Hannah but she left before she could. She created a link to her friend. Through her eyes she saw that Hannah was in a desolate park. Creating a link, Vala 'spoke', "Of course we would notice if ya left."

Selena was distracted by the girl Tanks abrubpt leave. It wasn't until Devlin spoke did she snap out of it. She moved closer to Chance. "Where does it hurt?" She placed her hands over the scrapes on his face healing them as she spoke.

Hannah jumped slightly at the sound of Vala's voice in her head but smiled happily when she heard what she had to say. Thank you... She stood up and walked from the park noticing a small cafe on the corner. She walked into in and ordered a mug of tea and a slice of cake then sat at a window seat to enjoy her treat.

Chance shrugged, "All over really... mostly my shoulder and hand..." He held up the arm that hurt.

Selena took his wrist in her hand and squeezed it lightly. "Your lucky its only a minor break. It will need to be wraped but I can set it for now if you dont move it." She moved up to look at his shoulder. "You poped this out of place but no visible damnage other than that. We will need to X-Ray both just to make sure. Then I will selt them and wrap them up and should be good to go in about four weeks for that wrist and depending on how bad your shoulder is could be longer for it." Selena stood and put her hand out to take his other one to help him up. "Give me your keys." To the others still around, " I am going to drive Chance back to the base and take care of him. Tank is okay so shes fine." She paused for a moment. "Wheres Hannah? I have to give her helmet back."

Tank had heard Devlin, though she made no move to show it. She wanted out of their crazy broadway show. She had to be dreaming again, just had to be. But move on, she told herself. Act normal and you'll wake up later to find life without these people again. Satisfied with her logic, she continued on her way to the garage, not rightly caring if someone killed her right then. One death and two near deaths (even if only in dreams, and random dreams at that) was enough to make her feel ill and discomforted. Just stop the world, she wanted off.

Chance looked at Selena, "Can't you use your stuff to make it heal a little faster?"

Hannah finished her tea then sat staring out the window. She felt terrible now about leaving the others, what happened if they were attacked again? She shook her head and smiled. They would be able to take care of themselves if the others came back. She stood up and paid her bill then ordered a big box of cakes and buns to take back for the others. She walked slowly back to her bike humming a soft tune to herself then tied the box to the back of her bike and got on starting the bike up. She rode slowly back to the base finally realising that without her helmet she was very vunerable on the bike. She jumped off her bike then entered the base making her way to the kitchen where she left the box of buns on the counter. Hannah turned the cd player on really loud then busied herself round the kitchen cleaning up.

"It honestly depends on how bad it is broken. If it is minor I might be able to make it heal quicker. If its a major brake then you are going to be out for at the very least of two weeks. I am sorry babe." Selena facial expression was just as sad as his at having to tell him the news. "Come on lets get you back to base." She picked up the helmet and walked towards the car. "By the way, what did happen to your car it looks like it belongs in a junk yard now?"

Chance stood up and folowed as he shrugged, "Don't know... I think it got beat up in the fight between Mr. E and the other."

Devlin walks over to Vala quickly. "Vala we must go now." Devlin says hearing the siren's of the police finally coming closer. He was holding his extra helmet out to her. not wanting to touch her. Still a bit edgy about the whole death from his hands thing.

Selena got in the drivers door. She placed the helmet on the back seat, buckled her seat belt and started the car. Placing it into first gear she waited for Chance to get in.

"Hannah is at the Base already." said Vala to everyone. "Selena just bring it back with you." Vala turned her green eyes to Devlin, and nodded, to him alone she said, "It's alright to touch. Ya can control your power. I know you can." She slipped the helmet over her head.

Chance got in the passenger seat, wincing as he put his seatbelt on.

Hannah switched off the music and made her way to the elevator choosing the first floor. She walked out to her bike and started cleaning it with some supplies she had brought out from the base. She looked round quickly checking that no one was watching then formed a small puddle of clear clean water on the ground then directed it over the bike washing away the soap suds.

Selena pulled around and headed to the base. She drove the speed limit because of the cops being on the way. "You alright babe?" she was silent for a moment but before he could answer she said, "Thats a dumb question."

Devlin stiffens and his jaw clenches but nothing else happens. he gets on his bike and starts it waiting for Vala to get on.

Selena was only about two minutes away from the base. She could see the beggining of the tunnel that leads them to the hide out.

Knowing she might of said too much to him, Vala climbs on behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Hannah heard the distant sound of an engine so she quickly finished up with her bike then stood awaiting the arrival of the others.

Chance's car had just crossed under the tunnel. Selena saw Hannah outside by her bike. She slowed the car down and carefully parked next to the girl but not close. "Chance snap out of it. We are here. I will meet you in the infermery." She turned off the car. Reaching back she grabed the helmet she had borrowed earlier and got out of the car. "Hey Hannah. I want to say thanks for letting me borrow your helmet and for the ride." She handed the helmet back to the girl.

Hannah smiled. "No problem, sorry for running off like that.."

"Don't worry about it. Probly safer that way. The cops were comming and we all had to get out of there. Vala and Devlin should be back any moment." She said as she looked over her shoulder.

Chance got out of his car and walked into the compound, nodding to Hannah as he walked by. After entering he walked over to the elevator and took it to the infirmary.

Hannah sat down on the curb resting on her chin on her hands. "What do we do now?" she said looking at Selena.

"Well I am not so sure. I know we have to find them before they find us. We also might want to contact Tank again because the others are already trying to do that. Thats what the fight was about today. Both were in the same place at the same time. I suppose we should have a meeting in that computer room make a stratgy kinda deal, but thats just what I think." She looked back at the house. "I better go help Chance out. Want to be my little nurse?" She asked Hannah playfully.

Devlin pulls in. waiting for Vala to get off. His entire body tense and rigid. He still had his helmet on.

Hannah laughed. "Sure..I'll be right in.." She stood up and walked to Devlin. "Hey come on in, I bought some desserts and i'm sure there's one that has your name on it." she said putting a hand on his arm gently.

Devlin turnd hid head and looks down at her hand on his arm. His helmets visor was tinted so no one could see his face. But he was frowning hard, and tension sang through the arm Hannah held.

