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Player - [Sturmi]
Name - Rumiko (Rumi) Tenku
Race - Human
Sub-race - Xiadomian
Class - Monk
Allegiance - Xiadom, house of Huan
Appearance - Don´t be fooled by Rumi´s appeareance. At first sight she looks like a small and fragile woman. If you look closer, though, you can find the traces of years of training and discipline, the well defined muscles of her small body and the calm look of her face, a too calm face sometimes, that reveal she´s not as fragile as she looks. Her hair is long, black and straight. She usually takes it in a half loose bun, holded by two wooden sticks up on her head, the way many other xiadomian women carry it, or in a simple ponytail. Only rarely she leaves it loose. Her eyes are black and deep, small and almond-shaped, and hide sadness. Her face is still a little child-like, and makes her appear younger than she really is. She wears usually a dark blue, short, sleeveless tunic tied around her waist, a simple shirt underneath and some comfortable pants. She likes clothes of light materials that allow her to jump and run easily. Rumi carries bondages around her wrists most of the time, either to protect them or to help them heal.
Age - 25
Personality - Rumi is almost like control personified. She rarely lets emotions show to other people and keeps always quiet and calm. She can go through very stressing situations without loosing her temper or falling into despair. The years of training with the monks have made a very disciplined person of Rumiko. She strongly belives in the wisdom of the ancient monks and in the way she chose for living. Rumi is a closed person, though, that doesn´t really reveal herself to other people unless she really trusts and knows them. She doesn´t talk much. She choses what she considers to be right according to the law and the teachings of the monks.
History - Rumi was born to a humble family of rice workers of the Huan fields. She spent her early childhood playing with other children around the rice fields while their mothers and fathers sowed, grew and harvested the rice. Rumi was the third of 5 children. Her older brothers continued working at the rice fields, her younger sister married young, and her younger brother escaped the life of the rice field to eventually go to the city. But Rumi´s fate was different. At the young age of 8 she started to dissapear complete days from the sight of her family and went to the monasteries to watch the monks training. She was enchanted by their calm beauty then, by the way they looked and spoke to people now and then. One of the young monks, Lu, noticed the girl that watched them every day, and one good day he approached her and talked to her. He must have seen some potential in Rumiko, because he helped her to start getting trained at the monastery with other young ones from different parts of the country. Rumiko´s family didn´t oppose. Rumi was to be taught, and the monks were good people they did trust.
Lu helped Rumi all he could, and became one of her closest friends. Rumi turned out an excellent and disciplined fighter, and was soon sent out of the monastery to help Lu accomplish different tasks. Years passed and their friendship grew closer. But then, one day, they were ambushed by a group of Dah´kin while on a mission at the Yasu territory. Lu sacrificed his life in order to give Rumiko a chance to run away and save herself. Rumi barely escaped alive, having fought all she could, but the Dah´kin outnumbered them. A long time passed before Rumi returned to the monastery, and when she did, she was no longer the same. She closed the pain inside her and felt guilty for not having been able to save Lu. Some time later she left the monastery, advised by the monks to look for an own way to follow and to search for interior peace.

Rumiko had decided to make her own way through life searching for some sort of peace, but first, she had some unfinished business to take care of. Rumiko was able to track down the leader of the band who had killed Lu, a Dah'kin named Non'rid. She tracked down Non'rid throughout the whole continent until exhaustion, but the Dah'kin was sneaky as he was wicked. Finally Rumiko managed to pinpoint the exact location of Non'rid, to her dismay, she already found him dead. She said to herself that she should be happy, that Lu had been avenged, but the fact that it had not been her who made the Dah'kin pay for his crimes was always in the back of her mind. Rumiko retreated to life of training and solitude, though every now and then the Non'rid and Lu popped into her mind, and whenever she had human company she inquired upon these topics.

Eventually Rumiko found out that Non'rid had a student, a twisted being named Vineg. Vineg had just been captured by a Paladin of the Order of the Sentinels named Camus Mattia, who would take him to the White Wall prison, where he would be reformed and eventually released. Rumiko gasped in horror, thinking that the only fate for a being as fell as Vineg was death. She tracked down Camus and Vineg, and, after promising she would never kill again after she had done away with Vineg, she knocked unconcious and impersonated a young soldier named Liaco. Rumiko began to travel along the column of soldiers escorting the prisioners amongst which Vineg was, eventually she befriended Camus himself, who made him one of the members of his guard (though to Camus, Liaco was just a girly looking, but very capable soldier).
After almost three weeks of traveling, the column came upon a little town in the Fell woods, where they would camp for the night. Rumiko finally decided tonight would be the night she would be done with Vineg.

