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Character Name:
Character Age:
Physical Appearance:
Most used weapon:
Brief Explanation:On why you took alliance with the Lord and Lady. You Must fill this part out.

Character Name: Seril
Character Age: 27
Physical Appearance: Seril is tall and skinny, with beautiful curves on a body frame that stands at about 5'7. Her face is petitely, but strongly shaped, giving her an exotic beauty that few others have. Mahogony hair falls down to the small of her back, framing a pale face and hard black eyes. She has a large scar across her back, from something Mysterious that only two people in her life know of. On her left hand she wears a gold ring, studded with a Ruby and two small diamonds, which is her wedding ring, tying her to Brand. On her right, she wears a band of silver, which has ancient writing along it. She often has the appearence of being judgemental, almost to the point of arrogance.
Personality: Seril is serene to the point of walking like a ghost. A since of power radiates from her, and her eyes hold a hint of Mischief that has been there since she was born, and has never left. She is darkly beautiful, mysterious and witty, while still having companionship for those that are close to her, which isn't a large number. Though she isn't very tall, her personality makes her tower over people in inposing ways. She prefers to plan her actions, decieting people from as many ways as she can get them. Her tactics often resemble that of a spider, where she creates a web for her prey to fall into, and leaps with the vital attack.
Most used weapon: A long thin sword, with ivy and scrollwork on the blade.
Talent/Magic: Aside from being able to use some dark magic, Seril has the ability to chance the colours of whatever she is wearing with her mind. (EX: If she were to be wearing a Red dress, she could make it fade to a baby blue within seconds.) She can also change what she is actually wearing, but it takes much more time than she would like to deal with.

Username: [Daemon SaDiablo]
Character Name: Brand Matari
Character Age: 31
Physical Appearance: Brand is a tall figure, willowy at first glance, but it disguises an underlying layer of steel corded muscles. Piercing green eyes look out at the world with a candid and judgemental view. Standing at roughly six feet of height, Brand is not the tallest of people, but his personality seems to garner him a larger presence. A fanatically trimmed goatee adorns his face, and his hair is shoulder length and curly, red with black tips, it resembles charcoal, glowing at the center, and darker the further out. His left hand is adorned by a simple platinum band, matching almost flawlessly his pale complexion, engraved around it are interlocking rings, that seem to writhe if studdied too closely, the ring being his wedding band.
Personality: Brand is enigmatic, sly, deceitful, treacherous, and imposing. If his gilded tongue cannot sway a person into doing what he wants, the point of his sword Werewindle will. Charming to a fault, he hides his volatile temper well. Though if pushed to even slightly, he unleashes it in all its ferocious splendor. Known to go into battle flinging spells and swinging his sword like a fiend, cackling insanely all the while, he's a force unto himself.
Most used weapon: His long sword Werewindle which bears the core of a magical pattern long lost to time and chaos, its edges and curves constantly flow and move within the confines of the blades shape.
Talent/Magic: Brand has an almost natural ability to transport himself short distances at will, phasing in and out of reality within a few short moments. Through long practice, study, and experiementation, he can activate this ability at will. He is also skilled in shadow pact magic.

Username: [The hunter]
Character Name: unknown (known only as "Jester")
Character Age: 26
Physical description Jester usually is in the typical jester clothing. The only real differences is that his face is painted in the black and white with the faces of comedy and tragedy on opposing cheeks. His jester suit is blood red, instead of traditional green, with black vertical stripes. His baton has a mini skull at the end of it. No one has seen his face without make-up or him without his suit. He's tall, gaunt and lanky, yet still quite attractive.
Personality: Jester is funny, cruel, withdrawn, and charismatic. He loves playing games with people, putting friend against friend, lover against lover, father against son, that sort of thing. He rarely thinks of anyone but himself, but on the rare occasions he does things for other people, he does them for a price.
Most used weapon Jester doesn't usually fight, but when he does, he goes at his foes with a huge arsenal, including daggers, hammers, breathing fire, and much more.
Talent/Magic Jester has no magic. However, he has the ability, somehow, to pull almost anything out of his pockets, from hula-hoops to a giant executioner's ax.
Brief explanation He's naturally evil, so he gravitates towards evil.

