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User Name: [Figgy]

Character name: Shana Grace Tilar

Mutant Name: Morpha (previously Ambiance, changed after Xavier's disappearance)

Classification: X-Men (Team Leader), Staff

Abilities/powers: Shana has the ability to take on the properties of substances she is touching (through individual body parts or her whole body) as long as the substances are not normally poisonous or harmful to her bare touch (i.e. she cannot fuse with fire, electricity, acids, bases, poisons, etc). The state of matter of the portion of her of her body that is changed becomes the same as that substance she changes to (if she fuses with water, she becomes a free-moving, albeit controllable, liquid). She is able to retain the qualities for an hour or so after initially changing. Occasionally, with enough adrenaline pumping through her body, Shana has found that she can change willingly without being in contact with the substance. However, to ensure that her power is constantly available, the girl keeps coins of different metals and such hidden away in parts of her clothing, usually in gloves, wristbands, belts, or other accessories.

Sex: Female

Age: 19, January 1st

General appearance: Shana used to dress in the style of what would be classified as, though lately she has been forced to mature somewhat. Still, she wears mostly punk-style and bright clothing, and her hair is generally long bleach blonde (naturally dark brown) with several layers throughout, and a bright bubblegum pink streak on either side of her face. Her body style is particularly thin and flat-chested, but she sports lean muscle from eight years of danger room training, and she stands at about 5'5" with pale skin and bright cerulean irises.

Additional appearance: Shana sports a small tattoo of a black star on her left cheekbone, just beneath her eye, and occasionally she wears a nose ring/stud. She has recently added a pair of dermals on her cheek, just below her right eye.

Personality: Shana is a bold and generally outgoing girl. She usually enjoys making new friends, and she always tries to be kind to new students at the mansion, but she chooses to keep her distance from the meaner/more annoying students around. Shana tends to avoid drama like the plague, but some things can easily make her snap (waking her up rudely, for instance). Sometimes silly, a little scatterbrained, and usually easy-going, she shows a lot of passion for Xavier's school and keeping its students safe and happy.

Lately, Shana has been dealing with a lot of stress in her new position at the school, and thus has become a bit more serious and sometimes cranky.

Special Skills: Because of her constant workout regimen, Shana is generally very lithe, though not overly so, and quick on her feet for short sprints.

Place of birth: New York, United States (but grew up in Miami, Florida)

Weapon(s) of choice: Shana has a collection of small coin-like discs made up of different types of metals that she hides beneath articles of clothing and accessories in order to be able to access her powers

Medical information: None.

Brief History: Shana only knows of her history what her foster parents have told her. Supposedly, the naturally brown-headed girl was born one of a set of fraternal twins to a happy couple in Miami. At only a few months of age, Shana's parents were killed in a head-on car collision with a drunk as they were coming back from a night out. Shana and her sister had been left with a baby-sitter that night, and with no other family alive, they were brought to an orphanage. Shana's sister, Light, was almost immediately adopted out to a couple who were unable to take both children, and because they were too young to be close, it was allowed. Several months afterwards, Shana was adopted by a wealthy, middle-aged couple who spent their winters in Florida. Shana was cared for and given the best home and education she could ask for, and even when her powers developed at age 10, her parents were completely understanding, and mostly worried for her safety. It only took them a matter of months to find Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and the girl was immediately off to her new school, where she's been ever since (visiting her parents for every family holiday and occasionally during the summer breaks).

Relatives: Light Blackburn - Sister

How long your character has been in the mansion: Since she was 10.

Current Attire: Shana is still dressed in her winter workout clothes from earlier that day, a tight pair of active wear pants and a long sleeve active wear shirt, with tennis shoes to match and a scarf still around her neck. Her hair is in a high ponytail on her head.


Relations Chart: 1(Bad) - 10 (Good)

Adrianne Wagner - (4) Shan's only chance to interact with Addy involved the girl getting mortally wounded on a mission she was sent on, then snapping at Shana, who thought she was only trying to help. She feels kind of bad, but she was only trying to look out for the students' safety.

Casper - (8) Casper is absolutely precious, and spending the time with him that she does, whether willingly or not, Shana has come to see him as a sort of younger brother figure and treats him as such.

Daniela Morgan - (9) Even if the two girls have been unable to spend as much time together as usual, on account of Shana's new job as the mansion's secretary, they are still very much best friends. The blonde will always remember that she was Daniela's first kiss, a drunken one, and she even looks back on it now and laughs. Shana misses spending time with her roommate, and is determined to get out of that office at some point to have a day out with Dani.

Elizabeth Charms - (6) Shana has never exactly craved Flame's company, considering the woman's aptitude for being sassy and quite the bit scary to those who weren't well acquainted with her, but seeing her step up to her role as per Xavier's request and work the way she has been has boosted Shana's confidence in her. Occasionally, however, Shana does find Flame to be a little on the lazy side, but as long as the scaly mutant continues to support the school and her classmates, Shana is alright with her.

Kiora Collins - (3) The girl has a major attitude problem and definitely needs an adjustment. Shana doesn't intend on spending any more time than necessary with the blue-furred girl who feels she needs to make threats to other students.

Kobayashi Hisoka - (4) - Shana felt that, during the one interaction she had with the boy, the kid overstepped his boundaries, trying to direct her when she was trying to "work out" on her own.

Kyle Bedlington - (3) Shana has practically given up on Kyle, considering it seems he ran away from the mansion. She had before tried her best to make him feel welcome and at home within the mansion's walls, but it seems it was not to be so, and he has taken to the streets again. Shana only hopes he is okay outside during the winter months.

Light Blackburn - (2) Shana has decided to cut the drama with Light. Although she wants to try to befriend her sister, it seems Light is unwilling, but now, Shana wants to try to put a stop to the feuding with some vital, surprising information regarding the two sisters.

Lirerial - (4) Shana is incredibly unsure about this one. After hearing some strange things from Flame that Lire supposedly told her, Shana doesn't know what to believe.

Mark Banster - (3) Shana is definitely wary of the wheelchair-bound kid after he insisted she allow him access to all of Dr. McCoy's files.

Mihir Proudclaw - (?) Shana is very upset, confused, and hurt after Mihir's death. She has no idea what happened, but after his death, he woke up as a completely different person, and Shana is entirely unsure what to do.

René Chastain - (2) Shana is torn between hating René and appreciating him. On the one hand, he was a womanizing perv, and apparently still is, who dared to cop a feel from her when they were both much younger, but on the other hand, he has shown his loyalty to Xavier and come back to the mansion to help out, or so he says.

Sarah Criss - (4) - Rage was an old student that Shana grew up with, though she had never had any interaction with her. After her return, Shana has found her to have a bit of an attitude problem, as well as issues keeping her clothes on.

Shade - (3) Shana has sort of given up on the prospect of continuing her friendship with Shade, or Anton as she once knew him, finally coming to terms with the fact that he is quite literally a different person than she once knew. She won't hesitate to be friendly with the man, but she is also wary of him.

Timothy Maxwell - (6) Tim has actually proved to be a pretty cool... uhm, skull. He doesn't really bother anyone, despite those who think he does because of his appearance, and he has always shown a friendly and polite side to Shana.

Valerie K. Sprouse - (6) Shana knows that Valerie is a lovely person all-around, but holed up in the office as she's been, she hasn't had the time to really converse or spend time with the girl, and she's losing touch with their friendship, however slight it was.


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2010-06-28 [Figgy]: Also, I've been meaning to say, I love the star tattoo you've added to her cheek ;)
It suits her.

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2012-12-14 [Figgy]: I actually always look up stuff for outfits for my chars and modify it from there. So no trend with me.

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