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2011-07-04 17:12:35
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science section

This is where all the scientests of Elftown come and look up all about Elftown science and other stuff, come and experiment on the science of Elftown and have fun.


1. The Creature List

2. Advanced help

3. Elftown technology

4. Elftown stylesheets


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2011-07-04 [iippo]: Haha, thanks. :P There will be a science section someday. I promise! As soon as its figured out. :P

2011-07-04 [kians mummy]: Just thought i'd look after it until one of the crew need it

2011-07-04 [iippo]: If you have any ideas what should go in a science section? I've been thinking maybe stuff like The Creature List (which isn't real science, but kind of scientific from ET's point of view?) but also real science and intresting info -type things...

2011-07-04 [kians mummy]: Wouldn't it be better to call it ET science section

2011-07-04 [kians mummy]: Also the history of ET is science a bit

2011-07-04 [iippo]: Hmm, that's not right (the way it looks and the links).

Usually when we build a new page, we build it on a hidden faff-page and then when it's perfect, we put it all on the correct page. So that people visiting the actual page won't see the mess of building :P

But we can just take away the link from Elftown Museum to here, and use this page as the faff page. Like you said, maybe the page needs to be called something else.

2011-07-04 [kians mummy]: I have now got ET science section so we will use this as the faff page.

I can't seem to get the description right at all, you can faff around with it all you like, its our wiki to construct.

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