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Shao Khan


This little hidden fort, is hidden somewhere in a distant land, upon a mountain, mixed in with the nature. It is said that the select few that are lucky enough to find this place, become truly talented in the ways.. but that saying has never left the fort, due to its extreme secret.

NPC's in this area:    Status:

1. Khan          Good health
2. Shai Li        Good health
3. Tao (white ninja)   Good health

As you climb the mountain, and get close to the top you wonder if it could get any worse... after you get to the top, you wish you never wondered that.. a jungle of vines so thick you'll be lucky to get 2o feet of distance in a day. not to mention, there is another cliff behind it even steeper then the first. This is your prooving ground to see if you are worthy.. if your not then.. hope you can make it back down the mountain.

[Update, A New Hope]
Trees are fallen all around, there is a huge crator in the middle of a large clearing, it looked that at one time somthing might have been here, there bits an pieaces of what looked to be maybe a fort, or possiabley homes of some kind, in the middle of the crator was a stone, wich reads "Let this place be a reminder to us, a reminder of what happend here, so that it may never happen again"

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2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *she nods her head and smiles softly* it's going to be raining soon

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *giggles* oh come on Ari... you're older then me.. you're supposed to know.. *giggles at their good natured teasing as she hugs her*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks out of the town, as the doors closing behind him.*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smirks as he meets tafia a ways down the path, a good distance from shao khan "well well well, what have we here... a wounded puppy?"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *he nods "yes i know, i can smell it" he spoke

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *giggles and smiles huging her close to her "oh shush you"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *nods slightly, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear as she fights a twitch. murmers softly* I don't like this...

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles and kisses her lovingly* I love you Ari.... you know that right? ^^

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *looks into the mans eyes as he smirks, his green eyes send out a warning to the android as he slowly grows a sadistic smirk on his face.* "dont worry, I'll find you a good owner.."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *pulling his sword out from behind his wings "oh please.... i really cannot wait" he spoke grinning back as he raised his sword

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "nor do i" he spoke as he was about to head into the fort before he stopped looking in the direction of the gate " you feel that?..." he spoke

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods "as do i you" she spoke softly to her kissing her gently back

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *nods her head in agreement* yeah... it's no wonder I'm twitching right now... god I need to cut something

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *holds Ari close, not wanting to let her go as Saber curls up slightly*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *waith amazing speed unsheaths his sword and lunges into the android sending him flying back through a few trees, and landing in the dirt. Tafia still in his fighting stance stays quite.*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *after hitting the ground, he stood back up wipeing a bit of blood from the corner of his mouth "so... the puppy still has some fight left.... " with a grin he pointed his sword at tafia "cosmic strike!" he yelled as a purple energy blast fired from his sword at tafia

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods "i suppose now or never" he spoke turning an opening the door to the fort to head in he tapped the door to ari an crims room as he passed "its time" he spoke to the as he walked by the door

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *hugging crimson for a moment more she sighs and stand clasping her blades onto her wrist

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *opens his door, and walks out putting his bracelets on, and looks at Snowolf nodding.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *ends up strapping her two katanas to her and walks over to Sno, taking the necklace that she was wearing and puts it around his neck. he notices that it was a fine chain that had her and her former husband's wedding rings on it. smiles at him*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods in agreement and straps her usual bag to her that carried her esplosives and straps her sword to her back, looking at Saber* you have to say here.. *the kitten mews and pouts*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *disapears and reappears behind him, opening his hand and shooting a black orb at him.*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *turning intime to hit the orb away just enuff from doing a critical hit, but did however knock him back alittle as he brough his sword up towards tafias side

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *smiles some to nanashi as she puts the necklace on him, he didnt bother asking why, he already knew, then looking to warfox he nods some "...this is it"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *walks over with crimson joing them in the hallway

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walks over next to Snowolf.* "lets go.."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *twitches slightly and a slightly sadistic smile forms on her face as her eyes darken, walking with Warfox and Sno* mmm... time to cause a little havok

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *walks with Ari, checking on some of her explosives*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *brings his sword down and blocks the attack, while jumping back.* "it is going to take more then that.."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *his fist connecting with tafias face as his sword attack was blocked, knocking tafia back a bit "...oh ive realized this" he spoke, tafia could notice angelo was breathing a bit heavier

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *shakes his head "no... nanashi, nothing crazy, this isnt your normal enemy... i dont want you getting yourself killed" he spoke, before looking to crimson an arianna "same goes for the both of you"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods some as she stood there "yes dad... nothing crazy" she spoke softly

