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2006-12-01 00:32:07
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S.H.U. Banners

All banners were made by [Rabid]









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2005-11-19 [la vie lemon]: Why aren't these hosted by Elftown? o.O

2005-11-19 [la vie lemon]: You know what scares me about the cat-stealing thing? All Allie's cats are indoors only...and all but one (at the time) are afraid of how did he get Rosie? He had to have gotten inside her house. Probably more than once.

2005-11-19 [Pillowthief]: creepy....

2005-11-19 [nokaredes]: Oh, hey...they aren't hosted by ET...if I ever noticed that, I didn't care...

2006-10-15 [Pillowthief]: Can you still see these banners? It might just be my computer. Why arent they hosted by ET?!? Grrrr.

2006-10-19 [nokaredes]: I can see three...

2006-10-19 [Pillowthief]: Which ones? I can only see one.

2006-10-19 [Pillowthief]: Damn, I only had one other banner inlined to ET. All others I have no access to...

2006-10-20 [nokaredes]: Now I see four...

2006-10-23 [Pillowthief]: I'll have to fix this when I get on a different comp., these ones at work wont let me do anything.

2006-11-05 [Pillowthief]: Aha! Using a proxy I have bypassed my work's firewall and looked into Greatestjounal's image history. So far I've found two more and fixed them, but Im afraid the others may be lost. Livejournal is currently updating and deleting their old profiles. (Whos profile where these images under? What the hell is Greatestjournal? Why were they not inlined under ET in the first place? These are questions I must ask)

2006-11-05 [Pillowthief]: The first 3 should be working and the second to the last. Anyone see any others?

2006-11-07 [nokaredes]: Not me, sorry.

2006-11-08 [Pillowthief]: Crap. I'll see if Rabid still has them.

2006-11-15 [Pillowthief]: Rabid's getting back to me, havent talked to her in a while... *Feels like a bad friend* In the meantime, GreatestJournal seems to have deleted the others so there's no point to them hanging around.

Ugly Non-Images Deleted

2006-11-21 [Pillowthief]: Rabid unfortunately doesnt have any of the old banners, but she says that she might be able to make up some new ones! Better ones! Sexier ones! Okay, maybe sexy Stalker Banners is probably not a good idea, but they'll be sexy to me. I love you Sam.

2006-11-28 [Pillowthief]: Whoa, who posted a comment? ET said someone did, but now that Im looking at it, Im the only one that has lately...

2006-11-28 [nokaredes]: ET lied.

2006-11-28 [Pillowthief]: I think so. *Shakes fist* Damn you ET god of thunder, jelly, and jam!

2006-12-01 [Pillowthief]: Hooray for new banners! I love my Sam I Am.

2007-01-14 [Rabid]: awwh i'm glad you like them. I love you too :)

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