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Shao Khan


This little hidden fort, is hidden somewhere in a distant land, upon a mountain, mixed in with the nature. It is said that the select few that are lucky enough to find this place, become truly talented in the ways.. but that saying has never left the fort, due to its extreme secret.

NPC's in this area:    Status:

1. Khan          Good health
2. Shai Li        Good health
3. Tao (white ninja)   Good health

As you climb the mountain, and get close to the top you wonder if it could get any worse... after you get to the top, you wish you never wondered that.. a jungle of vines so thick you'll be lucky to get 2o feet of distance in a day. not to mention, there is another cliff behind it even steeper then the first. This is your prooving ground to see if you are worthy.. if your not then.. hope you can make it back down the mountain.

[Update, A New Hope]
Trees are fallen all around, there is a huge crator in the middle of a large clearing, it looked that at one time somthing might have been here, there bits an pieaces of what looked to be maybe a fort, or possiabley homes of some kind, in the middle of the crator was a stone, wich reads "Let this place be a reminder to us, a reminder of what happend here, so that it may never happen again"

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2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *smiles softly an stretchs some on the bed laying there with her

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: you know I saved your ass back then... *pokes him in the side*

2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *looks to her "Saved my ass? how do you figure?"

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *grins* helped you pass the history exam for that one term back our sophmore year

2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "oh yes that you did...that you did"

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *leans in close and kisses him*

2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *kisses her back an smiles softly

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: just think... if I hadn't been trailing the kid we would never had been able to meet up again.. *blushes slightly and smiles*

2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "i know.." he looks down "....heh an luckily i wasnt my complete self at the time......cause normaly i kill anyone who trys to harm crim.... but for somereason even beforei knew it was you.. i held back"

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *blinks at the news but then smiles warmly* I guess I should thank you for that then... *nuzzles him a little* I only seem remotely sane when I'm around you...

2006-02-11 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *smiles softly holdin her close as they lay there

2006-02-11 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *happily cuddles him* so.. how long have you known the kid anyways?

2006-02-12 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *meditating infront of the tree, he seems to get flash backs of memories he has forgotten.*

2006-02-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *curled up asleep in the cargo bay of the airship holding her kitten, Saber looking like a ball of grey fluff in her arms*

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wanders the place holding Saber in her arms, lets out a sigh feeling a little on the paranoid about everything. ends up looking up at some trees looking up at the birds that were twittering amongst the leaves*

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *was meditating infront of the giant tree.*

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *tilts her head slightly, croutching down infront of him watching him meditate as Saber tries to paw at a butterfly going past*

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *with his eye's shut he talks.* "what you want?"

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks and pauses for a moment* sorry.. just... feel like I'm going nuts.. trying to be good...

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *smirks with his eyes shut.* "do what you want, these guys arent that good."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *squeeks slightly and playfully glares at him* bro you are absolutely no help... you know that?

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: "sorry"

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *sighs* guess I'll just play with my new toy... no.. can't... damn it.. *whimpers and sighs, standing up and looking around* sware I'm loosing my mind out here... it's too... i don't know... perfect...

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *laughs at her* "so make some chaos."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: uh huh.. riiiiggghhhtttt... I don't want to get you guys into trouble there bro... *lightly pokes him in the forehead with her index finger*

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *with his eye's shut, grabs her finger before she pokes him, and laughs.* "well im sure they arent going to throw us out.."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wiggles her finger in his grasp* I'm guessing you don't like the guys in white do you....

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: "not really, and that one keeps following me around."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: huh? what one? *looks around the area as she holds her kitten*

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *points up to the tree with his eye's shut to a white ninja squating on a branch watching them.* "is he still there?"

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances up and blinks* yup... does he ever blink?

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: "every once in a while.."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: ugh... creepy... okay adding that to my list of reasons why this place creeps me out.. *looks back at Warfox* has he been following you since we got here?

2006-02-16 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *every since our little is like he wants a re match.."

2006-02-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: what scuffle? he hit you with one blow and you couldn't move..... can't really have a re match on something like that

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *yawns some as he walks around the fort, he seemed to be thinking, been thinking alot since they got here

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *rubs her nose slightly, hoping that her mild cold doesn't last much longer. she had been feeling like she was sneezing out what brains she had left and had been sleeping a lot more then she normaly did*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stopping in the hallway he sighs some before turning an walking out of the fort, getting in his plane he fired up the engines

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *finds Arianna and playfully pokes the young woman on the nose* can I have your nose? I need to replace mine..

