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2011-08-04 22:17:35
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Sammie's Apology

This is for all crew and none crew members, I apologize for all that I have done on ELftown, I am responsible for my actions, I admit I have been a nasty person, again I am very sorry, I agree with the crew that I have been disruptive, this is not going to happen anymore.

Things I will stop

Creating wikis to go against the crew.

Being hurtful towards members and the crew.

Being nasty.

Things I will start to do

Act in a professional manner.

Stop being nasty and vile towards members.

keep my temper to a minimum.

start acting friendly, despite all the nasty comments I get.

from /[kians mummy]

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2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: Is lovely.

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]:'s your mom's.

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: You take that back!

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]: I'm sorry...your mother's face is...just...awful. So bad.

2011-08-06 [Stephen]: I like cake. <img50*0:,%20Chocolate%20Cake.JPG>

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: That cake is a lie!

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]: but...this was a triumph... :O

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: You're making a note here?

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]:

Huge Success!

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: No, no. This is a huge success:


Yours is just an h2 success.

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]: Actually, it was an h1 "huge success." Yours was a huge success, but not a huge

huge success.

Double the huge, double the fun(fun).

2011-08-06 [Stephen]: Who wants cake? <img80*0:> Now with a special ingredient... <img80*0:>

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: Double the huge all you want, but there's no need for more than one fun(fun). That'd just be redundant.

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]: :O

2011-08-06 [Mortified Penguin]: It's true, I do aux rats.

2011-08-06 [Stephen]: I thought you'd like that. xD

2011-08-06 [kians mummy]: Thats is good [Stephen] lol :)

2011-08-06 [Stephen]: :)

2011-08-06 [kians mummy]: Lol

2011-08-13 [kians mummy]: I'm glad people are having fun on here.

2011-10-18 [loki86]: xD

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