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Septimus Heap Review


Septimus Heap Series by Angie Sage

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult

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Septimus Heap once again falls into an adventure by accidentally accepting the Queste Stone. He heads off, ignoring the Stone, with Jenna and Beetle to the Hourse of Foryx, where All Times Do Meet, to save his brother Nicko and friend Snorri from being lost in time.

This is another great installment of Septimus Heap. If you have enjoyed the first three, you will enjoy the fourth. Although this installment has a much more serious tone. There were less of the funny happenings (there were still some), and a bit more of a dramatic plot. The ending rushes to a stop and kinda falls off, but it is a happy one. There is a lot of scene changing as you follow different people. I would recommend knowing the first three's plot lines or you might get confused.

All in all, another great Septimus Heap book.


/ [*Phoenix*]

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