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggling, she smiles some as she sat there on her bed, wondering where crim was

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *after a few moments he go into his plane an took off into the sky, sighing some as he headed back to cinbactie

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *grins evily and pounces the young woman, wrestling with her* come on! surrender your nose!

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *laughs an shakes her head "no! its myne! woman! dont make me hurt you!"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: ARGH! white ninjas are giving me the creeps! *whines then stops in the doorway with a raised eyebrow at the match between Arianna and Nanashi* O_o I always come in at some of the oddest times....

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *chuckles as she tickles Ari* you should know what pain does to me so you know it's not an option.. now hand it over!

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *scrambleing over to hide behind crim she clutches to the poor theifs legs "oh dear god help me!"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: ACK! *blinkblink. does her best not to strangle her kitten or fall over while still trying to look at her lover* what the hell? okay what's going on you two...

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *pouts and whines* I need a new nose! this cold is driving me crazy! *ends up sneezing*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *stands up but stays behind her lover "shes trying to take my nose"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: Nanashi no stealing Ari's body parts... she's mine! I will toss the hyper furball at you if I have to!

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: fine fine... *wanders over and pets Saber*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *grins "thankies love"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles and leans back slightly against Arianna* what? you are mine... *sighs* so hard to be good and not do something stupid....

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggles "i am all yours" she spoke snuggling close to crimson

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *sneezes again and sighs* god this is so annoying...

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *stays in her girlfriend's arms and smiles slightly at the older woman* still have that cold?

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *holds her lover gently as she watches the two talk to each other

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *nods* yes unfortunetly... been like this for a couple of days now...

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: arianna: *watches them before smileing kissing the back of crims neck "poor thing" she spoke to nanashi

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: crimson: *smiles from the kiss then tilts her head slightly* has anyone seen War or Sno lately? I mean I think War's still neditating but I haven't seen Sno in a while

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *shrugs some and pouts* he's been wandering around a lot lately so I have no idea.. that and I've been sleeping a lot

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *looks to them then back to the sky placeing a finge ron her own lips kinda anime style thinking "oh i heard his plane leave i think"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks and looks at her for a moment* leave? where the hell is he planning on going anyways? he told us to stay here... *pouts some* and he gets after me for heading out on my own?

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *sitting infront of the tree suddenly stops meditating.* "I understand now..."

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *sighs and runs her fingers through her hair*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *shrugs "i dunno babe... he probley just went flying...he does that to clear his head"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: flying around... with that thing that destroyed who knows how many cities still wandering around out there? please tell me I'm not the only one having a hard time finding logic here..

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *looks around, and then jumps, floating up in the air, and crossing his bracelets as they glow a light blue.*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *shrugs "since when has dad ever acted with logic..."

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods her head slightly* you have a point there... *looks over at Nanashi knowing that the woman was quiet due to her great worry for the man that had become her lover* hey Nanashi... you going to be okay? *Nanashi nods slightly*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *holds her lover before looking to nanashi...

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *the ground starts to shake, as he fires a giant blue beam from his bracelets.* "Aaaaaaaah!!!"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *cuddles against Ari as she pets her kitten*

2006-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *looks to crimson "did you feel that?"

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *already slightly unsteady on her feel nearly tips over* ack!

2006-02-18 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods her head* yeah.. what the hell was that? an earthquake?

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *slowly floats back down to the ground as he breathe's heavily.* "so all this time... that was it... the man we all been trying to destroy is the key to my power.. without him i cant use it.."

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna *sighs some "i do not know, this place is weird...." she spoke as she sat ther with her lover, watching nanashi giggleing some at the poor woman

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: ugh I give up on standing.. *just stays laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling*

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nuzzles Arianna as the two of them sat on the bed*

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles softly to crimson, watching nanashi "poor you" she spoke to the woman on the floor

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: can one of you at least toss me a pillow? *gets a pillow to the face* thank you

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *giggles* welcome.. *watches Saber wander the floor*

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggles watching the two

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Saber: *mews and ends up crawling his way up Nanashi's body, licks the woman's nose*

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *blinks at the kitten* are you sure you want to do that you little furbal?

