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Rusted Grace

Hooray for Steampunk! The title of this was created with the help of [Triola], [Linderel] and [Erubeus] - go throw love upon them! Anyway, I decided to do this manip because I hadn't worked on a portrait for a while and I missed it. This was relatively simple in its creation but I like it. As you can see by looking down, I have two different versions of this. One with a more rusted look, one without. I like them both equally.

This is the first of many Steampunky manips I will be creating.

Since creating this I have decided to do a Genre portrait series, this is the first installment. To see more look at the list after the stock list. :)




Genre Series:
1. STEAMPUNK - Rusted Grace
2. CYBERPUNK - Cyber Styled
3. FANTASY - Faeble
4. SCI-FI - Alienated
5. HORROR - Red Webbing
6. HISTORICAL - Vintage Feel
7. ROMANCE - Strawberry Taste
8. COMEDY - Sunshine
9. TRAGEDY - Teary Eyed
10. MYSTERY - Shroud


/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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2011-01-17 [Akayume]: <3

2011-04-26 [Akayume]: Why are there two? o.o

2011-04-26 [Chimes]: They're slightly different. :)

2011-04-27 [Akayume]: Really? I must have super bad eyes, because I can't tell. X.x I think I would need to see them side-to-side to spot the differences.

2011-04-27 [Chimes]: One has a texture, one doesn't. :P It says it in the little description thingie. :P

2011-04-27 [Akayume]: Ahhh, I see now. :P Do you think I really read those? Silly. :3

2011-04-27 [Chimes]: Pah. :P

2013-03-10 [Kbird]: LOVE THE PICTURE! fond it by mistake...but it was a nice mistake!

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