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Welcome to the Sadistic Writers Wiki!

- we delight in cruelty!



Yes, It is here, the new banner. Hope your not disappointed... I tried my best with what I had. The feather stands for writers, the Monocle (The 1 glass thingy) for readers, and the dice for role-players. Kept the new one if you prefer...

This wiki is for all you writers who somehow manage to kill, disable or do other bad stuff to your favorite characters. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's even welcome here. So please, comment at will and tell us all about your characters' created misfortune.

Yes, I know, this wiki is kind of empty, but hi - it's new. I'm working on it (No more tests! I'm free! Working on banners and test-free!) and hopefully very soon I will put some drawings and other stuff. Until then, remember this wiki and check it from time to time.
yours - [Ambaron]. And remember - death is not such a nice thing, but it's not that creative. Use your mind, and together, we will develop the ultimate suffering!

Well, I decided to listen to my friend [Wolfling] and declare that this is also a wiki for Sadistic roleplayes (you know, the sort of players that are wishing their characters bad luck, or creating a very sad biography to them, and so on). But only the serious ones! not D&D sort of roleplay (dont hang me all you D&D players, it's only because I hate it that a character can simply be resurrected. I resent the waste of a good death!)

Celebrity Killing Contests - New contest opened at 3.12.

Sadistic Quotes

Sadistic Writers Dictionary

The Sadistic Bring A Someone contest - now seperate, for more page space. But its still on, guys.

Sadistic Writers Writing - here you can post and find links to member's stories. - NEW!

please write a number, your name, and some silly description that matches your sadistic preference. You can always change it if you want. I must say that I save myself the right to add wierd titles...

Members list:

1. [Ambaron] - Who had a really good thing to write here, only she forgot it. [Owner and fownder]
2. [Wolfling] - Who has finally bothered to turn up, and will fill this in later
3. [Amanar] - "Had to save me a place." Puh. I'm not even a writer. Would strong sadistic reading suffice?
4. [ro]doesn't like talking. im doing a scary rpg if anyone's interested
5.[LoL, mate] blessed be blood and all that is affiliated to it... Yay!!! official title: [torturer of honor]
6. [Cureless_Toxin] im killing my parents in my story...i dont know how im going to die yet, but i dont want to loose my head over it...*wink*
7. [Savior of the Broken] I love it when my characters get tortured by the bed guy... and die a painful death! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *coughs and shifts eyes* uh sorry 'bout that!
8. [Deactivated]. . . It lets me now. . . Tee hee. . . *Evil Manical smile mixed with laughter*. . . ahem. . .
9. [The Anansi] somewhere between the painful "scientific" testing, getting her arm eaten by cannibals, and slowly slipping into a horrific insanity, my main character suggested that I might want to join this wiki >_>
10. [Citrine] in the first book of the series i'm writing with [The Anansi], two of my characters--no, wait, three die.... 1) gets bitten by a vampire in the night 2) gets his head shot off with an arrow & 3) is ripped to peices by a large cat... i think i qualify.... official title - [ 1 Contest Winner]
11. [Rook] but...11's good to......
12. (or 13#1)[Praise Adonai] so either way, i get 13 lol. my lucky number.
13.[Pyra] Ohh...lucky number 13....
14.[a faerie tale] pyra brought me. damn you lillie-you got 13! grrrrr......
15. [Gone4Eva] i was asked to join bye pyra
16. [dark_invaders666] desc. written by LoL, mate (of course) I'm a lost cause, a psychopath. Really, I swear I'm a serial killer. I've slayed 96 chocolate bars up to now... Really!
17. [/IIx.XMoN stErX.xII\] i think the best things to write/read are when the good guy and the bad guy get together then the 'good guy' ends up being a maniac and killing the bad guy...its always fun ...;)
18. [Kyrinn] Im told I like to do pain to my rp characters.. And I DO!!! Shyl is sooo screwed up thanks to me!! Wheee!!! BTW, [Rook] brought me here. SHe and I are like two peas in a pod, lol
19. [TheNavigator] I don't know what it is but every other charactor I write i some how manage to kill. And since [LoL, mate] is one of my friends and I found this wiki on his page he brought me here :D (thats two for Lol, mate!!!
20. [indiechick] somehow managed to stumble across this sadistic but *way cool* little place! guess im not alone!
21. [lil_vamp_18] All of my characters end up crazy or's just one of those things :D
22. [Mania Rage] *points up* We think alike...I think we're in our own contest on the freakiest death and such...FUN! I think she's a point a head of me. O.o;;
23. [Cam Static] I'm in love with tragedy, and you can see the result in my stories. ^_^
24.[paige.ilien.]i write sadistic poetry but have not gotten a chance to post it somewhere........this is my chance.....YAY!
25. [Raziel Ahnara] ~ Hmm, well, I take the main character, have them brutally beaten, then beheaded/stretched until torn in half, then I have them come back to life so it'll happen over and over again to the rest of the characters. ^^ It's a mass of pretty, gory, bloodiness.
26. [Linwe Ar'Feiniel] I love torturing the characters in my stories. They all pretty much have really depressing pasts and messed up lives or they end up dead or both. ^^' I found out about this page through [Kyrinn]! ^^
?. [Keseken] I'm not a number, damnit! I'm a bloody writter!! >< Lol. Okay. Actully I'm number 27, but shhh.
28.-[Morniemacar] Im a Weredragon and i will punish all the bad celebrities and bad people by leavin they without a wish of life like a human wihout a sense of mercy i will take a shower with the imaginary blood of my imaginary enemies grrraarrrl
29.-[Idunna] I think im pretty simple, im just writing a trilogy about a man who needs love so he kills women to love them.
30.-[Shyest] I cruelly torture the characters in my friends stories by giving them suggestions as how to kill them off in more satisfactory ways.
32. [EnyNotaim] seems to have big difficulties at writing those famous oh-so-sweet happy endings ... there's just got to be blood at the end.
33.[Slaughterâ„¢]~whats a story without pain?
34. [Feasting on Needles]- Lots and lots of angst (But I almost allways have a happy ending XD)
35. [iippo] One of the employees at KillCharInc, which is designed for those who want to be Sadistic Writers but just can't bring themselves to do it (more for me to mutilate then, eh?)
36. [The_Soulforged] I'm not very sadistic while I'm writing in English. But the scripts I wrote in my own language is full of blood and death. People always asking me why its always so sadistic ?
37. [Ham] I seem to no longer be able to write an effective story without one of the main characters dieing....I appear to have come to the right place.
38. [Talkris] I have been known to make people sick with my writing and descriptions. (Its not always on purpose either)
39. [Trinity_89] My stories never quite turn out as good as i hope, but my poetry sometimes scares people^_^
40. [Junko987]- I like my characters to have a story..but I like them to have's a lot more fun when they're hearin' voices...
41. [kay-chan] Pain is character development! Unless they die... then it's backstory!
42. [Schmoon.]I am very mean to my's good fun...