Username: [chuchutrain]
Character Name: Tala Hopkins (deceased)
Character Age: 24
Physical Appearance: Tala seems a few years younger, which gives her an almost innocent air to her. Her cheekbones high and her skin a pale peachy colour only add to her act. She stands at about 5'6 with small curves. Her long, dark teal hair accents her cold grey eyes. A black tribal mark runs down beside her right eye and under it. Her attire consists mostly of a dark blue, short sleeved dress that flares from her hips and out, the dress reaching down to just above her knees. She has a black belt hanging loosely at her hips, while black boots rise up to her knees and fishnet gloves adorn each hand and forearm.
Personality: Tala is always looking out for herself. She is quiet and difficult to deal with. She always seems to have a hidden agenda for whatever she does and rarely does things that won't benefit her in some way. She is not a trusting person and will never let her guard down around others, no matter who they are. She has no problem sucking up to those above her. She has a problem with staying loyal to most people around her, yet she always knows her place and quite rarely steps out of line infront of those above her.
Most used weapon: A pair of daggers strapped to her belt.
Talent/Magic: She can summon demons. When she does, red specks reach out from her pupils and streak through the grey irises.
Brief Explanation: She was in debt and didn't have the money. She sold herself to the devil in exchange for an ability to get rid of those who caused her trouble. He gave her the ability to summon lower level demons, just strong enough to get her through. She is now loyal to the Lord and Lady because of her status, she knows no other way of life than evil and knows that they could either benefit her or kill her depending on what she did.

Username: [Jiten]
Character Name: Jiten
Character Age: 7
Physical Appearance: A small boy, Jiten is remarkably... well, unremarkable. His hair is black, and his face is slightly cherubic, like that of a pampered child, which he is anything but. To most people, Ten appears to be a cute, starving orphan child. His clothes are never constant, and the only thing about him that ever stays the same is a small tattoo of a man and his shadow on the inside of the web between thumb and forefinger.
Personality: This truly depends on the nature of his company. He has dozens of false names, personas, and backgrounds. For the most part however, he is Jiten the Shadowdancer, a slightly sarcastic, very dangerous little boy. Never get on his bad side. EVER.
Most used weapon: Jiten conceals about his person various needles and poisons tailored to his exact specifications. He uses these tools to perform his near-indetectible assassinations.
Talent/Magic: Trained from the moment he could walk, Ten is a Shadowdancer. He has been taught to hide, strike, and kill without detection. He also has the innate ability to bend the light around himself, which is the main reason he was chosen to be a Shadowdancer. These skills are perfect for his job: undetectable spying, stealing, and killing.
Brief Explanation: Jiten in currently the youngest full-fledged Shadowdancer in existence. His parents were accused of being spies and hung before he was even 8 months old. He spent several weeks in an orphanage run by monks. One day, a man came to the orphanage and started asking the monks questions about the children, saying he wanted to adopt an apprenctice. While the monks and he were talking, the man watched a group of children, which included Jiten, playing hide & seek. Jiten came out victorious during every round, because he could never be found. The man studied Ten closely, and realized that he could bend light, a very rare talent. This man, Sencrade was his name, immediatley asked for permission to made Jiten his apprentice. The monks agreed, and for the next five years, Sencrade trained Ten in the art of Shadowdancing. The night before Jiten's seventh birthday, and knock came at the door. Sencrade told Ten to conceal himself, and went to the door. Two of the queen's guards burst in, and informed Sen that he was under arrest for murder. Sencrade resisted, and the slaughtered him right before Jiten's very eyes. That night, as he wept over his master's body, Ten vowed that he would avenge Sencrade's death by any means possible. Several days later, He made the mistake of trying to steal from Seril. She captured him, thinking to punish him, and he pleaded with her to let him live. He demonstrated his skills in an attempt to escape, but she was too quick. She said that she would fulfill his request only if he did something for her: assassinate a particular spy. He did so (that is another story altogether), and has been working for her ever since, always looking for the guards that killed Sen.

