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Saint Valentine's Poem Competition

Valentine Poetry Competition</center>


Winners: Valentine Poetry Competition, 2004.

St Valentine's Competition Winners

"Said the Orgre To the Troll"

By [Crimson_Echo]

"Robots In Love"

By [Askoga]

All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!


It's a well-known fact that Elftown is about the people who make it such a nice place to hang-around. However, it's a less known fact that it was originally about art. This Saint Valentine's Day we have decided to create a special contest and return to our origins.

All in all, dear Elftowners, we'll be asking for a lot of originality this time!

On February, the 14th, we'll be celebrating our very own Saint Valentine and two special-poems and two special-images will be posted on Mainstreet.

Yes! You have a Saint Valentine's image competition and Saint Valentine's poem competition to compete in! ^_^

Since this is a contest, poems have to be added here in order to participate, even though winners will indeed be featured as Daily Poems on Mainstreet. What we mean is, if you have poems on Daily_poem, they won't automatically take part in this contest, since it's a different project. In that case, you'll have to paste them again here.


Poems must be written by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular poem on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the writer's permission.

Submissions for Daily Poems on Mainstreet are usually not accepted when they feature violence, disturbing actions or insults.

For the St. Valentine special we will be slightly less strict about it, except for insulting contents. Racist or misogynist poems will be deleted right away with no further explanation.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and love of course! We all know the typical romantic poems... but this is Elftown... and we want something different!

We will be picking two poems. One that features a sci-fi kind of love and another one that should feature fantasy love. We will especially be looking for orc/troll themed ones.

Since the chosen poems will be featured on Mainstreet and will include images, we wouldn't like them to be too long... Be creative, but please keep that in mind! ^_^

How to post it here:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and the author's Elftown username between brackets (Written by...).

Closing date:
On February, the 11th, we will consider that there has been enough time given and will accept no more entries.

The Saint Valentine poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented and a surprise awaits for the winners. For any problems contact [Cristina] or [Calico Tiger].

Go to: Saint Valentine's Image Competition
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Go to: Elftown Valentine Competitions

1. My Valentine

The sunbeams gently kiss your face,
I dream of you, your warm embrace;
But you're not mine, you can't love me,
I guess we weren't meant to be.
I suppose love was not meant
for me; but you were heaven-sent
To one who you'll love as much
as she loves you, your caring touch.
Forever you'll be in my dreams,
But when I cry, and when I scream,
You won't be there to soothe my cries
Your eyes as deep as midnight skies.
I guess I'll keep on hoping for
One who'll love me forevermore
Who will accept me as I am;
Because I won't change; not like I can.
Although love hasn't been kind to me,
I won't give up; I still believe
One day, somehow, I will find
Someone like you, my Valentine

Written by [SorceressWitch]

2. Me?

My face is scarred,
My hands dirty,
My voice shakes the ground.
I am an orc, no more, no less.
I am nothing special, the worst,
Not best.
Yet you love me.
Yet you hold me.
And my heart feels right
Thank you, my orcess of the night.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

3. Sweet Embrace

My eyes reflect the light,
Of the stars about the sky
Memories of love
Seem to pass.

I'm up here all alone,
As the world floats below
I want to come down
Back to you.
But the war rages on,
Great foes we've awaken
They do not stop
As we battle on.
So if I die up above the clouds
Remember I love you
And I miss you
My one and only.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

4. Will You Be Mine?

Will you be mine?
On this glorious day?
With sun shinying high,
With the sweet smell of roses,
Filling every room.
Lovers kiss for the first time,
While others kiss for the last time.
Such love is all I want!
What about us?
I want to know.
Will you be mine?

Will you be mine?
We'll hold hands.
Walk side by side,
With everyone watching.
The stars will dance tonight,
For what lovers have.
Two hearts,
Combining into one.
What about us?
Please let me know.
Will you be mine?

Will you be mine?
I know I've asked this,
About a million times,
But you never answer,
Why is this so?
Is my heart not perfect,
For the perfect you?
Music plays for us.
What about us?
Talk to me, please.
Will you be mine?

Will you be mine?
How many times,
Does it take to ask?
How many times,
Do you have to walk away,
I'm only going to answer,
Just one last time.
So think carefully,
I really want to know,
What your heart says when I ask this.
Will you be mine?

Written by [Babyeyes]

5. 'Cause you loved me

I'm waiting for you
'Cause I love you
And I'm not gonna change my mind
You were the first,
That I ever loved.

And that won't change.
My Valentine
'Cause I'm still Waiting for you,
To come back to me,
'Cause you loved me.
And I'm gonna wait all my life.

'Cause I know you'll come back.
I love you,
And you can't see,
But you will one day.
'Caused you loved me.

I hate to say it,
But you were wrong.
You didn't have to leave,
'Cause you loved me.
And always will.
My valentine...

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]

6. Will you be mine?

My body was used
My soul burnt up,
Untill the night
You came into my light.

I jumped into the light,
Turned off the bed,
Did everything backwards,
Cause you turned my head.

I loved you so much,
Why did you leave?
On that Valentines day,
You ment so much to me.

Now your back,
Here with me,
I wish you to stay,
For this Valentines eve.

I'll ask you one question,
That you can't ignore,
Will you be mine?
Just one more time?

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]

7. Robots in Love

I saw her sitting there
All alone on a little shelf.
I felt sorry for the thing
And could not help myself.

So I picked her up
And turned around;
I bought her then,
Looking all around.

When I got home
I turned her on
And listened to her whirring.
Now my metal heart is gone.

She looked at me,
Her eyes aglow,
And hugged me then and there.
What's her name? I must know.

Every day that passed us by
Was always just a blur
Before my whirring clockwork eyes

And I knew that I must have her.

Now she is mine
And I am hers.
We live in harmony
And talk together in our whirrs.

Written by [Askoga]

8. No title

I fell in love with you
With just one touch
I lost you so quick
And so much
You took my heart
You made me cry
You made me feel the erge to die
I tried to hold it in for so long
But I can't anymore
Your my lover
My own

Written by [Araishi Arieu]

9. Forever You Would Be Mine

You said you would love me forever
And I believed you
You gave me promises
That I held tight to
You showed me that everyone isn't the same
You held my heart for eternity
And are resonsible to blame
You took my heart
And held it tight
You took my love
And made me cry
You said forever you will be mine
And I loved you

I loved you forever
Forever you would be mine

Written by [Araishi Arieu]

10. Untitled

You are my shining star
Even if you are so far
You gave me a reason to smile
Even if I only could cry
You promise to love me forever
I knew you were going to be mine
I looked deep inside your eyes
And I held you until the end of time
When I look up in the sky
I will always see your star
It doesnt matter how far you are
Inside my thoughts
You will always be mine

Written by [Sweet Tatia]

11. Untitled

Something more than just words
I got to see your own little world
To love you dearly is my eternal gift
No wonder I got lost inside my own dreams
Every night I see you here
true the stars our love seems so unreal
You hold me close to your heart
You told me that you will always be mine
We will banish true the end of time
Thats where it all began
My heart is yours to keep
dont ever wake me up we will always live
inside my dream

Written by [Sweet Tatia]

12. Prince of Orc

You, the Prince of Orc,
Do you understand?
You, Prince of Orc,
Will you ever reach out your hand?
Will you be loyal and honest?
You, the Prince of Orc,
Will you ever understand?
You, Prince of Orc,
Do you understand?
Do you understand my love for you?