Hannah lifted her hand feeling the tension in Devlin's arm. "Fine, if thats the way your gonna be, what's the matter with you anyway?" she said slightly annoyed.

"He doesn't want to hurt you," said a voice at the end of the tunnel that hid the base. Tank stepped out a shadow and regarded them darkly. Her expression was as curious as ever, but wary and unsure at the same time. "Now... Will someone please tell me what is going on around here?"

"Define what's going on?" Devlin says taking off his helmet and pulling out his pony tail redoing it. Still awaiting Vala and his extra helmet.

Hannah looked at Devlin then walked to Tank."Your the girl from earlier...i'm Hannah." she smiled warmly. "You wanna come inside and i'll get you a drink and something to eat, then maybe we can all sit down and chat about what's going on, that sound ok?"

"'What's going on' is to mean explain why these attacks have been happening," Tank said to Devlin, then shook her head at Hannah with a defensive step back. "No," she said calmly. "I'm not going in there until I know what's going on, why, and if I believe it."

Hannah looked at her then glanced at Devlin. "I'll let you explain to her seen as you know more than I do about this."

"they are happening because they want you... your power to turn the battle to their favor... but if they cannot have you then no one will have you. All I know is that they will kill me if they see me. I do not want to die and I would rather not kill innocent people. But Tank, You cannot be neutral in this. they will kill you if they cannot have you. You say the fight between them and us, both parties got lucky... with minor injuries instead of deaths. That's all I know your welcome to join them and or die or join us. I cannot tell you what to do. I am merely Death." Devlin says eyes and face going into his bored mask though his eyes were telling a tale of anger.

Hannah listened intently as Devlin spoke the looked at Tank when he had finished. "It's alot to take in, but it's the truth."

Already sensing his aprehension, Vala climbed up off the bike and tugged the helmet off.She gave a nod to Tank, before handing the helmet back to Devlin.

Tank regarded the three of them with calculating eyes. "You all sound insane and I think I have grounds to report this... 'covet' to the insane asylum..." She paused, then said in the same tone, "I have always been neutral in my life and I'll remain so. No one, not even those other people are going to force me to pick a side in this crazy role play."

Selena was about to enter the house when she heard Tank speak. She turned around and listened. "Tank we are just mearly warning you. All of us here were just thown into this yesterday. I myself still find me thinking it is a dream and at anymoment I will awaken in my warm bed. However the events of today made me realize. If it was a real dream no one gets hurt. Well I can tell you Chance has a broken wrist and an out of place shoulder. I dont know how bad it is but if you want to see for yourself you know where the infermary wing is. I am not going to scare you nor will we force you to join our side. It is your decision. One you must battle alone." She paused and looked at eveyone. "I will pray that you make the right choice for yourself," and with these closing words Selena opened the door and slid inside to the elevator.

Tank stared after Selena in something akin to surprise, but she was actually more shocked. She looked back at Devlin, Hannah, and Vala. "Is she always like that??" she asked incredulously, trying hard to fight her annoyance.

Hannah smiled. "I'm not too sure, as she said we only just found out about this we don't really know each other that well, the only reason i'm here is because I save your parents, remember? You can trust me, and Devlin's alright I suppose.." she said laughing.

"No she is not like that." said Vala answering Tank's question. "I believe, like she said, she has come to the realization that this isn't a dream." Licking her lips she continued, " We all have 'powers' we can't explain just yet. I have known about my abilities for 13 years now. Have I gotten them under control? Yes and no. Has Devlin? No. He..." She cleared her throat. "If you chose to remain neutral, then we will have to respect that choice. Know that if you do side with the Others, then enemies we will be, but if you remain neutral then my hand is extended in friendship always." She cleared her throat again, her cheeks flushed, that was the longest she had spoken in quite a while.

Hannah nodded in agreement with Vala. "And your 'powers' are nothing to be afraid of either, isn't that right Devlin?" she said directing her comment to Tank but also to him as well.

"I'm not afraid of anything right now, except for your sanity," Tank said calmly, then shook her head. "I don't know what messed up circus you are running around here, but I want no part of it. Come find me if you need help with something real though, I'm happy to assist. As of right now, I've no wish to help people who are faux leaders," she said, speaking of Selena, "psychic", she meant Vala, "any apparitious wiccan icon or anything other." She waved her hand both in dismissal and farewell before she turned and strode away.

Hannah watched her leave, amazed. "Fine help yourself, next time!" she yelled after Tank. "We help her and that's the thanks we get?" She walked towards the entrance to the base then turned. "There's food in the kitchen, i'm going down to the infimary to help Selena." she said to Vala and Devlin before walking into the base and closing the door behind her. She made her way down to the infirmary where she found Selena. "That girl just called us crazy, can you believe it, we help her out and thats the thanks we get..."

Selena had walked in seeing chance sitting patiently on the examining table. "Alright Chance. Need to take some X-Rays. I believe there is a room for that somewhere in here." She heard the door open behind her, turning she saw Hannah and listend to what she had said. "Well, I cant say I blame her. I was the same way when they first told me. I always knew I was good at medicen. However, I never expected to heal things with a touch of my hand. I immagion shes taking it the same way I did. Ask anyone one of them out there. I was a bitch when they first met me. It was because I was scared and though it was just a dream." She paused dwelling on the past for a moment.

"Well she's left...should I go after her, even if it's to make sure she gets home alright?" Hannah said leaning against the wall looking at Selena.

Selena came back to reality as Hannah spoke. "No, I don't think that would be good. She would think we were stalking her. She has to come to us next time."

Hannah nodded. "So can you only heal people or can you do something else?" she asked curiously.

"Well from what Estidny told me. I can heal minior scrapes and cuts. That and I have an unlimited ammount of knowloge on the medical aspects. I believe he even said I can restore some life of a person on the edge of dying. Not sure yet, but I think it would take a great deal of energy.

"Cool...I can control water, not exactly sure how thats helpful in anything but I have the trident and it's pretty awesome." Hannah said smiling. "I'm gonna go check on my puppy and maybe take him out for a short walk, i'll be back later." She walked from the infirmary and took the elevator to the third floor where she retrieved her pup and clasped a small lead to his collar. She left the base giving a short wave to Vala and Devlin as she walked away. She walked slowly letting the pup be curious and investigate every little thing it found and she sighed suddenly when she saw Tank just ahead of her. She quickened her pace so she caught up with her. "Don't mind if I join you, have to take him for his walk."

