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User Name: [ancienteye]

Character name: Sage Miller

Mutant Name: Phoebus

Classification: Student.

Abilities/powers: Solar energy absorption, to begin with. If Sage absorbs enough, it causes him to heal faster and he doesn’t even need to eat to survive. He can also emit blasts of solar energy from his hands, but at the moment has very little control over the intensity or scope of it: His reason for coming to the mansion.

Sex: Male.

Age/Date of Birth: 18. April 3rd.

General appearance: Sage is somewhat stout with an oblong face and slightly crooked nose. He has angled eyebrows and hooded, yellow-green eyes. His skin is richly tanned and his hair is sun-bleached and usually left uncombed.

Additional Appearance: Due to a particularly active childhood, Sage has had a variety of scars on his legs and arms that healed and faded over time. One on the back of his right thigh, however, still remains from where he decided that a section of wire fencing hanging from the side of an abandoned tree-house resembled a slide. Apparently a piece of wire was sticking up at the wrong angle… He also has a bar piercing through his left eyebrow and a double-center tongue piercing.

Personality: Sage is a highly energetic guy in the sense that he always needs something to do. He gets bored very easily, and tends to fidget if he is not busy with something. His overall demeanor tends to be helpful and easygoing, but somewhat prideful. He is a bit of a braggart and a vivid story-teller who loves to talk about his life and people that he has met. Relationship-wise, Sage believes that while on a date one's attention should be entirely devoted to the date. However, most of his past "girlfriends" were sort of vacation-flings that would last a couple weeks at most, so he is quick to move on to the next girl and unlikely to be possessive.
Special Skills: Sage is an exceptional multi-tasker and has become somewhat of a skilled masseuse due to experience in stretching out his own cramped muscles. Also, he’s a really good whistler.

Place of birth: Lahaina, Hawaii.

Brief History: Sage was always a fairly active child, but early in his life, ate very little, if any at all. His parents were alarmed and took the toddler to the pediatrician, who could not find anything wrong with him, but still gave the parents suggestions to get the child to eat. In the following years, Sage would eat, but gained weight and became rather hefty. His weight would also seem to fluctuate with the seasons, he would be heavier yet more active in the summer months, and slimmer but more lethargic in the winter. His diet was consistently light and healthy so his parents eventually decided to have the doctor run some tests. After a considerable amount of time, it was determined that his metabolism runs differently with exposure to sunlight. Specifically, the more sunlight he is exposed to, the less he needs to eat, resulting in the food being processed and stored as excess fat instead of used for energy. His parents were startled by the realization, but glad to know what to do, now: They would just have to change his diet accordingly to the seasons. It was several years later that his mutation began manifesting itself differently. More specifically, he accidently shot a blast of solar energy during a game of dodgeball in gym class and nearly took a classmate’s head off. The guy ended up only having his hair singed, but Sage’s parents decided that it would be safest to have him sent somewhere that he could learn how to control his abilities.

Relatives: His parents.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New arrival.

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2014-05-18 [ancienteye]: Yay~ :D

2014-05-22 [GarnetLullabies]: Oooooooh I like him

2014-05-22 [GarnetLullabies]: If he becomes friends with Kaia he could drag her around and force her to come out of her shell.

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: You want him to be Kaia's less-jerkish Gavin, then? XD

2014-05-22 [GarnetLullabies]: Sure, haha :)

2014-05-22 [GarnetLullabies]: She'll probably get a crush on him at some point too, because she gets a crush on just about everybody.

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: XD

2014-05-28 [Nikolai-Akaykam itana]: i know somebody with this name

2014-05-28 [ancienteye]: Really? Cool.

2014-05-28 [Nikolai-Akaykam itana]: yea

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