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2005-08-21 19:07:48
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I, [DEDGE.] have decided to make a wiki for my dear friend Shae, [TeenageDirtbag]! So join if you want to because she's uber cool and she deserves your love! ^_^

Shae Lovers!

Shae is one of the most awesome people in the world!

Three Words To Describe Shae

1.) Spontaneous

2.) Vivacious

3.) Alluring/Charismatic

Shae's Nicknames!

Dawn~Michele, [DEDGE.]'s nickname: Shae~Baby! (Tahe Tahe Tahe ^_*)

Jordyn, [Ruka-chan]'s nicknames: Setsuna, Suna, Suna-chan, Suna-san, and Rei-chan...

Sabrina's nicknames: Ryoko and Shae~Faye

If you have a nickname for Shae, but you were forgotten, message [DEDGE.] immediately because she is very sorry!

All in all, Shae's awesome, so join her wiki because she deserves your love! ^_^




1. [DEDGE.]- Shae is awesome, she rocks the freaking casba, whatever that is. lol... *Ahem* I havent known her all that long, but since I've known her, she's been an awesome person and a really good friend! :D
2. [TeenageDirtbag]- Person who its made for

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