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walks for the gate.* "lets get this over with."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *raises an eyebrow at Snow but nods to his words* will do my best not to go full insane... *smiles(

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods to the comment* ne.. let's just do this... *has a couple of her baby boomers in her hand*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *jumps off the ground and flies at the android jamming his sword through the androids chest, and jumping back.* "black wave!!!!!"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *as the sword exploded he was thrown back, he struggled to get up you could tell that blast took alot out of him " was good....but now your gonna pay" he spoke before he charged tafia, the black wave had probley taken to much out of tafia, the android made quick work of him, knocking him back against a tree then to the ground, angelo looked down at tafia "....this is where you meet your end...."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *nods as he then headed out of the fort towards the gate next to warfox

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *keeping close to crimson followed behind her father

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *feels an energy rising in the distance, and jumps up, he bolts through the air.* "come on!!"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *unsheaths one of her katana and twirls it slightly in her hand*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks and looks at Ari*shall we?

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *his eyes widened, es he jumped up onto the android, and put his hand on the androids chest, firing a black into the android. the explosian wounding Tafia more, sending him back flying in the air.* "maybe so, but im going to take you with me.."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *he was knocked back a bit but quickly hit tafia to the ground again bringing his sword up then down at tafia for a final blow

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *a clang was heard, as snowolf apeared infront of tafia, his hair spiked an blondish, his eyes a blueish color, his sword hand grown to the huge size like before again, he was crothched in a blade lock with angelo, he had stopped the angelos blade from hitting tafia with his own

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *walking out from the shadows of the trees, her blades ready she stood there watching

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *ran up, and stopped standing behind Snowolf, as he got in his fighting stance.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *had allowed her eyes to go completely black as was armed with both of her katanas, keeping guard of the gates to the village*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *was perched near Ari on a branch, slightly balancing her marble like baby boomers in her hand(

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *was bretahing heavily as blood dripped fropm his mouth. he stood up, and then looked at Snowolf, before heading back to the village.* "dont think i owe you anything for this..."

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *jumping back he smirked "good, save me from hunting you all..." he watched tafia "dont think im threw with you, once they are dead, ill be comeing for you to finish the job"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stood there watching the android as he nodding at tafias comment "...dont worry, i dont" he spoke as he raised his sword looking to angelo

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *joined her father at his side, her blades up in hand, she smirked some her eyes closed for a moment before she opened them this was the first enemy, she ever really feared

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *walked up next to snowolf he decided to start the fight.. he looked at the android and winked at him.* "you sound so brave saying that to Tafia.. maybe you should fight him when he is at full energy.."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *once Tafia passed her she walked over and joined the others as they started to surround the android* mmmm... ya know... Crim would have fun using the scraps off of this one

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *grins a bit* Oooo... can I? *hops down and walks over to where Ari was*

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *disapears into the village.*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *grins as he apeared behind crimson, seeming to completley blow off warfox... as he pick crimson up but the neck "young, pretty... to bad im not into humans" he spoke before hitting her in the stomach dropping her an jumping up kicking her into a tree

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *eyes widen "CRIMSON!" he yelled as his blade flashed blue he sliced upwards fireing the blue spiraling energy at the android, right after fireing it, he ran right behind the beam his sword ready to strike the android after he deflected the beam

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *quickly running to crimson "!" she spoke as she ran towards the tree she was thrown into

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *stood back, and watched.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *frowns slightly* okay that was just not right...

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *layed crumbled on the ground with several branches, her bag's contents slightly scattered and her sword painfully still attached to her back. only uttered a soft groan of pain*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *deflecting the beam her brought his sword up, to hit snoworlds blade away also, grabing snowolf byt the neck an lifting him up off the ground

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *bringing his fist up into the androids stomach, manageing the kick flip himself out of the grasp landing on his feet coughing some "Damn you!" he spoke chargeing again!

