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User Name: [CuteCommander]

Character name: Shawn Adian Deveau

Mutant Name: Bug

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Shawn's body has started to grow areas of chitin (insect carapace) on his body that is incredibly tough and can be comparable to steel with its hardness.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 16 / 6th July

General appearance: Shawn is only 5' 4" tall, though may have a few more inches left to grow, and is very slim. Like his older sister, he has almond shaped brown eyes and black hair, though his is cut to quite a short and manageable length (though some still sticks up in places). A grey chitin has started growing in place of his skin in places: his eyebrows, cheekbones, backs of hands and up his forearms to his elbows, as well as some growing on his shins. This is smooth yet angular in appearance with a dull shine.

Additional Appearance: Scarring on his left hand can be seen where doctors and Shawn both tried to separate the chitin from his body.

Personality: After his parents forced his mutant sister and then himself out of their home, Shawn finds it hard to trust people, and can often break off friendships and other relationships before they hurt him. As such, he isn't a particularly social person, though some activities interest him enough to bring him out of his shell. He is particular about the chitin on his body and can often become gruff and hostile to people who obviously notice it, forcing the situation into a negative one before it can be shifted that way by the other party.

Special Skills: Likes playing jazz on the trumpet.

Place of birth: Bogalusa, Louisiana

Weapon(s) of choice: Not a terrible shot with a rifle.

Medical information: N/A

Brief History: Shawn Deveau had a fairly normal life, it seemed, for his first 13 years. Living on the outskirts of a small town in Louisiana was peaceful, and he grew up with a loving mother and father and his older sister Victoria (though everyone called her Tory when she wasn't in trouble). The relationship with his sister was fairly close until her high school graduation, where her mutant powers awoke and she became Firefly. Their parents forced Tory out not long after, and Shawn was forced to say goodbye to one of the most influential people in his life.
Fast forward three years and Shawn suffered a similar fate to his sister. Thick chitin-like plates grew out from the skin on the back of his hands. Fearing he'd be kicked out of his home, he tried to remove the plating from his left hand with a kitchen knife. All he managed was to severely cut his hand and earn him a trip to hospital, where doctors attempted similar procedures under controlled conditions. Although mutant-fearing, his parents couldn't stand the thought of him being treated like a lab animal and smuggled him out of the hospital, only to send him away as well.
Alone in the world, young and mutated physically, Shawn tried to find the only person he thought could help him - his sister.

Relatives: Parents, Adian and Jessica Deveau, and of course his older sister Victoria Adelaide Deveau

How long your character has been in the mansion: Five months

Current attire: Black sneakers, blue jeans, and a long-sleeved red t-shirt.

Relationship Chart:

0 = Hate with a passion, 10 = Love beyond compare

Adrienne Wagner: 3 - Why won't she let people heal her?!

Eddie Ryder: 7 - The guy with all his piercings seems really nice, and could possibly be a future friend?

Victoria Adelaide Deveau: 10 - His sister has made Shawn feel a lot better about being kicked out of home, as he now knows that wherever she is he'll be welcome.

Luloah Esther Akins: 7 - She is someone he can confide in as a friend, and their regular sparring sessions have made her, in an odd way, almost like another sister

Anthony Havelock: 5 - Still not sure about him, but he seems decent after showing concern for his friend

Kyle Bedlington: 3 - The sickly acidic boy was rude, and seemed like he went out of his way to be difficult with Tory.

Kaia Graheim: 5 - Seems nice, but still doesn't know her much

Nadine Volkov: 7 - They've dated twice, and Shawn doesn't know what he's done to cause her to break up with him on both occasions, but still has a thing for her

Kiora Collins: 5 - She seems ok, quite fun but perhaps knows a little too much about combat for Shawn to feel fully comfortable around her

David Ze'Ev: 5 - Polite guy and seems quite humble. Doesn't know much else about him

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2014-05-14 [CuteCommander]: Added more chitin due to time skip

2014-08-05 [The Black Goat]: heh how does he put up with Nadine then? She has no doubt poked it and stared at it plenty XD

2014-08-05 [CuteCommander]: She's just too lovely to bug him :P

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