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Safety In Hot Weather


Dogs are very sensitive to changes in temperature; even more so than us. Here are some tips to help keep your GSD cool during the warm summer months.

- Never leave your dog in a vehicle even if the window is heating. Two police officers decided to do this lately with their GSD police dogs. The dogs died. Have you ever touched a car that's been in the sun? It burns right? Dogs are literally cooked to death if left in cars. Not only that but you run the risk of your GSD being stolen.
- For the same reasons as above to not leave your GSDs in greenhouses and conservatories either.
- If you have to travel with your GSD make sure he/she has shade and lots of water. Avoid long car journeys in hot water unless your car has air conditioning
- My beach has a policy that dogs cannot be on the main beach between the 31st of May and the 1st of September every year. If you are going to the beach with your GSD check beforehand if the beach has this same policy
- Only take your GSD for a walk in the morning and the evening avoiding the hottest part of the day. Also remember to not exercise straight after a meal
- Summer is when most people get green fingered. Avoid plants and grass that may have been sprayed with weed killer or any other types of pesticides
- If you have a longhaired GSD groom regulary to get rid of loose hair. You might also want to consider clipping the fur. Don't shave as your GSD may then be prone to sunburn
- Summer is barbecue season. Remember to keep any coal, wood chips, lighter fluids and left over bones away from your GSD
- I don't know if anyone has ever laid on tarmac in the sun? I have, it heats up quickly and leaves some sticky tar on your bum. Don't let your GSD stand on tarmac for too long as it may heat up and burn his paws
- If you see a dog in parked vehicle take down the cars registration, model and colour. Phone the police and the RSPCA. The police will need to break into the car as the RSPCA are not allowed to do this. Do not leave until you know the dog is safe


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