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *kneeling next to crim "oh god!" she spoke lifting her up a bit into her arms "please dont be dead"

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *he stood back waiting for Snowolfs command watching.. he was eager to jump in, but he didnt want to ruin a dial.. he stood there eager.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *glances over at Warfox, smirking slightly at his eagerness to join but knew the reason why he held back so she didn't dare tease him about it*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: nnn... *tries to move but it hurt to even breathe, her eyes mear slits finding the light very bright*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *hitting snowolf as he charged, knocking him back past warfox slideing on the ground

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *hitting a tree as he slid across the ground, he stood up and charged again, as he ran past warfox "you can join anytime!!!!!!" he yelled to warfox as he charged past him towards angelo

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *hugging her close "oh... thank god" gently hugging her

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *bursted into fierce blitz at the android. his swords slid out of his bracelets and started to glow a light blue. he smirked as he approached the android.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *nods and runs at the android as well, armed with her two katana blade. a sadistic smile crosses her face as she licks her lips while she ran towards their target*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *takes a soft gasping breath as Ari held her* god.. that... fucking... hurt... *tries to recover*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *grins some as he raises his sword "cosmic blast!!!!!!!!!!!" a wave of energey blastaing out in all directions knocking the three warriors back

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *the wave hit him, as he hit the ground he slid backwards he pushed himself up, but instead of chargeing, he calls everyone over to him

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *hearing her dad, she gently picked up crimson an ran over to her father

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *flipped back onto his feet, and charged back at the android with a smirk on his face.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *had managed to slow herself when she was hit back, ending up in a croutched position. at Sno's signal she headed in his direction*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *winces and manages to stand but leans against Ari, spits blood on the ground* mmm.. tastey.. ugh

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *quickly knocking warfox backwards again he stood there "ill let you all have your final good byes before i kill you" he spoke

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighed some looking at warfox, "we cant take him head on... i do have a plan though" he spoke, as his blade flashed red "...but..." he looks down some "... we only have one chance at this" he spoke, the sight of his red blade would probley send images of the incidante at the cinbacte base, with snowolf energy explotion

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *eyes widen as she stood there hearing this " no... you...youll die"

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *gets up, and walks over.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *blinks in surprise at the suggestion* there has to be another way around this

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: I could try to get.. make an explosion that might damage him a bit more so you guys have a better chance

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *standing back, letting them talk, letting them have in his mind, there last conversation

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighed an shook his head "... there isnt" he looked to warfox "ok, warfox, you final blast should kill him, if his defences are depleted..... thats where i come in....ill use my energy explotion, aka my last resort.....hit him off guard... warfox you have to follow right after me, dont worry about waiting for me to get out of there... that wont be neccessary... just put your shield up around you an the women, then follow right after my attack... hit him with everything you have jay"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *tears in her eyes "" she spoke as she stood there, looking down now. knowing he was right

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *staying silent, he nodded. knowing what was going to be the outcome.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *pulls Sno to her and kisses him, looking him in the eyes* I'm by your side all of the way.. *smiles, her eyes soften a bit*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *bites her bottom lip as she looks at him* bro.... *fights back the urge to cry and the nearly sickening sense of fear she felt*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo* *tapping his foot, starting to grow impatient

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *smiles and kisses her back "i know, but promise me.... youll stay behind the shield.... we both dont have to die here..i love you" he smiles and kisses her again, before walking over to crimson aplaceing a hand on her shoulder "Take good care of my daughter" he spoke before looking to arianna " glad i found you." he spoke walking over to her an gives her a hug before he looked ot warfox "my friend... when ever your ready" he spoke to warfox, turning an heading towards the android

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *tears in her eyes she nods "as am i dad" she spoke softly as she then watched him head towards the android

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *his smirk slowly turns into a angry expression. he fought the tears back as he crossed his arms, and looked at the android. his bracelets started to flash a light blue color, as small blue particles started to get sucked into them. a tear finally slide down his cheek.* "God damn you.....damn you....why do events always lead to this.. if only i was strong enough to stop this.. i promise you josh.. i wont let this happen again.."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *walks over to Ari and crimson, putting her arms around the girls' shoulders in a show of comfort though she herself wished that events could change*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: i promise... *holding tightly to Ari's hand as a tear goes down her cheek*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *grinned "FINALY" he spoke reaching out grabbing snowolf when he got close enuff lifting him up, with out a fight it seemed, he laughed ".... ah ahahaha, i see.. i see..ha ha ha"

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *closeing his eyes he smiled slightly as he heard warfox's shields go up, knowing everything was ready ".... laugh all you want you son of a bitch... your still gonna die! jay!!!!!!!!" in the androids grasp he still raised his sword "ENERGY EXPLOTION!" the blade flashed a dark dark red before explodeing, beams of energy flying every where, they hit the shield but didnt go threw, sending a smoke cloud up

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *holding onto crimson burried her head in her neck, sobbing softly behind the shield

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *his anger amplified his attack more then he thought possible. a large blue plasma beam shot out of his bracelets into the cyborg as he screamed.* "I promise josh!!!!"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *keeps Crimson and Ari safe, petting Ari's hair as the young woman cried*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *sniffles and holds Ari close to her*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *his eyes widen before he could say anything he was completley obliverated but both attacks

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *the smoke from the warfoxs attack cleared, all that remand was alot of sand... with a dead android laying burnt an charred... snowolf sword stuck in the middle.... was all that was left from him, it looked as though he was obliverated from both attacks.....

