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Hair: Midnight Black
Eyes: Coal Black
Occupation: Running Esire as the a Queen.

Rosalyn is the member of the resist faction against Rainlyana. Her parents were nobles under Rainlyana rule and despised her methods despite the fact Esire flourished under her tender care sadly an illness takes them both. Ever since the warlords’ sweep of the country everything was shattered and so Rosalyn decides to allow a new government to form and she is the established queen. She has the similar figure as Lillian but only everything about her is harsh and cold. She constantly dreams about Reseno even though rumor has it that he is no longer a live. She is glad to hear that Lillian is no where to be found and executes anyone who mentions her name or the name of her family. She has the same education as Lillian but is more brash and confident about everything. She is a temperamental woman but she is also intelligent. Rosalyn's quote for control is. "If you don't like how I rule then face the dungon or allow me to take your life instantly.

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