Username: [Marche Runner]
Character Name: Yumoro (Also commonly known as Chaos)
Character Age:Unknown but looks around 20.
Physical Appearance: Yumoro stands at about six feet with molten red eyes and maroon hair, which has a patch of white hair, on his bangs. His hair is a couple inches long, his bangs being the only long part of his hair. His bangs fall in his face, covering part of his eyes. His face is handsomly shaped, with obvious cheek bones and seductive eyes. He wears tight black breeches, with a black sash that gives him a ghostly appearence. He wears a sleeveless tight black shirt, with two bands of black on each arm. He also may be found in an overly large cloak, usually in battle. The one thing that he never, ever, takes off is a white viel, which viels his face from the bridge of his nose down. Like everyone who has sworn loyalty to Seril, he has the spiderweb tattoo on his left hand, his differing only because it starts black and fades red towards his wrist. The only peice of of jewlery he wears is a large silver band on his right thumb.
Personality: He's more or less the destructive "I'm going to send you to hell" kind of guy, but he is also very loyal. He has no taste for wooing women, although many fall over him without his consent. His main attraction is Chaos, and using it.
Most used weapon: Bladed Gauntlents.
Talent/Magic: He's a pyromancer/Alchemist/ Dissapearing acts. Use you're creative mind for that one.
Brief Explanation: His origional reason for joining Seril's Army was for the pure pleasure of watching the bloodshed. Over time, he grew an "I must protect you" kind of attraction toward Seril, and it wasn't in a sexual way, mind you. Although he fights in battles, he's more-or-less Seril's Body guard.

Username: [Barock]
Character Name: ‘The Count’ (Auralis)/ Dartarious
Character Age: 28
Physical Appearance: Auralis has long blonde hair which he ties back into a pony tail at the nape of his neck. He wears bright and expensive clothing, making him look every bit as rich and powerful as he once was. He wears a long jacket in red silks which reaches to his knee’s and is fastened with many golden clasps. The rest of his clothing is made from a deep red velvet which is almost black. Embedded on the back of his left hand is a bright ruddy jewel which glows with a bloody light. He often wears a glove on this hand, as great thick veins stem from the gem. His eyes are blue and his skin fairly pale, he is tall but not hugely so.
Personality: Auralis is jovial, urbane and witty; however since the addition of the demon Dartarious to his person he has a sinister edge, often breaking out in violent rages. Dartarious himself, when in control of The Counts physical form is savage and delights in the slaughter of anything alive.
Most used weapon: Auralis carries two long silver throwing knives, mainly for show. His true strength lies in his speed and in-human strength. The demon within him grant Auralis the ability to move faster than almost any mortal, to have skin like stone (when needed) and to strike like a ton of bricks. Dartarious however has none of these powers while he is in control, for some reason the demon can bestow gifts to all but himself. He does however use a large claymore of living fire named ‘Char’ which he wields with skill.
Talent/Magic: Auralis has no magical talent whatsoever, the demons gifts are enough for him. Dartarious however is a master Pyromancer and delights in the destruction his flames weave.
Brief Explanation: Count Auralis was once the successor of a long line of rich and powerful nobles in the lands of good and light. However, he had a younger brother who was jealous of his brother’s future succession and conspired against him. It was on a stormy night that Auralis found his brother chanting the words to a spell of dark summoning; Dartarious arrived soon after in a storm of sparks. The demon slew Auralis’ brother, devouring the screaming boy’s soul and turning to his older brother. The spell however, having been woven by a relative novice began to collapse on itself, pulling Dartarious back into the abyss. In once last desperate act, the demon grabbed the dumbstruck Auralis’ left hand, forcing his entire infernal being into it. Thus was the jewel forged, thick veins of corruption began to seep into Auralis’ body and were it not for the you mans stubborn will, he too would have been consumed by the demon. Later, Auralis was exiled from his homeland and had to flee from his accusing family, who claimed he killed his brother. At this point The Count was lost, so he began to commune with the demon within him, and they forged a pact. Dartarious would assist Auralis in avenging his ruined life on his accusing family, and all Auralis had to do was feed the demon, with souls. Auralis Follows the Lord and Lady as they are the surest way to achieve his goal. His old code of honour makes him a loyal and deadly follower.