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *looking up, seeing the dead android, she was releaved, but couldnt help but burst out into heavier tears

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *he walks over and falls to his knees infront of Snowolf's sword, as a tear runs down his face.* "I promise i wont let this happen again.. I will become the strongest warrior alive.. stronger then Tafia.. I will make sure that no one ever has to have this happen to them ever again!! "

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: you two stay here.. *runs over towards where warfox only to find that Sno was no where in sight. her eyes widen when she couldn't even see the necklace she had given him*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: oh god... *holds Ari trying to comfort her*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *crying softly, she stays in crimsons arms "hes gone... i just found him, an hes gone!" she screams "its not fair!"

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *stands up, and walks over to Nanashi.* "I'm going away for a while.. There is something I have to do.. I owe it to him.."

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: *Crimson hears Tafia's voice in her head.* "now you have witnessed the true weapon that destroyed your village.. Malendir.. you seen it first hand.."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *unable to even scream as tears roll down her face, only able to nod to Warfox and stands there*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *her eyes widen at the information and stare at Warfox in complete shock* you.....

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *looks to crimson, some wipeing the tears out of her eyes "...crim?"

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *looks over at Crimson questioning her.*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *looks over at them, not sure what was going on*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *looks at Warfox* were you at Malendir?

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *looks down at the sand an sighs

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *just realize the attack he did to the android.. it seemed familiar to him.. but where... he fell to his knees as past memories flooded his brain.. like a television constantly changing channels. he lets out a scream of pain from all of his past memories rushing back into him at one time. he now remembers everything.* "i..I was.. I destroyed it.... It was me???!??!?!.. It was me?!?!?? "

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *blinks and looks at Warfox then looks at Crimson who was holding onto Ari*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *breathing a little heavily as she holds tightly onto Ari, completely overwhelmed by mixed emotions*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *stands up. an sighs "look at this, so the truth come outs... comes out now!!!!..... look at everyone... you all just suddenly change your looks.... everyones oh so concerned about what warfox did YEARS ago!!!! somthing he wasnt even incontrol when he did it!!!!...... an here it is... dad just died right in front of are eyes.... not even 5 minutes ago" she shook her head, tears filled her eyes, she didnt wanna seem like an uncareing bitch, crimsons parents where in that city... but she was to overwheld with what had just happend, an she did know how an why Malendir was destroyed, but also knew it was so long ago... she turned an looked down "..sorry forget it" she spoke walking away

2006-04-21 [dead~spirit]: Warfox: *looks at everyone, his eye's were filled with sorrow as he remembered all of his powers, and floated up into the air, he spoke one last sentence to them before flying off into the distance and diapearing.* "im.....sorry.."

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *watches Warfox leave then looks at Crimson*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *grabs Ari by the hand and doesn't let go, not about to let her go wandering off*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *sighs some "...we should re build... rebuild the base.... its what father would of wanted.... he loved it there..... lets do it...uncle will come back eventually"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *she stays behind, standing in the crator that was created. she had promised Sno that she would never leave his side. she gazes at her lover's sword then looks around for any trace even if it was faint* 

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *looks over at Ari, still holding the woman's hand as a tear rolls down her cheek. her voice amazingly soft and tender* then let's do it... together...

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *nods softly looking to nanashi "come on... you to" she spoke to her "please dad would of wanted you to come with us you know that" she smiled looking to crimson "you can touch dads sword, bring it...... i wanna put it somthing speacial for dad... a memorial type thing"

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *she shakes her head slightly and smiles warmly at the girls* you two go on ahead... I want to look around first... I'm not going to leave until I absolutely have to... *Ari could tell that she was still holding onto a fragment of hope that there might be some trace of Sno*

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *walks over and takes Sno's sword, looking up at Nanashi* you can't do any good standing there like a statue... we need you Nanashi... please... *takes the woman's hand and leads her back to Ari*

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *smiles softly and nods to them, as she then turn an heads with nanashi an crimson, heading in the direction of the destroied base

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Nanashi: *walking with Ari she glances back to see Crimson signal that she would be right back. pausing in mid step she waits for the young woman as the female thief ran back to the villiage, moments later running back with their belongings. smiles softly as she takes her duffle bag from her* thanks kiddo...