Weapon of Choice - Staff of Earth and Fire
Element - Green


Level - 25

Experience/To next level - 93010/97150

Equipment -
Staff of Earth and Fire + 5 (Magical Staff, 4 Atk, 3 Def, 2 Rng, 3 Wgt, Allows user to cast Blade Shield and Sun Beam twice a day without MP cost)(1 Sun Beam Cast)
Dawnblossom (Unique Kama, 4 Atk, 4 Def, 2 Wgt, Special Skill Entrap, Dawnblossom can make an attack roll to try to trap an enemy's weapon or force him to let go of it.)
Blackfire Armor +4 (Magical Black Leather Armor, 6 Def, 2 Mag, 7 Wgt, Increases Rumiko's speed and attack by 1)
Stone Hat +2 (Magical Bamboo Hat, 5 Spd, 2 Car, 2 Wgt, Rumiko takes 25% less damage from yellow magic spells)
Fang Pendant (Magical Tribal Necklace, 2 Atk, 2 Spd, 1 Car, 3 Wgt, Allows Rumiko to call Ikal, a magical Silveron to fight for her for d4 + level turns. Ikal can be summoned once a day.)
Petals (Unique Boots, 1 Spd, 1 Def, 2 Wgt, Unique Skill - Weightless, when weaing the petals, Rumiko's weight is drastically decreased, allowing her to use the waterwalk skill, amongst others.)
5 Healing Potions (5 Wgt)
3 Rations
Bedroll (5 Wgt)
750 GP

HP - 86
MP - 22/32
Str - 12
Con - 8
Int - 5
Mag - 8
Dex - 15
Car - 5

CC - 29/60

Skills – Discipline, Handle Swords, Lightning Speed, Marskmanship, Rage, Unarmed Fighting, Handle Exotic Weapons, Weapon Mastery (Unarmed), Followup Strike, Critical Strike, Counterattack, Deflect Arrow, Combat Tactics. 
Skill Points - 1

Special Skills
Weapons Master - Once every 3 levels, the Wanderer chooses a particular weapon in which he becomes more proficient, gaining + 1 Damage when using that weapon. From then on, the Wanderer can keep increasing his proficiency with that weapon (+1, +2, +3..) or pick new weapons to master.

- +2 to Kama
- +3 to Unarmed Fighting

Chi Strike - By concentrating the power of his spirit on his fist, the Monk can perform a ranged melee attack, firing a blast of power from his hands by using MP. The range of the blast is equal to the Monk's Magic Power. The power of the blast depends on the amount of MP the Monk focuses on the blow.
Meditate - When not taking any action in combat, the Monk can enter a state of mental peace that allows him to draw power from his own soul. When meditating, the Monk will recover 2 MP per turn.
Spirit Shield - Sometimes the power of someone's spirit is so great that can stop swords and arrows, as long as he has the spirit shield activated, all the damage the Monk takes is deflected to his MP.

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2005-03-19 [Sturmi]: ^_^ helloo Grengo

2005-04-13 [Veltzeh]: You know, I'm really wondering... if Vineg and Rumi fought, would Rumi get to use her special skill? I mean, Vineg wasn't the one to wrong her, but since she really seems to believe that it was somehow responsible or whatever and all. Just wondering. O_o

2005-04-13 [Duredhel]: She would :)

2005-04-13 [Veltzeh]: Whee XD

2005-05-12 [Veltzeh]: New pic :)

2005-05-12 [Grengo]: Looks awesome. Kinda' reminds me of a mix of Mulan and Zhang Zhiyi <_<

2005-05-13 [Sturmi]: :D

2005-06-08 [Sturmi]: Dûr!!!!!!! It's AMAZING!!! Gracias!!

2005-06-08 [Duredhel]: Pwee ^^ que bueno que te haya gustado

2005-09-14 [Sturmi]: 5 Int?? tan tonta? :p

2005-09-14 [Duredhel]: hahaha XD no es tonta, es regular :P cuando subas de nivel le puedes dar mas, mientras escoge sus skills

2005-09-14 [Sturmi]: jajaja ok. Además tengo 5 de Carisma! es tímida. En fin, estaba solo comentando

2005-09-14 [Grengo]: Looks like Kei'rin's the smartest of us all <_<;;;

2005-09-15 [Sturmi]: Camus is as smart as me, lol. Kei'rin and Ortho are the brains...

2005-10-03 [Grengo]: Ouch

2005-10-03 [Sturmi]: yep, ouch....

2005-10-19 [Sturmi]: Dûr, could you specify which skills does Rumi get when wearing the petals?

2006-07-28 [Sturmi]: yay that drawing is awesome! I love the hat!! Are you making drawings for everyone? :p

2008-02-10 [Duredhel]: Heeeey sturms ^^ podrias hacer el weight y carrying capacity de Rumi?

2008-02-10 [Sturmi]: whops... ok lo hago enseguida

2008-02-10 [Duredhel]: Gracias :3

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