Tanker looked at her a little surprised, but shook her head. "No, I don't mind." She looked at the puppy. "He's cute.."

Selena smile and laughed as the young girl walked out the door. "Alright Mr. Chance lets see what we can do for you. Come on" she walked to the X-Ray room.

Hannah smiled and quickly scooped the puppy up in her arms. "You want to hold him, he's a friendly puppy." she said holding the puppy out to Tank.

The younger girl smiled slightly and nodded, taking the puppy in her arms and scratching behind its ear's lightly.

"He like's that." said Hannah as the puppy jumped up and licked Tank's face. Hannah laughed loudly. "I know your gonna hate me for talking about this but I want to discuss the weird things that have been happening. That ok?"

Tank smiled a little at the pup before sitting it down, dusting herself off, and giving a shrug and a slight frown to Hannah. "If by 'discuss' you mean 'tell me about' then no, I don't mind." She kept walking

Hannah bit her lip. "Well we could talk about the 'powers' we have, I could even give you a little demonstration if you like! Show you how cool I am!" she said laughing.

"I'm not interested in swapping fantasies, thanks," Tank said with a curt smile. "And I already like you, besides the fact that you seem a little crazy. You don't have to show off."

Hannah laughed again. "They're not fantasies, I promise...will you let me show you that we're not crazy?"

Tank sighed and stopped walking. "Allright," she said, almost defeatedly. "Fine. Show me your mighty dungeons and dragon's skills, oh mighty lord Hannah." She smiled at her. She was a logical person, so she had no right to reject something no matter how insane it sounded. If proof could be given, she would believe it.

Hannah smiled and nodded then passed the lead of the dog to Tank. She quickly peered round then when she saw there was no one near by she closed her eyes doing as she had done before, concentrating hard on what she wanted to achieve. In seconds a small puddle of water formed at her feet. Hannah opened her eyes and looked down reaching into the water. The end of her trident emerged and she tugged it the rest of the way out. She looked up at Tank holding up the trident. "This proof enough that we're not lying?"

Tank's eyes widened and she stared at the trident, then at the obviously shallow puddle and hard concrete beneath, before her eyes rolled back and she crumpled to the ground in a faint.

"Oh for goodness sake.." whispered Hannah as she bent down beside Tank laying her out flat. She started splashing water round her face in an attempt to wake her up. "Come on, no time for naps now..."

Tank shook her head against the water as she came-to, spitting the bit of water off her lips. She blinked around a moment. "Wha-..?" She noticed Hannah and her eyes widened again. "How did you...?"

Hannah smiled. "It's my power, I control water and with it I get this awesome trident. And if it hadn't been for this trident I wouldn't have saved your parents..." she said watching Tank.

The younger girl's heart rate and overall shock threatened to toss her into the darkness again. She had to be going crazy. Surely that was the only explanation. She looked at the ground. "I'm going insane," she said, more to herself than Hannah.

"Nope, your as sane as me." Hannah said smiling then pulled Tank up so she was sitting. "Here it's as real as you and me..." she said holding the trident out.

Tank just shook her head, pushing the elder girl's hand away, but not without feeling the cool, solid metal of the trident. She pulled her knees to her chest, hugged them, and buried her face against them. "I'm losing it... I've just gone crazy... What will my friends think? How am I going to tell my parents? Oh this is not good, this is not good at all...."

"You want to get a drink, I think you could use some sugar after this shock." Hannah said setting the trident down causing it to turn into a flood of water spilling over the pavement. "Come on my treat, after all this is kinda my fault that your feeling like this..."

Tank shakily nodded and removed her face from her knees. She stood slowly, obviously still in shock. Who wouldn't be at the realization of their own insanity? her mind shot at her tauntingly.

"Come on then, let's go...anywhere you particularly like?" said Hannah watching her.

Tank shook her head. "I don't care..." she said quietly as she turned to walk once more, stumbling a little but quickly recovering.

Hannah nodded then walked ahead. "How about in there?" she said pointing at a small quiet looking cafe.

Tank shrugged and walked inside, not noticing the little tinkle that came from the bell above the door nor the quiet music playing from a radio in the back kitchen. She picked a random booth and sat down, staring at nothing.

Hannah picked the pup up and quickly entered the cafe. She slipped off her jacket and set it on the seat then laid the pup on top because it had fallen asleep. She slid in beside it as the waitress walked over. "What can I get you's?" she said. Hannah smiled at her. "can I have a coke please and oh a chocolate muffin please. Order whatever you want.." she said looking at Tank.

"Orange soda.. and a muffin too.. please.." Tank said quietly, refusing to look at either of them.

The waitress jotted the order down on her notepad then walked away returning with their drinks and muffins. Hannah gave her the right money then started sipping her drink. "You got over the shock yet?" she said as she bit a piece of her muffin. "Or do you need more time?"

"Did you know," Tank said, seemingly ignoring what Hannah just said, "that crazy people don't realize they're crazy?" She looked up at the older girl as she took her own muffin and picked at it listlessly.

"Well then your not crazy because you think your crazy but a crazy person doesn't know they're crazy..." Hannah looked slightly confused. "Did that make sense?"

Her companion gave a small, sad laugh. "A little, but I wasn't referring to myself..." She met Hannah's eyes, waiting to see if she caught on.

"Are you talking about me?" said Hannah smiling.

Tank huffed a smile, rolling her eyes before they locked with Hannah's again. "Don't be so narrow. I mean the whole cast back at the tunnel."

"Oh, thats alright then." said Hannah taking another bite from her muffin and acting as if nothing offencive had been said. "But just remember, us crazy people have been helping you out alot lately..."

"Perhaps you should have let me die," Tank said with such carelessness, one might think she had a death wish. That wasn't true. Her eyes widened. Wait! Maybe that was it! "I'm already dead," she said, this time to herself as if in realization.

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Your not dead and I can prove it." she leaned over the table and pinched Tank hard on the arm.

