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Secret Santa 2007

To [SilverFire] from [Elisha Kelly]


To [Elisha Kelly] From [Cia_mar]


To [Cia_mar] from [Lord Dog]


To [Lord Dog] from [Lady Ice]


To [Lady Ice] from [Triola]

A Merry Fairy Christmas

To [Triola] from [Akayume]


To [Akayume] from [Duke Devlin]


To [Duke Devlin] from [Zab]


To [Zab] from [Linderel]

Change, it has many a time been said, is inevitable. It is needed, it is hoped for, and seen as a positive thing. Just as often, however, change can bring about something terrifying in its wake. Ours is a tale of a wind blown into a storm - of something simple and innocent gone horribly wrong.

It started gradually, so much so that no one noticed before it was glaringly apparent to anyone with eyes to see. The children of the village were becoming more mature by the day, their games morphing into something complex and troubled under the surface. Touches that before were easy, full of childish affection and companionship, grew confused. Foreign emotions flickered in the shadows behind their eyes. Adulthood was pressing near.

Each and every one of the elders knew and acknowledged the dangers of letting things go on without their guidance. Up until this, the younglings had been kept ignorant of the trials of growing up, of things like mating and learning to hunt, the awakening of feelings like love, jealousy, even hatred. If left to their own devices, their faltering steps across the border could bring about disaster. And so we came up with a plan to gently ease them into their new, wider world.

Little did we know how terribly it would fail.

It has been a mere two hours since we gathered all our children on the clearing around the old stone well. My recollection of the events is fuzzy at best, fragmented and permeated throughout, the only binding factor the constant reek of fear and pain. What I can tell is this: Despite all the careful preparation, despite the watchful eyes kept on the children every minute of every day, the seeds of something dark and twisted entered the souls of three. I am certain their blood-soaked visage will haunt me forever.

To [Linderel] from [Rice] (Late entry)

To [Rice] from [nehirwen]


To [nehirwen] from [Cathos]


To [Cathos] from [Angelis Nightfall]


To [Angelis Nightfall] from [Yncke]


To [Yncke] From [Fireblade K'Chona]


To [Fireblade K'Chona] from [Mom]


To [Mom] From [BinaryPhoenix][No entry submitted]

To [BinaryPhoenix] From [Anvikit]


To [Anvikit] From [Titanium Tiger]


To [Titanium Tiger] From [moira hawthorne]


To [moira hawthorne] From [dayah]


To [dayah] From [SilverFire]


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2008-01-07 [Angelis Nightfall]: Yea i think it will be fun, i will get to learn a little more about cars than i already know & it will be our project together.

2008-01-12 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** sighs in frustration.** Is there anyone on here that had a digital camera & who also has yahoo messanger, MSN or Skype that knows how to get a video that you took on your camera off of it then transfered to your computer?

2008-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: should just download like an photo...

2008-01-12 [Angelis Nightfall]: No not on my computer, stupid thing i had to change a setting no ym camera & then use ti like i use my scanner it was strange yet i figured it out. ** Growls at it & then glares at the stupid idea of it.**

2008-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: *petpet* but you got it to work? yes?

2008-01-12 [Angelis Nightfall]: Yea after 2 houres of trying to figure it out though, it was agervating.

2008-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: <img:stuff/cookiees%20b.png><img:stuff/glassmilk.png>

2008-01-12 [Angelis Nightfall]: O.O Oh how i wish that was real, i would eat them all up & drink the milk instantly. ** Drools over the cookies & imagines herself eating them, then drinking the milk. **

2008-01-21 [Draugluin]: Unfortunately [BinaryPhoenix] has informed me that she can no longer submit her gift for [Mom] so if there is anyone willing to draw a new piece please message me asap. [SilverFire] has informed me that if nobody has enough free time she will step in. Also due to technical issues [Rice] is still unable to submit her work. My apologies to both [Mom] and [Linderel] for this long delay.

2008-01-21 [moira hawthorne]: considering how long both [Mom] and [Linderel] have waited... maybe a few gifts be nice... any one who has some time can work on... I can start drawing now.

2008-01-21 [Linderel]: To be completely honest, I had already forgot about it. <_<

2008-01-21 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well I'm actually better now & i have had time to draw lately, if anyone other than me can help out then i will be willing to start a drawing for one of them.

2008-01-21 [Lord Dog]: Well Night pick on and I'll do the other drawing..Message me so they don't know Muwawawa

2008-01-22 [Draugluin]: I just had a message from [Rice] saying that her work will be submitted by friday at the latest :) *fingers crossed*

2008-01-22 [Duke Devlin]: ... I think she is having me scan it in for her. :) Possibly, might have changed.

2008-01-22 [Lord Dog]: Ok well That is good too ...As long as everyone gets

2008-01-24 [Anvikit]: Any word from [BinaryPhoenix] at all? it just says not submitted.. I'd hate to think my entry was drawn in vain.. if they never even get it because they don't enter their own..

2008-01-24 [moira hawthorne]: other than what is on her house....
Silver Seraph (I'm going on holiday!!! I'll be back in February)
Was last seen 15 days ago. (Logged out)

2008-01-24 [SilverFire]: Unfortunately she did drop out.

2008-01-26 [Anvikit]: aww.. well I wish I would have known.. would've been nice to actually have the person receive their gift.. Oh well..

2008-01-26 [SilverFire]: Unfortunately Silver Seraph didn't tell us until after you submitted your entry, Anvikit.

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