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2007-02-27 06:46:17
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Seletar Chat Room

A place where you can talk or ask questions.

The Tower of Seletar

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2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: Trying to survive midterms lol

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: really?

well i dont have to be back to school until thursday or friday

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: oh yea,

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: yea yea

now the school is calling it "mutual combate" whatever that means

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: <img:stuff/quesN-gif.gif> I donno

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i have no idea

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: Are they adding to it or subtracting?

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: what do you mean?

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: Are they adding to your sentence or not?

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: neither

its the same their just calling it a differnt name

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: that's wierd

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: yea just a tad

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: yep

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: yay for wensday!

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: noooooooooooooooooooo

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: why is that>?

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: All my classes on that day

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: my birthday is that day lols

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: oh happy b=day!

2007-02-27 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: well its not until wensday..

2007-02-27 [Silver Moon]: I may not be on <img:stuff/mood13-gif.gif>

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: How was break?

2007-03-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: ya ya ya you have fun right?? yes yes much fun??

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: lol

2007-03-14 [Lirerial]: Happy B-day!!

2007-03-14 [XxTsomexX]: HAPPY BDAY!!

2007-03-14 [Silver Moon]: lol I had fun yes

2007-03-14 [Lirerial]: hey yah!!! he he I got my internet back for a while^^;

2007-03-14 [XxTsomexX]: cool ^^

2007-03-14 [Lirerial]: yup..

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: ooo... got to love heart burn... ><

2007-03-14 [Lirerial]: he he

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: Dont think i should have eatin the spice mashedpoatoes my german next doorneighbor made me.

2007-03-14 [XxTsomexX]: oh geez lol

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: One forgets germans dont use preservatives... damn i wonder what he put in there.... *rolls on the floor*

2007-03-14 [Lirerial]: lol ouch...

2007-03-14 [XxTsomexX]: lol

2007-03-14 [Fearathress]: Oh good he brought more... NOOOOO!!!! He put havanaro pepper in it... no wonder *_*

2007-03-15 [XxTsomexX]: oh geez :S

2007-03-15 [Lirerial]: lol

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: there is a new part of the roll play, they are interchangeable. It's Semedia's Dragon Riders.

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: Sweet.

2007-03-15 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: my nose itchs

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: lol... My head hurts. I figured out my neighbor was tryin to kill me.

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: oh how?

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: By giving me food that would give me heart burn adn then have me running around outside with my mouth burning. lol

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: lol that's not nice

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: lol

To another person no it aint. But we do it all the time. THough i can usually take waht he gives me. lol

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: lol <img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif>that her?

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: lol

think so.. lol

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: lol

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: I should put together an evil character.

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: your allowed to. Your allowed up tom four, I think I said

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: Lol... hmmm.... *thinks evil ways*

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: lol good luck. You may want tpo check on the new classes and races

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: how about an evil Wind Walker?

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: cool that would be great

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: Okay, and it said sometin about if it is evil it is used by the gods.. what does that mean?

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: The gods send them on assignments, when they want something taken care of. When the don't they are free to do what they please.

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: Okay. Then that is what i will write up. An evil wind walker elf. 

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: cool. Have fun making it

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: I will. Put it under evil characters?

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: yes.

2007-03-15 [Silver Moon]: you will need to look under deity to chose the one it serves

2007-03-15 [Fearathress]: Okay.

2007-03-23 [Silver Moon]: Are you going to play Rosylon now that she has Saverad?

2007-03-23 [Fearathress]: ?_?

2007-03-24 [Silver Moon]: I was talking to Loonygorl sorry

2007-03-24 [Fearathress]: Ah okay. Sorry i wasnt on last night. I wasnt feeling any good.

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: are you better?

2007-03-25 [Lirerial]: hey everyone

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: HELLO

2007-03-25 [Lirerial]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: <img:44166_1164145197.gif><img:44166_1164145171.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif>

2007-03-25 [Lirerial]: o,g so,ething great just happened!!!

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: what?

2007-03-25 [Lirerial]: wow..I seriously think I might be in love.....<img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: OOOOOO Is that good?

2007-03-25 [Lirerial]: I don't know..*dances around* lol

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: Good luck

2007-03-25 [Fearathress]: No, I dont know when i will next be on. I am sorry for the inconvince.

2007-03-26 [Silver Moon]: ah np

2007-04-13 [July 47]: how do i play SILVER MOON HELLOW

2007-04-13 [Silver Moon]: ok go to the guide and read that than you need to read the rules, and the class and race page. After that ask me if you have questions

2007-04-13 [July 47]: ARE YOU GOING TO ANCER

2007-04-13 [Lirerial]: ahhh she just did

2007-04-14 [Fearathress]: lol

2007-04-15 [SakuraWolf]: hey ppl

2007-04-15 [Fearathress]: hello

2007-04-23 [loonygirl2005]: hi Sakura Wolf.

2007-04-23 [Lirerial]: hey everyone!!! lol

2007-04-23 [Fearathress]: Hey

2007-05-10 [loonygirl2005]: My we are a lively group lol.

2007-05-10 [Fearathress]: lol

2007-05-11 [Fearathress]: wb

2007-05-18 [Silver Moon]: Hey guys

2007-05-18 [Fearathress]: hallo

2007-05-19 [Silver Moon]: nice to see ya again

2007-05-19 [Fearathress]: Didto. So how have you been?

2007-06-03 [Silver Moon]: good but a little stressed, and you?