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2006-08-09 [LoL, mate]: Yeah, well, whatever. That won't stop you from being happy, will it?

2006-08-09 [Trinity_89]: no lol

2007-04-12 [Ambaron]: 40 members! yay!

2007-04-12 [Junko987]: I guess that means that I'm lucky number 40!! Yay for me! I've already got a story all lined up. Do I make a separate wiki page for it and put a link on here?

2007-04-12 [Trinity_89]: yeah im curious, i have stories that i would like people to read, im not sure how to put them anywhere.

2007-04-12 [iippo]: You could just put it on a separate wiki and put the link here in a comment or after your name on the member list I guess?

2007-04-12 [Junko987]: Sounds good. I'm just tryin' not to jinx it right now.

2007-04-13 [Junko987]: Go to Do You name your demons? to read the first part of my SS.

2007-04-15 [Ambaron]: Soon I will add a page for links of members writing... And a serious refresh as well... just need to have some time...

2007-04-16 [Junko987]: That would be great! :)

2007-04-16 [Ambaron]: Soon, very soon, young grasshoper :)

2007-04-16 [Junko987]: *grasshopper* and yay *jump*jump*

2007-04-17 [Ambaron]: thanks :) Not my first language, you know... Not that its an excuse...

2007-04-17 [Junko987]: What's your first language?

2007-04-18 [Ambaron]: Hebrew.

2007-04-19 [Junko987]: Oh wow! That's so cool!! I've wanted to learn it, but where I live, people get made fun of for being jewish or hebrew or whatnot. It's stupid ridiculous.

2007-04-22 [Trinity_89]: ok, i have a question. in order to put a link up to read my story, does my story have to be on another site?

2007-04-22 [iippo]: No, you can write it onto a wikipage here in Elftown. All you need is to find a wikipage that is empty (type the name you want for it into the "wiki-page"-box under the last logins and if it says "this is an empty page" you can use it), and edit it by pressing the "edit this page" -button. Then write your story on the big box there and click "submit changes" -button. And then you can link to it by writing the name in square brackets with "@wiki", like this: [My Wikipage@wiki]. When you write that, it will be My Wikipage.

2007-04-22 [Trinity_89]: oh ok, thanks, I really drew a blank when I was trying to figure that one out.

2007-04-27 [Ambaron]: For now, I added a wiki to add links to stories, since I have no Idea when I will have enough free time for a serious updating. Check it out - Sadistic Writers Writing

2007-04-29 [Trinity_89]: awesome thanks now i wont be as confused

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