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2009-04-04 10:53:23
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Poetry Poll for the St. Patrick's Day Festival contest

- Poll is closed now -

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3138) What's the best entry of the SPD Poetry Contest 2009 ? (Administrator: [nehirwen])

Number of voters: 7
* a) SPD Poetry Contest 2009#St. Patrick's Day
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* b) SPD Poetry Contest 2009#St. Patrick’s Day at the Anvil Saloon
Number of votes: 1 (14%) Voters: [LynnAnneBrown]

* c) SPD Poetry Contest 2009#A Limerick
Number of votes: 6 (86%) Voters: [nehirwen], [FamousPanda], [Thunder Cid], [Triola], [Diiwica], [keiko♥kevin]

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