You, the Prince of Orc,
Do you understand?
You Prince of Orc,
Are you truly what I believed you to be?
Would you show compassion to me?
You, the Prince of Orc,
Will you ever understand?
You, Prince of Orc,
Do you understand?
Do you understand what love is?

You, the Prince of Orc,

Do you understand?
You, Prince of Orc,
Will you be honourable and just?
Would you give anything for me, if you must?
You, the Prince of Orc,
Do you understand?
Do you understand everything, anything?

Prince of Orc
Do you understand?

Written by [Ocean Dreaming]

13. Sailing One The Sea

Home is where the heart is
And my heart lies with you.

On this rough sea I sail,
Ship battered, mast long gone.

And I guess my compass broke
For home I do not seem to find.

On this rough sea I sail,
Ship battered, mast long gone.

Many a ship I meet
While searching for my way.

On this rough sea I sail,
Ship battered, mast long gone.

Many friends and foes I see
But the way to you I am denied.

So I guess my compass broke,
For you I do not seem to find.

So many winds I learn to know,
So many currents I come across.

But I guess my compass broke,
For you I do not seem to find.

So I keep sailing on the sea
Searching for home, searching for you.

'Cause my compass broke
And so you I do not find...

Written by [Ocean Dreaming]

14. The Only One

You are my one
You are my love
I truely believe
You were sent from above

I know it's not natural
This love we share
But to tell you the truth
I really don't care

An elf and a dragon
A match made in heaven
Maybe we'll have a child
Maybe six or seven

But look at the beautiful sun
As I tell you
You're the only one

Written by [Lithium Lullaby]

15. Waiting for You Forever, a Final Good Bye

What is this feeling deep inside?
A feeling of sadness and of pride.
Look at me and tell me,
What is it that you see?

A voice inside telling me,
I must say good-bye.
One last kiss and you flee.
One lest look and you fly.

I'm still waiting for you now.
With every curtsie and every bow.
When will you come back to me?
When will you no longer flee?

Today you returned to me.
Your eyes were not the same.
You could not flee from me.
You stayed still as stone.

You are laying here in front of my eyes.
This can not be true.
I belived in you.
I thought you would survive.
Now I know, that was just a bunch of lies.
You are gone, forever I know.
You no longer live

I kiss this one last time.
My love.
I will wait forever for you,
Untill I'm in your arms.
One day I too will cross that line.
Just like the singing dove.
You and your charms,
Thats all I need.

I am waiting for you forever,
This my final good-bye.

Written by [Fuu]

16. Tasty
*Note: this is not an entry. This is just here to join in on the orc/troll goodness*

Grunk the troll
particularly enjoyed
biting the heads off of elves.

They generally had
an interesting flavor
that was reminiscent of trees.

One day he met
a tasty morsel
by the name of Tekiir Lesels.

Was it love? Was it lust?
Who knows, but now
Tekiir spends his time on his knees.

Written by [Calico Tiger]

17. "Stone Amour"

They can't stop this
They can't touch this
They can't have this
What is this
This is my love for you
It's sweet and strong
Set in stone,deep as the ocean
It is powerful and gentle
It's here,permanet and forever

Written by [zeronay]

18. Stranger

As I sit there,
All alone

I hear something,
So I turn.

The curtins are moving,
Just alittle.

I wonder what it could be?

On my way home,
I look down a dark ally.

I see something moving,
I pause then move to run.

You walk out of the dark,
and up to me.

You kiss me softly.
then step back into the ally.

I wonder who you are,
But you wont tell me.

You say that all I need to know,
is that you love me and always will.

How can that be?
Your a stranger to me.

Writtin by [Bloody Rainbow]

19. Feeling

What's this feeling?
The one hidden deep
Deep in my heart.
It's growing inside me.
It's controling my mind.
I can't whisper a sound.
I can't write a single word.
I'm possessed by love.

I've been overtaken.
And there's nothing I can do.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

20. Simple Differences

I am a warrior.
I stand straight, I stand tall.
I love nothing but war.
I crave nothing but victory.
My love is different than yours.
I don't fall at the words of another.
I don't crumble when things look bad.
I strive on into battle.
I will not loose my head.
My love is different than yours.
I will not hold you tight.
I grasp only my sword of steel.
I shall ignore your pleas.
I will not be still.
My love is different than yours.
I hear the call of war.
I see my destiny.
I am alone, forever.
I leave you, alone, without me.
My love is different than yours.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

21. Wish I knew

I like you and,
You don't know.
I wish I could tell you.
But as hard as I try,
I'm more like a fly.
Too small for you to notice me.
I wish I was with you.
But I'll have to live without you.
I wonder if you will ever notice me.
I must be like a bee,
You're always running away from me.
I like thee but thee does not like me.
What do I do?
I wish I knew.

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]

22. Untitled

Standing on the beach,
Under the waning harvest moon,
The waves crash around my feet,
As I watch the lighthouse's beacon
Carry warning out to sea.
This lamp that I keep,
Shining with my hopes and dreams,
Guides me on my way,
Into the arms of my beloved,
Where I stand even now.
My soul soars,
Joyful at long last,
Entwining my heart
With that of my love,
The only one
Who holds the key
To the shackles that now lay burried
In the sand beneathe my feet...
These shackles that bound this deepest emotion,
My love...

Written by [Filfaere T'sarran]

23. The troll loves a human

I love you more than you'll ever know
And with each day, my love for you grows.
So let me hold you i'll keep you safe from harm
You'll be safe forever, in my large green arms
It doesnt matter what they've said before
I'll love you for always
please wont you give me a second chance
I promise ill mend my violent ways
I didnt realise what I was losing until it was gone.
So take me back,back into your embrace
I miss everything about you, your looks your charm, your grace.
I was lonely and cold on the inside
You took my heart you opened it and filled it full of pride.
So now we'll be together
beyond death do us part.
because death is no match
for true affairs of the heart.
and why's it such a surprise that thats where we belong?

I knew thats where we were heading all along.
just cause im ugly on the outside doesnt mean the same within
So keep your heart open to me and let our true love win.

