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Sammie's Restaurant





- Chedder
- Red leicster
- Montgomery's chedder
- Cornish yarg
- Cambozola
- Mimolette
- Celebrity Dairy Chevre
- Trentingrana




- Turkey
- Ham
- Duck
- Sausage
- Bacon
- Chicken
- Beef
- Gammon
- Cod
- Salmon
- Rabbit




- Tango
- 7up
- Coco Cola
- Cherryade
- Lemonade
- Pink lemonade
- DR Pepper
- Pepsi
- Pepsi max
- Fanta
- Cream Soda
- D&B




- Salad
- All day breakfast
- Beans on toast
- Spaghetti bolognese
- Chicken korma
- Toad in the hole
- lasagne
- Meat feast pizza
- Shepherds pie
- cottage pie
- chicken noodles and mushy peas

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2011-07-08 [djxmonster]: wow

2011-07-08 [Avaz]: lawl.

2011-07-08 [kians mummy]: what lol

2011-07-09 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: dancing foods and beverages!

2011-07-12 [Paul Doyle]: This page is messing with my Comet64 RS-232 modem. I'm just sayin'. the 300-baud modem is getting screwy, too.

2011-07-12 [kians mummy]: Aww, poor you

2011-07-12 God: well this is a great wiki, nice food

2011-07-12 matty: To: [@1], [@5555] and the Elftown Crew + normal members.

Hi, I would like to apologise for my behaviour in the past, it was very wrong of me, and I’m very sorry, I really want to get back on Elftown and Elfpack as I miss all my friends on there, I promise not to act like an utter rotten human being again, I am disgusted at myself for the way I treated you all, I did not wish for this to happen.

My fiancé [Sammie’] is also on Elftown and I would like to be on here with her, I know I did some very wrong things, I.E: harassment, asking for them pictures, harassing the crew, but this will not happen again.

I’m sorry that this happened and I know it will be hard to forgive me, but I didn’t mean for this to happen.

I have grown up now, I have a better life, I’m not in care anymore, I no longer self harm, I just get on with my life the best way I can.

Please just give me one very last chance, let me prove that I’m a better person now  

From: [@187724] a banned member

2011-07-13 j@y!: Since Bobs's Diner doesn't want me, I'll come chill here!

2011-07-13 [djxmonster]: Is there a point to this?

2011-07-13 Mystin: Get out Luke, your not wanted here!

2011-07-13 [djxmonster]: lol at a 'banned member' telling me what to do

2011-07-13 [Paul Doyle]: Luke, I am your father.

2011-07-13 [djxmonster]: Hey Sammie... why does you 'fiancé' have a wiki where he says his girlfriends name is Katy... and has pics of another girl and him?

2011-07-13 Mystin: Luke, shut up. You don't know what your talking about.

2011-07-13 [kians mummy]: Because he was going out with a girl called katy before he got banned, he got banned last year

2011-07-21 [Thrice]: Seems like an awfully fast time to get over someone, get together with someone else and like them enough to ask them to marry you. Just saying.

2011-07-21 [kians mummy]: when he was last with her January last year and we met in august last year, damn you are one think member

2011-07-24 Mystin: That's right Sammie, stand up for your man!!!

2011-07-25 [kians mummy]: thanks mystin

2011-07-25 Mystin: <3 of course.

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