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Player - [Sturmi]
Name - Saris Asdar
Race - Catfolk
Sub-race- Panther Clan
Gender - Female
Class - Shadowcat
Allegiance - no allegiance
Appearance - Her skin is of a very dark color and her eyes are of a bright amber. The pupil is like the one of cats. She's got a small tattoo besides her right eye. Her black hair is braided in many little braids and usually taken in a ponytail. When loose it reaches her chest. Her ears are big and with some piercings. She is 1,65m tall, thin, not of a very good constitution, but strong and agile. She's got retractile claws in the hands and feet, and a tail.
Age - 20
Personality - Saris got used to be alone with time. She seems to be very independent and sure about herself, but in truth she has a lot of doubts and would really like to get close to other people and feel she really belongs somewhere. She feels some connection with the catfolk and the humans of Rysallis, but is not as strong as she would like. She looks for power and skill as a way to show what she is worth. Though most of the time she is a serious person, she has her fun side too.
History- She was found as a baby by a woman of Rysallis somewhere in the deep woods. There was no sign of her parents and the only peculiar thing was a mark besides her right eye. The woman took her and, not knowing where to find the panthers, she decided to take care of the child and named her Saris. Siana, the woman, found a group of panthers some time later and told them about the little girl. Highly surprised, the group thanked the woman and took the child to the clan, promising she would be able to see her in the future. As tradition says, Saris returned to show Siana one of the hidden cities, since the woman had saved her. At the clan, Saris was adopted by a panther family and given the name of Zarika, though she rarely used that name. The story of her true parents remained an ugly mistery. Saris mantained a close friendship with the Siana and the people of Rysallis, visiting her as often as she could. When Saris was old enough she started to train as a Shadowcat. But the story of her abandon remained always in her head, until one day she decided to leave and look for her origins.
Weapon of Choice - Scimitar
Element - Green (Earth)


Level - 8

Experience/To next level - 6189/7350

Equipment -
Rapier + 5 (6/5 Atk, 4 Def, 1 Dex)(Sharpen! 8 turns left!)
Rapier + 1 (4 Atk, 1 Def, 1 Dex)
Pistol (5 Atk, 1 Def, 7 Rng)
Black Leather Armor (3 Def, 2 Mag, -1 Dex)
Black Cloak (3 Mag)
Tribal Necklace (2 Atk, 2 Spd, 1 Car)
Braced Gauntlet (1 Def, Prevents from Dropping Weapons)
Hunter Hat (2 Spd)
Angel Wing Earrings (2 HP)
Rations x 1
10 Bullets
97 GP

HP - 28/28 
MP - 11/14
Str - 3/6 Cursed! 3 turns left!
Con - 5
Int - 7
Mag - 7
Dex - 7
Cha - 5

CC - /33

Skills – Camouflage, Two Weapon Fighting, Handle Swords, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Awareness, Lv 1 Green Magic, Lightning Speed (0/1), Counterattack.
SKill Points left - 0

Level 1 - Sharpen.

Special Skills
Scry - Scrying allows the spiritist to immediately sense anyone's magical power even if they are hidden, dormant, or even far away. Hence, no one with any magic spells can hide from him, stealth attack him, escape from him.

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2005-12-22 [Sturmi]: O_O ¡¡¡¡oh my gosh I love it love it love it!!! Gracias gracias gracias Dûr!!!!!! Está precioso

2005-12-22 [Duredhel]: hahaha XD glad you liked it. no hay problema

2007-11-09 [Sturmi]: okay this isn't as much of a mess as I thought it was... but I'll switch the handle firearms skill to awareness and the find the way spell she knows to sharpen - is that ok?

2007-11-09 [Duredhel]: Ah ^^ if you don't want a complete rebuild then no worries, just do the switches.

2007-11-09 [Sturmi]: yeah well I'll keep her being a shadowcat. The firearms idea was a bit strange, so I'll get rid of that.

2007-12-02 [Lepellier]: (Hint: We're following a bunch of mages and she can sense a mage at any point.) /end blatently obvious statement.

2008-01-16 [Sturmi]: hey since I've got 3 skill points left, I'd like to add counterattack

2008-01-16 [Duredhel]: Aye aye

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