"Ow!" Tank swatted the other girl's hand away and rubbed her own arm, giving a light glare at the female in front of her. "That hurt. And who ever said you can't feel once your dead??"

"Because whats the point of feeling pain if your already dead." said Hannah sipping her drink again. "Trust me your not dead, your very much alive even if it is in one mixed up world. Your just going to have to face it, your part of this show no matter what, and I think it's better to join in the fight than sit back and watch cause no matter how much you try we're just gonna keep turning up including the people who want us dead."

"Then let me die rather than pour blood on my hands!" Tank snapped.

"You would rather have these people kill you than you defend yourself." Hannah said looking at Tank. "And no one's making you kill anyone, all we ask is that you join us so you can help us and we can protect you, if you didn't want to fight no one would make you. I promise you that, as a friend."

"You seem to know nothing," Tank hissed quietly. "I would rather die than have others protect me. I would rather die than kill. I would rather have others work for what they deserve than give it to them for vain favors. And I would certainly rather fight for my life than hide while others died to keep me 'safe', died and I get blaimed simply because they did it to keep me alive. So, do tell me. Do I die and be considered a coward for 'running away', or do I live and be considered a coward, while others die because I live and get their blood placed on my hands??"

"No one would think these things."Hannah said quickly. She sighed then looked down at her empty glass. "I'm sorry for bringing this up, it is obvious it is not a topic you like very much. If you like I could give you a tour of our base, just to show you we're not crazy or freaks, then after you've seen it your free to leave and do what you want."

Tank shook her head. "Sumimasen, but I don't trust you."

Hannah sighed. "Fine. You want me to leave then you can try and forget any of this happened?"

"What would be the point of trying to forget?" the younger said, crossing her arms on the table and laying her chin on them. "They'll just pop up again and try to attack me again, and no doubt you will just show up to save me again...." She sighed and looked up at Hannah. "If you promise.. and I mean honestly, truly, from the bottom of your heart on all that is pure promise that you'll protect me until I understand all this and get back on my feet... I'll give you the benefit of a doubt and let you take me into your... world.. base.. whatever you want. Deal?"

Devlin was inside his room door locked. Locked in the bathroom takign a shower. his bag of all of his possesions packed except for one outfit he was going to wear. the bed was made everything was as he had walked in.

Vala had concentrated on Hannah, knowing that she would try to talk to Tank again. Hannah, is it alright if I listen in? Once she was 'connected', Vala eyes got distant but she walked into the base and took the stairs to the floor her room was on. Hannah be careful, try not to push her too far. Entering her room, Vala lit her candles and sat on her bed. She smiled as she heard Tank. Nice job Hannah, if a bit rough. She gave a soft laugh. She broke away from the link and headed out of her room towards the elevator, from there she went to the computer room. Hannah is bringing Tank back. However she might be a bit hesitant, so we all have to be understanding as usual. this she said to the three in the base.

Vala it really freaks me out to know you can come and go in my mind like this. However, thank you for letting me know she is on her way back. I suppose Hannah talked sence into her.Selena smile to herself as she unlocked the x-ray room.

Of course Selena. I'll ask permission from now on.

Selena nodded her head as if Vala could see her. Its fine and I would very much like that.

You have my word. Vala broke the link and stared at the computer screen in front of her.

Hannah nodded. "Deal. You have my full protection and probably everyone elses back at the base, your safe." she said finishing off her muffin then looking at Tank. "You ready to go now?"

Tank nodded and stood, holding the door for Hannah. "I don't want their protection," she said curtly. "I'm a little wary of you, but as a person you're ok. I still don't trust them."

Chance shrugged the best he could and entered the room Selena had entered. "OK doc, what's the deal here? Whatya want me to do?" He was relieved to be back at the base and safe. His shoulder was killing him. It was funny really. His wrist, obviously broken, didn't hurt near as much as his dislocated shoulder. Shock... a funny thing really.

Hannah nodded picking the sleeping pup up. "Ok, no matter what, I will protect you from everything, just give me the word if something is bothering you and i'll get rid of it and where ever you go i'll be there to protect you, that sound ok?"

Tank nodded sharply and then she and Hannah left the diner and returned to the base.

Hannah held the door open for her when they got to the base, then headed towards the elevator. She pressed number three. "Just have to leave the pup in my room." she said as she entered the elevator whilst grabbing Tank's wrist and pulling her in as well. "Ok let me think, what sort of things do you need to know? Well first of all everyone's names, you know me Hannah, then theres Chance, he's the one who came to your rescue earlier, Selena's the one who you thought was rude, Vala's the only other girl here then there's Devlin, the guy on the motorcycle, he's like my best friend here and I feel kinda bad cause I was a complete bitch to him earlier. I think i'll apologise..." she said looking at Tank.

DEvlin was now in his room, wearing nothing but a big fluffy dark blue towel around his waist. hair drying not dried off rechecking the entire room for his things.

Tank just blinked at Hannah. Where did this girl's mood swings come from? She nodded at the idea of an apology, showing her agreement of it as a good idea. "Thanks," she said quickly, showing appreciation for all the help Hannah was giving her. I must be crazy to go with these people...

Hannah smiled to Tank as she stepped out from the elevator. "Just give me two seconds." she said as she walked to Devlin's door. She knocked softly then stood back.

"Don't come in I'm naked." Devlin says in a monotone kinda voice. He had his socks on and was brushing his hair.

Tank blushed a little, picturing the boy from earlier in nothing. She emidiately regretted it and began reviewing how an engine worked in hopes of clearing her mind and ridding herself of her blush.

Hannah laughed when she heard Devlin. "It's Hannah, I wanna talk, get some clothes on or i'm coming in anyway!" she said daringly.

"I'm terrified really." Came Devlin's reply. He pulled on boxer's anyways his hair was in a pony tail. the rest of his clothes were laid out on the bed almost carefully looking.

"First lets get x-rays of that wrist.. I need one from all sides." She placed his wrist on the table under a light that was shining a x. "Hold still." Selena went behind a wall and pressed a button. CLICK. She moved his wrist the other three times and again repeted the machine. "Alright. I need you to lay on your back and on ur stomach."

