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Semedia's Races

[Silver Moon]
The Tower of Seletar

Semedia: Dragon Knights

This is a short description of the races that are able to be used.

1.Humans: Most common of all the races. Found in just about any terrain. Any class, any alignment. 

2.Elves: Found in heavily wooded aeries, sometimes they travel. Drow, usually found in deep caverns, are usually evil, though there have been records of good drow. Elves come from different aeries, and there are a multitude of their kind: Wood, Valley, Drow, Aqua, and High. Any class, any alignment.

3.Dwarves: These hardy, short folk make fierce warriors. They can usually be found in mountains and some crave riches. Dwarger are usually evil. Types of Dwarf: Mountain, Hill, Dwarger, iron. Warrior, healer, or fighter/mage classes. Any alignment.

4.Halflings: These small folk are known for their love of peace. They have hairy feet and can sometimes be mistaken as children. They love to have at least five meals a day. Can be thieves or bards. Good or neutral alignments.

5.Half-dragons (Very rare now): The half breed of a dragon and humanoid, they are gifted with a little more strength. Any class, any alignment.

6.Half-elf: The mix of an elf and, usually, a human. Any class, any alignment.

7.Werewolves: These cursed creatures are the stuff of legend, human by day and wolf by night. They are said to have a weakness for silver. Any class, any alignment, though usually evil.

8.Werecats: Like the werewolf, they turn at night, but they turn into a panther, cheetah, lion, or tiger, depending on origin. Any class, any alignment, though usually evil.

9.Wererats: These creatures are known to be evil. They turn into large rats and are known to carry diseases. Any class but clerical/healer, usually rougue class. They stay near cities.

10.Vampires: These creatures of the night are feared world-wide. They feast on the blood of the innocent in order to survive and have a reputation for being evil, and some now find it hard to separate what is fact and what is myth. Any class. Neutral or evil alignments, a rare occurance of good.

11.Half-vampire: The joining of a humanoid and a vampire. Any class EXCEPT healers, any alignment, usually neutral or evil.

12.Half-Demon: The joining of a demon and a humanoid, they are feared for their heritage. Any class EXCEPT Healers, any alignment, though usually evil.

14.Azca: Winged humanoids who use magic, they have large gold or silver eyes. Their magic is usually used to aid people, but there have been cases where they have used it to destroy.
Usually of cleric or spell casting classes, any alignment.

15. Gnomes: Any class, any alignment, but usually neutral.

16. Kaeko: These strange creatures are possessed with the abilities to see into another's mind, or even soul. They can be deadly with such knowledge. They are rare and usually appear as various humanoids. No one knows for sure what their true form is. Rogue or spell casters, usually evil.

17. Hiates: Orc-like creatures with greater intelligence than their cousins. They are sometimes confused with orcs. Fighters or rougues, rarely spell casters, any alignment.

18. Half-Orcs: The joining of a humanoid and an orc. Low intelligence. Any class, any alignment.

19. Oart: These creatures resemble young children. When they smile they reveal pointed teeth. They are sturdy and good with magic, but they have to feast on human or elven blood once a week. Believed to be related to the vampire. Any class except healer, nearly always evil, never good.

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