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2004-11-04 11:32:07
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Soo... there you can upload your banners for the Stop-Smoking-Support !!! BUT the banners MUST NOT break the Uploading Art Rules!! otherwise we will not be able to put them in our houses!! =^_^= *thank you*

<img:> [a clockwork orange]


2. by [Blue Highway]



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2004-08-03 [Blue Highway]: what happened??

2004-08-03 [a clockwork orange]: you have to visit every 3th day of each month if you not they delete your account! i had to tell it to you but i thought that you've already knew it cuz it's written in the site! sorry! it was my fault!

2004-08-03 [Blue Highway]: ooooh, noooo, I KNEW that!! I completely forgot!!!

2004-08-03 [a clockwork orange]: hmmm... can you upload them again???

2004-08-03 [a clockwork orange]: g2g!!! SEE YOU!!! Good Night!

2004-08-03 [Blue Highway]: I'll try...tomorrow...*stupid, stupid, stupid...*

2005-07-28 [theman]: smokeing is stupid

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