Written by [squink]

24. Noticing Love

The season of blooming hearts fill your lungs with fresh air,
The chaotic post-apocalyptical feeling you have no longer leaves you in despair,
The search for new friendship is cast off and you journey into the unknown,
The embrace of new acquaintances feels better than being alone,
Then you notice that certain someone with intriguing eyes…
Then you notice that certain someone with words that are not filled with lies…
Then you notice that certain someone who is part of your embrace…
Then you notice that certain someone who could almost share your face…
Then you notice that certain someone smiling calmly when you laugh and speak…
Then you notice that certain someone whose voice makes your knees go weak…
Then you notice that certain someone who you have never felt better with…
Then you notice that certain someone whose feelings are legend and myth…
Then you notice that certain someone whose magic plays tricks, making your heart fall…
Then you notice that certain someone whose magic isn't trickery at all…

Then you will notice that certain someone who could rival the stars above…
Then you will notice your ever-lasting friendship has turned to one of love.

Written by [CastNuri]

25. A Lost Heart

I feel my heart beating fast,
I hear your voice singing past,

My love for you is eternal love,
I lost my heart to them far above,

They took my heart away from me,
The angels we all know and see,

My heart is gone and it is lost,
My love for you was a deadly cost,

But I won't give up I'll be with you,
Within your heart,you'll love me too,

My heart and yours,is forever bound,
Our love is here,now it I've found,

We'll be side by side through the fight,
We'll be together within the light,

I have found my love,my dearest one,
And we kiss one time underneath the sun...

Written by [davis van]

26. A dream

Sitting on my bed, looking out the window
Clear sky, endless sea
Sun slowly setting, darkness falls
Dreaming you were here with me

We walk down the beach, two together in love
Standing on the water line
I hold you close, together watching the sun
I am yours, you are mine

Two people, bound by fate, smiling softly
Distance is no more for us two
Together we enjoy the setting of sun in the sea
I lift your head a bit, looking at you

No time for words, face telling it all
Just standing on the beach
Darkness of the night, covering us together
Our love keeping us warm, each

I slowly wake up, alone on my bed staring again
You not here, a burden to bear
But I look again to the beach and smile
Cause someday we'll stand there.

Written by [Ringbearer]

27. My missing piece

The sun slowly rising, that is my heart burning.
The clear running water, that is my unsefishness.
The pure air, that is my need to live.

Like music you charm the sun to turn night into day.
With love you fill me with desire to endless give.
And your soul, is the missing piece that makes me whole.

You my love, are my sun.
You my love, are the clear water running through my veins to purify my soul.
You, are the air I breath to stand strong.

By looking into your eyes, you wash away my pain.
Your voice makes me calm.
And when you take me into your arms, safety fills my soul.

Surroundings disappear as you fill me with your love.
Loneliness is no more.
So to you my angel I give; my heart, my mind and my soul.

Written by [Elisa]

28. Not just one day

I never understood Valentine's Day,
I never liked all the hype.
The valentines just caused more guilt and stress
To my everyday student life.

I never needed Valentine's Day
To make me feel more remorse.
After all of those other holidays,
Who needs candy as a course?

Whatever happened to Valentine's Day
That turned it to gluttony so?
And to the guilt and the pressure of a fake lover's treasures
And the tears that always would follow?

No, I don't need any Valentine's Day
To make me feel loved and adored.
I already get that everyday
From my family and friends and my Lord.

Why would anyone want just one day
To show their loved how they feel?
No, I can do that any day
With a smile, a hug, and words to heal.

Written by [3L]

29. My Fantasy

You know, I think I love you
And I'm craving for your touch.
Yet I like the way you don't do
All that romantic mush.

Looks are overrated
Because I don't want a knight.
You don't have to be armour-plated
To be by my side tonight.

Smooth skin with me will score a zero
I love how your skin's rough.
It's great that you don't play the hero
Instead you're simply tough.

I'm glad we're not in some fancy room
That would lack the atmosphere.
I'd rather do it in the gloom
Of the forest, just right here.

You don't need to gallop along
Upon a fast white horse.
And I don't think at all you're wrong
To be so rough and coarse.

You don't have to send me
Poetry that's inspired.
Because soon you'll see
You're all I've desired.

We need not eat a banquet
Lit by candle-light.
Bread, ale and a blanket
Will be just fine tonight.

You don't have to speak all fancy
We don't even have to talk.
Because it's always been my fantasy
To do it with an orc.

Written by [Lady Chaos]

30. Can you feel the love?

Can you feel it?
In the air.
The air of love.
Surrounds us.
Can you feel it?
The thought of love.
Scares us.
Can you feel it?
Those who care.
The pains of love.
Haunt us.
Can you feel it?
I can't.
I do not dare.
Venture into the minds of humans.
I am just a computer.
And to me, love is just a word.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

31. Without Reason

I say goodbye to my sanity.
I say goodbye to my pride.
I say goodbye to everything
That I hold dear inside.

I'm just a troll that nobody notices..

Cast out from the crowd.
Cast out from the scene.
Cast out from everything
I'm alone, so it seems.

I'm just a troll that nobody wants..

Shuned for my looks.
Shuned for my voice.
Shuned for everything
I have no choice.

I'm just a troll that nobody loves..
And it hurts inside.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

32. Do I have to have a reason?

You ask me why I love you; do I have to have a reason?
Just tell me you feel the same, that's all I want to hear.
I will love you through death, war and treason.
You better believe it, because it is true, my dear.

Through raging storms, across a murderous sea,
Where ever you are, hun, I want to be.
This is how I feel, go and come what may.
But in all that disappears, I hope this love will stay.

Written by [Vitani]

33. Untitled

Walking along dirty paths
with him taking my hand
Im an orc thats in love
Im an orc that has been held close
Im an orc that will live on
As long as love is there to be found
Dirty roads will soon be clear
as long as I have him near
We got lost in the night bliz
where we will always live
It seems so close and yet so far
it doesnt matter how far we are...
Aslong as love is there to unite
we will be held by our ray of light

Written by [Sweet Tatia]

34. "Walk me to my dream"

Walk me to my dream,
Never wake me up
Tell me that you love me,
And together we will be...

Walk me to my dream,
Show me how you care,
Hold me close forever
And say you'll always be there

Walk me to my dream
And keep me in your sight
And at the end of every day
kiss me goodnight..

Wake me from this dream
'Cause reality is better
I have you in my life
and I will leave you, never

Wake me from this dream
'Cause I love you so
I hope you love me too
I'll never let you go...

Written by [DarkRedKrueger]

35. For You

Here is my heart,
I'm offering it to you.
I've hid it long it's true.
It is a little battered,
It is a little bruised,
And obviously used,
but even so this is the truth:
my heart belongs to you.

