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Shamen Platform



1. Crying Destiney - The main room. scenerio is constantly changeing as the warriors move along with their journies.

2. Atolincia - a massive man made Island that can move around the oceans, created by the United Nations, as a Military Island, but after getting built, it was expanded upon, and now half of it is a city, and the other half is a United nations base. the Funding for the massive island was said to have come from the Nosam's.

3. Eilondrie - One of the biggest undeveloped forest's in the world. It is said a long time ago, the forest was inhabited by rebels, that live peacefully with the nature around them. they were also said to have very bad temper's for outsiders, most adventures who entered the forest never came out.

4. Cinbactie - The most unforgiveing city known to man, most residents here, are Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Old Veterens, Mercenaries, or Criminals. Most of them can be met at in the local tavern. this is the most dead beat twon that could possibly exist.

5. Nordafis - This is the coldest land around, the mere wind chill factor is enough to kill a man in an istant. But if you make it to the tavern, the locals will take good care of you.

6. Half World - You feel as if your floating.. this world is grass as far as you can see, and one big tree in the middle. Perhaps you got here in a dream, or possibly meditation.. or just maybe imagination....

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A floating city above the clouds. said to have been made by the greatest of scientist, that after finsihed, were kidnapped and disappeared. It is believed to have been the work of the Nosam's. It is said that some great warriors came in after the city was demolished, with a larg amount of soldiers wearing red and black uniforms, they help rebuild the city in one year, and tried to save as many people as the could. It is even said that after they took control of the demolished city, the surviving U.N. soldiers were given the option of either leaving or helping.. The U.N. soldiers stripped off their uniforms and joined their ranks. The warriors and their army left after the rebuilding was done, leaving the people with a large plasma shield to cover their city from danger, and weaponry to protect themself's against enamies.. along with all that their stands a distress beacon, that if activated, will bring the great warriors back to the city to guard the citiziens. This city belongs to the citiziens now..

*You enter the Shamen Platform, you look around, and see civilians walking around, doing their daily tasks, along with some law enforcement personal. This is clearly a place of peace. Some of the citiziens welcome you as you enter the port. you see in the distance a monument dedicated to some crisis.*

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2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *draws his sword, as a tear runs down his face.* "move out of my way Shai... I will kill you.."

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *now in teh pilot seat of his plane the canopee open for warfox, he starts to ready the engines, watching shai li "damn it!" he though, looking to that braclet then sighing some as he kicks on the engines "..jay lets go!"

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: *knocks the sword out of Tafia's hand as he kicks him to the floor.* "then you leave me no sorry."

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *the engines are warmed up he looks over "jay lets go now!" he spoke

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *jumped into the jet, and buckled in.* "go go go!"

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *the canapee shut as he hit the throtle the plane blasted off into the air, he circled once looking down at shai li "good by friend...thank you" he spoke before blasting towards Cinbactie

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *re-appeared behind Shai Li, and pushed his fingers into shai li's back paralyzing him.* "you can stay like this for a while...and think about what you done today..."

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Shai li: *lays on the ground.* "if this is the price i pay for protecting friends..then so be it.. I will stand between you and them everytime I can."

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks away.* "you dis-honor me brother.. you just saved our brothers murderer.."

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: wakes up in a room with people standing around him, staring at him.* "where am i?"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *one man looks at him.* "you are in a underground facility of the shamen platform."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: *looks around as he tries to stand up.* "you mean you people didnt leave?"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the man walks over to shai li, and injects him with a sediment.* "no, this is our home, and we couldnt get out of here in time."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: *tries to get off the bed, but falls on the floor, realizing he is paralyzed from the waist down.* "damn, you people need to get out of here, I sence something very wrong about to happen."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the man looks at the crowd, and then back to shai li.* "we have no where to go.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: *gets set in a wheel chair.* "i know of a place that should still be standing, and will welcome you all, gather all the survivors, we must get out of here."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the people look around, as the leader speaks for them.* "these are all the survivors..."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Shai Li: *is shocked at there only being a handful, but starts to wheel out, well lets go, come on people, follow me.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (expansion)

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