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2006-12-30 00:16:41
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Shadow of the Moon: The Blackmore's Night Fanclub

Hello, and welcome! :)

As can be inferred from the title, this wiki is a fanclub for one of the best and most original renaissance bands in the world: Blackmore's Night.

Founded by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his then fiancee Candice Night, the band has grown in size and popularity. Since its "birth", Blackmore's Night has recorded 8 cds, numerous singles, 1 dvd, and has earned numerous awards and golden records.

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Blackmore's Night Discography

Blackmore's Night Bios

Blackmore's Night Lyrics

Blackmore's Night News

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Note: Anyone who would like to make a banner for the wiki is more than welcome to present one. Be aware, however, that it needs to meet my approval first.

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2008-02-15 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: This is awesome, Blackmore's Night Rules!

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