"Is it alright if I come in now?" Hannah said through the door to Devlin.

"Feel free to knock down the door." Devlin replies sarcastically. He was in the process of pulling on his tight black jeans. He liked them better then the very loose pants most men wore these days. They weren't so tight as uncomfortable but still they hugged his body as they were supposed to.

"I came to apologise about being a bitch earlier but I can tell you don't want company, next time just go right ahead and say leave me alone, be easier for the both of us." said Hannah angrily through the door.

"Nice apology." Devlin sneers.

Chance followed instructions mindlessly. He was replaying the fight over and over again. He knew that the sword would teach him to fight himself, but somehow he didn't think it was the same as actually learning how to fight. He figured that it was kind of like watching tapes of football games and would help somehow.

She took a x-ray of his shoulder on his back and stomach. "Now I will put these in the machine." She crossed the room to a silver weird shaped machine. "And we will know in thiry minutes. That way they properly develop. You should lie down and get some rest.

He stayed where he was and continued thinking about the fight.

Hannah threw Devlin's door open angrily. "What the hell is your problem? Every time I try to be nice to you, you throw it back in my face!" she said striding over to him and stopping just in front of him. "Yesterday I thought we were getting on so well and then today your treating me like a stupid child, why?"

Tank walked down the hall and peeked warily into Devlin's room. One big happy family... I thought Hannah was nicer than this.. I always was a bad judge of character... She laughed internally to herself.

Tank, everyone's a bad judge of character. Don't be that hard on yourself.

Tank frowned to herself. Get out of my head, she thought in a pleasant tone.

"Get out of my face before I do something unpleasant to that pretty rich empty head of yours. Princess Devlin sneers grabbing his shirt and grabbing his duffle bag. He was getting ready to leave and this was just going to help him. He was getting angrier and angrier.

Hannah looked shocked but then she grew angry. She walked to him and lifted her fist punching him on the nose as a few tears trickled down her face. "Don't ever threaten me again, you don't know me.." She turned and walked quickly from the room tears flooding from her eyes. She punched the number one button on the elevator then ran into it when the doors opened.She ran from the base still crying, not really concentrating on where she was going.

Tank frowned at Devlin, but in a sympathetic way. "How about I find something to help with your nose now and then you can explain what's wrong, maybe?" she suggested.

"...I hate girls..." Devlin says sitting on the edge of the bed. were he had half fallen. His nose was broken. not to noticably, but it was slightly out of alignment. He didn't really mean Tank or Hannah just girls in general who were emotional like that. All the anger had just run off with her.

"I'm hurt," Tank said sarcastically before stepping into the room. She knelt in front of him after pulling out a small bottle of pain reliever out of her pocket. She took two of the small white pills and handed them to him before putting the bottle away and taking his cheeks in her hands so she could move his face without too much pain while examining his nose critically. "Faux'll want to have a look at that. I don't deal with people, but I'm sure it's broken. What to you think?" She let go of his face and ever so gently brushed a finger against the tip of his nose.

"Who's Faux? It hurts... but it'll heal." Devlin asks then says with a shrug though he did wince when she ran her finger over his nose. It was bruising into a very nice deep red.

"I'm not kissing it to make it feel better," Tank said simply and stood. "Pretty color though. Oh, and faux? She's that high class wannabe leader here. She's a healer I believe..." She shrugged. "But I don't know much around here."

"I wouldn't want you to. She's a bit stuck up... and then she stops." devlin says standing and walking into his bathroom getting water and taking the pills and grabbing toilet paper to hold under his nose as it had started to bleed. "Well, are you sticking around?" Devlin asks not bothering with a shirt now. He walks back out of the bathroom and walks out his door leaving his stuff there. he was going to get ice.

"I haven't decided," Tank replied honestly as she followed him to the kitchen, making sure to close Devlin's bedroom door behind her. She leaned against a counter in the kitchen and regarded Devlin critically. "Want me to escort you to the infirmary?"

"I don't need babied. It'll heal." Devlin shrugs packaging ice in a plastic back and putting it over his nose with a slight hiss and a bigger wince before looking over at Tank. "so what should I do about it." He wasn't happy about having to ask. and he didn't want to ask.

Tank thought for a minute, looking at the floor, before she smiled lightly. "I remember one time... Gunner broke his nose... Didn't have a bolt tight enough, it shot up, hit him on the forehead and he fell back on the ground, broke his nose bad... The bolt shaped bruise on his forehead was funny.. and it stayed for about two weeks..." She laughed a little, shaking her head in wonder before she was serious again and looked at Devlin. "Most lightly Faux'll set it back in place and put bandages on it to kind of... 'strap it in place'.. That's what they did to Gunner." She shrugged. "Sorry, but I'm no nurse."

"I meant about the girl." Devlin rolls his eyes, he had adjusted his nose himself but hadn't taped it.

"Ah," Tank said, understanding. "You should learn to be more specific about the objects of your questions. So... Hannah, then? Well... Personally, I think she could have been calmer. I mean.. You were just a jerk, sometimes people are." She shrugged. "She'll come back, I think you should say your sorry for being mean, you weren't in the mood to visit and talk, she should have respected that and to please never assault you again," Tank concluded decisively.

"It almost sounds like you prepared hours ahead of time." Devlin says with a small grin. "I'll let her cool down." He nods very carefully. He then turns and starts pulling out chicken breast and several other things. from the fridge and freezer.

"Being a critical female has some advantages," Tank said and hopped onto a counter, leaning foreward to rest her elbows on her slightly parted knees, still watching Devlin but not in a discomforting way. "You're pretty smart yourself, from what I've noticed. At least, that is, you have some common sense," she commented on the 'let her cool down' idea and smiled slightly. Then she noticed the food. "What are you going to make?"

"Dinner... dinner? no lunch. Lemon and spice chicken with a little white wine flavoring... steamed brocolli, green beans, and pudding. oh and Colliflower, steamed as well." Devlin says pulling out the items. "I could use some help. If you want to. People act better when you feed them, usually. and they accept you faster then they probably should." Devlin nods carefully yet again. He was working with one hand at the moment.