Written by [Yuriona]

36. "Everlasting dream"

Bare feet against soft moss
She walks
Soft wind against sweet lips
She smiles
Sweet touch against bare skin
She loves

(walking in the land of dreams,
she met the love of her life,
a life to last forever)

Bare feet against rough ground
He walks
Rough shelter against piercing stars
He smiles
Piercing teeth against bare skin
He loves

(walking in the land of dreams,
she met the love of her life,
a life to last forever)

Written by [Tywien]

37. Once a time

Once a time I loved
and loved. But was long ago
And I haven't died

Written by [Firewielder]

38. The Princess And The Knight

Upon the kingdom Ciar,
In the days of old,
There was a lovely princess
Whose hair did shine like gold.
And though her face was pure,
The color of virgin snow,
Her heart was black and heavy;
No love to make it grow.

She strolled outside the palace
Onto the kingdom's plain,
Taking refuge under storm clouds
And crying in the rain.
In the distance her ears beheld
A sound not hard to read,
It was the clomping of hooves
Under a galloping steed.

Through fog and rain her eyes
Could still so clearly see.
"A knight, a knight" she cried,
"And he's come to rescue me".
He moved so swift and quick
Upon his mighty beast.
"A brave and strong soul" she spoke,
"And a gentlemen none the least".

With every clomp and every breath
The night began to near,
She opened wide her arms,
She knew there was nothing to fear.
She knew his arms would lift her
Up toward the sky,
But when she opened her eyes,
The knight had passed her by.

Now somewhere there is a field
Where the rain will never fall,
And a princess with hair of gold
Sits there crying for it all.
She lost her knight and lost her heart,
And watched them slowly die.
All because of that fateful day
That the knight just passed her by.

Written by [Sheona]
NB - the word "night" in line 26 is not a typo!

39. Forbidden Love

Never again shall I lay to blame
The Orcish man I held so dear.
For such ire I'm put to shame.
Come now close, I'll hold you near,
Your poignant touch I shall not fear.

Fear of you but a fool's mistake,
Yet bigger the fool whose fear is none.
My lonesome fortune I must take,
As by the Morai it is done,
And all my dreaming is now gone.

To save my soul it is too late;
We must say our shattered goodbyes.
This, perchance, be our ruinous fate.
By virtue of verse my miseries I cry,
And woebegone this bard shall die.

Written by [Sheona]
NB - this poem is an ancient tale (meaning about 2 hours old!) about a human loving an orc. Because they are different, they can't be together and their love is forbidden. This is their final goodbye. Just thought I'd clarify ^_^

40. Said the Orgre to the Troll

I'm not one
for mushy speech
for that vocabulary
is beyond my reach

I just thought
you'd like to know
about the love
I bear you so

I adore
your moldy skin
your dirty hair
and your ugly double chin

I'm mad about
your bright blue lips
and the way you swing
your fat green hips

and though I'm just
a lowly ogre and you
a princess troll
I hope you love me too

We could be married
on the moore
Orc and Troll
forever more

So I'll ask you
this one time
with all my grungy heart
Won't you be my Valentine?

Written by McLane N. (Loykie89)

41. Hope in love

A whisper in the air,
that has enough strength to make hope float higher.
The gental sighings of the leaves on the great oak trees.
The world's beauty does move the heart
and brings tears to my eyes.
Gental summer rain that washes away my toils of the day.
Makes the spirit sing
in the most heavenly way.
And the most passionate kiss
from a new found lover
can move one so, that we find
we are sane again, yet our souls
have grown beautiful and kind.

Written by Nadia

42. "An Uneasy Love"

Someone has hurt you and you think you're ugly,
but you're not, not to me.
Such a silly little creature,
full of love and the greatest to feature.

So small and hunched,
you have my feelings all knotted and bunched.
A little whacky, a little loony,
but you're really something and rather cartoony.

I hate to see you so sad,
the way they treat you, it makes me mad.
Because you're not like them, just because you're not the same,
but it's people like them who don't see it, they're to blame.

So misunderstood and underrated,
but you're the most amazing person I've ever dated.
A little amazing creature, and though not seen you have wings,
you make me reel with happiness and listen, for you my heart sings.

I say I love you,
I don't care what they do.
You're my little orc,
and I'm your big fat dork.

Written by [Sam's Kitty]
aka Errett

43. There You Are

There you are
Standing in the darkness
With the snow whirling around you
And the shadows creeping over you
The trees loom away from you
The wind screams over you
The moon does not see you
And you do not feel the grass under your feet
Your face is haunted
A pale face
Your icy blue eyes are tormented
A black carriage comes to take you away
A riderless horse steps out leading
Boots are backwards in the stirrups
Your boots
You are alone in your suffering

But I want to be there
I want to stand in the quietness
With the snow falling gently around me
And the shadows fleeing away from me
The trees will protect me
The breeze caressing me
The moonlight falling over me
Feeling everything around me
My face will be happy with joy
For you
My eyes will show my love
I will come to take you away
We will escape from this world
Our love will conquer all hatreds and death
Our love…
But I have to endure your suffering

Though you will not be alone

Written by [This House is Deleted7]

44. ‘Dreams Come True'

This was my dream, my love, my life
Gazing into your eyes made me feel alive
As you fell from afar, I knew that it was destiny
I felt in my heart that you were meant for me.

When I caught you in my arms, you seemed so light
Yet you were a radiant star that had fallen in the night
Your long golden hair, your precious silver wings
You were the beauty of all living things.

When you gazed up at me with your smile
I felt that I could do anything worth while
I thought to myself, ‘an angel and a boy?'
Truly this was fate it was such a joy.

Now we are together, just you and I
You are my angel that had fallen from the sky.

Written by [Lari]

45. How much can one person Love another?

How much can one person love another?
A universe exists in time and space,
Placed within the boundaries of one place,
Pressed into a point far from forever.
Yet love comes to us from some quite other,
Visiting our sorrow with its grace,
Answering our rage with its embrace,
Lending us the wisdom of its wonder.
Even as I say this, you are there,
Nestling in where need undoes the day,
Taking up your small infinity.
Inside my window, you are everywhere,
Nor could I tell how much such love might weigh,
Even were it salient as the sea.

Written by [IceFae]

46. Without You I Am 'The Unable'

Once I held you and you loved me.
Now everything we had shared was gone.
...but not the memories:
night after night I am unable to sleep,
unable to eat,
unable to do anything of which I desire.
You were and are my everything.
Now that you are gone I am left here,
alone and empty.
With my horrid face, enormous hands, and foolish ways
I knew I hadn't a chance for love again.
Had I cared, I might have tried to meet others, but you are the only one I want.