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *his jet was heard outside as it landed, the canopee opening as he fell over the side hitting the ground "ow..." he spoke pushing himself up, his sword blade had returned to normal size an was already sheathed again...

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks and looks over at Arianna* he's back... wanna go see where the hell he's been?

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: you better hope your kitten doesn't try to eat me...

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods to her lover "yea sure" she spoke standing

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods and looks over at Nanashi* you gonna be okay?  "yeah sure.. no problem.. just make the room stop spinning"  *the thief shakes her head and holds Ari's hand as they go find Sno*

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles as they walk out of the room heading to where sno plane was, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of the man... he could barley stand as he leaned against his plane looking up so he didnt notice them.. nor the blood dripping off him onto the ground

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: O_O what the hell--?? *blinks and looks at Ari then back at Sno staring at him in complete shock*

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *looks to them, before turning an smileing weakly "..oh..hey ...whe..." he stopped in mid sentance as he fell face first into the ground passed out cold

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *"Dad!!" lets go of crims hand so not to drag her as she ran to the passed out man, "oh god.. hes all bloody...what happend !!!!!" she spoke in a worried tone of voice

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson:*runs after her and manages to roll him over onto his back to check on him* gees.. bro you look like shit.. what the hell were you fighting? a shredder? Ari we need to try to get him inside...

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *picked up her dad an carried him into the fort, setting the man down on one of the beds not careing about the blood

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *digs around in her bag and with Ari's help takes Sno's shirt off before she starts tending to his wounds* think that we might be able to find out where the hell he was if we check out his plane's computer..

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods some and walks out of the room, comeing back into the room a good 15 minutes later " last marked cordenates... would only add up to him being at Cinbactie"

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks and looks up at her in mid bandaging* Cinbactie?

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods some "yup.. thats what the cordinates add up to"

2006-02-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: once your father wakes up can I punch him out? please?? *gives her a puppy eyed pout*

2006-02-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods "go for it" she spoke softly walking over an kissing her lover before smileing "im gonna go take a bath... ill be back in to check on you an dad after"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: mmm... *pulls Ari into a deeper kiss before letting her lover go smiling* too bad I can't follow.. still bandaging him up

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles and bites her lovers bottom lip before giggling "well maybe later ill take a bath for fun" she spoke winking some an walking out

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *after a few moments his eyes open, as he sees a very angry looking theif bandangeing him up

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: crimson: *finishes bandaging up his upper body before stipping him the rest of the way* just to let you know I've been given permission to punch you out there bro...

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods some an looks away ".,..sorry... but i just had to go see..what was left of are home..."

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *cleans up the wounds on his legs before bandaging some of them up* so you go off and do the same things that you get after me about? bro I was worried about you.. Nanashi was worried about you... what would have happened if you died? *looks at him and sighs* I know I know.. you're an adult... you can make decisions for yourself... I just worry okay? *finishes bandaging him*

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *shook his head "no.. heh your right crim... i should of thought about it, i just figured hed of moved on by that time"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks* him? oh god.. Bro! *whines slightly* Ari's gonna freak when if she finds out...

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *from the room down the hallway* damn it someone make the floor stop moving! ::THUNK:: ................... ow... *sneezes*

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *looks to her "who do you think im talking about?"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: purple light guy... *wanders out of the room then comes back with some of Sno's clean clothes, handing them to him so that he could get dressed*

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods some laying back "good we are on the same page...damn...someone gota stop him"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *sits crosslegged on the bed looking at him, pausing for a moment in thought*

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sitting up, he stumbles out of bed.. an sighs "i gotta get to work, im in no shape to fight him"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: ack! hold it there bandaged one.. *catches him and sticks him back on the bed* no escaping there sir...

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stops her before hes put on the bed "...crim... theres no time....this thing.... his only goal is to wipe the humans from the face of the earth....i can rest when this is over"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *looks at him as she lets him go, is silent for a moment* for once let me do something good so I can go to hell with a clear concious... I just want to help..

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stood there looking down "crim... your gonna get your chance... this is gonna take all of us.... hes to strong for just one...." he smiles some then looks up " pressure... but the future is literaly in are hands"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods and smiles almost smirking* I brought my "toy" with me...

