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Welcome To The Samurai's Den

Number 77 of The Dominions of Darkness

Welcome to Samurai's Den. The Gathering place for those who like the way of the samurai. Here we list everything samurai related and talk about anything. We ask that all members be tollerent of eachother and respect eachother. We do have a ranking system here, as a way to give credit where credit is due for our members. The more you do the higher rank. The ranks are explained and after a member joins the rank is changed when they complete the requirements for it. All topics are welcome as are all points of view. Please if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me or any of the administrators of the pages for this wiki. Now if you are ready, welcome to the den.


Image done by [Shadow Dragon]

[Mastermind2302] -Joel-

UPDATE April 24, 2006**

Well only thing to say is there is a new RP up. It's called The Gotai 13 and is based on the Bleach universe. Check it out and maybe you could even use your samurai chars from our RP. Anyway I hope to see alot of people there.
[Mastermind2302] -Joel-

Rooms of The Samurai's Den Pages

These are the rooms of the Samurais Den. Look around freely, all are welcome.

Competition Page
Samurai's Den Competition Page

Ancient Samurai ArtWork
Ancient Samurai Artworks- By [Kéioko Matsukaze]

Samurai's Den Banners Page
Samurai Banners

Samurai's Den's Games Page
Samurai Games

Samurai's Den Manga and Anime Page
Samurai Manga

Samurai's Den Member Art Section
Member Gallery

Samurai's Den Role Playing Pages
Samurai's Den Role Play
**NEW**The Gotei 13

Samurai's Den Suggestions Page
Samurai's Den Suggestions Page

The Samurai's Creed
The Samurai's Creed

Samurai's Den's Member List

**Please try to keep order, all new members are Ronin until they ask to and fulfil requirements for a new rank. Try to keep this neat and organized**

The Samurai Ranks Are as follows:
Nippon Shogun - Highest Rank and Power (only people who creat the pages of this wiki are awarded this title)
Shogunate - members who recruit new members and Maintain (update) this page and/or donate banners (either or both of the two)
Daimyo - members who help maintain (update) this page
Samurai - Donate Banners/Art
Hatamoto - Members who help recruit new members
Ronin - Members who just want to join

Nippon Shogun:
01. [Mastermind2302] - Nippon Shogun of Samurai's Den, Banners, Member Gallery, Anime/Manga and Games pages
02. [SeishinOkami] - Nippon Shogun of the Role Play Page
03. [Kéioko Matsukaze] - Nippon Shogun of Ancient Samurai Artworks page

01. [Anti Hero]

01. (None Currently)

01. [Shadow Dragon]
02. [Lily~]
03. [Dragonhearted elfgirl]

01. [Rain Man] - Solrac
02. [Nekko fox] - Slacker, Hatamoto, and moving target
03. [Equivalent Exchange]

01. [DarkRedKrueger]
02. [The Lovely Lolita]
03. [Lari]
04. [Rayuko]
05. [bebop samurai]
06. [kaimetsu]
07. [Mekkiah] - DeathSeeker
08. [Tarot]
09. [and i was a kaleidoscope]
10. [Lynyrd Zeppelin] - even though i like ninjas better
11. [offspring1014]
12. [Kyo-kun] - with a 50m sword
13. [silverraven66699] - Don't mess with me. This ronin might be a little girl, but can still kick major ass.
14. [Ashoka Virlym]
15. [Draconius]
16. [Islanzadi]
17. [Art squall]
18. [Thisbe]
19. [Geeky Boy13]
20. [kasaix.x]


1413) Will you vote and participate in the art contest? (Administrator: [Mastermind2302])

Number of voters: 12
* a) Yes, of course!
Number of votes: 6 (50%)

* b) Vote, but not participate
Number of votes: 5 (42%)

* c) Participate but not vote
Number of votes: 1 (8%)

* d) neither
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2006-07-26 [Lily~]: *hugs back* Aww your day wil come *nods*

2006-07-28 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: ^-^ hehe Yeah, you can always hope so. ;D

2007-01-12 [Lily~]: Wow... this place just up and DIED!

2007-01-13 [Art squall]: ^_^ I would be here more if only I have a computer.

2007-01-13 [Lily~]: well it's not just this part of the wiki. The RP's have died... And the stupid thing is I'm friends with the Nippon Shogun! *falls over* It's ok.. I guess... he's been busy. *nods*

2007-01-25 [Art squall]: I have a computer now, maybe all it needs is time, people need to refresh their imagination. ^_^

2007-01-26 [Lily~]: question is what will revive the imagination?

2007-01-26 [Art squall]: dreams^_^ remember them and get so ideas from them

2007-01-26 [Lily~]: uhh.. you REALY don't wanna know my dreams... they get kinda kinky. lol

2007-02-22 [kasaix.x]: mine too...

2007-02-24 [Lily~]: *laughs*

2007-03-02 [Art squall]: then put it abstract ^_^ so know one would know the intensity of them unless you tell them.

2007-03-02 [Lily~]: umm.. not quite what I ment.. and I've tried that.. it confuses ME. lol and it loses the meaning too...

2007-03-03 [Art squall]: ahhh, k ^_^

2007-03-12 [kasaix.x]: i know how you feel silver

2007-04-29 [Lily~]: lame.. *is bored* I'm guessing people have been far too busy to keep up with this place..

2007-06-12 [Art squall]: I think I read a book called silver kiss, yeah, sorry, I got to keep on it I guess :)

2007-06-12 [kasaix.x]: sry...i didnt mean to be lame...T.T...ill leave and never come back...

2007-06-13 [Lily~]: promise? jk jk

2008-09-29 [kasaix.x]: you are sooo mean here to stay need to get on here will never get rid of me...

2010-09-13 [July 47]: may i join?

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