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Sestera's study

This room is fairly large one side is devoted to living quarters and the other to a vast study.
Every where you look there are books, scrolls, or other parchments.
Bookcases are filled to over flowing with various written texts.
Tables and Chairs are likewise covered.
The living quarters are becoming swallowed by the study where strange things seem to happen.
Other then the clutter the room is fairly clean and the piles of books neat.

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2007-07-25 [Silver Moon]: *nods and hurries to find her*

2007-07-25 [Fearathress]: K'htressa walks back into the room. "What else happned?"

2007-07-25 [Silver Moon]: "What do you mean? I went to sleep before they found out I was there."

2007-07-25 [Fearathress]: "Do you know anything else?"

2007-07-25 [Silver Moon]: "I heard screams at night..and.." *breaks off shivering*

2007-07-25 [Fearathress]: K'htressa gave her a hug. "Its okay."

2007-07-25 [Silver Moon]: "strange beasts would show up some times.."

2007-07-25 [Fearathress]: "What kind?"

2007-07-25 [Silver Moon]: "I..don't know..they scared me."

2007-07-25 [Fearathress]: "Okay. YOu are safe." K'htressa says holding her.

2007-08-26 [Silver Moon]: Teanna shivered a bit but than relaxed.

2007-08-26 [Fearathress]: K'htressa smiled down at Teanna humming a song in elven.

2007-08-29 [Silver Moon]: "I..I feel him.." Teanna whispered.

2007-08-29 [Fearathress]: "Who do you feel?"

2007-08-30 [Silver Moon]: "Daddy..he's close..."

2007-08-30 [Fearathress]: "Can you tell how close hun?"

2007-09-01 [Silver Moon]: *gets up and starts to leave the room* "I..want to see him."

2007-09-01 [Fearathress]: K'htressa catches tenna's arm. "No, you mustn't go alone my dear. I will come with you."

2007-09-01 [Silver Moon]: *nods and leads the way into the hall.*

2007-09-01 [Fearathress]: K'htressa follows snatching up her staff and cloak.

2007-09-01 [Silver Moon]: ******************************************************

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