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2005-11-27 23:27:42
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Welcome to the Rubber Ducky Legion. I am your Queen, and anyone else that believes that ducks shall rule the world may join. So, why ducks? DUCKS ROCK! They look so inocent! When have you ever heard of a bad havent! My point!

Our first thing to do is to recrute more members! Wont be muck fun in here with out more people!

This is the first wiki that ive ever created so, cut me some slack here, i dont know what im d oing. Anyway, if you want to join just put your user name in brackets like these [] and welcome in. oh, and pick up a badge to put on your site!

Rubber Ducky Legion
If anyone can figure out how to put the hyperlink on the badge...JUST DO IT PLEASE. i have no idea how to do it
1) [WinglessFairy]
2) [The Bohemian Pixie] yayy ducks shall prevail!!!
3) [sillygoose2006] I love duckies!!!
4) [Konoha ANBU] All hail the rubber duckies!!!!!!!!
5) [pretty in blood] i love ducks! ^_^
6)[Coldfire1] doesn't take much to rule the world;)
7)[forestfarie] Quack Quack......Sqeek Sqeek. :P
8)[Doodle of Cydonia] ahahaha!!!! squeee! rubber duckies shall rule us all!!!
9)[Zantia] we shall rule the world one day....Rubber ducks!
10)[Teufelsweib] obey the mighty SQEEK!!
11)[Sleeping Dictionary] I love Rubber Duckies!! In fact my nickname is "Ducky" and has been ducky for years.Quack quack!
12)[Kat3e♥♥] bow down to the rubber duckys! do it i command u!
13)[morbidity in pink] ducks rule!
14)[urgayimnotgoodby] woo yay for the ducks
15) [Kissed the boys and made them cry] "...rubbber ducky, you're the one, you make bathtime so much fun ..."
16) [peachesnpears] woohoo go lil friend... swim ur heart out!!
[Palsakom] Im still debating wether I want to be a duck or a camal. The duck is looking damn fine at the moment though!
17) [stone roses] dUcKs!!!!!
18) [Stephers17] Howdy ya'll! I love rubber duckies ^_^
19) [Lexy Legit*;]
20) [Vampire Kitty_311] i have rubber duckie bed sheets!!
21) [reble chikn go moo] There's a rubber ducky living in my head. His name is Thomas Bartholemew III. He says to call him Tommy and says HI!
So do I! Ducks rule!
22) [Chiharu] Rubber Duckys shall take over the world o_o; YAY!!! LET'S DANCE!
23) [Roux 49] You know, yellow ducks are great but why aren't there any magenta ducks
24) [Konoha ANBU] rubber duckies *squeak squeak* they will rule the world on bath at a time!
25) [Fortune Orange] ever hear of president uck? well hes comin to town!
26) [Pyro_Angel] Rubber Duckys will take over the world!!!! lolz ekkkkkkz
Display your Duck Art
27) [aphrodizzeeack] Wow, I'm the 27th member of loads of wikis now... coincidence (can't spell it)... I think not!!!
28) [FadedxReality]
29) [Delilah]
30) [PROFILE DELETED] rubber ducky in a ball broke!
31) [Death's Die-Ary] i'm bored enough to join this,lol
32) [elfsrule] Ducks will rule the world!!:D(side by side whit the muffins, naturally)
33) [tomboy2.0]yay!! its a ducky club
34) [Dark_Love] "..rubber ducky ur the one u make my bath time lots of fun rubber ducky im awfully fond of u do do di do.." SQUEEK!
35) [thehogfather] rubber duckies are cute, smooth, and provide hours of funfilled entertainment!!!
36) [Finny Pony] DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
37) [someelf] I lurve duckies @.@ ._. They will rull the Earth some day!
38)[motivate me.] Haha I have stolen [Coin Operated Boy]'s and [Drop Dead Serif]'s Queer Rubber Ducky Muhahaha
39) []i have 2 duckies i have 2 duckies i have 2 duckies hey hey hey!
40) [sXe=clean punk] rubber duckies shall one day reign supreme

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2005-01-01 [Doodle of Cydonia]: hahaha...thats the way it works!!!^^ HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL!

2005-01-02 [forestfarie]: ITS 2005!

2005-01-03 [Doodle of Cydonia]: it is!!! hehehe great observation there, forest! ;)

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: i know

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