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "not sure how effective it will be.. but im glad you have somthing more powerfull then a regular knife"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: crimson: I still need to try it out though.. I just don't want to do it here because I don't know if I'll get into trouble or not

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods some "i see, well we will figure somthing out"

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods and watches Saber scurry into the room and hides under the bed* Saber? what the hell did you do? mess with Nanashi?

2006-02-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stood there holding his side as he watched the kitten before heading out the door

2006-02-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *staggers into the room, holding herself up by bracing herself against the wall as she sneezes*

2006-04-06 [snowwolfsa]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-04-06 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *a few weeks pass now, an snowolf finds himself standing underneath the tree stareing up at it, his eyes where closed an he seemed lost in thought, he had been training non stop for the past few weeks, it was good to stand an catch his breath

2006-04-06 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *wanders near where Snowolf was training, leaning against a tree and smiling softly at him as the man went through various moves*

2006-04-06 [dead~spirit]: *suddenly there is a commosion at the main agte as white ninjas run over, and open the gates..*

2006-04-06 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *hearing the noise he stops what hes doing an with a glance at nanashi heads to the front gates

2006-04-07 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *blinking slightly she ends up following, not sure what was going on*

2006-04-07 [dead~spirit]: Shai li: *limps in with a small groupof wounded people behind him.* "they were attacked, and i didnt want to leave them fir that thing tocome back and kill."

2006-04-07 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: whoa.. *goes over and helps Shai li before he tipped over*

2006-04-07 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *watches shai li for a moment before looking to the other wounded people, the white ninjas, wasted no time in helping them

2006-04-07 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *gets the man to sit down before going over and helping Sno*

2006-04-17 [dead~spirit]: *as the gates start to close, a commosion starts, the white ninjas ontop of the gate talk, and point at something outside. as one of them yells out a word in some odd language, the children all run to the gate screaming and laughing.*

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *watching this for a moment before he turned an headed back into fort

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *was sleeping soundly against crim while all this was happening

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wakes up slightly and looks up, still holding Ari to her as her kitten was curled up on the young woman's lap. softly kisses her lover's head(

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *not sure what was going on or what to do watches Sno before following him*

2006-04-17 [dead~spirit]: *the gates slwoly open as Tafia walks in with a large crowd of people..*

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stops an looks back, glanceing some at tafia, before turning an entering the fort

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *grins some at her from the kiss an smiles snuggleing more "nnnn no, 5 more minutes" she spoke closeing her eyes again

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *finally catches up with Sno and kisses his neck* why haven't you talked to me?

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Crimson: ^-^ silly sleepy head... *pets the young woman's hair*

2006-04-17 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walks out to see whats going on, and watch's.* "what the hell is this?"

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *smiles softly and turns around kissing gently "sorry, i just been thinking alot latley.. i havent really spoken much to anyone.. i been training mostly"

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggles some an sits up "fine fine im awake... hey what going on outside?" she spoke glanceing outside the window

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *she nods her head and smiles back at him, moving a lock of his hair away from his face* I've noticed.. been watching you actually

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *she shakes her head slightly as she lets her pet up onto her shoulder* not really sure... the noise woke me up...

2006-04-17 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks in and smiles eeing his village.* "im finally home...its been a while..."

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods an smiles "i know, ive noticed you standing there, im sorry i havent spoken much"

2006-04-17 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *reaching up to gently pet saber on his head she smiles softly an looks around

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *smiles and wraps her arms around his waist* you know you had me worried for a while.. thought my insanity pissed you off some how *starts nibbling his neck*

2006-04-17 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles as Saber purrs at the petting* can you imagine how he's going to be when he gets older?

2006-04-17 [dead~spirit]: *as Tafia walks in, Warfox see's him, and runs for Snowolf.*

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *he shook his head " nah, not at all" he spoke to nanashi before turning to see warfox

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles softly an nods some to her "it will be intereasting" she spoke before she notice tafia threw the window stareing for a moment before looking back to her lover

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *keeps close to Sno as Warfox wanders over*

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks at seeing the man and looks at Ari, having the same confused and puzzled reaction on her face as her lover did*

2006-04-19 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walks up to Snowolf, and looks at him.* "he is here..."