2006-04-21 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *she nods a bit as Saber pokes his head out of her bag* you know... my hummer is still at the air ship... anyone want to use it to get back? will save our feet..

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: Arianna: *shook her head an smiles takeing crimsons hand, smileing to both of them "sweety your lucky are things where intact... everything was destroied..." she smiles "besides the walk will do us good, its a fresh start" she smiled as they two other women nod, an all three of them dissapear into the distance

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: *at the death of snowolf, warfox was able to defeat the android, only to remember a painfull past right after, as warfox journeys, Crimson, Nanashi an Arianna will rebuild what was lost in cinbactie, while the fort was destroied... an ,tarron...ailith...fou... an samuel... all four other companians died... but they now have a fresh start.... the threat is gone, they can now start a new... they have hope for a future..let them use it well....

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: >>>>>>>>>>>>> THE END >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-04-21 [snowwolfsa]: ( A New Hope go there for the Crying Destiney 2 )

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (the Expansion)

2007-01-31 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *after much struggle, a bloody hand grips the top of the plateu. Reaver slowly pulls himself up onto the flat land, as blood runs down his arms, and face. He lays there trying to breathe, clearly dehydrated, as swet runs down his face, as he trembles, and winces in pain.* "this better be the place..."

2007-02-01 [dead~spirit]: (?)

2007-02-01 [crowfeather]: *a young child blinks a little at Reaver and hurries over to him* "mister are you okay?"

2007-02-01 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *struggles to his knees, and walks with her.* "I think so."

2007-02-02 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *walking over to reaver, brushing the kid away "this place isnt for children, return home to your family child..." he spoke as he watched the kid before looking back to reaver "you made it, im impressed, but that was nothing compared to what is ahead"

2007-02-02 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *barely able to stand, as he breathes heavily.* "what do you mean?"

2007-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *he smirked some as he apeared directly infront of reave grabbing him by the neck an throughing him into the nearest wall "come on show me what you got" he spoke, not careing at the amount of injuries and the loss of energy reaver had sustained just getting here

2007-02-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *screamed in mid air as he slammed into the wall, and slid down to the ground, pulling his face out of the sand, he struggled to his feet, and limped towards Angelo, as he slowly threw a punch.*

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shakeing his head as he stepped to the side an watched reaver fall to his face "...pathetic...." he spoke before he turned an headed inside the ruined fort.."rest we start in the morning"

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *as he layed there gasping, flashbacks appeared to him of his wife, and daughter screaming out for him. He let out a roar, as he stood to his feet, and wiped the blood from his mouth. He charged at Angelo with remarkable speed.*

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *turning around he smirked some as he twirled around reaver bringing the hult of his sword into reavers spine sending him to the ground "good good, thats have great potential...but you need to work on your anger"

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver:*as he hit the ground he made no noise. Still living in the flashback, he yells out, and as quick as he hit the ground he spun and tripped Angelo with his leg before jumping up to his feet.* "I will not let them die again!"

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *kicking with the other foot as his right foot was tripped he pushed up flipping backwards in the air landing on his feet again before shakeing his head an dissapearing reapearing infront of reaver slamming his fist into reavers stomach hard before stepping back an watching reaver fall face first into the dirt, probaly unconcious "... damn i didnt want to have to knock you out... but you left me no choice... you where in a blind rage from somthing" he spoke to reaver even though he was unconcious, before picking him up and takeing him into the fort

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *slowly came too, as he opened his eye's, and seen everything in a blurr.*

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *sitting on a chair on the far wall accross from the bed he put reaver in ".. that was very dangerous, what you did back there"

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *gives Angelo a glare, as he tries to get up.* "so shoot me.."

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shook his head "you had no control of yourself, you showed remarkable speed and strength for someone of your level however, you where blinded by rage... had no control of yourself, how in the hell do you expect to pass my trainings, let alone beat tafia like that?"

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *shrugged, and finally sat up, as he held his sore ribs.* "so when do we start these trainings of yours.."

2007-02-06 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *turning an walking out of the room "as soon as you get over your anger" he spoke

2007-02-06 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *took in a deep breath as he stepped off the table, and followed Angelo.* "ok hey I will try better this time..come on!"