2007-06-04 [Fearathress]: Stresses, been sick.. but good.

2007-06-05 [Silver Moon]: oh I am sorry

2007-06-05 [Fearathress]: ehh i am better now and taking the meds i was supposted to be taking that would have kept my immune system from cloapsing. XD

2007-06-10 [Silver Moon]: *hugs* glad you're better

2007-06-10 [Fearathress]: *hugs* thanks

2007-06-10 [Silver Moon]: np ^-^ how are you?

2007-06-10 [Fearathress]: rping and laughing my ass off you?

2007-06-10 [Silver Moon]: same here lol

2007-06-10 [Fearathress]: lol

2007-06-10 [Silver Moon]: ^-^

2007-06-10 [Fearathress]: :P

2007-09-03 [Silver Moon]: hey guys know anyone who does art without charging for it?

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: **dances** woohoo I'm back I'm back hahahaha

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: WELCOME BACK!!!!

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: man that post made me sad

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: mis-carriege?

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: yes

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i know.. but its dramatic

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: still sad, and how are we going to snap Risika out of it?

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i have no idea i'm winging it lol

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: kk

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i've been gone way to long

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: i know hey where is Risika's daughter?

2007-11-14 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i assume a healer took it

2007-11-14 [Silver Moon]: ?????

2007-11-15 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: i have no idea...

2007-11-15 [Silver Moon]: no, Risi, I thought you said she was Risika's daughter

2007-11-15 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: Siri? and risika is back at her room

2007-11-16 [Silver Moon]: yes Siri the seductress

2007-11-17 [Silver Moon]: lol

2007-11-17 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: well i said something last and you never responded i believe

2007-11-17 [Silver Moon]: what was it? Becouse I wasn't on for a bit

2007-11-17 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: its in siri's dwelling

2007-11-17 [Silver Moon]: ok I will check

2008-10-28 [Fearathress]: Hello

2008-10-28 [Silver Moon]: Hi thanks for using the chat

2008-10-28 [Fearathress]: You are welcome.. so whats up?

2008-10-29 [Silver Moon]: not much just got back from class and a Spectrum meeting

2008-10-29 [Fearathress]: sounds like fun.

2008-10-29 [Lirerial]: heyah^^

2008-10-29 [Silver Moon]: yup

2008-10-30 [Night Prowler]: Well...since I'm getting rid of the computer soon, and probably won't worry about getting another..If anyone wants you can either kill, or take over my characters. or just leave 'em sleeping in case I come back

2008-10-30 [Silver Moon]: why are you getting rid of it?

2008-10-30 [Night Prowler]: trying to raise money to fix up my car, selling some other stuff and getting a job too...need money not only for the car but i'm gonna try to send a good friend to LA to see AC/DC in December if I can't get two tickets.

2008-10-30 [Silver Moon]: aww ok good luck

2008-10-30 [Fearathress]: yes good luck! Hey how many sacks was K'htressa given?

2008-10-31 [Silver Moon]: four

2008-10-31 [Fearathress]: Okay. =)

Its Halloween!!!

2008-11-01 [Silver Moon]: Happy Halloween

2008-11-08 [Night Prowler]: I'm going out to attempt and work on my car so I'll be back on in just a little while.

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: ok good luck

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: heyah^^

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: *glomp*

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: lol *pats head* hello!!

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: hi

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: wats up??

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: not much been keeping busy you?

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: about the same lol

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: Aww that's sad what Zateria did.
I wonder what she will do next especially with the girl

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: hehe yea...I'm actually thinking about that right now

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: aww sorry

2008-11-08 [Lirerial]: sry about wat? lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: that it's making you think about it lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: hey now! lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: hmmm...if I take her to the warlord he's not going to try and kill her right?

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: Me not know lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: grrr darn it lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: lol I pull that on my friends when we play here too lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: hehe nice^^

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: drives them nuts seems like it works for friends on here too lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: grrr I'm surprised you have any friends left lol jk jk jk jk

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: lol sorry hey it's a DMs right lol

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: DMs?? wats that?

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: Dungeon Masters

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: ahhh lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: ^-^

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: omg how could you!! lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: I had decided it awhile ago I was hoping you wouldn't take her there! >< For your reference Zateria would notice she is still alive, but barely. 

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: yay!!!! lol

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: lol

bbl going to shower now

2008-11-09 [Lirerial]: kk

2008-11-10 [Lirerial]: anyone on and gonna rp?

2008-11-10 [Silver Moon]: we re the only ones on *sadness* we have to wait sorry you are welcome to join Silver Realmit needs more members and myself and another are playing right now

2008-11-10 [Lirerial]: kk lol I will soon but I gotta go now for the um..yea nighty night

2008-11-10 [Silver Moon]: night ^-^

2009-06-27 [loonygirl2005]: hmm....

2009-06-28 [Silver Moon]: Hello how are you doing?

2009-06-28 [loonygirl2005]: I am fine wow things are like a roller coaster ride.

2009-06-29 [Silver Moon]: I know what you mean, in the game and in real life
My grandfather might be getting worse, his memory is worsening and he is becoming more hallucinogenic.

2010-02-11 [Night Prowler]: lawlz can someone put my char. into a coma?

2010-02-14 [Silver Moon]: why?

2010-02-14 [Night Prowler]: no pc

2010-02-14 [Silver Moon]: where is your character?

2010-02-14 [Silver Moon]: Things are moving slow due to classes sorry

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