Tank raised an eyebrow at him. "That almost sounded like an insult," she said as she hopped down from the counter and went to the sink to wash her hands. "And the idea for lunch sounds nice, if a bit much. I'd be happy with something like fruit salad with a side of ants on a log..." She shrugged and turned off the water, dried her hands, then looked at Devlin. "Just tell me what to do," she said with a light smile.

"It wasn't an insult just the truth. In truth I'm making enough to last for a few day's as left over's. can you start cutting open the bags of vegetables and put them into the seperate bowl and cookware I put out?" he asks politely. he set down the ice from his nose and starting working on the chicken. becoming very concentrated on it. but not too far concentrated that he didn't realise what was going on or if someone spoke to him.

Tank looked around for what he had spoke about and quickly did as she was told. She helped with a precise and prompt ability and the rest of the meal was made in relative silence except for the occasional 'What next?' and response. When they were finished, Tank stepped back and surveyed the food with a calculating eye. "Not half bad," she approved with a curt nod.

"It's not finished." devlin says taking out parley. everything was seasoned when it cooked to add flavor. he puts parsley on the chicken and around it. it already had rosemary on it. he then starts putting the whip cream on the pudding in the fine china for the dessert. and then put a cherry on each. He was smiling softly looking at it all.

"Your a talented cook, Devil," Tank praised and gave him a smile. She nicknamed all her friends. She just couldn't stand using names that people had been marked as for years. "Lord of the flames of the kitchen." She mock bow-praised and laughed.

Devlin grins. "Mother calls me that too. Oh mighty Cynical Qween Tank." he mock bows back.

"Cynical am I?" Tank said with a teasing grin. "Perhaps I'll have to devise an emberrassing thing to happen to you in front of lots of people with no way to be traced back to me but your suspicions." She pretended to think.

"what do I care of Strangers perceptions of my person and personality." Devlin shrugs. ' Hey Vala you listening in?' Devlin thinks hard as if it would help.

"Who said it would be strangers?" Tank asked as if curious, then just grinned and shook her head. "You're a pleasant guy, Devil. Don't you worry, I'd rather work for you than against you."

"do I get to feast on your eternal soul too?" Devlin laughs softly. He didn't do that often. and once he realised he was he stopped quickly.

Tank just gave an easy smile. "I sold it to you long ago for my logical mind. I think I got the better end of the deal though." She picked up the dessert and vegetable dishes and took them to the dinning area to put on the table.

No Devlin I wasn't listening. I will not do that unless you ask. And by the way just say my name and we're connected. I'm always here when and if needed. She listened to the hum of the computer boot up. Leaning back in the chair she chewed on her thumbnail.

' could you inform everyone that lunch is finished and to come and eat.' Devlin asks her. picking up the large tray with the chicken breasts on it. His nose had turned a wonderful shade of greenish blue. and he didn't notice. "Mustn've been a very good tasting soul for me not to remmeber then huh?"

"I image it was something similar to good taffy, I was a sweet little kid..." Tank smiled at the floor for a minute before her eyes looked at his nose and she frowned. "You should really go to the infirmary about that..."

Alright will do. She waited for a few minutes before letting everyone know. Selene, Chance, Hannah lunch is ready. Devlin made, I believe chicken. It smells great! Once she broke off, she turned the montior on and the screen came alive, she clicked the link for the Internet.

"It's fine." Devlin says setting down the pan and crossing his eyes to look at it. "Ew... but it's still fine." he says shrugging focusing on Tank blinking a few times. "How bout you get the cups and ice and I'll get plates and silverware?"

"Fair deal..." Tank said slowly, still staring at his nose warily. She finally broke her gaze and went to the kitchen to get the cups and ice and returned to the table to set them at the correct places.

Devin grabs his things and sets them up after Tank. then grabs napkins and puts them down as well. "Now we eat. the other's will come as they come." Devlin says sitting down. He was going to wait for them for a few minutes at least.

Vala had left the computer room, after she found what she was searching for. Stepping out of the elevator she made her way towards tke kitchen. She closed her eyes, as she stepped into the kitchen, "Smells abolutly wonderful Dea..Devlin." She took a seat opposite of him, a smile on her lips.

Tank frowned at the food. She knew she shouldn't stay. People would be wondering where she was. Her stomach tightened painfully and she conceded. She hesitantly sat a set from either of them and politely took some vegetables, deciding she would leave after some food.

"I can take you home whenever you like Tank. it is a little later in the afternoon anyways." Devlin says after frowning at vala. he gets a heaping plate full and begins eating politely.

What was that for? I didn't say it aloud. She kept her smile as she helped herself to the food after him.

Selena jumped at Vala's voice breaking into her thoughts. I am still not used to that, but thanks Vala. She had replyed. Chance was moving slower then her. She looked at him but he nodded to go ahead. She took off her gloves and steped out of the room into the kitchen. "Mhmmmmm.." She said closeing her eyes, "Devlin cooked again didnt he?" She opened and was surprised to find the vegis and chicken and the pudding of course. "Wow. I dont know what I would do without you, because I sure would starve. This looks and smells even better." She grabed a plate and loaded it with a good porportion of chicken and vegdies. She sat down on the oppsite side of the table where no one had yet ate. "Chance will be in, in a moment." She glanced up at the front of Devlins face for the first time. "Broke your nose? I can probly fix that in a second since its only minorly damnaged if you would like." She began eating, still examining his nose.

Chance heard the message of food, but his appetite was nearly nonexistant. Most likely, there would be leftovers, so when he did get hungry he would get some food. Hey Vala, tell em I'm not really hungry at the moment but I'll eat later. And thank Devlin for me please.

Hannah walked slowly the tears finally have stopped but her eyes were red and bloodshot. She trudged through the lonely and deserted parts of town shivering slightly as she had forgot to take a jacket. I should have grabbed my stuff...i'll have to go back for it later she thought unhappily.

"It's fine." Devlin says eating now concerning himself with his thoughts and trying to sheild them or whatever he could do to keep Vala from over... hearing them.

Hannah stood up sighing, she had been replaying the past events through her head and realised that she had been a complete bitch. No wonder he lost it with me, and I punched him, what am I going to do? She walked slowly back to the base entering the elevator with unease. What am I supposed to say, if he listens to me... She stepped off at the kitchen biting her lip as she entered. She didn't look at anyone as she walked to the fridge grabbing a bottle of water then she slowly raised her eyes to Devlin. "Can I speak to you for a second please.." she said in a weak voice.

