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This is a tribute page for Rowe


Rowe Maple Donut, [Nioniel] and [W.L.]'s Mini Rex Rabbit, died October 5th, 2010, from a respiratory infection.
Rowe was a beautiful and lovable rabbit, friendly and outgoing, sweet and energetic.
Rowe was always eager for a treat and play time outside of her cage. She would bound about her playroom so happily and excitedly, that it always put a smile on the face of any onlookers.
Though she was only in this world a short time, her life was a good one, filled with love, good food, yummy treats, lots of playtime, and the adoration of her human companions.
Her favorite treats were dandelions, which she enjoyed daily.
Rowe is survived by her big sister, Mitzie (Cocker Spaniel), and her two step-brothers, Gollum (DSH) and Brillo (Siamese).
She is also survived by her two humans, [Nioniel] and [W.L.].

Awesome graphic made by [SilverFire]

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2010-10-07 [W.L.]: <img:>

2010-10-07 @Not logged in user@: I miss you, little oven roaster!

2010-12-14 [Nioniel]: I miss you. :(

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