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Secret Santa 2011

Welcome to Secret Santa 2011!

Here for yet another year it's Elftown's very own Secret Santa! The idea is the same - everyone who wants to draw, paint, photograph, or write etc. a present for someone else and receive a gift in return, sign up below!

How does this work? You will be assigned to make a present for one of your fellow participants, (who you are making your present for should remain a secret!). In turn, someone will be assigned to make a present for you! But please note: you will not receive the present made for you if you don't submit the present you were supposed to make!

Sign up ends on November the 29th. Tell your friends to join, too - the more the merrier! Just use the 'invite' button to invite everyone you think would like this idea to come and have a look.

So, here's what to do:

1. Sign up below, listing your username, and any hints you may have for what kind of Christmas present you'd like (not giving hints is cool too). If it's a character of yours you're hinting at, you need to post a link to a description/picture on this wiki - because obviously, you won't know who is drawing your present, so you won't be able to give them the info yourself.

2. On the 30th, you will receive the name of the person for whom you will be making a present. Don't forget to check to see if they gave a hint about the kind of thing they like, but don't be disheartened if you don't think you can draw what they hinted - they're hints to inspire you, not demands. 

3. Get your creation in by the 24th of December! Send the completed piece to [SilverFire].

4. [SilverFire] shall send everyone their present on the 25th, around midday Elftown time. Receive your gift, be thankful, merry and spread festive spirit!


1. The art/writing/photography/pumpkin carving etc. must be 100% your own! See rule 4 for more information about photomanipulations.

2.Please put some effort into it. How would you feel if you got a present and it was clear it was a half-assed job they didn't care about? Don't submit drawings on lined-paper, or crappy camera phone photos etc. - they won't be accepted, and you won't receive your present, either.

3. If you don't submit your present, you will not be allowed to enter Secret Santa the next year. See Secret Santa 2011 2 for a list of those not allowed to enter.

4. Photomanipulations are allowed but if you choose to do a photomanipulation please place the piece on a wiki, along with all the relevant stock information, and send the link to the wiki to [SilverFire].

5. Images must be uploaded to Elftown.

6. No whining. It's Christmas. And this page is about giving and receiving presents. Only positive thoughts are allowed here.


Q: Will my Santee be the person who is making a present for me?
A: Of course not - then it wouldn't be very secret, as you'd all know who your Secret Santa was. This also explains why we don't need an even number of entrants. :)

Q: Oh no! My Santee has asked for something I can't make! What do I do?
A: Stop panicking. The hints expressed are just that - hints They're not lists of "these are the only things I like and if my present isn't one of these things I shall hate it." They're just there to help you get some inspiration as to what they might like. Another source of inspiration is your Santee's Elftown House. The most important thing is to make the gift personal to them. :)

Q: My Santee said they wanted a drawing and I'm a writer! They'll hate my present, what do I do?
A: See above. Stop panicking.

Q: I was thinking of making my Santee a model or a teddy or something like that. Is that allowed?
A: If you want to do something like that message [SilverFire] about it, and she will get in touch with your Santee to see if they mind giving you their address. If you do post it, make sure to send it recorded delivery so that it doesn't get lost!

