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2005-07-16 21:41:26
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Sooo.... the only thing you have to do is to put your name on the list below! Feel Free to Do It!!!


1.[a clockwork orange]- stop smoking!!! i dare you!!!
2.[Blue Highway] - I'm trying very hard, and I'm getting lots of support here on ET!! Thank you!! I love you all!
3. [Mémoire] - I've never tried smoking, and I'm not planning too. I don't see the use, really.
4. [Anarias] - Smoking has never appealed to me. It's like paying someone to run you over with a bus. You pay out so much money in cigarettes and then they try to kill you.
5. [Merry Man] - Smoking is no fun and I can't stand it, I don't know anyone who smokes that I also really like... So, don't smoke, or I'm after you -_-
6. [TAKE YOUR PILLS.©] I got into smoking and it was hard to quit. VERY HARD. So don't smoke to begin with.
7. [Punk_Riot_gurl27] i never smoked, im not gonna. every one who does should stop. every cig takes off 7mins of ur life.
8.[Kontael] I never smoked before, it kills you and makes you smell like freakin butt!!
9. [LiLPsychoke] I hate the smell of smokers, i am not smoking <(^=^)>
10.[swabloo] i hope i never start and i wish to help people who have already started!
11. [Tesa] It can be done!!^^
12. [evil penguin] Help me! I need to quit!
13.[Corpse_Bride] ddddooooooooonnnnn'''''ttt sssmmmoookkkeee
14. [hollow heart] he asked me to put him in here so i did
15. [Life's A Bitch Be Its Pimp] 6 people in mi family have died frm smoking! *sob sob*
16.[SILLY..(BETH)] every cigarette u smoke takes on average 5mins away from ur life :0(
17. [Kumagoro] I have a good wiki too Not Manipulated
18. [~lil cutie~] i have tried smoking its really nasty.....i h8 it.... i advise anyone who is thinking about starting to not start.


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