Little did I know, all the while down in your lonely cave, you felt the same pain as I, and the same longing of a lost love.
Come to me if you will have me my love.
We will walk hand in hand
across the shimmering moonlight upon the waters of the stretching seas,
not a care in the world.
I have been without you far too long,
and now I am ready to sacrafice anything,
nothing has any meaning anymore.
Nothing but you my love,
my beautiful troll.
I love every detail in your rigid face,
every wart on your agonizing body.
You will always mean more to me than anything and anyone, and shall you return I will be here waiting.
Come back to me,
share with me this day of love.

Written by [Solin]

47. Jak'edrac's Homesick

Brought alive by a man with powers from beyond,
Living, breathing, once fiction but now so real.
I am a dragon, able to reason, think and feel.
Torn from my lifemate, a breach in the bond,
Befriending humans will not heal the pain.

Stranded on a crowded world less futuristic than my own,
Sublime, yet beholden to my Creator, Phil.
My very existence giving me a seventy foot chill.
Vulnerable, betrayed by my size and a golden tone,
Returning to my dragoness seems so vain.

I'm pledged and proud helping Phil on his quest.
The Prophecy unfolds, enemies strong yet so dear.
None of them frighten me like my primal fear.
Millions of miles from my mate, I cannot rest.
Phil's lover Tracy speaks and springs sad tears to my eyes.

The enemies corral and split my friends apart.
Their leader is one of Phil's faulty creations,
Using us in a gambit against all the nations.
Even the darkest hour will not still my heart.
Evil cannot last, vanquished by unbreakable ties.

When will I see you again, Jul'eweisa?

Written by [Paul Doyle] (c) 2004

48. No Title

Waiting for your breath to hit my skin,
It waits in my head, 'when',
Even if it takes forever, I will wait
But hurry for the empty feeling grows
The only one to love me is you,
You will never leave me,
never..As the wind grows strong
It waits in my head, 'when',
Do I have to wait forever,
The wind is blowing me away as i wait,
Please dont leave my waiting alone,
It waits in my head, 'when',
When will you say
'I love you'

Written by [Yoji Kudou]

49. Hour Glass

Floating down rivers that flow throug my mind
I drift back through memories, drift back through time
Remembering all of the days of my past
Recalling the beauty, fragile as glass.
I savor the day that she and I met
And know in my heart I will never forget
Her face as it glowed in the sun and the moon
Her sweet singing voice, her melodic tune...
My grandest mistake, I know it to be
Letting her drift off as wood in the sea
that one fatal day, she had to begin
To misbehave with her face in a grin
She prayed for forgiveness, and though it was dire
The tomb of my heart, my beloved's pyre
Screaming and pleading she went up the stairs
They tossed her upon the hay that was there
The flames lept up, eager to devour
Her body writhed, caught in the fire
The sickly sweet smell of death surrounds
Aroma winding through the crowd
All the while her flesh was smould'ring
Bringing tears to me, beholding
Wishing that I oculd have made
Another statement that may have saved...

I stand here as king with all I could want
My skin is pale, my face is gaunt
My actions haunt me, for I have sent
Her to the grave when none else went
I wish that we could somehow have been
Together forever, the sweetest sin,
But time was against us, as I now know
And she melted away, pure as snow.

Written by [RaineDagyr]

50. The First Night

Do you remember the first night?
Like a dream it swims in my head
Everything felt so perfectly right
As I sat there next to you on the bed
The room was spinning around me
But I could still see you there
I let my hands roam free
As they pushed aside your hair
Exposing your sublime bare skin
My fingers felt deep into your soul
I could feel the heat that was within
My mind was trying to gain control
But my heart was over ruling the contest
My lust could not be held at bay
My passion was on a conquest
I had to have you, it was the only way
So I leaned in and swallowed hard
Waiting for you to pull from me
I closed my eyes and went on gaurd
But it never happened, you let it be
My lips touched as gently as I could
And I breathed a sigh of relief
I started to wonder if I should
But that thought was very brief
For if I shouldn't then you would have said
But you didn't mutter a word
Instead you leaned close to my head
And you let me fly free as a bird
So I let loose all the emotions I had hid
And I felt them being returned to me
All this time I thought you would have forbid
But alas you let my ecstasy run free
And now it seems you feel the same
And I thank God that I let myself go
For deep inside me burns the flame
If it wasn't for you then it could never grow
So yes, I remember that first night
It will live eternally in my mind
Every thing was so perfectly right
Thanks to you my Valentine

Written by [Barak_the_Blade]

51. Out of Place

My hands pull at your hips
My tongue tastes your lips
My desire builds like a fire
My head spins like a spire
Reaching straight to the sky
My soul begins to cry
I feel your touch
I want you to much
I can't keep it straight
I feel it's just too late
You've taken over my heart
Nothing can keep us apart
The lighting from above
The cry of the dove
Minor nuances in contrast
To the love that always lasts
Neverending seems so strange
Except when I think of you, I know it will never change

Written by [Barak_the_Blade]

52. song of love

Looking at a sunset on the horizon,
Over mountains and sea.
Vehemently, your heart beats,
Enveloped with your love's plea.

Low and high your hopes soar,
Only to become one with your dreams.
Vigorously your heart's seeking,
Every moment now, you'll be joined at the seams.

Loathing every moment you are alone,
On the cold doorstep you kill time and strive.
Vibes go through you in anticipation,
Ever yearning for your love to arrive 

Leaning into existence you're hoping,
Only now it will come true.
Violently your love sweeps you,
Entangles you in a feeling brew.

Life flows through you,
Once more you feel complete.
Verifying you're not dreaming,
Each time you're swept from your feet.

Listening to the wind,
On the news the report a storm.
Vile might be the weather but,
Entering your heart you can only fell warm.

Laughing with him is a delight,
O' that twinkle in his eye..
Visually he is magnificent,
Everlasting beauty hidden inside.

Larks will sing their bird song,
Over trees and hilltop.
Valentine sings the song of love,
Eternally it will be sung – it will never stop.

Written by [cobi]

53. Defect

Bleep, bleep!
    She calls to me.

Ping, Ping!
    I call back to her.

    I hit a wall,
keeping her in my sensors.

    My memory chips short-circuit
thinking of her.

    Now I am defect.
Love is not for robots.

Written by [Ocean Dreaming]

54. Upon the Angel's Wings

The sky is touched with a lacing
Of the clouds floating high.
Heart, mind, and soul caputured
By the breeze.
Sweet love has graced us
With it's gentle touch.

No man, orc, or elve can escape
It's unavoidable grasp.
No face is too ugly
No heart is too cold
To hide from love.

On the wings of angels
Love sees all.
Love touches all.
And it invades us.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

55. Confusion

Sometimes when I close my eyes
I smell your scent, I see your smile.
And sometimes when I sleep at night
I hear your voice accompanying that smile.

I don't know what I feel inside
And it hurts so much despite
All the times I've tried ignoring it
Or burying it beneath my pride.