1. [Ravendust] Character sketch of a few certain people... I'll get a page set up with the info soon :) Though I'd more than enjoy getting anything else :)
2. [Linderel] I'm very much into Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes these days. Of the latter, my focus is mainly on the new BBC adaptation. But I'll take anything you can give me. :3
3. [wicked fae mage] I'd love original art of: Sorin Markov, Jace Beleren, Yoko Kurama; anything fantasy like dragons, fae, wizards, anything else regarding Magic: the Gathering...for more ideas, see my house :3
4. [Yuriona] I love just about any mythological creatures such as dragons & such, armored warriors & beautiful elves. I'm particularly fond of Spartans from the Halo games and am a Star Wars fan as well. Even a well laid out fantasy or sci fi landscape would be a lovely gift indeed. :)
5. [Druid Fables] I'm not too picky. :D
6. [Ms. Steel] Surprise me!
7. [nehirwen] something fantasy or gothic themed.
8. [Nioniel] I'd really like a sketch/drawing/manip/whatever of me and Myah (Love for Myah - my dog), but if that's not do-able, whatever suits your fancy. :)
9. [Aeolynn] - Fantasy based anything
10. [iippo] - Christmas? Nothing adult themed *is 8 years old*
11. [Nocturnaliss] - I'm always happy with Dragons, really ;D but if you're feeling bold, I'd really enjoy a picture related to my characters or something (enough links on my house). If you don't draw, just surprise me :3
12. [Chimes] Keys. :P Anything works.
13. [MyAlterEgo]- Anything, I appreciate all types of creativity!
14. [Amanda Bastian]- Anything Fantasy-related (dragons, gryphons, phoenixes, etc) OR Dark art (goth, blood, horror, etc) OR Animals & Nature (Herons, Tigers, Cats, Wolves... etc). <3
15. [Flisky] - Dragons. Anything dragons.
16. [XxTsomexX] Anything you think is me :) <3
17.[American Revolutionary] character sketch of hetalia character sweden at attention in his uniform
18. [Rice] Scarecrows, Mad Hatters, Riddles, Riddlers, Masks, Serial killers ... oh you get me. That stuff in any form. >:D
19. [Avaz] - A fantasy or steampunk/cyberpunk short story would be fantabulous!
20. [Yncke]
21. [Daisy_Sandybanks] - Anything is fine :)
22. [Kyrinn] - anything elves, fantasy, that kind of thing. I always love seeing people's interpretations of my character Shyl as well as other characters of mine. Visit my comic listed in my house if need be. :)

Past Years: Secret Santa 2006 * Secret Santa 2007 * Secret Santa 2008 * Secret Santa 2009 * Secret Santa 2010

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2011-12-21 [Chimes]: Mine is being worked on tomorrow. (Crazy travel has been crazy.)

2011-12-21 [Kyrinn]: Sent mine a while back. Im surprised I got it done so quick. D:

2011-12-21 [Amanda Bastian]: I should be able to get it done tonight. :) but I won't be able to hand it in until sometime after 12pm of the 24th EST . :) Earlier if I'm lucky

2011-12-21 [Yuriona]: Yar. I got mine done a lot sooner than I thought I would. No last minute stuff from me for a change! XD

2011-12-21 [nehirwen]: Same here, didn't expect that. :D

2011-12-21 [Amanda Bastian]: Well ^^; I'm working on something that can be considered art and is drawn with words. So... and it was something I've been working on for years and finally found good use for it.

2011-12-21 [Yuriona]: Oh... that sounds intriguing! :D

2011-12-21 [Amanda Bastian]: :3 hehe Hopefully, it goes well in the end.

2012-01-03 [Nocturnaliss]: I imagine everybody's busy with real life, but I was wondering if there'll be a presents wiki in the (near) future, like previous years ? <<

2012-01-03 [Kyrinn]: Oo that would be neat to see!

2012-01-03 [Ravendust]: Anybody can set it up ;)

2012-01-03 [Ravendust]: For instance: Secret Santa 2011 presents

2012-01-03 [Kyrinn]: Sweet! should we put who we got it from too? :O

2012-01-03 [Ravendust]: oh! yeah, I forgot to do that, I was just getting the page set up

2012-01-03 [Avaz]: . . . I don't think I got mine. :/

2012-01-03 [Ravendust]: uh-oh, that wouldn't be good...

2012-01-03 [Kyrinn]: Nuuu! D: Poke [SilverFire]! she was the one who distributed them..

2012-01-03 [Avaz]: Already did, [Kyrinn], thanks. :)

2012-01-03 [Kyrinn]: :)

2012-11-25 [Nocturnaliss]: Woohoo!!!

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