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User Name: [Lirerial]

Character name: Sarah Criss

Mutant Name: Rage

Classification: X-Men (Team Leader)

Abilities/powers: She can control wind and often incorporates it into her dance; using her fans as a focus although she doesn't need them. She just likes the way they look. Her powers are not like being able to control a storm or calm a tornado. Hers is much more focused and she uses her winds like an extension of herself. She can spin long tendrils into which she will drop colored sand to include in her dance or she can produce sudden, violent bursts focused on a single target powerful enough to cause serious damage. A favorite attack is creating a small whirlwind and surrounding her enemy with it until he is unable to breathe. She could even use them to lift a light object out of reach or retrieve one for her. Her absolute control of what she calls "her" winds is what makes them effective both in combat and entertainment. They present almost a pet-like quality to her and almost seem alive at times although this is because they are reacting to her subconscious, she is very dependent on the comfort they provide and would not function well without them.
Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 22

General appearance: Rage has distinctive Arab facial features and has lightly tanned skin. Her hair is flame colored orange with streaks of white, blue, green and purple running through it. She usually keeps it about medium length and spiky and has a string of brown feathers on the left side that hangs slightly longer than the rest of her hair along with some gold and jade beads. Her almond shaped eyes are a vibrant green with gold and silver flecks in them. She wears gold bangles on both wrists and ankles; a most of them have tiny bells attached to them. Her outfits are usually one of two choices depending on her plans for the day. She will wear loose billowy robes and dresses that cover her tall, willowy physique or she’ll wear some extremely revealing clothing that show more than they cover as she hates being restrained and finds most normal clothing annoying. She always wears some type of sash to accent her slender waist and tuck her fans into and usually wears some type of skirt or shorts since she finds pants to restricting. Her colors of choice are white and gold.

Additional Appearance: She has a small tattoo along her right eye that accents the curve before going down to a point half-way down her cheek. When she moved the bells on her wrists and ankles do not jingle; each movement is controlled and graceful so that even if she’s walking across the room she appears to be dancing.

Personality: Rage hates her real name and refuses to go by Sarah. Contrary to her name she is generally a happy, cheerful person that is easy to get along with. However she is fairly selfish and gets bored very easy, she is flighty and hates being in one place for very long as well as being very vain and careful about her appearance. She enjoys playing with people and is generally bisexual with a stronger interest in women than men. (Although she plays more with men than women) It takes a special individual; someone exciting that won’t give in to her games to keep her around. Otherwise she will pursue an individual until the moment they give in to her advances and then leave them and move on to the next. She is usually willing to try anything at least once. Really the only thing she takes seriously is her dancing; otherwise she only looks for the next thing to amuse herself with. She is also a prankster and loves a good joke and has a good sense of humor and enjoys a drunk night out at the club. She enjoys the finer things in life; she has money and isn't afraid to spend it although she doesn't go insane about it, she doesn't flaunt it in front of others but it's usually apparent in the clothes she wears and items she owns.

Special Skills: She is a master at Hindu and Arabic dance and dabbles in some Asian versions although she usually dances a blend of her own creation. She can speak Hindu fluently and English. She can understand Arabic and speak it sparsely due to her father speaking mostly English as she grew up.

Place of birth: India

Weapon(s) of choice: Every now and then she’ll take out a pair of intricately decorated handheld fans that are made of steel. The edges are sharp and she can use them to slice or hit an opponent as well as use them to focus her wind.

Medical information: none.

Brief History: Rage was born to a Hindu mother and Persian father who happened to be in India. Her mother was an actor and she enrolled her daughter in traditional dance as soon as she could walk and left her there for years while she traveled. Rage has been wearing bells on her ankles and wrists for as long as she can remember; their purpose was to help her achieve movement fluid and graceful enough to keep the bells from chiming. She learned Arabic dance as a favor to her father who was Persian and discovered traditional Asian dance through the internet. She joined her parents on their travels from the time she was 15 and was able to perform. She is fairly well known world-wide for her dance and first came to Xavier’s mansion when her wind-based powers started to develop at the age of 17. By the time she was 19 she’d gotten bored with the school and learned how to control it with the fans; and so she left. Soon after she’d left she met Lirerial during a ball in Russia when Lire was just 16. She unknowingly interfered with Lire's mission and became involved with Alex, Lire's older brother, and consequently earned Lire's animosity. It was through Rage that Xavier first learned of Lirerial and contacted her for the first time. Since then Rage has been traveling, partying and generally enjoying herself before she decided to come back for a visit.

Relatives: Her parents are still alive and well; although they’ve retired and are living in Osaka, Japan.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Rage spent 2 years at the mansion before leaving; she’s now come back for an indefinite period of time.

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2013-01-28 [Figgy]: As soon as you'd like.

2013-01-28 [Figgy]: Figure out who she'll know first, btw.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: Ok, so she would know Flame, Rene, Shana and Shade?

2013-01-28 [Figgy]: And Kenna, and probably Tory, and maybe more.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: ok, kenna wouldn't because she's made everyone forget her according to her profile; Tory is Victoria, right? Looks like they had a summer together :) I'm going through the rest to make sure

2013-01-28 [Duredhel]: Everyone in the mansion at the time.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: that's what I'm looking at; but on Kenna's profile it says she made everyone forget about the past few years she was at the mansion. Does that include Rage even though she wasn't in the mansion at the time it happened?

2013-01-28 [Duredhel]: Everyone IN the mansion at the time. :)

2013-01-28 [Figgy]: For example, Lire, Shana, Mihir and Eddie all remember Kenna because they weren't present in the mansion at the time that her powers activated.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: oh ok :)

2013-10-29 [Lirerial]: Was there a comment here?

2013-10-29 [Ms. Steel]: Ghost comment... Halloween is right around the corner...

2014-05-13 [CuteCommander]: So did Faro and Rage get the drink after their missions?

2014-05-13 [Figgy]: And did René get laid? >_>

2014-05-13 [Lirerial]: Hmmm yes?

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: Loving the amount of detail going in Rage's eyes. :P

2014-05-22 [Lirerial]: ?

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: I'm watching Figgy draw the sketch. :P

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: <img300*0:>

2014-05-22 [Lirerial]: Oh! Yay! I love it! Thank you!

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: Welcome :)

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