When I see you, my heart is an eagle
Soaring high above all, it seems.
When I feel you my body starts shaking;
When you leave me my eyes want to flood.

I feel this confusion and an irrational emotion;
But I cannot admit defeat.
Is this fear that my body reacts to-
Or love that is kissing my cheek?

Written by [Midoriko]

56. I Hate You

I hate you.
Simply for the fact that
You love me
And you tell me so constantly.

I hate you
Because you made me laugh
With your silly jokes
On a day that I was unhappy.

I hate you
For all the puppy-dog eyes
And whining that
Made me feel so damn sappy.

But also, I love you
For all the times you've kept
Me happy and laughing
Talking, smiling and supporting me continually.

Written by [Midoriko]

57. Next to You, Next to Me

Standing next to you, next to me
Is like a dream come true.
Being near you when you are near me
Keeps me from feeling blue.

Sleeping next to you, next to me
Keeps me from wanting to cry,
And holding you when you're holding me
Reminds me that I am alive.

Claiming you while you're claiming me
Let's me know that we'll never let go.
Having me next to you, next to me
Reminds me of the love we both know.

Written by [Midoriko]

58. Never Forget

Never forget that I love you,
My child,
Though I yell and fuss and fret
Over always such small and trivial things
And various stupid things to nitpick.

Never forget that I cherish you,
Sweet child,
For all your success and your faults.
Pictures, I've kept, from birth until now,
In a twenty-three combination vault.

Never forget the laughs,
Dear child,
That we shared through the nights long gone
And pray that we have many, many more
In the long nights soon to come.

And never forget about me,
My child.
When I go, I hope you won't cry.
Just remember how much that I loved you,
And I will love you for long after I die.

Written by [Midoriko]

59. Wild Tiger

Being around you
Is like being in a grove of wild flowers
Your a friend to me and all others
Like an untaimed tiger u run free
Never to be caught, not even by me
But one day I hope to find u
So that we may run together
In that grove of wild flowers
Untill I find you my peacefull love
My heart will ever be yours

Written by [Ryuk Kannagi]

60. Silent Passions

satin sheets,
black lace
white linen
warm embrace

soft lips
smooth thighs
yearning for touch
my body lies

Touch of skin
heart pounds
body trembles
no sound

candles flicker
essence of night
caressing bodies
holding tight

my god the taste
i truly miss
i hunger for more
with each kiss

firm back
sweat glows
what excites me
only he knows

a salty chest
with wet hair
hours of passion
cant compare

my silent nights
my silent actions
soon to be real
with my silent passion

Written by [Bratt]

61. Not just one last word.

I love you sweetie,
I will always be there.
I can't believe it is time,
I know you will be okay.

You fill my heart with joy,
whenever I am with you.
You always will feel my presence,
For I will never really leave.

I remember when we were,
not but bickering friends.
I never thought I'd love you,
with all my heart and soul.

Now it is time,
time for me to go.
This isn't easy to say,
but I know it must be said.

I give you one last kiss,
but not just one word.
I kiss you now and say,
“Goodbye, I love you”.

Written by [Luxord]
Note: this is directed towards the love of my life, my girlfriend, my everything, [Fuu].

62. My Choice

We each wear one
Even if we say we don't
We hide behind them
To protect us as we're wont

All these masks
One for dramatics, happiness, and sorrow
Which one shall I wear tomorrow?
Are hanging on a wall

I take my own mask off
I have only my innocence
Cloaked in this
I stand before you

Accept me now or shun me
You're the one I want to be with
Love all of me or not at all
Please choose to love me and I won't let you fall

If you walk away
At least remember me
Maybe you'll come back
But I can't wait forever

I leave you in silence
As you choose
I put my mask back on
…But you take off yours

Written by [This House is Deleted7]

63. In Love

Floating off into skies blue
All I wish is to love you
Walking high into the air
I didn't, at first, think you'd care
But now I know otherwise
Nothing will break this love
Not even rumors or lies
This is only as pure as a white dove
If ever you stopped loving me along the way
That would indeed be a black day

Written by [This House is Deleted7]

64. You

Can you make me happy just for today?
I've heard some things I'd rather not say.
Can you walk me home?
Will you keep me safe?
Would you stay and listen to my dying voice?
I need you here,
I need someone,
I guess I could even use some fun.
Will you hold me now?
And please don't laugh, as I tell you I need you most.
You've made me laugh and made me cry,
But you'll never know,
That I'll love you, till the day that I die.

Written by [the squeegee]

65. Stable Girl Rag

Hay in my hair,
Is the nicest thing I have to wear.
The softest thing I have to touch,
Is a horse's doeskin brush.
And yet, the jeweled ladies wrapped in silk,
To my eye are garbed in mud and silt.
Their courtiers are naught but lace and lies,
With nothing more to offer than what gold buys.
I may wish I had a man to call my own,
But I could be better off alone.
I'll stick to fiery eyes and steel shod feet,
For horses, unlike men, will not cheat.
They might woo until the skirts fly up,
But after she will know he is corrupt.
Because he is nowhere to be found,
Like a well fed badger gone to ground.
He will laugh and joke with his armored guards,
Gloating with raunchy phrases over cards.
In the end, he is the masculine archetype of lore,
And you are a filthy, desperate whore.
But I, though poor and indentured to the state,
Am better off than those who are but bate.
You suffer at the hands of your princes,
Harsh insults not one minces.
When the stallions in my life fail to bide,
I can lay a well placed spur to their side.

Written by [rainrider]

66. Yew Grove

Together we walked
     through darkling woods,
Wild things stalked
     in darkling woods,
Many fell beasts
     I heard them call,
Evil creatures
     wicked thralls,
Yet they held no fear,
For I had you near,
Through darkling woods
     we walked at will.

Written by [Cathos]

67. Weary wings

Confused and dazed my weary wings
The reason why I care?
I cannot find one solid thing
To eplain this bond we share

I'm taken away by just your name
By the beauty of your face
By the way you look and smile me
And the way you move with grace

I force a smile to keep my pride
But beneath my skin lies doubt
The weight of my burden deep inside
Clawing desperately to get out

Again I choose to sit and wait
Praying that as time goes by
These burdens will leave without a trace
And once again I'll fly

But until that day, I'll find a way
To solve them on my own
And that's the day I'll speed away
To catch up where you've flown

Written by [outiv]

68. He loves me, He loves me not

I watch the petals slowly fall
Small white dots upon the ground
I pluck each one with baited breath
Will I get the answer I want?
He loves me, he loves me not

I watched you from afar
As you turned to love another
My feelings you turned aside
For the time you did not feel
He loves me, he loves me not

Now you are free,
But your heart was cruely broken
Now I'm waiting for your heart
To pick up the broken pieces
He loves me, He loves me not

The silence I cannot bear
You're waiting much to long
I made my feelings known
You have only to answer
He loves me, He loves me not

The last petal is now so close
As I count beneath my breath
I finally reach the final one
As it lands gently on the ground
He loves me, He loves me not....

