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God Jul - Christmas Kitty "Lilo" - Santa Claws




"Three Surprised Christmice"

"It's time to hang our stockings,
But quiet we must be.
If we tippy-toe lightly,
No one will ever see."

*Gasp* "Oh my gosh!
Santa is already here!
Santa is a feline!?
Trouble is very near!"

"Hang our stockings now,
Whatever are we to do?
If we are seen by Santa Claws,
We could be in Christmas Stew!"

<i>Art and poem by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly © 2010-12-25 17:03:55</i>

<i>Reference photo used for Lilo:</i>
<i>Photo of Lilo (Hedda's cat) by [Hedda].</i>


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May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]</i></i>

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2010-12-29 [Nioniel]: Very cute!

2010-12-29 [Artsieladie]: Thank you, but I do believe the "cuteness" belongs with the subject, Lilo. ;) Me lurves kitty-cats.. umm, animals, period.

2011-01-07 [Artsieladie]: Just updated/added to the links on the page.

2011-01-14 [Artsieladie]: I think I am happy with the format of my art gallery pages now. :P

2011-01-18 [Artsieladie]: Replaced Lilo "Santa Claws", the Cathug one, with the Elftown one.

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