2007-02-17 [dead~spirit]: (?)

2007-02-18 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shook his head "fine, clean up your wounds then meet me at the waterfall just outside the fort"

2007-02-20 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nods and walks back to the ruins to heal himself.*

2007-03-14 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *watches the waterfall as he sits on a rock in the middle of the small pond waiting for reaver

2007-03-15 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *walks out to Angelo, and looks at him.* "O no..what are we doing now?"

2007-05-01 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *looking over to reaver "nothing to hard... your gonna come to the rock im sitting on... only trick is.. you cant get wet" he laughed "to far to jump.. and no stepping stones... better learn to walk on water"

2007-05-01 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *slowly backs up, and then runs as fast as he can, jumping into the air towards the rock, but falls short, and splash's into the water.* "this is rediculous!! no human could do this!!"

2007-05-01 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shook his head "i told you it was to far to jump... consintrate... youve seen old ninja movies havent you?"

2007-05-02 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *walks out of the water and closes his eye's as he takes a deep breath.*

2007-05-03 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *when reaver closed his eyes, her could hear sound on the water kinda like a rock skipping accross the top of it, before suddenly angelos voice was beside him "your after power, well power is nothing with out speed... did you hear the sound of the water when your eyes was closed? sounded like a rock skipping across the surface didnt it? well in reality that was me running across the surface..." picking up two small rocks he drops one in the water, reaver could hear it splash and sink "... water is not a solid.. just jumping into it will only result in you going under, however...." he thrust the rock forward as it skipped across the surface and landed on the little rock in the middle "with the proper thrust of speed...anything can be accomplished"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *keeps his eye's closed as he tries to listen to the water, he suddenly goes into a flashback of himself walking with his daughter down a beach teaching her to skip stones. he smirks, as a tear slides down his face.*

Veronica: "Daddy...why do we have to move to Retaforcen?"

Reaver: "Because I was just assigned there. You see honey, there are bad people out there, who want to hurt the good people... my job is to protect them..I have to stop them from hurting anyone.."

Veronica: "So are we good people?"

Reaver: *smiles* "you are especially good people, and I will always be here to protect you.."

Reaver: *snaps out of his flash back, and opens his eye's, as a tear falls and hits the water, causing a ripple affect to spread accross to the other side. He suddenly thrusts himself at the water with remarkable speed.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smirks some as he watched reaver noticeing the tear hit the water " seems your begining to understand..."

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *opens his eye's to realize he is standing on the stone.* "Maybe..."

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *nods "well done, now... 100 more times"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nods silently, as he steps off the stone into the water, and walks back over to his starting position.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *wips a stone hard at his head when he stepped in the water "no! back and forth"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *blood slowly drip from his head, as he steps back on the stone. He concentrates and then tries again.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *sits indian style with a pile of rocks next to him "...dont fall in"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nods, and then thrusts himself out across the water.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *picks up a couple rocks an wips them at reaver the first one hitting him knocking him off his thrust and into the water, shook his head as he wipped a third one at reavers head for falling in the water

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *throws a tantrum as he sits in the water, and yells.* "God damnit!!"

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *wipping another rock at him "stop wineing and get back to work"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *gets back up, and tries again.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *picking up a couple more rocks he wips them "dodge for crying out loud"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dodges one, but gets hit by another, and falls head over heels into the water.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shakes his head "again"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *lunges across the water.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *watches as he tosses rocks at reaver "keep it up"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dodging all the rocks but one. as he gets hit, he back flips onto the rock, and stands in a battle stance.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *sits there his eyes closed as he continues to chuck rocks at reaver "no stopping.. you have 38 more times to go"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *as he goes over and over, he sudenly becomes much better at it, and starts to dodge everything Angelo throws at him.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles after a while he stands "good" he spoke as he drew his sword from his sheath quickly sliceing upwards at reaver

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dove backwards across the water, never breaking eye contact with Angelo.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles as he resheaths his blade "that looked to you like a normal attack didnt it?"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nodded..*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles "it wasnt, it was roughly 30 times faster then the normal human" nods some "and not only did it appear normal speed to you, but you dodged it, now i could see you probley thought that excersise i had you do over the water was pointless but after seeing the results for yourself, do you still think my methods are pointless?"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *his eyes widen.* "no.."

2007-05-15 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *he seemed to look off into the distance for a moment before he sighed and looked to reaver "rest up.. you can spend the next few days resting, ill be back, i have somthing i have to do" he spoke as he suddenly vanished...


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