The last petal has told all

He loves me

Written by [Phoenix_Tiger]

69. Life and Love

Life is a darkness,
And wenth light thou see,
Love thou shalt have,
But thou art blind,
For thou art in the Devils snare,
And pain shalt embrace thou,
But thou shalt step,
Once again into,
Satan's snare,
Because of hope …

… and lust

Written by [Black Adder]

70. -Died for Love-

I sit in the park where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well.
He took my heart away from me,
Now he wants to set me free.
I see a girl on his lap,
He says things to her he never said to me.
I ran home to cry on my bed,
Not a word to mother was said.
Father came home late that night,
He looked at me from left to right.
He saw me hanging from a rope,
He took his knife to cut me down.
And on my dress a note was found:
Dig my grave, Dig it deep.
Dig my grave, From head to feet.
And on the top place a dove.
And remember this, I died for love...
(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨)
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨).¸.·´

Written by [fairyman]

71. Is Love

Is love supposed to hurt?
Is the pain and misery
Worth it?
The tears spilled onto soaked cheeks
The heartache when you're gone
Whenever you're near
My heart starts to heal
The tears that have spilled are wiped off with care
And I remember why its worth it

Written by [Carpe Noctem]

72. Grandmothers Mountain

"Grandmother, tell us again why the sky does not
like the mountains?"

And she said,
"Because the mountain does not
move with the wind
And She goes deep into the
Creators spirit
loving him as only a mountain can."

And in unison, they asked

"Grandmother, tell us why
the sky weeps over the mountain?"

Again, in a voice marked
deep with many songs of her people
Her heritage a history that is
like the lines around her mouth.

"Because the sky can never have
the love of earth, she is too far away
too thin and too proud. Creators roots will never
grow in her belly, and she weeps
Tear drops she gives, in hopes
of withering away the mountain."

One little hand, round and sweet reached
up to her, and tugged upon the shawl made in
the days when Wind River
knew more of the dark, than the light
And the white man loomed heavy
upon the horizon.

"Grandmother..Why do you cry?"

A moment,
and deep gaze glitters.

"My young one, I weep
because the sky
has finally taken
my mountain."

Written by [elf_fu

73. Beasts and Bytes

A computer
Cannot love.
Bytes process nothing
But data.
Emmotions we can barely understand
Are not for computers.

An orc
Cannot love.
Cold hearts know nothing
But hatred.
Emmotions we can barely understand
Are not for orcs.

Can love.
We know many things
Mixed emmotions.
Yet we barely understand
Why love controls us so.

Written by [True, plain and simple]

74. Life With Love Will Never End...

When I look into your eyes and smile,
When I see the look of satisfaction on your face,
I hear the sound of love calling in my ear,
I hear the love drumming there,
I know you love me and I love you,
I know this world will belong to our two hearts.

I see the love growing hear and there,
I see the love spreadin from us like a river,
You look at me and I look at you,
You tell me you love me and no one else,
The moon is full and bright as our love,
The moon is peace of mind and our simble of love.

The world is going to end one day,
The world will die from hatered,
Our love will always remain though,
Our love is our lives it can never end,
We are stuck to walk this earth forever,
We are always to be together forver,
Life With Love Will Never End...

Written by [Julie the First!]
aka Manda Benline

75. You

Trying to drink it down,

Bathing in the beauty of you,
A smile rises on my face
Take me there to the place
Of happiness my life with you
I cherish ever though of you
You open my eyes
You bring me to life
And when I find its no surprise
You love me
And I love you too
I'll follow you to the end of time
Promise me that you will be mine
I'm overjoyed
It seems unreal
You give me things
I never dreamt I'd feel
A song lifts in my heart and sheds a tear
I'm happy and the meaning of life seems so clear
I was lost but you helped me
Save myself
You are dear
I am blessed
I have nothing to fear.
My happiness revolves around you
Your beauty makes me smile
I'm living in this paradise for just a little while
I feel your kisses on my face
I feel as though I'm blessed
With your love, a showering grace
In your arms I long to rest
I can't believe the day will come
When your hand I will hold
And when the day my life is done
I'll find your love in its hue of gold.
My spirit you set free
My fear you make unreal
To my heart you have the key
The happiness you let me feel
Theres one thing that I could do
To make this life more perfect
For every gift you've given me.
I give my love back to you.

Written by [circus snatch]
aka Jennifer Kemp 
It was about 3 poems put together for the loves I've had individually... but altogether my heart will forever belong to Mike [Blood Angel] Happy Valentines Day

76. I Thought

This valentine of mine is so sweet
he is a very special treat
But as the fourteenth creeped up
It would seem we'd break up
I had to think of something
Something to keep us together
I had to, so we could exchange
On this years' special day
And as I began to thought
I realized love we did not
Thus I let this thing slide
And decided just to be with friends
At least for this year's Valentine's

Written by [Shion-san]
I think I might have done this wrong... I'm no good with computers and I apologize for that...

77. Tears for the dead

Once we lay here splayed on hilltops
and watched each ray of sunlight
as it played a world away.
Now the sky has frozen over,
our spot we'd while our time in
washed away where we would lay.
When this grey day soon is melted
You should know that every sunrise
I will wait for you each day

Written by [Paul]

78. Let me

I know what you meant , I know what you feel
So don't be afraid, let your heart heal
Let me heal it, let me talk
Let me hold your hand, let me be the path you walk

To take away your pain, to fight away your fears
To comfort you and blow away your tears
Take my hand, accept my soul
Allow me in, let me fill that big black hole

I'm already in your mind, already in your heart
No matter what you do, don't let it fall apart
The door is open, you can walk right through
Dare to make that step, the choice is up to you

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

79. Never

I never knew it would be like this
But I know now what you are
I never knew life could bring this
You're the one for me in my life by far

Life is precious and can be sweet
But the taste of this love is rare
You are different from other people
Saying I love you is what I dare
I love you in a way of love and devotion

I care for you more than you know
Fun or serious, it doesn't matter
It's always love that you show

I know I never said this before
But I hope you know it is true
I never realised it this way before
But I know I can always turn to you

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

80. Guardian Angel

Make a wish
And close your eyes
Let me hold you
Kiss your lips
Leave your thoughts
Here with me
Just fall asleep
Dream so very sweet
Let me be your guardian angel

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

81. White knight

You are like the sun to me
You warmed my heart
You're in my dreams
Through sad and through good you helped me from the start
You made me see the beauties in my life, which of you became a part
My warrior my white knight
You pushed away the darkness and gave me back my light

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

82. Flowers for an Ogress

I offered you roses-
You turned them down.
I handed you daisies-
You gave me a frown.
I knew that the fragrant
Would only raise in you bile,
So I opted for the malodorous,
The pungent and vile.
From the wood I collected
The thistle and briar,
And slimy swamp-weed
From the murky quagmire.
Poison ivy and fungi
I gathered in a bundle
And a Venus flytrap
From the steamy hot jungle.
Finally, for luck,
I broke the Golden Rule
And snatched from a faery ring
A bright red toadstool.
I sprinkled all with algae,
Like dew to adorn,
And tied it together
With a ribbon of thorns.
For you, my dear,
A lovely bouquet,
A token of love
On this Valentine's day.

