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In The Showcase - #1...



        Winning entry in the Elftown House Art Competition!

Brief Description:
Although I am pretty much a very basic person, there are some
things I do take a fancy to. I do not harbour much of a desire to
have expensive anything really, such as jewelry, cars, or house-
hold items, as a few examples. Items that serve as productive
and useful in some way are items I will aspire to obtain. For one
example, I would want a car, not fancy or expensive, but simply
a good, reliable, economical means of transportation to get me
to and back from somewhere I would need to go. If it serves its
purpose well, this is what counts.

With this said, one of the things I wouldn't mind having to live in
is a log cabin. So, for the Elftown House Art Competition, this
log cabin I created, inspired by this factor. One wouldn't want to
know likely, how many layers in Photoshop went into "digitally
building" this log cabin art for there are many! Each digital log is
a layer, for instance.

I love castles, too, but such are in my "fantasy realm of desire",
because the likelihood of ever living in an actual castle is zilch
practically. Whereas in comparison to log cabins, which are a bit
more likely to live in, castles therefore reveal there is a little bit of
impracticality within me. I have created artwork of castles, which
will be added to my Elftown Gallery in the near future.

Please see Log_Cabin_On_Elftown for further details.


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