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Name: Ruth Iskowitz

Age: 26

Affiliation: Jew, Nazi resistance

Rank: None

Gender: Female



Ruth is typically uninteresting. Or at least, she's always believed that she's below average in the looks department. She has big brown eyes and course black hair, which she keeps wrapped up in the modest fashion. Her defined nose is what she believes is her most recognizable feature, but you won't ever hear her say that. She typically wears dresses, but she only as two or three. All very modest and in various states of disrepair. She sews, but there is only so much one can do with a thread bare dress.

Training: None, but she does have a unique skill. She's a natural forger. She can take an image and provide she has the proper materials, she can duplicate it. This can be applied to travel papers, identification materials and even wedding licenses. It was with a wedding license that she first discovered this talent.

Enhancement: None

Dark Arts: None

Weapons: She knows very little of firearms, but she does keep a Ruger 10:22 Wayne stole from a German officer. She's also pretty good with knives, but that's only what kitchen work and a little target practice has taught her. The pistol is a big big and frightening for her, so she usually just relies on the knives.

History: You won't hear Ruth say very much about her past at all. Mostly because she'd rather forget it, but mainly because she has no tongue. That happened shortly after arriving in the Gratzburg Ghetto. One of the German officers saw her speaking with another captive and said she talked too much. So, out it came and an endless week of torture and torment followed. A few years later a small group managed to escape before the eradication of every living thing within the ghetto. Stealing into the forest they were set upon by Nazi soldiers and Paul, her one true love in this world, was shot down in her wake. They'd been running hand in hand when the shots rang out and he stumbled, taking her down with him. With his dying breath he whispered to her to keep quiet, that if they were lucky the Germans would think they'd shot both of them. So she laid there, feeling the life drain out of him as the Nazi's saw to it that they were dead. She nearly screamed when they fired another three pistol rounds into him to make sure. She did as her Paul told her and laid very still, even when the bullets struck her. She still carries the led that penetrated his body, a clover spread of scars in her lower back above her left hip. Slowed by his dying corpse, they are a shallow reminder of the one man she'd truly loved. She survived the wounds, but they still cause her pain whenever the weather turns or she thinks too much about those events.

After her escape she made her home in the basement of an abandoned railway station. She survived here for a few months until she happened upon Wayne butler being chased by German soldiers. She managed to hide him and they began cohabiting in her small basement. Though he's old enough to be her grandfather, she's grown quite attached to him. Some might think he's a bit crabby, but she knows his true nature. He gets on her nerves from time to time, but that's nothing a small stab or two won't fix.

Other: Due to the horror of her former life, Ruth has a debilitating fear of dogs and has grown agoraphobic. She refuses to go outside and in turn makes herself useful as the house mother for the resistance. She cooks, cleans, mends clothing and wounds. Because paper is so scarce, she only speaks when it's absolutely necessarily and does so with the aid of a small leather bound journal she keeps on her person. When she chooses not to write, she emotes and gestures, which Wayne usually ends up translating.

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