Written by [Wolfling]
aka Lianne

83. What love meant...

A faerie flew throug the forests or the lilrandé
when she saw a young, broken orc on her way
young, but a boy, exhiled for not wanting to fight
so the little faerie saw the grieve in his sight
Years had passed from the world's sky so blue
the orc still remembered the love in the faerie's view
so in the forests of the lilrande he went to seek
to a faerie by a creek
but what he saw at that place
was a masacre beyond discrace
a battle between faerie and orc in vain
cause few had left that plain
as he looked between anger and dispair
he saw a girl washing her hair
at the same place he was exiled in his younger life
later they became man and wife
a relationship that stopped battle and war
peace that was only found in legend and lore
and as you've just seen
by love, peace has been

Written by [ilven]
aka Joeri Jos Verheyden

84. Valentine's tears

My lovely valentine,
how I long to meet you.
You sit just out of reach,
forever there,
but never here.

Why do you torment me so,
my love,
my life,
my soul?
Though I can't see you,
I know you are there,
I hear you in my dreams.

You sit just out of reach,
and as the tears stream down from my eyes,
I can feel you there.
You have tormented me,
my whole life gone,
just out of my reach. . .

Now I can see you,
there in front of me,
though still out of reach.
But now that I know where you are,
I can seek revenge for my life of loss and longing. . .
Here's a bow,
and here's an arrow. . .

Written by [DemonicRabbit]

85. Untitled

At times love is so wicked,
so bad to us all.
We'll never meet the right someone,
hiding just in the shadows.

Though I envey you,
so lovely in the light.
I fear I must be hiding,
hiding in the dark.

I know you'll never be mine,
though I try my hardest,
you are always in the shadows.

So hush you now,
close your eyes and drift away,
rest so peacfull a sleep.
Though I lay awake,
forever awake,
until eternal sleep,
lifts us all away.
You can go now,
be lost in dream,
until you too,
must join me forever.

Written by [DemonicRabbit]

86. Jade's Dream

I lay there and had a dream
In a garden, lush and green
On a bench, by a fountain
Surrounded by stone walls from a mountain
My hands trailed in the cool water
Beautiful exotic flowers grew yonder
The ivy covered the walls
And the door was wooden and tall
And lo, someone at the door knocks
My heart pounds as I walk towards the lock
I know it is he, the one I've been waiting for
My hands dripped with sparking water as I walk to the door
With each step, in my throat, my breath catches
Time suddenly stands still as my hand touches the latch
And I throw open the door to meet my love
But no one is there, below or above
And out across the desert he walks away from me
I stand at the threshold of my haven, watching him fade into day
And I turn with tears running down my face
Alone, back into my closed garden, the only place
I want to share this with someone, but he will not come
I should not awaken love that is in my heart until it is time
But why does he turn away when I know I love him so?
Why doesn't he feel the same towards me that I do him?
I stand in my garden alone watching day fade into night
I will not have him today this illusion of light
But there is always tomorrow at the first of dawn
I shall not awaken love until the birth of a fawn

Written by [This House is Deleted7]

87. Be With You

I want to be with you
Each hour
of each day
Be by your side

See your deep eyes
that show me your love for me
and reflect the love I have for you
in my own eyes

Hear your soothing voice
when you say you would carry me
if I had to carry a heavy burden

Feel your breath against my skin
when you whisper how happy I make you

Holding hands during the day
when you show me the world
Laying close at night
Sharing dreams and thoughts

Tho we're not together yet
I already have everything I need
For in my mind
Each hour
of each day
I'm already by your side

Written by [iaenni]

88. Change

I need to make a change
To make my life get back on track
My life was dark and dank
And I was about to crack

You came into my life
I didn't have a thing to say
It was a weird experience
I still think about to this day

It is indescribable
My feelings in my heart
They can't be put into words
I don't know where to start.

Can this feeling be love?
Only time will tell.
For now there is a spark
That this world cannot quell.

You are in my thoughts.
You are in my soul
You make me complete,
You make my heart full.

Written by [chikibubbles]

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2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: Um, the contest is over . . .

2004-02-13 [Lady Chaos]: What I actually asked in my before-comment was not when the results were announced but WHERE to find the announcement of the winners. Will it be here?

2004-02-13 [Bloody Rainbow]: V-Day... when they get put on Elftown's main street.......

2004-02-13 [Bratt]: I wonder if we will have pink leaves everywhere!!

2004-02-13 [Ocean Dreaming]: Of course we won't :p Think of the horror of pink leaves everywhere. GAH! *screams in terror*

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: The horror of pink leaves . . . it could be the Running of the Bulls, you know :P

2004-02-13 [Ocean Dreaming]: The what?

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: Pamplona, Spain, every year. It's usually on the nightly news whenever it happens. Guys who are drunk or "macho" let released bulls chase them through the narrow, winding streets of Pamplona. There are generally some injuries.

2004-02-13 [Ocean Dreaming]: That explains why I've never heard of it.

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: If you watch "South Park", [Ocean Dreaming] there is a parody of it called "The Running of the Cows".

2004-02-13 [Ocean Dreaming]: Avoid it like the plague.

2004-02-13 [Black Adder]: ...

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: hey paul I'm from the vasque country! don't insult our traditions *pokes* especially if you don't know what they are about!

2004-02-13 [Black Adder]: what is that tradition about? learning to run from death? HAHA or armarda destroyed yours *RASP*

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: I'm not insulting them . .. I'm saying it's exciting and crazy and exhilirating, that's all

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: [Black Adder] that is most uncool

2004-02-13 [Black Adder]: What the death bit? thats hounest ... poets humour ... the armada bit? a joke ... ancient ... get it?  ... not funny is it ...

2004-02-13 [Lady Alaina]: Oh,crimey...maybe next was really good,too!

2004-02-13 [Paul Doyle]: [Lady Alaina], try daily_poem . . . the last I heard daily_poem was full, but they'll make room soon, I'm sure

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: I made room for the daily_poem but I will check out if it's full again... you guys are so creative damn it! (I know you weren't insulting ;-P just bugging ya silly!)

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: Congrats to [Crimson_Echo] and [Askoga] the contest winners! And thanks to all of you who took part in this contest! Glad you liked it ^_^

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