Devlin frowns but stands leaving his plate and glass of water. He was going to follow her. his nose was still a fine green and blue mixed with a little red of fresh blood.

Hannah didn't look up at him as she stepped out of the kitchen. "I'm so sorry...I was a complete bitch earlier, I understand if you hate me or anything." She looked up at him and frowned more when she saw his nose. "I'm so sorry for punching you...I feel terrible..."

"Fine." Devlin says looking down at her the frown still in place.

"I just wanted to apologise, so i'll let you get back to your lunch, sorry again..." Hannah said looking at the ground then turning away from him.

"Look I don't know anything about girls. period. kids and babies but not girls. Not women. but I don't know what to apologize for so we'll call it even." devlin says not exaclty happy he was apologzing at all. he figured he didn't really need to She did break his nose.

Hannah smiled weakly. "You wanna hit me then we'll be even?" she said jokingly.

"No. then I would be a bad guy." Devlin says turning to go back through the door. "you should eat something."

Hannah nodded and followed him through the door sitting herslf in a vacant chair. She didn't look at anyone as she put some food on her plate and when she started slowly eating she kept her eyes on her food.

Tank listened silently to everything as she finished her lunch of steamed vegetables and was now working on a polite serving of pudding, still admiring Devlin's skills to herself.

Hannah looked up at Tank giving a small smile. "Sorry for running off like that..." she said quietly trying not to attract to much attention from the others.

Tank paused in her eating to look up at Hannah. She smiled a little. "I'm sorry too," she said dissapointedly before finishing her pudding, wiping her mouth and excusing herself from the table. "Devlin, you are a wonderful cook," she complimented before standing and picking up her plate and other things. "I'll just clean these off and then be on my way. Thank you for lunch." And with a light smile she went to the sink, washed and set aside her things then went to the elevator.

Hannah quickly stood up and followed her. "Wait...please, I know I promised not to leave you but I was so angry and I do stupid and inconsiderate things when i'm angry, like punch someone or break a promise...I will change, just don't leave yet..."

Tank gave her a small sad smile and shook her head. "You lose your temper like I lose patience. Quickly. I agreed to come on one condition and you broke that within five minutes of me being here. I'm going, I'm sorry." She pushed the button to go to the first floor and the elevator doors closed.

Hannah covered her face with her hands and let out an angry scream. what is wrong with me!? She walked to the elevator and quickly pressed the button. I'll go after her...

With her fork half way up to her mouth, Vala relayed Chance's message, she didn't have to for Hannah. She finished in silence. Being done she stood up and went to the sink and cleaned her dishes. "Twas mighty good Devlin." She left the kitchen and headed back towards the computer room. And Devlin, I can't read your thoughts. I can if you gave me permission. Sitting down she brought back up the page she was looking at earlier.

Hannah stepped into the elevator pressing three. She had decided against going after Tank. I apologised and that's all I can do... She stepped out of the elevator and walked to her room grabbing her motorcycle helmet. Going out on my bike always clears my head.. She walked to the elevator and took it to the first floor exiting the base whilst putting her helmet on. She quickly hopped on her bike and started the engine before speeding off up the road.

Devlin nods and stands up. Walking out and grabbing his helmet. Putting on his helmet and leather jacket and starting his motorcycle's engine. he then drove off in search of Tank on the route to her home.

Rick walked along the road. His shotgun down the side of his jeans to conceal it. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand and looked back, nothing. Rick shook his head and continued his journey, where to, he doesnt know, where from, he wont tell. Nobody can know, nobody must know. He hunched his shoulders slightly and reajusted his backpack before he continued to walk.

Tank was walking the opposite way of the boy, her head high and confident, but she still looked bothered, almost annoyed. When she saw Rick, her eyes widened and she knew he was bad news. She hurried to cross the street before she met up with him and walked quickly to pass him, even though the road was now between them.

Rick saw her and saw opportunity. He half ran half hobbled, keeping his leg with the shotgun straight. He called out "Hey, hey can you help me for a moment please?" He called out in his friendly voice.

Tank stifled the urge to groan. This was not good... She stopped all the same though, wary of the stranger as he approached her and prepared to bolt if need be. "I can try..." she said hesitantly.

Rick noticed her fear and looked around the street and was happy to see nobody there. He hobbled up to her. "I was wondering if you could help me by.." He grabbed her roughly and pulled her into a nearby alley. He slammed her against the wall. "Give me everything you have."

Tank's fear quickly turned to anger. "Release me you street urchin! I don't have anything!" She glared hard at him, ignoring how much his forcefullness hurt her physically.

Rick half smiled angrily. He slammed her against the wall again. "Call me a street urchin?" He said angrily and grabbed her by the throat. "Well." His hands began to search her. "Well see."

Tank struggled a bit for air, but once he was searching her, she glared harder than Satan on baptism day. "That's because you are a street urchin!" she spat and aimed a swift kick to his stomach. Unfortunately, she miscalculated and it landed a bit lower...

Rick groaned and toppled to the floor. The pain was outstanding but he managed to removed his Shotgun from his pants. He pointed it at her, his face a mask of pain. "You bitch!" He yelled angrily and waited for her to make a move.

Staring at the screen, Vala read up on her parents. She scrolled down, a picture of them was posted. Her father had this plastered on smile. Vala smirked, she knew that he didn't like pictures taken of him. But what she saw in his eyes was a message. "I know Da, I miss you too."

Oh goodie, another murder attempt on me, Tank thought to herself as she continued to glare down at the boy in front of her. "Well come on, filth! Shoot me! You think I care if it's a copper bullet or a gold one?" she yelled at him, daring him with her eyes. She would not back down. "I've already nearly been killed twice this week, what's another on the score board!!" He had obviously inadvertantly hit an already sensitive spot with her.

He used the wall to stand and kept the shotgun pointed at her. He stared at her and cupped his balls in one hand. "Little bitch, shut up!" he yelled at her. He stood and tenderly took a step. He walked toward her. "You got balls woman." His tone became friendlier. "Whats your name."