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "yes i know i seen him, but he isnt really are main concern right now, infact if i recall he helped us escape... hes a good allie to have right now" snowolf spoke looking to nanashi then back to warfox

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *sighed some before stretching some and smileing at crim

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *nods her head slightly* I would have to agree with him on this one.. seriously don't think that we need any more problems right now

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles and was about to kiss her grilfriend when Saber bounces off her shoulder and attempts to do land on Ari's chest only to bounce off and end up on his back in the woman's lap* O_o ^^;

2006-04-19 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *his eye's filled with anger, it was obvious he had some sort of competition with Tafia, and did not like it. he turned and slowly walked away.*

2006-04-19 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *as he walked in, he was met by Khan, he bowed, and then looked at khan with respect.*

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighed some an could tell warfox was not happy with this " not happy with it eather jay....he killed sam, cold hearted no reason, just killed him, you think i like working him..... the thing is... its neccessary" he spoke before he turned an headed to the tree

2006-04-19 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggled an petted saber "silly little thing"

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *looks back and forth between the two departing men* ummm.. *sighs and rubs the back of her neck* wheee.. thrill of thrills.. *watches Tafia for a moment then looks back at Sno*

2006-04-19 [crowfeather]: Crimson: guess I'm not the only one that likes jumping on you *giggles and scratches Saber's head, kissing Ari's cheek*

2006-04-19 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walks abck inside of his room, an dshuts the door.*

2006-04-19 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *stands up, and looks at all the children jumping on him, and laughing. he cant help but smile, as he kneels down and hugs them.* Children: "what was it like?!!??!" Tafia:"it was nothing compared to our home.."

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *found himself stareing up at the tree yet again, the tree that seemed to calm him

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles some feeling her kiss, before giggleing an petting the kitten that was in her lap

2006-04-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *watches Sno from a distance to make sure that he was alright*

2006-04-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *the kitten mews and purrs happily at the attention*

2006-04-20 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *as he walks through the crowd, a few adults step forward.* adults: "your not welcome here Tafia, your blood is littered with have dishonored us.. you are not the great boy you once were.."

2006-04-20 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *lays down and rests.*

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *glanceing over in tafias direction when he heard the adults, he wasnt far from them, he returned his gaze to the tree "......honor is not important anymore, only life..... you wanna dispute honor? work it out after this... hes a powerfull fighter.... despite his evil cast him away now... would surely meen defeat..." he spoke towards the adults, although his gaze remand up at the tree

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles softly watching the kitten an glanceing up at crim

2006-04-20 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *without a word she walks over to Tafia, patting him on the shoulder. ends up muttering something under her breath in latin resulting in a smirk as she glances at him before wandering off to join Sno*

2006-04-20 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles* you know you're hair's gotten a little longer

2006-04-20 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *half wounded, he says nothing just looks at the elders of the village, and bows before staggering towards the gate to leave.* "I will ressurect my good deeds.. just you wait.."

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *her turned an with a soft smile towards nanashi, he then walked over catching up with tafia "you know.... we must stop this thing.... he wont stop till this planet is in ruins....its time to put are diffrences aside.... you want to ressurect your good deeds, then dont leave.... stay... an fight"

2006-04-20 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles some an nods "yea, i havent been keeping it trimmed... im thinking when this is all over.... maybe... me an you can live together peacefully an finaly...." she glances at her blades that where on the ground next to the bed "...i can put those up for good"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *smiles at Sno as he goes over to Tafia then glances up at the sky which seemed to have no cloud within the perfect blue. raises an eyebrow slightly as she listens to the birds twittering in the trees* storm's coming...

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles and wraps her arms around her lover's shoulders* I'm sure you and I could start up our own business too.. I mean put our skills to some use... make enough for a nice apartment or something

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *glares at snowolf, and then smirks.* "I dont need your help, this is my village.. I will end this.."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "fine" he spoke turning an heading back to the fort

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods "yes sounds good" she spoke with a smile"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *snags Sno by the sleeve as he walks past and deeply kisses him before looking him in the eyes* I love you.. you know that right?

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: hmmm... what on earth would we have as a business though? *nuzzles Ari's neck*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks out of the city after bowing to the elders..*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf" *nods after returning the kiss "an i love you... dont worry we will get threw this" he spoke softly

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nuzzleing back, she smiles softly an shrugs "i have no idea"

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