Character Name: Elijah
Character Age: Thirteen
Physical Appearance: Elijah is about 5'1", with shaggy blonde hair and sky blue eyes. His features are innocent, with a small nose and medium sized eyes, and a now round face. As he grows older, His face matures by loosing some of it's baby fat, and becoming more of a mans face than a boys. Elijah is thin and toned, from his training with his father, who is the Leader of the "good side". He's usually found in breeches and animal skin boots, with a t-shirt like shirt, and sometimes a coat. He has his left ear pierced numorous times, for reasons that only Seril will know later. He wears a tie around his left wrist, and nothing else.
Personality: Elijah has a need compassion. Although he comes off rather standoffish, his need for compassion tends to take him over to the point of giving him an addictive personality. He's a rather sweet boy once his defences are down, and tends to see the best in people while ignoring the worst.
Most used weapon: Although he doesn't fight now, he was trained with a wooden staff. Later, Seril introduces him to a new weapon, which he learns, and masters.
Talent/Magic: Although Elijah uses no magic, he has had a spell casted on him. He was charmed to mature rather quickly. Instead of maturing at a normal rate, Elijah grows an age every 5 months, and will keep growing at that rate till he reaches 18. From there on, the rate that his age matures moves rather slowly, where he only goes up an age every two years.
Brief Explanation: In the beginning, Elijah was kidnapped by Seril's army. As he gets to know her, he feels compassion for the Spider Queen, and quickly realizes that he would rather spend his time in the world with her, rather than his father, who's only mindset is war. When he is old enough to fight, Elijah will stand beside Seril in war as her protector.

Character Name: Davie
Character Age: 27
Physical Appearance: Davie is short and petite, she stands at about 5'4. She has a very fine face, like those of you favorite model. Black hair goes to about the middle of her back and falls In a termendous amout of layers,the shortest, other then her sideswept bangs, is only to her sholders. She isn't very pale, nor is she really dark, and she has strong green eyes. She has a tattoo of a star on the back of her neck. on her left and right wrists, she has many braclets, most of which she never takes off.
Personality: Davie has that walk of being arrogant, kind of searching for that one thats going to notice it. She tends to keep to herself, unless something prouds her to do something to try and get noticed. She Has that mysterious ora abou her She is witty and kind of a smartass, She hates to be told what to do. She hates the truth but would much rather hear it. Since she isn't very tall she feels the need to try and prove herself, though in her mind she really shouldn't hav to.
Most used weapon: Two mid length swords. When hit agiasn't other metal pink sparks fly off.
Talent/Magic: She mostly dables in black magic, but can use both. She has the ability to become invisible, and within being invisible change her appearnce. She tends to appear out of nowhere a lot.

Username:[Marche Runner]
Character Name: Volyn
Character Age: 25
Physical Appearance: Unlike his sister, Volyn stands tall, at about 6'4" and has a tone yet slender body shape. He tends to look like all of his colour was drained from him, but it is something that he has come to terms with. When he was a child, he was rather sickly, a deadly bacteria getting into his body and about killing him, causing him to loose all of his colour pigments in his hair. His hair is white, and rather shaggy, contrasting greatly with when he was first born; His hair was a mahogony red, just like his sister. Although his hair is white, his eyes stand out giving off a purple sheen, and his skin is rather tan, almost a copper colour. His face is strongly shaped, giving him a handsom and exotic appearance. Volyn is usually dressed in a white cheese cloth shirt and a white, gold, and purple sash and is normally shoeless. He wears a black leather choker and has several silver rings adorned on his left hand. Like his sister Volyn has a spider tattoo on his left hand but differing from hers, Volyns is white with long legs and a small body.
Personality: He thinks alot like his older sibling but wont just in to bloodshed as fast. He also has mopre compassion for others the Seril does, plus he tends to keep his thoughts to him self only speeking once in a while when it is needed.
Most used weapon: Volyn uses two sythes that have shortend handles so he can hold one in each hand.
Talent/Magic: Volyn can summon the furry of a storm using lightning, hail rain wind and so on. He can also see into the future, though his sight into the future isn't always dead on the spot and the time within his visions is unknow it could happen with in one minute to one hundred yesr or even never. He see's the future in a certain way, only allowing him to see one outcome of a line of choices.
Reasoning: Volyn is Seril's two year younger brother, though only two people know that. He grew up, like Seril, in an "evil" family, pursuading him into a darker state of mind. Although Seril is the queen, her younger brother is a large asset to her.