"Tanker," Tank answered, her eyes still narrowed at him and she was backing away as he advanced, but showed no fear, only annoyance. "And it doesn't take much to stand up to a thug with a toy. Furthermore, you shouldn't ask questions and expect answers when you tell someone to shut up."

Rick laughed and lowered the gun. "You really got guts Tanker." He said putting the shotgun over his shoulder. "What are you doin out here all alone?" He asked waving his arm around the place.

"Well I was headed home before some thug thought it worth it to waste my time by trying to mug me," Tank snapped in annoyance. She stopped looking like she was about to run away and was now more like a girlfriend who was telling her boyfriend off for forgetting their anniversary.

Rick laughed "God, your hilarious. Where do you live anyways." He said putting the gun back down his jeans. He looked over the street then back at her, he realised that she was more at ease now.

Tank crossed her arms and looked at him in annoyed disbelief. "You can't seriously believe I'm stupid enough to tell the thug who threatened me with a shotgun where I live."

Rick laughed again. "Threatened you with a shotgun, i didn't use it on ya, quit complainin." He said and waved his arm. "If ya wont tell me then you wont get paid for me stayin there."

Naedan jumped over the tall brick wall and walked down the dark alleyway. Looking around she sighed. Upahead she could see two people talking. One female, one male, the female didnt look at all happy to be where she was.

Tank's expression suddenly went from annoyed, to confused. She blinked. "What?"

Rick chuckled at her expression. "Ill pay ya if you give me somwhere ta stay." He said slowly for her to understand

Naedan stepped out of the alley and began walking towards the people. She had no intention of talking to them, she was just passing by but the girl's expression was interesting.

"I don't know..." Tank started, but then noticed the girl walking toward them and quickly shifted her gaze. Woh... was the thought that came to mind and she knew there was a light pink tinge on her cheeks. She mentally stifled it. "Hello..." she greeted, unsure of the new arrival.

Rick stared at her for a moment before saying slowly "Naedan...? That you?"

Naedan stopped and looked over at the two. '' Looking around she blinked. 'Rick...'

Tank looked between the two. "Well!" she interrupted carefully, turning her attention to Rick. "I'll get back to you on that 'place to sleep' thing, Urchin." She nodded to Naedan. "A pleasure. Buh-bye," she waved in farewell before leaving the alley and started again on her way home.

Naedan looked at him and frowned. 'You need a place to stay? Me and my brother have a place if you really need a place to stay. We have the room."

Rick called to tank "Oi, hey im not finished robbing you yet!" He growled and waved his hand at her. "Nah i think ill stay at her place, you ever met a anyone that just stands up and makes you relise crap? Yeah, she stood up to me Naedan, she stood up to me while i was pointin a fully loaded shotty at her." he nodded "That takes bloody guts."

"Rick she doesnt like you, you make her nervous, leave her a lone for a while." Naedan pulled a pack of cigs out of her pocket and lit one.

"Well I'm finished listening to your petty attempts at robbing me!" Tank had called back to Rick, continueing on her way home. She half wished he had shot her. Then she wouldn't have those crazy people to think about.

Rick shrugged. "Aww well shit happens." he turned back to Naedan and saw the lighter. "Thank god, oi light me up" He pulled out a cigarette and popped it in his mouth.

Naedan flicks on the lighter and holds it up to his cigarette. Placing the lighter back in her pocket. 'So are you coming home with me or walking the streets?'

Rick breathed in deeply and sighed "Thats better..." He muttered "Might roam for a while. Wheres the place at?" He asked taking another puff.

Naedan looked over her shoulder at him. "Two blocks that way," She said pointing to her left. "Only brick house on the street." Started walking in the direction of her house.

Rick muttered a cool and watched her for a little bit before walking in the direction that Tank had taken. He was going to follow her, he smiled at himself as he caught her turning a corner.

Naedan felt a bit dizzy half way to her house and leaned against a fence. Closing her eyes she pulled a bottle of pills out of her pocket and popped one into her mouth. She needed to get her application filled again, but she didnt have a doctor in this town.

Tank went straight to her house without looking back. She found the door locked, but that was nothing new. Her mother was probably at the store and her father at work at the hospital. She unlocked it and went inside. She found a note, which was odd, and, curious, read it:
Tank dearest, your Aunt Aggy died yesterday. We got the call while you were with your friend. She went peacefully in her sleep, don't worry, but we didn't want you to have to come to the funeral, nor did we want to argue about it, so we have gone without you. Honey, we are trusting you to watch the house and be good. We will return at the end of the month once the funeral, mourning, and sorting out of the will has finished. Remember, we love you and trust you and will return as soon as we can. Stay strong, Love, Mother and Father
Tank was in such shock at the end of the letter, she didn't notice she had left the front door open in the summer warmth. I could have been out of this crazy town for a month?...

Rick walked up on the landing and walked through the door without a knock. He looked around and saw Tank "Hey, so this will be my new place for the next coupla days?" He said taking a couple more steps into the house.

Tank spun on him once again with a glare from hell. "What do you think you're doing?! Get out of my house!" she snapped, advancing on him, ready to push him out of the house.

Vala sprinted back to her room. She grabbed her keys, jacket, and backpack, not before putting her boots on. She headed out of the compound. Once in her truck she headed back towards town, to a payphone.

Selena finished her food and took her plate to the sink. She washed it and went to check on Chance.

Naedan stood by the fence for a while and took in deep breaths. 'Ok, now finish it...' Continueing she picked up the pace of was now standing in front of her house. 'Darvis! I need your help." Her brother came running out of the house and helped her inside. Gently he layed her onto the couch and ran to get a wet wash cloth. 'So...I saw Rick today..." Darvis glanced at her as he came back in. Shaking his head he layed the cloth on her forhead and sat beside her. 'And...Naedan? What is going on with him?' Naedan giggled and flinched. "Well he hasn't change much that's for sure...but he was pretty much stalking this stay with her or something. I dont even know." Darvis smiled down at her and shook his head. 'Remember he's not your problem....he never was....' Naedan closed her eyes and turned away from her brother slowly drifting off to sleep.

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