Username: [jesus of suburbia]
Character Name: Reisen Tueur
Character Age: 34
Physical Appearance: Tall, and subtly strong. His intimidating appearance derives from a face full of madness, and his large height of 6' 4". He has short, black hair, and a thin beard. He has taken many arrows into his shoulders, and subsequently has a small field of scars left from distant battles.
Personality: Clever and cunning, Reisen is known to overlook certain issues. This ignorance has lead to many debacles in his life, and has caused a great deal of troubles. He became a mercenary at a fairly young age. His father, Übel Tueur, was a huskarl, a barbaric mercenary used mostly for killing archers. Reisen was the only survivor of an invading horde that killed most of the people in his tribe. He learned much from his father, the ways of blocking arrows, weilding the long, deadly sword, and the brutal axe. When his father left with a group of well-paying knights and never returned, Reisen had to venture out into the world. Since then, he has deteremined to be a Huskarl as his father before him was. He later found the remnants of his father, and took from his grave his prized Katzbalger sword, and put a piece of his dead father's skull into the handle, giving the sword a soul.
Most used weapon: Huskarl Katzbalger sword
Talent/Magic: His father's soul in the sword enables him to forsee events in his left eye before they occur. 
Brief Explanation: As a mercenary, Reisen Treuer was in need of money and knew that if he was out of contract long enough, he would lose all those years of training. Seeing potential benefit from the Lady, he joined her side to provide merciless, deadly service.

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2007-03-02 [Daemon SaDiablo]: -rolls his eyes- Congratulations, you just won an -insert object here-

2007-03-02 [Thrice]: I hope you all know that you have to explain why you are loyal to Me and Blaise.. not Evil.

2007-03-02 [Jiten]: I can only think of perverted objects that I would have won... I CAN'T STOP THE THINKING! Oh, and I will. I was getting to that.

2007-03-02 [Jiten]: Is that better?

2007-03-02 [Daemon SaDiablo]: -nods- Muchly so.

2007-03-02 [Thrice]: It is.

2007-03-02 [Jiten]: Oh good. Sorry Daemon, I would've put you in there somewhere, but I know Shannon a lot better.

2007-03-02 [Thrice]: Since I basically grew up with you..

2007-03-02 [Daemon SaDiablo]: -shrugs- No problem.

2007-03-02 [Jiten]: Yes, and good.

2007-04-13 [Thrice]: Hah.

News Flash.

I came up with this... amazing idea, with the mind of Kyle, of course.
All people who have sworn loyalty to Seril will have a spiderweb tattoo on the top of their left hand, since Seril resembles the mind of a spider... greatly.



2007-04-24 [Thrice]: SAM!!!!
-loves apon-

2007-04-24 [Jiten]: I know! I kicked him until he joined.

2007-04-24 [Thrice]: Yay.
I just hope he can keep up.
Kyle and I have been mulling this over, and this RP has sooooo much going on.
This is amazing.
It reminds me of WoT.
Only.. better because it came from our minds. =D=D=D=D
I am so happy with this.

2007-04-24 [Jiten]: I know, it's just so expansive.
I hope that the next WoT book comes out soon... I getting all bored.
This worked so much better than... well, a lot of RP's

2007-04-24 [Thrice]: I just bought the Knife of Dreams.

But I am so happy with this one..

2007-04-24 [Thrice]: And wow.
Seril is so much more advanced than what her profile says. ><

2007-04-24 [Jiten]: I know lol. I described Ten's background a bit more than most though, his life hasn't been very big yet anyways. Oh, I'm adding Sam to the Character list ok?

2007-04-25 [Thrice]: Okay.
It's all good.

2007-04-25 [Jiten]: Yay!

2008-01-11 [Swollenfish]: Oh dear... This one's a little too far on I think

Thanks anyway :)

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